Kate Messner Books In Order

Fergus and Zeke Books In Publication Order

  1. Fergus and Zeke (2017)
  2. Fergus and Zeke at the Science Fair (2018)
  3. Fergus and Zeke and the Field Day Challenge (2020)
  4. Fergus and Zeke and the 100th Day of School (2021)

History Smashers Books In Publication Order

  1. History Smashers: The Mayflower (2020)
  2. History Smashers: Women’s Right To Vote (2020)
  3. History Smashers: Pearl Harbor (2020)
  4. History Smashers: The Titanic (2021)
  5. History Smashers: The American Revolution (2021)
  6. History Smashers: Plagues and Pandemics (2021)

Marty McGuire Books In Publication Order

  1. Marty McGuire (2011)
  2. Marty McGuire Digs Worms! (2012)
  3. Marty McGuire Has Too Many Pets! (2014)

North Country Adventures Books In Publication Order

  1. Spitfire (2007)
  2. Champlain and the Silent One (2008)

Over and Under Books In Publication Order

  1. Over and Under the Snow (2011)
  2. Up in the Garden and Down in the Dirt (2015)
  3. Over and Under the Pond (2017)
  4. Over and Under the Canyon (2021)

Ranger in Time Books In Publication Order

  1. Rescue on the Oregon Trail (2015)
  2. Danger in Ancient Rome (2015)
  3. Long Road to Freedom (2015)
  4. Race to the South Pole (2016)
  5. Journey through Ash and Smoke (2017)
  6. Escape from the Great Earthquake (2017)
  7. D-Day: Battle on the Beach (2018)
  8. Hurricane Katrina Rescue (2018)
  9. Disaster on the Titanic (2019)
  10. Night of Soldiers and Spies (2019)
  11. Escape From The Twin Towers (2020)
  12. Attack on Pearl Harbor (2020)

Sea Monster Books In Publication Order

  1. Sea Monster’s First Day (2011)
  2. Sea Monster And The Bossy Fish (2013)

Silver Jaguar Society Mysteries Books In Publication Order

  1. Capture the Flag (2012)
  2. Hide and Seek (2013)
  3. Manhunt (2014)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. The Brilliant Fall of Gianna Z. (2009)
  2. Sugar and Ice (2010)
  3. Eye of the Storm (2012)
  4. Wake Up Missing (2013)
  5. The Exact Location of Home (2014)
  6. All the Answers (2015)
  7. The Seventh Wish (2016)
  8. Breakout (2018)
  9. Chirp (2020)

Non-Fiction Books In Publication Order

  1. Insect Superpowers (2019)
  2. Tracking Pythons (2020)
  3. Solve This! Forensics (2020)
  4. How to Write a Story (2020)

Picture Books In Publication Order

  1. How to Read a Story (2015)
  2. Tree of Wonder (2015)
  3. Rolling Thunder (2017)
  4. The Brilliant Deep (2018)
  5. The Next President (2020)
  6. Over and Under the Rainforest (2020)
  7. Sloth Wasn’t Sleepy (2021)
  8. Dr. Fauci: How a Boy from Brooklyn Became America’s Doctor (With: ) (2021)

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Kate Messner Books Overview

Marty McGuire

A fun, accessible chapter book debut from an exciting new talent simultaneous hardcover paperback and audio launch!FORMAT: 2 CDs, UnabridgedNARRATOR: TBAMarty McGuire would rather spend recess catching frogs in the pond than playing dress up with the other girls in third grade. So when her teacher casts Marty as the princess in the class play, Marty’s absolutely, positively sure that there’s been a huge mistake. But after a special lesson in the art of improvisation, Marty comes up with her OWN plan to IMPROVE the play: Why use stuffed animal frog onstage when a live one would be so much better? In the end, Marty’s one of a kind performance makes for an unforgettable show. Maybe a tomboy princess CAN live happily ever after, after all!

Marty McGuire Digs Worms!

