Kay Hooper Books In Order

Bishop/Special Crimes Unit Books In Publication Order

  1. Stealing Shadows (2000)
  2. Hiding in the Shadows (2000)
  3. Out of the Shadows (2000)
  4. Touching Evil (2001)
  5. Whisper of Evil (2002)
  6. Sense of Evil (2003)
  7. Hunting Fear (2004)
  8. Chill of Fear (2005)
  9. Sleeping with Fear (2006)
  10. Blood Dreams (2007)
  11. Blood Sins (2008)
  12. Blood Ties (2010)
  13. Haven (2012)
  14. Hostage (2013)
  15. Haunted (2014)
  16. Fear the Dark (2015)
  17. Wait for Dark (2017)
  18. Hold Back the Dark (2018)
  19. Hidden Salem (2020)
  20. Curse of Salem (2021)

Pepper Books In Publication Order

  1. If There Be Dragons (1984)
  2. Pepper’s Way (1986)

Hagan Books In Publication Order

  1. The Fall of Lucas Kendrick (1987)
  2. In Serena’s Web (1987)
  3. Rafferty’s Wife (1987)
  4. Raven on the Wing (1987)
  5. Zach’s Law (1987)
  6. Captain’s Paradise (1988)
  7. Outlaw Derek (1988)
  8. Shades of Gray (1988)
  9. Unmasking Kelsey (1988)
  10. Aces High (1989)
  11. It Takes a Thief (1989)

Antiquities Hunters Books In Publication Order

  1. Enemy Mine (1989)
  2. The Haviland Touch (1991)

Once Upon A Time… Books In Publication Order

  1. The Glass Shoe (1989)
  2. Golden Threads (1989)
  3. Through the Looking Glass (1990)
  4. Star-Crossed Lovers (1990)
  5. The Lady and the Lion (1990)
  6. What Dreams May Come (1990)
  7. The Matchmaker (1991)

Montana/Trey Fortier Books In Publication Order

  1. Crime of Passion (1991)
  2. House of Cards (1991)

Men Of Mysteries Past Books In Publication Order

  1. The Touch of Max (1993)
  2. Hunting the Wolfe (1993)
  3. The Trouble with Jared (1993)
  4. All for Quinn (1993)

Quinn/Thief Books In Publication Order

  1. Once a Thief (2002)
  2. Always a Thief (2003)

Bishop Files Books In Publication Order

  1. The First Prophet (2012)
  2. A Deadly Web (2015)
  3. Final Shadows (2018)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. Lady Thief (1981)
  2. Return Engagement (As: Kay Robbins) (1982)
  3. Mask of Passion (1982)
  4. Breathless Surrender (1982)
  5. Taken by Storm (As: Kay Robbins) (1983)
  6. On Wings of Magic (1983)
  7. Elusive Dawn (As: Kay Robbins) (1983)
  8. Kissed by Magic (As: Kay Robbins) (1983)
  9. C.J.’s Fate (1984)
  10. Something Different (1984)
  11. Illegal Possession (1985)
  12. Larger Than Life (1986)
  13. Belonging to Taylor (As: Kay Robbins) (1986)
  14. Rebel Waltz (1986)
  15. Time After Time (1986)
  16. Summer of the Unicorn (1988)
  17. The Wizard of Seattle (1993)
  18. The Haunting of Josie (1994)
  19. Amanda (1995)
  20. After Caroline (1996)
  21. Finding Laura (1997)
  22. Haunting Rachel (1998)
  23. Enchanted (2003)
  24. Elusive (2004)

Shamrock Trinity Books In Publication Order

  1. Rafe, the Maverick (1986)
  2. York, the Renegade (By:Iris Johansen) (1986)
  3. Burke, the Kingpin (By:Fayrene Preston) (1986)

Delaneys Of Killaroo Books In Publication Order

  1. Sydney, The Temptress (By:Fayrene Preston) (1987)

Delaneys: The Untamed Years Books In Publication Order

  1. Adelaide, The Enchantress (1987)
  2. Copper Fire (By:Fayrene Preston) (1988)
  3. Wild Silver (By:Iris Johansen) (1988)
  4. Golden Flames (1988)

Delaneys: The Untamed Years II Books In Publication Order

  1. Velvet Lightning (1988)
  2. Silken Thunder (By:Fayrene Preston) (1988)

Second Chance at Love Books In Publication Order

  1. Moonlight Rhapsody (As:Kay Robbins) (1984)
  2. Eye of the Beholder (As:Kay Robbins) (1985)
  3. On Her Doorstep (As:Kay Robbins) (1986)

Anthologies In Publication Order

  1. Christmas Love Stories (1991)
  2. The Delaney Christmas Carol (1992)
  3. Hearts Of Gold (1994)
  4. My Guardian Angel (1995)
  5. I’d Kill For That (2004)
  6. Gifts of Love (2006)

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Kay Hooper Books Overview

Stealing Shadows

In the bestselling tradition of Airframe and Pandora’s Clock comes a masterfully written debut, an exciting new thriller about a fatally flawed airplane and the lawsuit that could bring down a future president…
or destroy an attorney’s career and life.A chillingly authentic legal thriller, this gripping story follows a high stakes game of greed, betrayal, and murder from the offices of an L.A. law firm to the New Zealand outback to a secret inner sanctum of power in Washington, D.C. Christopher Lang, senior litigator at the prestigious Los Angeles firm of Devereaux and Brace, has just been handed the case of a lifetime. An old friend from law school whose career took an odd, clandestine turn after his brother’s death in Vietnam has suddenly resurfaced with a proposal for Lang. Would he be willing to try a lawsuit against a company called Arrow Dynamics and its former owner, celebrated tycoon Russell Lindstrom, a man who may quite possibly be the next president of the United States?Lindstrom is on the campaign trail and he seems the perfect candidate a war hero cast in the Ronald Reagan mold, a successful, swashbuckling businessman with a multibillion dollar war chest. But back in Washington, a small, concerned group of men are tracking Lindstrom’s campaign. Although lacking hard evidence, they’re convinced that Lindstrom puts business first and America second, even if it means selling military hardware to the nation’s enemies. Now, determined to destroy him without revealing themselves, they believe they’ve found the perfect weapon to bring down the perfect candidate: Christopher Lang. Lang is just ambitious enough and just cocky enough to believe that on his own turf, in a court of law, he can take on one of the richest men on the planet and blow him away. All he has to do is prove that Lindstrom designed and certified a recreational aircraft that was secretly built to military specifications a plane Lindstrom knew all along was a flying death trap. Yet Lang is operating in the dark, with no idea that he’s the crucial link in a covert operation, a pawn in a courtroom battle in which witnesses, lawyers, and even their families may face a death sentence. Now, as his case crumbles around him, Lang must go to extreme lengths, putting his career and his life on the line, in a desperate attempt to shock the nation out of its blind adoration of a dangerous man. Lang is a good lawyer in free fall, in a deadspin. He’s one good man searching for truth in a web of lies and looking for justice in a world driven by revenge, ambition, and raw power. Gregory Michael MacGregor is the senior partner at MacGregor & Berthel, a Los Angeles law firm, and a father of four. Deadspin is his first novel.

