Kathleen Eagle Books In Order

Night Remembers Books In Order

  1. The Night Remembers (1997)
  2. Night Falls Like Silk (2003)

Last Good Man Books In Order

  1. The Last Good Man (2000)
  2. You Never Can Tell (2001)

Ride A Painted Pony Books In Order

  1. Ride a Painted Pony (2006)
  2. Mystic Horseman (2008)

Double D Ranch Books In Order

  1. In Care of Sam Beaudry (2009)
  2. One Cowboy, One Christmas (2009)
  3. Cool Hand Hank (2010)
  4. Once a Father (2010)
  5. Cowboy, Take Me Away (2011)
  6. One Brave Cowboy (2011)
  7. The Prodigal Cowboy (2012)


  1. Someday Soon (1984)
  2. Georgia Nights (1986)
  3. Candles in the Night (1988)
  4. More Than a Miracle (1988)
  5. Private Treaty (1988)
  6. But That Was Yesterday (1988)
  7. Paintbox Morning (1989)
  8. Medicine Woman (1989)
  9. ‘Til There Was You (1989)
  10. Heaven and Earth (1990)
  11. This Time Forever (1992)
  12. Broomstick Cowboy (1993)
  13. Fire and Rain (1994)
  14. Reason to Believe (1995)
  15. Sunrise Song (1996)
  16. The Last True Cowboy (1998)
  17. What the Heart Knows (1999)
  18. Once Upon a Wedding (2002)
  19. A View of the River (2005)
  20. One Less Lonely Cowboy (2013)
  21. Never Trust a Cowboy (2014)


  1. Silhouette Christmas Stories 1988 (1990)
  2. Silhouette Summer Sizzlers 1991 (1991)
  3. Brave Hearts (1994)
  4. Mistletoe Marriages (1994)
  5. Dream Catchers (1995)
  6. Summer Sizzlers 1996 (1996)
  7. For the Baby’s Sake (1997)
  8. A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Delivery Room (1997)
  9. A Mother’s Gift (1998)
  10. Lazy Days of Summer (1999)
  11. Lakota Legacy (2003)
  12. A Certain Kind of Hero (2010)
  13. Cool Hand Hank / Cowboy’s Redemption (2011)
  14. The Sharing Spoon (2013)
  15. Harlequin Special Edition January 2015 – Box Set 1 of 2 (2015)
  16. A Cowboy’s Best Friend (2020)
  17. Mavericks: Taming The Bad Boy (2020)
  18. The Maverick Collection And Spanish Scandals Collection (2021)
  19. The Mavericks Collection (2021)


  1. Friends, Families, Lovers (1993)
  2. Surrender! (1995)

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Kathleen Eagle Books Overview

The Night Remembers

In a spellbinding novel of depth and sensitivity, award-winning author Kathleen Eagle masterfully weaves the richness of Native American folklore into a contemporary story of hope, courage, and the power of love to lift the human spirit.

Angela Prescott has pulled up stakes and moved halfway across the country, seeking refuge from a man who has made her life a nightmare. Starting over in an unfamiliar city, she’s wary and keeps to herself, until she meets twelve-year-old Tommy T.

Street-smart Tommy T knows how to keep secrets. He’s told no one of the mysterious recluse living in an underground hideaway, whose face he’s never seen. A gifted comic book artist with no place to live, Tommy T needs someone to believe in, and in this phantom stranger he finds the comic book superhero of his dreams.

Jesse Brown Wolf’s past has driven him underground in many ways. By day, he is a handsome repairman who fixes the plumbing in Angela’s rooms. By night he lives in the shadows, acting with reckless bravery to make the streets safer for kids…
and whispering into Angela’s sleeping ear promises of comfort, security, and heart’s ease.

Night Falls Like Silk

To everyone who sees her, Cassandra Westbrook exudes a cool beauty and an aloofness borne of wealth and privilege. A connoisseur of exquisite objects, she collects whatever catches her eye. While attending an auction, her interest is captivated by a set of Native American ledger drawings and almost as mesmerizing the handsome man who is bidding against her. Cassandra comes to possess the drawings and the mysterious stranger’s interest. But after a few moments of provocative conversation, he walks away. Thomas Warrior has every intention of seeing the woman again, but on his terms, not hers, and certainly not at the home of his adopted mother, who wants him to mentor Cassandra’s talented but introverted nephew. At first Thomas is hesitant to help. But Cassandra’s seductive charm has him agreeing in spite of himself. Soon Cassandra and Thomas succumb to their passions, but Thomas is wary. After all, he has brought himself up from the mean streets of the inner city while Cassandra is used to a more polished type of man. But Thomas is also famous beyond his imagination, a gift that haunts his darkest hours. His creations have begun to take on a life of their own, threatening everything he holds dear. Like Thomas’s graphic novels, the ledger drawings tell fabulous tales of tricksters and heroes, but what secrets might be hidden in those pages? With the sudden disappearance of both the drawings and her nephew, Cassandra must look to Thomas for answers. How badly did he want the old drawings, and are there clues to the boy’s whereabouts in his own work? Are the trickster and the hero one and the same? If not, which one is Cassandra’s lover? And which one is out to do her mortal harm?

