Kathryn Casey Books In Order

Detective Clara Jefferies Books In Publication Order

  1. The Fallen Girls (2020)
  2. Her Final Prayer (2020)
  3. The Blessed Bones (2021)

Sarah Armstrong Books In Publication Order

  1. Singularity (2008)
  2. Blood Lines (2009)
  3. The Killing Storm (2010)
  4. The Buried (2018)

Non-Fiction Books In Publication Order

  1. Evil Beside Her (1995)
  2. The Rapist’s Wife (1995)
  3. A Warrant to Kill (2000)
  4. She Wanted It All (2005)
  5. Die, My Love (2007)
  6. A Descent Into Hell (2008)
  7. Shattered: The True Story of a Mother’s Love, a Husband’s Betrayal, and a Cold-Blooded Texas Murder (2010)
  8. True Crime Files: My Most Memorable Cases (2011)
  9. Deadly Little Secrets (2012)
  10. Deliver Us (2014)
  11. Possessed (2016)
  12. In Plain Sight (2018)

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Kathryn Casey Books Overview


Profiler Sarah Armstrong knows what it’s like to be in a sticky situation. As a single mother and one of the few female Rangers in Texas history, she has had to work twice as hard to rank among the best cops in the Lone Star State. But when megawealthy businessman Edward Lucas III is found murdered along with his mistress, their bodies posed in grotesque ways, Sara quickly senses that this will be the deadliest case of her career. While others focus the investigation on Lucas s estranged wife, Sarah disagrees and hunts a suspect only she believes in. Yet nothing in her career could have prepared her for the horror of a young man who believes he has been sent from heaven to massacre innocent people. When Sarah picks up on the killer s elusive trail, following his scent all over Texas, the psychopath makes her his next target. And as Sarah closes in, the madman sets his sights on all she holds dear. Singularity features a feisty, funny, and tough hero*ine and a truly creepy killer, as it races along to a chilling and unexpected climax.

Blood Lines

Readers loved Sarah Armstrong, the feisty and vulnerable profiler in Kathryn Casey’s first mystery, Singularity. She s back in this second book in the series with her hands full with two cases at once: A persistent and potentially lethal stalker pursues pop mega star Cassidy Collins, and a high energy Houston businesswoman is found dead in her house.

Though the businesswoman s death is being called a suicide, when Sarah is shown photographs of the scene, something seems off. It looks too perfect, almost staged, and Billie Cox apparently had every reason to live. The victim s sister is convinced Billie was murdered and urges Sarah to take a closer look. During her investigation, Sarah uncovers a multimillion dollar scam and traces a trail of greed to Billie s murderer.

Meanwhile, teenage idol Cassidy receives threatening e mails and text messages and hears creepy whispers over her headset at performances. Cassie s next performance is at a Houston rodeo, for which her handlers request extra security. Sarah once again teams up with FBI agent David Garrity, and together they plot to outwit and capture the stalker, but at the concert the unthinkable happens…

Kathryn Casey spins a tight plot with memorable characters and great action scenes, while paying close attention to Sarah s struggles as a widow and mother, to create a multilayered, exciting, and satisfying read.

The Killing Storm

On a quiet afternoon in the park, four year old Joey plays in the sandbox, when a stranger approaches looking for his puppy. While Joey’s mom, Crystal, talks on her cell phone, the stranger convinces the child to help search. By the time Crystal turns around, her son has disappeared. Yet her reaction is odd, not what one would expect from a distraught mother. Is Crystal somehow involved in her son s abduction? Meanwhile, on a ranch outside Houston, Texas Ranger Sarah Armstrong as*sesses a symbol left on the hide of a slaughtered longhorn, a figure that dates back to a forgotten era of sugarcane plantations and slavery. Soon other prizewinning bulls are butchered on the outskirts of the city, each bearing a similar drawing. The investigations converge at the same time a catastrophic hurricane looms in the Gulf. Finally, as dangerous winds and torrential rains pummel the city, Sarah is forced to risk her life to save Joey.

Evil Beside Her

Sleeping with a monster

At first, Linda Bergstrom’s marriage to her husband James was idyllic. They were young and in love; he was about to enter the Navy and she was eager to start a family. But it wasn’t long before the dream exploded. James became abusive and violent, prone to sudden bursts of anger, long silences, and unexplained disappearances. But Linda vowed to hold on, despite the pain and fear…
and her disturbing suspicions about her husband’s secret life.