Hiding in the Shadows

Terror waits just out of sightHiding in the ShadowsAccident victim Faith Parker has done what her doctors feared she never would: awakened from the coma that held her prisoner for weeks. But she has no memory of the crash that nearly killed her or the life that led up to it. Nor does she remember journalist Dinah Leighton, the steadfast friend who visited her in the hospital…
until she disappeared without a trace. Now as Faith begins to regain her strength, she’s shocked by intimate dreams of a man she doesn’t recognize and tortured by visions of violence that feel painfully real. Something inexplicable ties her lost memories to Dinah’s chilling fate. But even as Faith tries to understand the connection and reach out to save Dinah, death is stalking both women. And one of them will not escape its lethal grasp. FBI agent Noah Bishop has a rare gift for seeing what others do not, a gift that helps him solve the most puzzling cases. Now, read more of his electrifying adventures in two stand alone tales of psychic suspense.

Out of the Shadows

Terror waits just out of sightHiding In The ShadowsAccident victim Faith Parker has done what her doctors feared she never would: awakened from the coma that held her prisoner for weeks. But she has no memory of the crash that nearly killed her or the life that led up to it. Nor does she remember journalist Dinah Leighton, the steadfast friend who visited her in the hospital…
until she disappeared without a trace. Now as Faith begins to regain her strength, she’s shocked by intimate dreams of a man she doesn’t recognize and tortured by visions of violence that feel painfully real. Something inexplicable ties her lost memories to Dinah’s chilling fate. But even as Faith tries to understand the connection and reach out to save Dinah, death is stalking both women. And one of them will not escape its lethal grasp. FBI agent Noah Bishop has a rare gift for seeing what others do not, a gift that helps him solve the most puzzling cases. Now, read more of his electrifying adventures in two stand alone tales of psychic suspense.

Touching Evil

Sometimes evil lingers so close, you can feel it…
. Seattle police sketch artist Maggie Barnes has an extraordinary gift. She listens as traumatized crime victims describe their ordeals and then uses those horrifying recollections to draw dead on sketches of the assailants. Some cops think Maggie is telepathic, that she can actually enter the victims minds. Only Maggie knows the truth behind her rare talent…
and she isn t telling. But her secret may be exposed when a madman seizes Seattle in his terrifying grip. He abducts women and blinds them, leaving them barely alive. The police have one hope: the lone victim who might recover her sight. But they don t know that Maggie has her own dark connection to the monster an eerie link that may stretch back to a string of unsolved murders. To stop the escalating terror, Maggie will have to push her abilities to the breaking point even if it means confronting a predator whose powers seem to have no bounds…

Whisper of Evil

Someone is stalking the little town of Silence. Three victims have fallen to a killer’s savage vengeance. Each of the dead men was a successful and respected member of the community yet each also harbored a dark secret discovered only after his murder. Were their deaths the ultimate punishment for those secrets? Or something even more sinister? Nell Gallagher has come home to Silence more than a decade after leaving one dark night with her own painful secrets. Forced now by family duty to return, she has also come home to settle with the past. But past and present tangle in a murderer s vicious attacks, and to find the answers she needs, Nell must call on the psychic skills that drove her away years before. She must risk her own life and sanity, and regain the trust of the man she left behind so long ago. For the killer she seeks is seeking her, watching her every move, preying upon her every vulnerability and already so close she ll never see death coming…

Sense of Evil

Kay Hooper is the brightest new star of suspense fiction. Now the New York Times bestselling author who’s built a reputation for keeping her readers pulse in the red zone delivers a thriller that will stun the senses all six of them. This time a psychic special agent and a gritty cop must stop a brutal killer with a chilling M.O. and an unstoppable…
Sense of Evil.

The victims are always the same: beautiful, successful, and blond. Someone was able to coax these intelligent and confident women away from safety. Someone was able to gain their trust long enough to do the unthinkable. Their shocking murders have terrified the inhabitants of a small, peaceful town where such heinous crimes are simply not supposed to happen. Police Chief Rafe Sullivan knows he has to find answers fast before another woman is lured to her death but Sullivan literally doesn t have a clue. And when the FBI sends one of their top profilers to help, he s more than a little surprised that his new partner is nothing like the straight by the book suit he expects. Special Agent Isabel Adams is tough, fearless, determined, and every bit Sullivan s equal. She s also psychic. And blond. Skeptical of his new partner s ability to get inside the mind of a killer, Sullivan can t deny that Isabel has tuned in to the killer s wavelength, is following the twisted thoughts of a murderer obsessed with stalking, seduction, and death. But in getting so close, Isabel has set herself up as the next victim. Now, with time running out, she and Rafe will find themselves forced to take the greatest risk of all, because this psychopath is playing for keeps and Isabel is the perfect trophy. Unable to turn back, Isabel may have already gone too far. Smart, savvy, and confident, she may find that the very qualities that have kept her alive could turn out to be her undoing. For Isabel has entered the world of a cold blooded monster who kills without mercy and eludes every sense but one…
the Sense of Evil.