You Never Can Tell

Reporter Heather Reardon gets more than she had bargained for when she searches for Kole Kills Crow, an advocate for Native American rights who has gone into exile after a brush with the law and a reclusive man who has renounced all personal entanglements, until he encounters Heather.

Ride a Painted Pony

On a dark, lonely stretch of Midwest interstate, Nick Red Shield swerves his pickup and empty horse trailer to avoid a pair of terrified eyes. They belong to a woman battered, bruised and barely conscious in desperate need of a lift.

Lauren Davis grew up in the high stakes world of horse racing, a world that took her to fame as a jockey and into a relationship with a dangerous high roller. Life with Raymond Vargas has turned deadly, forcing her on the run, but she can’t abandon her son, and now she’ll do anything to get him back safe.

While Nick’s instincts as a loner kick into high gear, Lauren’s vulnerability tugs at him in ways he’d shut down long ago. A man more comfortable with horses than people, unable to make peace with a past that’s left him scarred, Nick’s not sure about secretive Lauren. But he can’t just leave her. And he really doesn’t want her to go.

In the safe haven of his South Dakota ranch, among the magnificent painted horses of Western legend, a bond of trust, truth and passion becomes a lifeline for them both. But soon the danger that shadows Lauren’s life and her desperate attempt to save her son will force Nick to confront his own demons. Only then can he fight to save Lauren from hers.

Mystic Horseman

Mystic Warriors Horse Camp, where wayward Lakota youth can connect with the Lakota spirit.

He has the land, the horses and the history.

Now all he needs is the money and any help he can get.

Dillon’s ex wife, Monica, thinks he could use an ounce of common sense before anything else. But deep down, she feels that Dillon’s project might mend their shattered family. And they will need to be united when Monica confesses a painful secret.

Ella Champion, television producer extraordinaire, works on a reality show where community projects get an inspiring makeover. Dillon’s ranch could be her next show and she thinks he could be the perfect man for her.

Suddenly Dillon has more help than he can handle.

In Care of Sam Beaudry

Keeping the people of his Rocky Mountain hometown safe was Sheriff Sam Beaudry’s top priority. But his quiet life suddenly came under scrutiny when a young stranger came to town, claiming to be Sam’s secret daughter…
upsetting his very existence, not to mention his budding relationship with lovely nurse Maggie Whiteside. Maggie wasn’t swayed by all the talk surrounding Sam. Because she believed that she and the rugged lawman shared something special. Maggie and her young son had always known that he was a man to count on. Now she had to show him that he could count on ‘her…

One Cowboy, One Christmas

Stranded and half frozen in a South Dakota snowstorm, bull rider Zach Beaudry reached out for help at the nearest house he could find. And the beautiful rancher schoolteacher who answered the door was a vision. Zach thanked his lucky stars for the kindness of strangers. But to Ann Drexler, this man was no stranger. Zach didn’t seem to remember their shared night of passion all those years ago but how could Ann forget? Seeing Zach on her doorstep was as shocking as seeing the ghost of Christmas past. And though running her family’s wild mustang ranch gave Ann a thing for strays, she tried to keep her distance. Yet as Zach regained his strength and became indispensable with the horses, Ann had to wonder was a second chance with this cowboy in her Christmas future?

Cool Hand Hank

Sally Drexler was always running. The proprietor of the Double D Ranch and wild mustang sanctuary had her hands full keeping health, hearth and horses on an even keel. And though she approached every challenge with her chin high and her spirits even higher, it could get lonely. That’s when Hank Night Horse came along, singing her tune. Hank couldn’t help noticing the bride’s irresistible sister at his best friend’s wedding. But this physician’s assistant put rodeo riders back together for a living, and could sense that something about Sally was broken. Was his healing touch what it would take to soothe Sally mind, body and soul…
and stop her running?

Once a Father

Logan Wolf Track had horses in his blood. For this ‘Indian cowboy,’ teaming up with army sergeant Mary Tutan to enter the Double D’s wild mustang training competition was a win-win proposition. This tough yet vulnerable woman was a natural with horses-and with Logan. She soon had the single father yearning for love and family, something he’d lost when his grown stepsons left home.

But as with horses, it wasn’t enough for Logan to know how to ride this feeling; he had to know how to fall. And when Mary made a shocking discovery that threw their relationship into question, Logan knew he’d risk all to keep their untamable passion alive….