A funny, accessible chapter book series about an irrepressible third grader. NARRATOR: Cassandra MorrisFORMAT: 2 CDs, UnabridgedMarty McGuire’s third grade class has a special assignment: Save the Earth! Even more exciting, the best project wins a special award. Marty’s pretty sure her classmates’ ideas won’t stand a chance against her plan to turn the garbage from the school cafeteria into fertilizer. All she needs is a little help from her teammate and best friend, Annie and the earthworms in her grandma’s garden. But it turns out that worms are awfully SLOW eaters. And when the critters escape, the whole class starts grumbling including Annie. Can Marty save the Earth without losing her best friend?


October 1776 Twelve year old Abigail Smith disguises herself as a boy, steals a leaky rowboat, and sets out to join the American Fleet on Lake Champlain. She’s desperate to find her uncle, her only living relative and her only hope for a real home. Young Pascal De Angelis is on board an American ship awaiting battle with the British when Abigail climbs aboard. When the British ships approach and the first shots are fired, Abigail and Pascal forge a fast friendship, see things no child should see, and grow up more quickly than either of them could have imagined.

Champlain and the Silent One

His tribe calls him Silent One. He hasn’t spoken since his uncle died fighting the Iroquois. But in the winter of 1609, a new language echoes through the north woods. Samuel de Champlain and his Frenchmen speak of friendship and promise to help the Innu people fight their enemies. This time, Silent One must join the war party, journey far from home, and find his voice to save his brother and his own spirit.

Over and Under the Snow

Over the snow, the world is hushed and white. But under the snow is a secret world of squirrels and snowshoe hares, bears and bullfrogs, and many other animals who live through the winter, safe and warm. Over and Under the Snow takes readers on a cross country ski trip through the winter woods to discover the secret world of animals living under the snow.

Sea Monster’s First Day

Sea monster Ernest is starting his first day of school. But starting school is a big job! Fitting in when you’re a sea monster is tough enough, and there’s so much to learn and do reading, singing, playing hide and seek with the fishermen, lunchtime in the algae patch…
. This funny, charming twist on the worries and joys of starting school will reassure and delight the smallest children and the largest sea monsters alike.

Capture the Flag

Three kids get caught up in an adventure of historic proportions!Anna, Jos , and Henry are complete strangers with more in common than they realize. Snowed in together at a chaotic Washington D.C. airport, they encounter a mysterious tattooed man, a flamboyant politician, and a rambunctious poodle named for an ancient king. Even stranger, news stations everywhere have announced that the famous flag that inspired ‘The Star Spangled Banner’ has been stolen! Anna, certain that the culprits must be snowed in too, recruits Henry and Jos to help catch the thieves and bring them to justice. But when accusations start flying, they soon realize there’s more than justice at stake. As the snow starts clearing, Anna, Jos , and Henry find themselves in a race against time and the weather! to prevent the loss of an American treasure.

The Brilliant Fall of Gianna Z.

Gianna Z has less than one week to collect, identify, and creatively display 25 leaves for her science project or else she won t be able to compete in the upcoming cross country race. As the deadline for her leaf project draws near, life keeps getting in the way. Some things are within Gee’s control, like her own procrastination, but others aren t, like Biana Rinaldi s attempts at sabotage and Nonna s declining health. If it weren t for her best friend Zig, Gee wouldn t have a chance at finishing. His knowledge of trees and leaves in their rural Vermont town comes in very handy, as does his loyalty to Gee. But when Nonna disappears one afternoon, things like leaves and cross country meets suddenly seem less important.

Sugar and Ice

For Claire Boucher, life is all about skating on the frozen cow pond and in the annual Maple Show right before the big pancake breakfast on her family’s farm. But all that changes when Russian skating coach Andrei Grosheva offers Claire a scholarship to train with the elite in Lake Placid. Tossed into a world of mean girls on ice, where competition is everything, Claire realizes that her sweet dream come true has sharper edges than she could have imagined. Can she find the strength to stand up to the people who want to see her fail and the courage to decide which dream she wants to follow?

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