Hunting Fear

He’s no ordinary kidnapper. Not only does he strike again and again, but he collects the ransom, gets away safely, and leaves his helpless hostages dead. Now, after months of eluding the best that law enforcement can put against him, this monster has left nothing in his wake but a cold trail of unconnected victims. He s no ordinary cop. Lucas Jordan, a key agent and profiler in Noah Bishop s Special Crimes Unit, has an extraordinary skill: he locates missing people. But his uncanny ability comes with a price, and his methods rouse mistrust in the hard nosed cops forced to call him into their investigations. Now Jordan has come to Clayton County, North Carolina, where the latest in a string of kidnapping victims has turned up dead. Complicating the situation is the presence and predictions of someone who s even more of an outsider than Jordan himself: carnival psychic Samantha Burke, a woman out of his own haunted past. Her warnings meet with skepticism from the local police but spur Jordan on to do what he does best: hunt fear. But the killer he is hunting is hunting Jordan and he s already several moves ahead in a twisted game whose rules Jordan must learn in order to have a fighting chance. For his psychopathic opponent has extended a very personal challenge and he s about to threaten the one life the profiler values even more than his own…

Chill of Fear

New York Times bestselling author Kay Hooper turns up the heat even as she chills readers to the bone with a new suspense novel that distills the essence of fear itself. In this relentless thriller, two psychics put more than their lives on the line to stop a killer darker and more evil than they could ever imagine…

FBI agent Quentin Hayes always knew he had an unusual talent, even before he was recruited by Noah Bishop for the controversial Special Crimes Unit. But, as gifted as he is, for twenty years he’s been haunted by a heartbreaking unsolved murder that took place at The Lodge, a secluded Victorian era resort in Tennessee. Now he s returned one final time, determined to put the mystery to rest.

Diana Brisco has come there hoping to unlock the mystery of her troubled past. Instead, she is assailed by nightmares and the vision of a child who vanished from The Lodge years ago. And an FBI agent is trying to convince her that she isn t crazy but that she has a rare gift, a gift that could catch a killer.

Quentin knows that this is his last chance to solve a case that has become a dangerous obsession. But can he persuade Diana to help him, knowing what it could cost her? For something cold and dark and pure evil is stalking the grounds of The Lodge. Something Diana may not survive. Something Quentin never felt before: the Chill of Fear.

Sleeping with Fear

Fear has never been so close.

New York Times bestselling author Kay Hooper returns with a relentless thriller that brings her readers face to face with fear itself. In this terrifying new novel, a psychic special agent finds herself caught up in a tangled web of secrets, lies…
and evil.

Riley Crane woke up fully dressed, a gun under her pillow, and covered in blood. Even more frightening, she didn t remember what happened the night before. In fact, she barely remembered the previous three weeks.

An ex army officer, now a federal agent assigned to the Special Crimes Unit, Riley was a chameleon a clairvoyant who could blend in with her surroundings, be anyone or anything she chose to be. The SCU’s expert on the occult, she d been sent to the beachfront cottage on Opal Island by her enigmatic chief, Noah Bishop, to investigate reports of dangerous occult activity.

But that was three weeks ago. Now she s awoken to discover that she s got a sexy new man in her life and an unreliable memory, and that the clairvoyant abilities she s always depended on to protect her are MIA. Worse yet, with SCU resources stretched thinner than ever before, Riley is alone and without backup, feeling her way through a deadly game of blindman s buff, where no one around her is quite who or what they seem. And a bizarre murder is only the first jarring reminder of how high the stakes really are.

Bishop wants Riley off the case. So does powerful local D.A. Ash Prescott. Both her old retired army buddy Gordon Skinner and Sheriff Jake Ballard believe she can catch a vicious killer. But one of these four men knows exactly what s going on in this coastal community, and that s knowledge Riley desperately needs. For what Riley can t remember is more than enough to cost her her life. This time evil isn t just closer than she thinks it s already there.

From the Hardcover edition.

Blood Dreams

This killer dreams in shades of death .

In each of her New York Times bestselling novels, critically acclaimed author Kay Hooper has led readers to unforgettably chilling encounters with fear and evil. Now, in her latest thriller, she takes us on a terrifying manhunt for a serial killer no ordinary cops can stop a psychopath who seems to step out of a living nightmare.

He’s the kind of killer we instinctively fear the most. A killer without boundaries, without conscience, without any fear of being caught. And his latest victim is terrifying proof that no one is safe: the daughter of a powerful U.S. senator.

Now, with the national media calling for justice and a grief stricken father seeking vengeance, Bishop and his FBI Special Crimes Unit find themselves in a unique situation. This time even psychic cops aren t enough to stop evil. Aid comes in the form of a fledgling civilian organization of unorthodox crime stoppers. Operating outside of any government oversight, without sanction or official authority, they are comprised of a membership every bit as talented and eccentric as Bishop s SCU if not more so. And that is no coincidence. For Bishop helped launch this organization barely two years before.

Dani Justice knows all about monsters. They haunt her nightmares and her life. But she never expected to find herself doggedly on the trail of a real flesh and blood predator so cunning, he s eluded the best law enforcement could send up against him; so deadly, he doesn t hesitate to kill even a senator s daughter. Or a cop.

Dani doesn t want to hunt this killer. She doesn t want to risk the life she s made for herself, or her hard won peace. But she doesn t have a choice. Because his bloody rampage has hit far too close to home. Because Dani alone commands a weapon powerful enough to destroy him.
And because Dani knows something even Bishop doesn t. Dani knows how the hunt ends. It ends in fire. And blood. And death.

What she doesn t know is who will survive.

Blood Sins

Some sins can t be forgiven
because some sins no one survives.

New York Times bestselling author Kay Hooper has touched our darkest fears but none so dark as in her latest thriller. Here’s a psychopath who lures his victims with a promise no one can resist and demands a price no one would knowingly pay.