This Time Forever

EVEN SHATTERED HEARTS CAN CAPTURE A DREAMSeeking refuge in a world not her own, a beautiful nurse follows her conscience to the reservation of the Lakota Sioux hoping to heal the wounds of her ravaged heart. Condemned for a crime he did not commit, a handsome half breed rodeo rider seeks freedom…
and justice. Two lonely outcast sseparated by culture, stubborn pride and prison bars, their destinies are joined by a shared duty to a helpless child and by the blossoming of a bold and magnificent love that a cruel,intolerant society forbids…
but cannot destroy.

Fire and Rain

Priscilla came to the Dakota territories to helpher missionary father ‘civilize’ the Indians. But theMinnesota bred beauty was enchanted by the ways of theLakota Sioux…
and by a proud warrior calledWhirlwind Rider, who awakened a magnificent passionwithin her wondrous, forbidden…
as elementalas the fire and the rain. In a century old steamer trunk, journalistCecily Metcalf discovers the diary of a remarkable youngwoman whose words reach out across time touchingCecily’s heart, leading her back to her handsome, enigmaticfirst love, Kiah Red Thunder .. inspiring them both intheir glorious, dangerous quest to reclaim alost and powerful passion.

Reason to Believe

Young lovers from starkly different lives andworlds, Clara and Ben Pipestone came together inpassion and in tenderness. But their marriagecould not endure deception or the betrayals of atormented, searching soul. And now, though timeand pain have torn them apart, they reunitefor the sake of their troubled teenaged daughter embarking upon a rugged winter journey acrosssacred land in symbolic remembrance ofBen’s Lakota ancestors…
and to reclaim somethingbeautiful but lost and as eternal as the stars.

Sunrise Song

In the darkness of yesterday’s shadowsShines a golden promise for tomorrowA mixed blood Lakota Sioux, Zane Lone Bull spent long years fighting on a distant foreign battlefield and in his own countryand has vowed to fight no more. Now a tragic crime has brought Michelle Benedict into his life. A beautiful woman seeking the truth, it is her courage and indomitable spirit that rekindle the lost fire in Zane’s heart drawing them into a decades old mystery of a lost boy, a dark place, and a daring passion. For in the beautiful, terrible secrets of a shrouded past, another love holds the key to their destiny together and to a promise of devotion, desire, and honor that must stand for all time.

The Last True Cowboy

A cowboy is as good as his word, but what if the words are ‘I love you?’The first moment Julia Weslin sees K.C. Houston, she senses her world is about to be turned upside down. The long, lean cowboy is the last of an untamed breed of ment who live aby their word and love by their own set of rules. And for Julia, who has returned to Wyoming and the cash strapping High Horse Ranch, K.C. is a dream come true. He can tame a sprited horse with just a single touch, he offers to help save the ranch, and he awakens in her a need she thought she’d lost. But Julia knows that this sexy drifter would never break a promise, and while he’s filled her days with loving and her nights with passion…
he’s never told her that he’d stay forever.

What the Heart Knows

Helen Ketterling thought she had left the Bad River Sioux Reservation in South Dakota behind her thirteen years ago. Once an idealistic and spirited schoolteacher, Helen was swept into the lives of the Sioux people and the arms of Reese Blue Sky. These fiery opposites attracted with such heat that their love burned brightly if all too briefly.

Now a single parent with a son a son Reese knows nothing about Helen accepts an assignment that brings her back to Bad River and into the realm of the one man she cannot forget.

A family tragedy has brought Reese home to Bad River. And though it has been years since he has seen Helen, Reese immediately recalls the bittersweet memories of a time when he was very much in love. Now the passion he felt for Helen has been rekindled but he senses in her a secret that she will not or cannot share with him. Soon, Reese discovers that the life on the reservation he dearly cherished appears to have been threatened. In a world where tradition and ritual face off against development and greed, a proud but lonely man attempts to reconcile his past, hoping to find his place in the heart of his one true love.

