Kate Harrison Books In Order

Secret Shopper Books In Order

  1. The Secret Shopper’s Revenge (2008)
  2. The Secret Shopper Unwrapped (2009)
  3. The Secret Shopper Affair (2011)

Soul Beach Trilogy Books In Order

  1. Soul Beach (2011)
  2. Soul Fire (2012)
  3. Soul Storm (2013)


  1. Old School Ties (2003)
  2. The Starter Marriage (2005)
  3. Brown Owl’s Guide To Life (2006)
  4. The Self-Preservation Society (2007)
  5. The Boot Camp (2011)
  6. The Bride Hunter (2013)
  7. The Last Gift (2014)
  8. A Batch Made in Heaven (2015)


  1. Brief Encounters (2012)

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Kate Harrison Books Overview

The Starter Marriage

A woman joins a boot camp for the broken hearted in this touching, original and witty novel. Tess Leonard thought her marriage vows to Barney were for life. But when he leaves her for a busty young secretary, Tess realizes that she needs to rethink her idea of happily ever after. Tess is falling apart until she sees a life raft on the horizon. It’s called the Divorce Survival Class something like boot camp for the broken hearted. As Tess gets to know her classmates and their Machiavelian tutor, William she sees that life will always continue to move forward. As William leads them through bizarre yet effective methods for healing their broken spirits, the entire group begins to believe again in the one thing they all long for love.

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