Young, vulnerable, attractive, Tessa Gray made the perfect victim. Which was why Noah Bishop of the FBI s Special Crimes Unit recruited her to play the role of grieving widow. As the supposed new owner of property coveted by the Church of the Everlasting Sin, she d be irresistible bait for the reclusive and charismatic Reverend Samuel. His fortified compound in the mountains near Grace, North Carolina, had been the last known residence of two women murdered in ways that defied scientific explanation.

Though hardly as naive or as vulnerable as she appears, Tessa knows she has a lot to learn about using her unique gift. She also knows that Bishop and the SCU have to be desperate to rely on an untried psychic agent in an undercover operation so dangerous. And desperate they are. For the killer they re hunting is the most terrifying they ve ever faced and shakes even the most seasoned agents: a soulless megalomaniacal cult leader who can use their own weapons, talents, and tactics against them.

By entering the cult s well guarded compound, Tessa will be exposing herself to the dark magnetism of a psychopath on an apocalyptic crusade of terror that spares no one, not even the youngest victims. And Samuel has protected himself within a fanatically loyal congregation, many of whom occupy surprising positions of power within the community. Even Grace s chief of police, Sawyer Cavenaugh a man Tessa will have to trust with her life may be unable to protect her. Because no one, not even Tessa herself, can guarantee she s strong enough to resist or powerful enough to battle a killer who s less than human.

Blood Ties

New York Times bestselling author Kay Hooper takes us to the outer reaches of fear in her latest thriller, as the Special Crimes Unit finds itself targeted by a monster intent on destroying both Noah Bishop and his people. The elite Special Crimes Unit, the FBI’s most controversial and effective team, is a group of mavericks and misfits trained to use their unique psychic abilities to hunt the worst monsters imaginable human ones. Led by the enigmatic Noah Bishop, the SCU has earned a reputation for pitting their skills and cunning against killers that other cops fear. But this time Bishop and his agents face an enemy who has them in his sights, a trained sniper with a deadly plan and more than one ace up his sleeve. It starts with an unspeakable series of grisly murders across three states, a trail of blood leading, finally, to the small Tennessee town of Serenade. There, two more brutal killings lure the SCU into what may be the ultimate trap. One of the first investigators on the scene, Special Agent Hollis Templeton, is willing to push herself as hard and as far as necessary. Risking more than her life to help and protect her SCU colleagues, Hollis must cope with her own psychic abilities, which are evolving in unprecedented ways, an attraction to the most complex man she s ever known, and a serial murder investigation that turns very, very personal. In her time with the SCU, Hollis has shown an uncanny ability to survive even the deadliest attacks. But what she can t know is that this killer intends to destroy the team from within. The clock is ticking. The body count is rising. And as Bishop and his agents race to uncover the true identity of their enemy, not even their special senses can warn them just how bloody, and how terrifyingly close, the truth will be. From the Hardcover edition.

If There Be Dragons

New York Times bestselling author Kay Hooper weaves seduction, suspense, and the paranormal into a spellbinding romance centered on an enigmatic woman and the man whose touch threatened to expose her most intimate vulnerabilities.

What was a woman like Brooke Kennedy doing running a guest lodge alone in the Montana wilderness? And why was her best friend so worried about her? Those were the questions Cody Nash asked himself after agreeing to cancel his tropical vacation to go on a mission of mercy into blizzard country. For the strong and self assured woman he found didn t need or want his help but she was in trouble. Brooke had isolated herself from the world for reasons she wouldn t or couldn t say. But Cody didn t need to be a psychic to sense that Brooke was afraid. Even more, her fear had intensified from the moment he arrived. Now, as a dangerous storm strands them together, Cody must learn the well guarded secret of this beautiful, gifted woman if he can convince her to give him the one thing he needs to save her from a self imposed exile: her trust.

The Fall of Lucas Kendrick

New York Times bestselling author Kay Hooper blends intrigue and romance in this classic tale of love lost and found as an undercover agent recruits the woman he abandoned for a dangerous assignment. Kyle Griffon has done more than flirt with danger over the past ten years; she’s embraced it with careless abandon. The rebel daughter of a powerful family, she s walked on the wild side of everything from car racing to hang gliding anything to fill the emptiness left by the man who loved and left her. Now Lucas Kendrick is back, needing Kyle s help to catch an art thief. Is a woman game for adventure ready to trust the man who left her with so many unanswered questions? Lucas was an undercover cop working a college drug ring when he fell for the beautiful coed. It was a mistake to leave, but he would have hurt her more if he had stayed. Now she s his best shot at getting close to a man trading illegal guns for stolen artwork. Danger and desire are a reckless mix but this time Lucas is staying close to protect the woman he loves…
no matter what.

In Serena’s Web

From New York Times bestselling author Kay Hooper comes this classic romantic tale of two men entangled in the nets of deadly temptation and one irresistible, ambitious woman caught in a trap of her own devising…
. At twenty six, Serena Jameson is a handful brilliant, manipulative, and passionate, at least when it comes to righting the wrongs of the world. Her father, a renowned computer magnate, is worried about Serena’s impetuous nature as well as a far more tangible threat and entrusts a colleague, handsome Brian Ashford, to ferry her on a trip across the country. But as usual, Serena has ideas of her own.A novice in affairs of the heart, Serena asks Brian to give her a crash course in seduction so that she can tame the notorious womanizer Joshua Long. But what starts as a simple lesson in love becomes a complex erotic dance, as both men find themselves caught in the snares of Serena s undeniable wiles. Is Serena trying to attract her declared target or her teacher? Who is really ensnaring whom? And can she finish weaving her web before the mysterious cabal eager to kill Serena s father manages to succeed over her dead body?

Raven on the Wing

New York Times bestselling author Kay Hooper brings together romance and suspense in this classic love story of a woman who must lie to keep a safe distance from the man she loves because telling him the truth is too dangerous for them both. From the moment Raven Anderson literally knocks Josh Long off his feet, he’s determined to keep this elusive beauty in his tight embrace. While Raven denies their electrifying attraction and fends off his advances, Josh uses the resources of his business empire to crack the mystery surrounding Raven s true identity. But Josh can t bring himself to believe what the background check confirms that Raven is an international criminal wanted for her connections to worldwide terrorism. Raven has discouraged Josh s help and his love, but she s going to need both. For she is playing a part in a deadly game against an adversary who never loses, who takes no prisoners, and who threatens her very life.