Then, not long after their move to Houston, Texas, she made a terrifying discovery: James’s hidden cache containing duct tape, a ski mask, and handcuffs. No longer could Linda Bergstrom deny the hideous truth.

The man she lived with, the man she married for love, was a dangerous psychopath. And there was no escape and nowhere to run. Because no one not her friends, the Navy, or the police would believe her.

The Rapist’s Wife

A shocking true story tells of a young wife whose gentle husband turns violent; the serial rapes in their neighborhood; her discovery of his ski mask, duct tape, and handcuffs; and her struggle to convince the police.

A Warrant to Kill

She tried to tell her friends. She even went to the police. No one would believe her and now she was dead. Problems had always followed Susan White, but when she remarried and moved to Houston’s posh suburbs, she thought the past was behind her until she met a deputy sheriff named Kent McGowen who would soon become her worst nightmare. McGowen was an aggressive cop with a spotty record. When Susan rebuffed his advances, she claimed he stalked and harassed her, using her troubled teenage son as bait. And then, in an act of arrogance and revenge, he made good on his threats, setting her up for the kill. In A Warrant to Kill, Kathryn Casey meticulously pieces together the tragic shards of the case to create a riveting story of vengeance, fear, and justice of the terrifying power a badge can have in the wrong hands.

She Wanted It All

Trophy wife Celeste Beard wasn’t satisfied with a luxurious lifestyle and her rich Austin media mogul husband’s devotion so she took his life!

The wife:
She wanted everything, but her husband stood in the way.

The lesbian lover:
A love struck, middle aged woman with a history of mental illness, she would do anything to set Celeste free.

The beauty salon receptionist:
Celeste hired her to tie up the loose ends…
in a second conspiracy to commit murder.

Die, My Love

The day before Halloween 2004 was the last day on Earth for respected, well liked college professor Fred Jablin. That morning, a neighbor discovered his body lying in a pool of blood in the driveway of Jablin’s Virginia home. Police immediately turned their attentions to the victim’s ex wife, Piper, a petite, pretty Texas lawyer who had lost a bitter custody battle and would do anything to get her kids back. But Piper was in Houston, one thousand miles away, at the time of the slaying and couldn’t possibly have been the killer…
could she? So began an investigation into one of the most bizarre cases Virginia and Texas law enforcement agencies had ever encountered: a twisted conspiracy of lies, rage, paranoia, manipulation, and savage murder that would ensnare an entire family including two lethally close look alike sisters and reveal the shocking depravities possible when a dangerously disordered mind slips into madness.

A Descent Into Hell

Bright, attractive, and both from good families, University of Texas college student Colton Pitonyak and vibrant redhead Jennifer Cave had the world at their beckoning. Cave, an ex cheerleader, had just landed an exciting new job, while a big money scholarship to UT’s prestigious business school lured Pitonyak to Austin. Yet the former altar boy had a dark, unpredictable streak, one that ensnared him in the perilous underworld of drugs and guns. When Jennifer failed to show up for work on August 18, 2005, her mother became frightened. Sharon Cave’s search led to Colton’s West Campus apartment, where Jennifer’s family discovered a scene worthy of the grisliest horror movie. Meanwhile, Colton Pitonyak was nowhere to be found. A Descent Into Hell is the gripping true story of one of the most brutal slayings in UT history and the wild ‘Bonnie and Clyde like’ flight from justice of a cold blooded young killer and his would be girlfriend, who claimed that her unquestioning allegiance to Pitonyak was ‘just the way I roll.’

Shattered: The True Story of a Mother’s Love, a Husband’s Betrayal, and a Cold-Blooded Texas Murder

Hero, Husband, Father…
Monster? In Creekstone, Texas, a small, quiet suburb of Houston, football was king…
and David Temple was a prince. A former high school and college gridiron star turned coach, he had a fairy tale marriage to bright, vivacious Belinda Lucas, a teacher at the local high school who was so warm and popular her colleagues called her ‘The Sunshine Girl.’ The fairy tale ended savagely on January 11, 1999, when Belinda’s lifeless body was discovered in a closet. Her skull had been shattered by a shotgun blast at close range. She was eight months pregnant. There was no damning evidence directly linking the brutal murder to husband David, who stood by emotionless and dry eyed as police searched the crime scene. But a dogged eight year investigation would expose a shocking history of cruelty and domination, infidelity and rage ultimately resulting in an epic courtroom battle for the ages as the scandalous truth was revealed about love betrayed and innocent lives…

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