Once Upon a Wedding

Mom, Dad, I’m getting married. What do you do when your daughter tells you the big news? If you’re Camille Delonga, you fight the urge to go lie down for a year or so…
and then you do what any self respecting mother of the bride would you march right out and buy a sky high stack of bridal magazines. Once Upon a Wedding In award winning author Kathleen Eagle’s astonishing and warm new novel, we see just what happens to Camille, her family, and her friends when her beautiful and young daughter, Jordan, speaks those unforgettable words. After all, weddings are a time of unbelievable joy, a few tender tears and sometimes one huge headache. So Camille ignores the thought that her baby is simply too young to take such a big step and throws herself into action. There are flower arrangements to be chosen, favors to be lovingly created by her own two hands…
and lives to be put in order. And one of those disorganized lives belongs to her irrepressible, irresponsible, and somehow still irresistibleex husband. When they were younger as young as Jordan is now Camille loved Creed Burke with all her heart and soul. This passionate Lakota swept her off her feet and right to the justice of the peace. Their wedding had been hurried, private…
nothing like the extravaganza their daughter is now planning. Creed is a musician who never seems to stay in one place long enough. Yet his wanderlust has never quite quenched his and Camille’s passion for each other or his love for their daughter. But it did unravel their marriage. Now after years of cordial and casual, Camille finds that Creed is invading every aspect of her life. When she comes down for breakfast, he’s sitting at the table helping himself to coffee. And when she goes out on the town with her girlfriends, he’s sure to show up and ask her for a long, slow dance. Slowly but surely, Creed is weaving himself back into the fabric of her life. And their daughter’s upcoming wedding brings back so many tender, tempting, and confusing memories of their own fiery union. Her two best girlfriends aren’t much help. ‘Maybe it’ll all work out,’ says gentle Ellie, a not so closet romantic who is clearly hoping for a reconciliation. ‘Don’t trust him!’ warns Bridget. But can you really trust someone whose husband has just stormed out of the house? As for Camille’s own mother, Rosie, who is facing a serious illness and still has an expectant gleam in her eye and a soft spot in her heart for her ex son in law, she declares Life’s too short to pass up another shot at happiness. So when the big day arrives Camille realizes there is only one answer: follow her heart. But where will it take her?Kathleen Eagle has written an extraordinary story, filled with the complexity of female friendships, the tempestousness of the mother daughter relationship, and the power of everlasting love. Anyone who has ever been a mother, daughter, friend, or lover will never forget Once Upon a Wedding.

A View of the River

If you look closely enough, you can find love everywhere A descendant of a courageous band of Ojibwe, Birch Trueblood is now a local shaman doing a booming business with the New Age believers and tourists. With a young daughter to care for, he manages to mask his cynical attitude about life and his so called art. But everything changes when he’s called to work his magic at an historic old house where he meets a woman who’s about to make him a believer. Rochelle LeClair has crossed paths with Birch before and has no reason to change her opinion that he’s a fake and a charlatan. Running Rosewood, a fledging bed and breakfast, Rochelle is forced to come face to face with Birch again when her eccentric aunt hires him to communicate with the house’s ghostly presences but it’s Birch’s own presence that plays havoc with Rochelle’s senses. As family rivalries and buried lies are exposed, the spirits of the past will come to light, along with the deepest secrets of Rochelle’s heart.

Brave Hearts

Passion, pride, and peril collide headlong in three exciting tales of romance and adventure Hunter by Diana Palmer, Kathleen Eagle’s But That Was Yesterday, and Borrowed Angel by Heather Graham Pozzessere.

Dream Catchers

In Medicine Woman, Kezawin resists her feelings when it is foreseen that any man she loves will die, while in White Witch, Kinnahauk wonders if a shipwrecked Englishwoman is his fated bride.

Summer Sizzlers 1996

In ‘All Around Cowboy Blues,’ a handsome cowboy sets his sights on marriage, while in ‘Gone Fishing’ an executive becomes a father, and in ‘The Sheikh’s Woman’ a distressed damsel is drawn to her mysterious protector.

A Mother’s Gift

It is the dream of many married couples to fill their home with the sounds of the laughter of children. For some couples, the path to parenthood is filled with trials and tribulations. This month, Silhouette brings readers three new tales of the special bond between eager new parents and their children. And as the child is welcomed into the home, that can mean that romance is in the air! .

Lakota Legacy

With the courage to bridge cultures, three couples find shelter in tradition and in their love. THREE BRAND NEW STORIES! Wolf Dreamerby USA TODAY bestselling author Madeline Baker Pregnant and alone on the Colorado prairie, Rebecca Hathaway’s prayers were answered by rugged Wolf Dreamer. Will her search for home and family lead them to a new life together? Cowboy Days and Indian Nightsby USA TODAY bestselling author Kathleen Eagle Meredith Woodward had emptied her nest. She didn’t need a scruffy rodeo cowboy moving into her home or her world. But Ryder Red Hawk was a man prepared to face his past and discover his future with her. Seven Days by Ruth Wind Sunny Kendricks’s luck had run out. With no money, no car and no home, she was sure she’d hit rock bottom. But Michael Chasing Horse was prepared for life’s storms and ready to offer refuge…
In his arms.

Friends, Families, Lovers

A collection of three stories of romance features the tale of a society woman falling for a Lakota Sioux and a woman who must choose between her family and her lover.


Pursuing their independent dreams on the tiny Caribbean island of DeColores, Morgan, Elizabeth, and Veronica become the hero*ines of three romantic stories: ”Candles in the Night,” ”More Than a Miracle,” and ”Paintbox Morning.”

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