Enemy Mine

Originally published over ten years ago, Enemy Mine combined tender romance with action and suspense a precursor to the New York Times bestselling romantic thrillers that she writes today. A rare treat for fans, this novel features two fierce rivals who are on the trail of a rare art object and who wind up finding love.

The Haviland Touch

A New York Times Bestselling Author Wealthy, sophisticated antiquities collector Drew Haviland finds his path crossing that of Spencer Wyatt, a woman who had once jilted him. When Spencer embarks on a dangerous quest to find the legendary Hapsburg Cross, the lifelong goal of her dying father, Drew has no choice but to help her. But he doesn’t expect what happens when he truly begins to understand the woman he thought he knew.

Golden Threads

Dear Reader, As most of you probably know by now, I began my career writing series, or category, romance. I am very proud of my roots in romance, and consider myself lucky to have served a solid writing apprenticeship in a genre that allowed me to combine various elements in pursuit of a good story. Because love stories can be told against the backdrop of history or within the framework of mystery, suspense, fantasy, paranormal, and even horror plots, I was able to exercise those writing muscles over time, undoubtedly leading to the suspense/thriller novels I m writing today. Romance is no longer the central focus of what I write, but it remains at the heart of all my work. So I give you here a romantic story with an edge of suspense, first published in 1989. Lara Callahan has come to the small town of Pinewood to start over and to hide. Devon Shane has come looking for answers. When the wary woman and mysterious man take roles in a community theater production, they risk far more than the judgment of an audience. They risk their very lives. Because both of them have secrets. Both are living a lie. And both know the first rule of survival is Tell no one. It’s a rule they ll have to break. Kay HooperFrom the Hardcover edition.

Through the Looking Glass

Gideon Hughes is a financial wizard, a rogue with a Midas touch, but grows bored with his run down carnival. When Maggie Durant, an enchantress with spun silver hair, presents him with a puzzle which he just has to solve, he is intrigued and unnerved, and longs to storm the fortress of her mystery.

The Lady and the Lion

After the impossibly lovely Erin had listened to his cynical, desperate murmurings, her powerful, anonymous companion of the night filled her with recklessness. His ruthless passion overwhelmed her in a tidal wave of primitive demand, and swept her into his dangerous quest for revenge.

What Dreams May Come

When an accident left John Mitchell in a coma a week before their wedding day, Kelly Russell was devastated. She refused to believe the doctors who said he would never come out of it, but eventually hope vanished. Then, years later, Mitch stood at her door, determined to rekindle their love.

The Matchmaker

A New York Times Bestselling Author When handsome, wealthy ladies’ man Cyrus Fortune first catches sight of lovely Julia Drummond, he is determined to have her. But as he pursues the elegant beauty, he becomes more and more entranced and more and more convinced that she harbors a dark and tormenting secret.

The Trouble with Jared

Years after Jared Chavalier swept Danica Gray off her feet and then forced her to choose between her career and his love, he and the young gemologist meet again.

All for Quinn

Morgan West takes a tremendous risk when she falls for the mysterious Quinn, the man who is expected to rob the Mysteries Past exhibit at the museum she runs.

Once a Thief

With a priceless collection at stake…
Is everything for the taking?It had taken centuries for Max Bannister’s family to acquire their treasures, and now he s been asked to risk his collection as bait for a master criminal. For his own reasons, Max allows a public exhibition, and to protect the family fortune he must rely on the skills of his half brother a world class security expert and his smart and savvy exhibit director, Morgan West. But almost immediately, Morgan comes face to face with the mysterious Quinn, Interpol s most wanted thief for the past decade and a man who makes it very clear he has an eye on the Bannister collection. And if that s not enough, Morgan begins to realize that she s surrounded by secrets and lies, and that someone very close to Max is moving behind the scenes, intent on murder as well as robbery…
someone whose ultimate plan threatens to ruin them all.

Always a Thief

In a deadly game of skill and deception…
A master thief is just the first wild card The priceless, rarely displayed Bannister collection is about to be exhibited and the show’s director, Morgan West, can t ignore her growing uneasiness. She s certain she hasn t seen the last of the infamous cat burglar Quinn. But she never expected him to turn up at her apartment one dark night in desperate need of her help help she can t refuse. The mysterious master thief is playing a dangerous game, and it s a game that just might get him killed. With Morgan s help, Quinn sets a trap intended to catch someone far more elusive and more deadly than a thief. But an unseen threat shadows him in the fog shrouded San Francisco night, an unknown adversary more cunning than any he has yet encountered. Now, just when the stakes are higher than even Quinn can imagine, no one can be trusted and everything s at risk.

Lady Thief

A Kay Hooper fan must have, Lady Thief is the very first book ever published by this dazzling author and has been out of print for twenty years. Also included is a bonus historical novella, ‘Masquerade,’ which originally appeared in the anthology Hearts of Gold.

Return Engagement (As: Kay Robbins)

Successful screen actress Tara Collins had always shunned help especially from amorous producers or directors. This policy meant that she was one of the few famous Hollywood actresses who could honestly claim that their career was based on talent. But her reputation carried a high price it had ended her relationship with the only man who had ever made any impression on her, movie producer Devlin Bradley. And now she was going to have to ask Devlin for a favour…
In exchange Devlin needs Tara to pose as his fiancee so he can shake off the unwelcome attentions of one of his backer’s daughters. It seems straightforward after all, Tara is an acclaimed actress. But memories of the times they shared together soon come flooding back and Tara finds it hard to know where acting stops and real life begins.

Mask of Passion

A New York Times Bestselling Author Danica Morgan had fashioned her own success, first as a top model, then secretly as a bestselling novelist. She swore she would have nothing to do with Bay Spencer. She would not take the leading role in his movie. She would not be a star. And she would not be one of the women he used so casually and cast aside so brutally.

