Kate Gallison Books In Order

Nick Magaracz Books In Order

  1. Unbalanced Accounts (1986)
  2. The Death Tape (1987)
  3. The Jersey Monkey (1992)

Mother Lavinia Grey Books In Order

  1. Bury the Bishop (1995)
  2. Devil’s Workshop (1996)
  3. Unholy Angels (1996)
  4. Hasty Retreat (1997)
  5. Grave Misgivings (1998)

Emily Daggett Weiss Books In Order

  1. The Edge of Ruin (2010)
  2. The Brink of Fame (2011)


  1. The Organizer (2004)
  2. Monkeystorm (2013)
  3. Girl on the Run (2016)
  4. Freddie Zorn and the Dark Invaders (2018)
  5. The Witches of Washington (2019)
  6. Broken Sister (2021)

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Kate Gallison Books Overview

Bury the Bishop

Lavinia Grey, Abbess of the failing St. Bede’s Episcopal Church, becomes the prime suspect in the murder of the bishop, a critic of her efforts to save the parish, and the object of affection for David Dogg, the detective investigating the case.

Devil’s Workshop

The cats were missing. Mother Lavinia Grey noticed the signs pleading for the return of ‘Fluffy’ and several other pets. But she was busy planning her first wedding at St. Bede’s Episcopal Church for which she’d serve as the priest, not the bride and didn’t connect the mysterious catnappings with the signs of a satanic cult. Until the other troubles began. Of course, Lucifer wasn’t to blame for the return of a vengeful ex con to placid Fishersville or was he?. But a series of burglaries and the donation of a freezer chest to St. Bede’s filled with something most macabre soon has Mother Grey researching the ‘Clavicles of Solomon’ and looking for hexagrams. And with her companion, Detective Dave Dogg, out of town, she has only the Lord’s help, and her own sharp wit, to find out who was doing the devil’s handwork when a body headless and unnamed is found…

Unholy Angels

Mother Lavinia Grey, hero*ine of Devil’s Workshop, returns to her flock at St. Bede’s Episcopal Church of New Jersey, where the good humored and long suffering vicar joins her battle with shady real estate developers.

Hasty Retreat

Monks chanting at vespers…
total silence between nine P.M. and morning…
simple furnishings and cloistered walls to Mother Lavinia Grey, it sounds like heaven. Actually, it’s a monastery in upstate New York, just the place for Mother Vinnie, an Episcopal priest, to spend a few days and escape her problems at St. Bede’s Church. But there is no rest for the wicked, as they say. And Mother Vinnie soon suspects something very sinful is afoot. Who are the mysterious robed figures scuttling around at night? What is going on between a pretty guest and a visiting politician? And what in the world has happened to elderly Brother Basil, recently back from Africa? Finding the answers exposes a twisted knot of secrets, and Mother Vinnie soon discovers that silence may be golden, but someone’s determination to keep her quiet may be…

Grave Misgivings

In a small town cemetery, some secrets just won’t stay buried…
. Mother Lavinia Grey shouldn’t talk to strangers. Especially ones she meets in a graveyard. But teenager Shannon Smith and her father, Mark, were the sort of lost sheep a kindhearted Episcopal priest couldn’t resist. When Mother Vinnie found them shivering in Fishersville’s Catholic cemetery, they were carrying around a box of ashes. And their reason seemed terribly romantic. They hoped to reunite Mark’s recently deceased mother with the husband she lost forty years before. Mother Vinnie kindly offered to help find the grave of Mark’s father. She never dreamed they might be opening a sepulcher filled with buried secrets and shattered dreams. Or that disturbing the dead, even by asking a few curious questions, might bring to life a killer’s fears. And seal Mother Vinnie’s own unexpected fate…

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