Kate Jacoby Books In Order

Legends of Elita Books In Order

  1. Exile’s Return (1998)
  2. Voice of the Demon (1999)
  3. Black Eagle Rising (2000)
  4. The Rebel’s Cage (2001)
  5. Trial Of Fire (2002)

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Kate Jacoby Books Overview

Exile’s Return

In a land filled with turmoil, an exile and an orphan become caught in a prophecy older than time itself. Robert Douglas, Earl of Dunlorn, returns to Lusara after three years only to find his country caught in the tyranny of the Guilde. And, even as the vanquished people cry out for a savior, other cataclysmic events unfold events that will determine the fate not only of Lusara, but of the whole world. Robert, who possesses magical power greater than any before him, must now make a choice: to remain true to his vow never to oppose the usurper king or break his promise, assume responsibility, and save his beloved homeland. Then he and his brother rescue the orphan Jenn and discover in her a new kind of sorcerer one whose talents may be as great as Robert’s. And, with Jenn come new possibilities.

Trial Of Fire

For years the Enclave has hidden the Salti Pazar, those gifted with magical powers, from the eyes of those who would wish to see them all destroyed. But now the mountain community has been revealed and its sorcerers must scatter across Lusara. The Enemy, Robert Douglas, the greatest sorcerer Lusara has ever known, brought together two magical artifacts, hoping for enlightenment and power. Instead, as he struggles for control, Jenn, leader of the Salti Pazar, must save her people.

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