On Wings of Magic

A stunning beauty with an air of seductive innocence, Kendall James looks like the proverbial dumb blonde and she plays the part to perfection. But it’s all an act of self preservation, for her lovely face belies the experience of a woman who’s seen too much…
a woman who’s traveled the world and said one too many goodbyes. Now, on an island paradise, Kendall is about to meet her match: a sexy, determined, discerning man who’ll see beyond her sultry facade to the frightened woman beneath. Hawke Madison will slowly strip away her defenses, and by the time she awakens to the danger, it will be much too late to run. This is a passionate story filled with all the humor and tenderness that Kay Hooper’s fans have come to expect a story that explores the loneliness of heartbreak and the searing, transforming power of love.

C.J.’s Fate

Before such New York Times bestselling thrillers as Blood Dreams and Sleeping with Fear, Kay Hooper made her mark with novels uniquely blending romance and suspense. In this new edition of C.J.’s Fate, Hooper delivers a funny, sexy, heartfelt story about breaking free, taking chances and finding the last thing you re looking for.

Librarian C. J. Adams thinks marriage is a fine tradition for somebody else. The love of her life is history, and in her experience, few men compare with the daring heroes who shaped civilization. Well traveled, well educated, and content to stay single, C.J. is convinced she isn t missing anything. But her close friends disagree. When they resolve to find her soul mate during a trip to Aspen, C.J. stays a step ahead of them by enlisting a gorgeous stranger to pose as her lover. But the man proves to be far more charismatic and convincing than she expected, and C.J. soon discovers a side of herself she didn t know existed. She never imagined that the Rockies had more in store for her than a skiing trip with friends, but whether she likes it or not, C.J. s fate is about to be sealed.

Something Different

This two for one special edition brings together a pair of unforgettable classic romance novels by New York Times bestselling author Kay Hooper. Filled with all the wonder and risks of love, this twin offering of full length novels is guaranteed to steal your heart. Something DifferentRestless and imaginative, mystery writer Gypsy Taylor was used to following her muse. Her nomadic lifestyle was perfectly suited for her creative work but not for lasting relationships. That left her new next door neighbor Chase Mitchell only four months to change Gypsy’s life before she moved on forever. The handsome architect wants to build a life for both of them, but first he ll have to solve the passionate mystery of this one of a kind woman a mystery not even Gypsy herself can unravel. Pepper’s WayTall, fit, and with a large house on considerable acreage, Thor Spicer was exactly the man Pepper had been looking for when she placed her ad for a dog sitter. But it s Pepper herself, Thor senses, who really needs his attention. For beneath her globe trotting, adventure seeking lifestyle, Pepper is running. And for the first time in a long while, she realizes that it just might be possible to stop and face what she fears the most losing her heart to the kind of man she d risk everything to love.

Illegal Possession

From New York Times bestselling author Kay Hooper comes a novel of suspense, mystery, and seduction that begins at the scene of a crime and brings a man and woman together in a dangerous partnership that could cost them everything…

What she was doing was immoral, illegal, and could easily get her killed but Troy Bennett wasn’t apologizing to anyone. She’d been caught red handed in the middle of a felony and she couldn’t have picked a more dangerous man to be holding her fate in his hands. Not that straitlaced businessman Dallas Cameron intended to turn her over to the law. He had far more devious intentions for the sexy cat burglar. He planned to uncover the secrets of this complex and mysterious woman who broke into homes and yet had connections with Interpol, who rejected his interest but seduced him at every turn. Thief, security expert, art aficionado, Washington, D.C., hostess to the rich, famous, and immensely powerful who was Troy Bennett? Would answering that question take Dallas over the line he always drew between good and evil and plunge both of them into the darker side of desire?

Presented unabridged on 5 CDs; narrated by Deanna Hurst.

Larger Than Life

From New York Times bestselling author Kay Hooper comes a novel of romantic intrigue about a pop music sensation with an unforgettable voice and a secret past she keeps hidden even from the man she loves. What makes Saber Duncan sing with such passion? Her sensual voice moves women to tears and makes men want to go out and slay dragons to get close to her. Yet a few years ago this budding superstar was just another lightweight pop diva. So what changed? As her would be biographer Travis Foxx embarks on a quest to uncover the painful secret in Saber’s past, a mutual attraction intensifies. But he finds himself blocked at every turn by the walls she has thrown up to guard herself from outsiders. On a visit to her friend s Arizona hideaway for some much needed R&R, Saber finds her carefully constructed defenses crumbling as bonds of trust begin to form between her and headstrong, persistent Travis. But will the arrival of a mysterious man from Saber s former life wreck the new one they hope to build together? Sometimes starting over means revealing everything about your past. Visit

Rebel Waltz

New York Times bestselling author Kay Hooper tells a timelessly seductive tale of a romance touched by the paranormal and of a woman who opens a door to the unknown and finds a stranger with an irresistible invitation .

With its antebellum setting and gallant history, Jasmine Hall was more than just a business for Banner Clairmont. The lovingly preserved plantation era inn had been home to the Clairmont family for generations. But the realities of modern real estate had made it time to sell even the most priceless treasures. So it was hardly with a great deal of enthusiasm that Banner led real estate speculator Rory Stewart around the property. How could this stranger whose southern charm and universal good looks made it impossible to entirely distrust him have any idea of Jasmine Hall’s true value? Yet what was Banner to make of the fact that Rory had seen the ghosts that never showed themselves to outsiders? Was he destined not only to save the Hall but to live there? Was his fate entangled with hers? Or was she banking too much on an old family legend and wishful thinking?

Time After Time

New York Times bestselling author Kay Hooper spins a tale of ageless love and the power of fate, in which dreams from the distant past imperil one woman’s search for a passion that transcends history. They first met in a darkened loft, in the middle of a blackout, but the power of attraction supplied all the juice that Alex Bennet and Noah Thorne required. Noah was Alex s match in every way, while the onetime lion tamer turned world class interior designer possessed just the air of wildness that Noah preferred in a woman. Inexorably, they found themselves drawn together. So why was each haunted by dreams of the other that seemed to hint at secret lives in bygone times and places and a relationship fated to end in separation? For Alex, the solution may lie in a Gypsy fortune teller s prophecy. To repeat the past is the one thing neither of them wants but how do you overcome the pull of a destiny that is stronger than time itself?

