Katherine John Books In Order

Trevor Joseph Books In Order

  1. Without Trace (1990)
  2. Six Foot Under (1993)
  3. Murder Of A Dead Man (1994)
  4. Black Daffodil (2008)
  5. A Well-Deserved Murder (2008)
  6. The Destruction of Evidence (2010)
  7. The Vanished (2015)

Adam Salen Books In Order

  1. The Amber Knight (2008)

Konigsberg 1919 Books In Order

  1. The Defeated Aristocrat (2015)


  1. Death by Request (1984)
  2. By Any Other Name (1995)

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Katherine John Books Overview

Without Trace

Pschological crime thriller

Six Foot Under

A temporary patient at Compton Castle, an old Victorian psychiatric hospital, after a difficult case, Sergeant Trevor Joseph must return to action when a series of murder victims, all linked to the hospital, turn up and it appears that a killer is stalking the hospital corridors.

Black Daffodil

Psychological crime thriller

The Destruction of Evidence

No evidence remained on the bodies of Alun Pitcher, a well liked, wealthy, careful and cautious businessman, and his family after they’d been wrapped in brown paper and string, doused in petrol and ignited. The fires had destroyed any evidence, or so the pathologist and the local police believed. Defeated, the local force asks for outside help. Following success in solving a previous ‘cold’ case, Inspector Trevor Joseph and Sergeant Peter Collins are called in. Their superiors trust them to provide answers to the questions that have confounded the local force. Did the murderer or murderers possess knowledge of police procedure and criminal investigative methods that have resulted in the perfect, unsolvable crime? Why would anyone want to kill a well liked family who have no known enemies? How did the murderer or murderers overcome three grown men and a woman without anyone seeing anything, or hearing a sound? And, most important of all, was all the evidence really destroyed?

The Amber Knight

This fast paced action thriller is a multi layered story that spans eight centuries, from medieval Germany and Prussia to present day Poland and USA centered on the legend of The Amber Knight a beloved relic that inspired generations until the Na*zis stole it.

By Any Other Name

Pschological crime thriller

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