The Wizard of Seattle

She looked like a ragged, storm drenched urchin, but from the moment Serena Smyth appeared on his Seattle doorstep, Richard Patrick Merlin recognized the spark behind her green eyes. Serena had crossed a country to find him, guided by her determination to become a master wizard. She knew he could be her teacher but she never expected the charismatic, seductive power that was Merlin’s. Nor had she dreamed of the fire he ignited in her body and soul, a flame that burned even hotter than the powerful talent she possessed but did not yet understand. Their love forbidden by an ancient law, Serena and Richard will take a desperate gamble and travel to a long lost world to change the history that threatens to separate them. But they risk being torn apart forever, destroyed by a cursed land…
and their own fierce desires.

The Haunting of Josie

Before writing such New York Times bestselling thrillers as Blood Dreams and Sleeping with Fear, Kay Hooper made her mark with novels uniquely blending romance and suspense. In this new edition of The Haunting of Josie, Hooper brings together the themes that have remained at the heart of all her work passion, danger, and a touch of the paranormal in this classic story of a woman haunted by the past and tempted by a man too irresistible to trust. Josie Douglas came to the isolated country cottage with her research, a good alibi, and a gun. She hoped that she d have enough time to unravel the facts behind the tragedy that years before shattered her life. Instead she found herself in a house haunted by its own dark history. A series of strange coincidences, a ghostly visitor, and a mysterious brass key provide Josie with tantalizing clues to a mystery that keeps her guessing at every turn. As does Marc Westbrook a landlord who embodies the meaning of the term drop dead gorgeous. Soon she ll have to trust him with the secret that drove her into seclusion a secret that has already cost one man she loved his life.


A spellbinding tale of contemporary suspense that begins with a mysterious homecoming and ends in a shattering explosion of passion, greed, and murder. And all because a stranger says her name is…

Others have claimed to be Amanda Daulton, but now a beautiful, self assured woman has stepped out of the shadows of the past, insisting she’s the missing heiress to a multimillion dollar fortune. One look is all it takes to assure the family patriarch that she’s his beloved granddaughter. But others at the magnificent Southern mansion called Glory are not as easily convinced, others with much to lose from her sudden reappearance. Soon suspicion erupts in a chilling attempt on her life, and after the traumatic ordeal, she begins to have flashes of a nightmarish vision. What, if anything, happened twenty years ago to drive a mother and her nine year old daughter away from their privileged life? The struggle to find the elusive answer exposes a frightening trail of secrets a trail that leads shockingly to the present and to the enigmatic woman who calls herself…

After Caroline

Joanna Flynn was lucky to be alive. Twice in a matter of minutes she almost died on a patch of oil slicked highway. But when the doctors told her that she would suffer no lasting effects, they were wrong. For that night the dream began…

It was only of a house perched high above the sea, of a ticking clock and the lingering scent of roses. Yet night after night it awoke Joanna with a sense of panic. Its terror lingered throughout her days, urging her to do something but what?

Then two strangers on the street called her Caroline, and Joanna knew she had to find an explanation for what was happening, or she’d lose her mind. What she finally uncovered was an obituary for a woman named Caroline McKenna a woman who looked enough like her to be her twin, a woman who was killed in a car accident on the same day Joanna should have perished.

Now her torturous nightmares and a tenuous connection have brought Joanna three thousand miles across country to the town where Caroline lived and died. Almost everyone has stories to tell about Cliffside’s leading lady, and yet no one seems to have known her. Was she the shy wife or the seductress of men? The devoted mother or the selfish beauty?

Too soon Joanna realizes that it’s not her sanity at stake, but her life. For unraveling the mystery of Caroline means uncovering the secrets in this picturesque town, secrets someone may have killed to hide. And that someone appears all too willing to kill again.

Finding Laura

Power and money are no protection from fate or murder…
. Kay Hooper’s rich, haunting voice electrified readers in the unforgettable bestseller Amanda and the darkly compelling After Caroline. Now she delivers a powerful new tale of seductive intrigue, dangerous ambition, and the inexplicable forces that shape our lives…
. Over the years, the wealthy, aloof Kilbourne family has suffered a number of suspicious deaths. There were no witnesses, never charges; only doubt and unresolved questions. Now the charming, seductive Peter Kilbourne has been found stabbed to death in a seedy motel room. And for Laura Sutherland, nothing will ever be the same. Because the struggling artist was one of the last people to see Peter alive and one of the first to be suspected of his murder. If only Laura hadn’t gone to the Kilbourne estate sale…
But all her life she’s collected mirrors, searching their reflection for something she can’t explain, even to herself. And when she found the tarnished brass hand mirror, she knew it was the one she’d been looking for all these years. What she didn’t know is why. So when Peter Kilbourne shows up at her door, asking to buy the mirror back, Laura refuses. But she never imagines that his visit will irrevocably entangle her in the dangerous intrigues of a powerful dynasty. Now, determined to clear her name and uncover the truth about the murder and the mirror Laura breaches the iron gates of the Kilbourne estate. As she lets herself be drawn into their household and into their lives, she learns that each Kilbourne, from the enigmatic Daniel to the steely matriarch Amelia to Peter’s disfigured widow, Kerry, has something to hide. And when another member of the family dies an unnatural death, Laura must ask herself: Which one of them looks in the mirror and sees the reflection of a killer? And which one will choose Laura to be the next to die?

Haunting Rachel

Dark, seductive, and mysterious, Kay Hooper’s novels showcase her unique talent for ‘serving up a latter day gothic that will hold readers in its brooding grip’ Publishers Weekly. Now she presents a mesmerizing new novel, the story of a woman haunted by memories of the man she loved and lost and shadowed by a stranger whose face seems so very familiar…
. Marrying Thomas Sheridan was all Rachel Grant ever wanted. Days before the wedding, he left to fly cargo to South America, and that night she had a premonition that something terrible was about to happen. The following morning she learned he had disappeared. His plane never reached its destination, and no trace of it was ever found. Now, ten years later, Rachel returns to Richmond, Virginia, to settle her family estate. The homecoming is fraught with painful memories, and every time she turns a corner or looks out a window, she is startled by a terrifying sight a man who eerily resembles Thomas. The man is a stranger in town. He knows Rachel’s name and has been watching her for days. He has the locket she gave Thomas long ago. When she finally confronts him, his story raises more questions than it answers. He says his name is Adam Delafield and that he has three million dollars to give her, money he owed her father. Yet there is no record of the loan or a shred of proof that Adam is who he claims to be. Soon after the meeting, an accident nearly kills Rachel. Within a week there is an outright attempt on her life. She has no idea who wants her dead or why, but she must discover the truth before the next attempt succeeds. And she must find out who Adam really is. Is he an innocent man who only wants to erase a debt? Or a cold blooded killer with a score to settle…
and the payment will be her life?


From playful romance to heart stopping suspense, Kay Hooper has what it takes to keep a reader turning the pages. Now, this bestselling author revisits three of her classic romance novels filled with love and laughter and touched by more than a little magic.


From playful romance to heart stopping suspense, Kay Hooper has what it takes to keep a reader turning the pages. Now, this bestselling author revisits three of her classic romance novels all filled with the magic of love and laughter.

Wild Silver (By:Iris Johansen)

Mass Market Paperback, Bantam Classic & Loveswept

Eye of the Beholder (As:Kay Robbins)

Tory Michaels finds herself pursued by the dashing Devon York, the handsome and fun loving man who proposes to her the first time he sees her.

On Her Doorstep (As:Kay Robbins)

Finding a devastatingly handsome man at her isolated Colorado cabin throws the reclusive Erin Scott off balance. His tenacity and obvious interest in her disturbs her hard won tranquility. Erin fears the heart he is seeking, her heart, is buried far too deep to see the light of day again.

The Delaney Christmas Carol

This Christmas, celebrate the joys of the season with a trio of exquisitely crafted, richly romantic tales by three of the brightest stars in contemporary fiction bestselling authors Kay Hooper, Iris Johansen, and Fayrene Preston. Filled with passion, drama, and a touch of magic, this festive gathering of classic stories available for the first time in ten years tells about the lives and loves of one unforgettable family and the enchanted heirloom that links one generation to the next. Christmas Past by Iris Johansen Killara, Arizona, 1893. Kevin Delaney had heard his share of tall tales, but none could match the one told by the Gypsy beauty he found rummaging in the attic of Killara, his family’s estate. The waif claimed to have traipsed halfway around the world simply to recover an old, long forgotten mirror. But Zara St. Cloud knows it is no ordinary mirror and she can see that the striking Delaney is no ordinary man. While he doesn t believe her talk of mystical relics and fortune telling, there s no doubt that a kind of magic is at work on his heart just in time for Christmas. Christmas Present by Fayrene PrestonTrue love remains elusive for Bria Delaney. But when she joins her parents at Killara for the holidays, Bria discovers an unusual mirror that reveals far more than her reflection. Appearing in the glass is a startlingly handsome man who just as mysteriously disappears until she meets him in person that very night. Kells Braxton is visiting on business, but the desire he stirs in Bria is anything but professional and the mirror foretells their every intense encounter, leading to a Christmas they ll never forget. Christmas Future by Kay Hooper A heartbreaking vision in the legendary Delaney mirror drove Brett Delaney to the other side of the world years before. Now his father s death brings him part of his inheritance: the mirror and the unbearable prophesy it offers sends him home to Killara this Christmas, determined to save the home he loves and the woman he s always loved.

Hearts Of Gold

A collection of romance tales features the story of the stubborn bride to be who must decide if she will attend her own wedding and the desperate love of an English viscount for a French beauty.

My Guardian Angel

Part of an irresistible collection of five tales from today’s finest romance authors, Almost An Angel, by genre superstar Kay Hooper, tells thedisarming story of one very lucky and very handsome British agent. He’s a man with a most desperate mission: to find the beautiful stranger who miraculously rescued him…
then vanished as quickly as she appeared. What he remembered most clearly was that she possessed luminous eyes and the sweetest voice this side of heaven. Now he can only wonder whether he will look into those eyes or hear that voice again. If he does, this customarily attentive gentleman will not be so careless as to let his gorgeous rescuer out of his sight that is, if he even lets her out of his arms.

I’d Kill For That

New York Times bestselling author Jennifer Crusie teams up with USA Today bestselling author Bob Mayer to write a sizzling, high octane romantic adventure about a straight talking woman and a straight shooting man
Lucy Armstrong is a director of television commercials who’s just been recruited to finish a four day action movie shoot. But she arrives on the set to discover that the directing staff has quit, the make up artist is suicidal, the stars are egomaniacs, the stunt director is her ex husband, and the lead actor has just acquired as an advisor a Green Beret who has the aggravating habit of always being right.

Green Beret Captain JT Wilder had thought that hiring on as a military consultant for a movie star was a good deal: easy money and easier starlets. Instead he has to babysit a bumbling comedian, dodge low flying helicopters, and resist his attraction to a director who bears a distracting resemblance to Wonder Woman. Then the CIA calls and he realizes that somebody is taking shooting a movie much too literally.
Full of suspense and humor, non stop action and fast paced dialogue, Don’t Look Down is the perfect blend of male and female, adventure and romance, Mayer and Crusie.

Gifts of Love

In this glorious season of light and joy, the phenomenal Kay Hooper and the incomparable Lisa Kleypas offer readers a pair of precious jewels timeless love stories that sparkle like diamonds.

In Kay Hooper’s Holiday Spirit, a matchmaking grandmother and three Christmas ghosts arrange a sensuous reunion for a headstrong noblewoman and her seductive former fianc . And in Surrender, Lisa Kleypas has a beautiful, aristocratic Bostonian discover the true meaning of giving when she falls tenderly and passionately in love with a troubled stranger: her husband.

Open these golden Gifts of Love and surrender your heart for ’tis the season for romance!

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