Kate Forsyth Books In Order

Witches of Eileanan Books In Order

  1. Dragonclaw (1997)
  2. The Pool of Two Moons (1998)
  3. The Cursed Towers (2000)
  4. The Forbidden Land (2000)
  5. The Skull of the World (2001)
  6. The Fathomless Caves (2002)

Rhiannon’s Ride Books In Order

  1. The Tower Of Ravens (2004)
  2. The Shining City (2006)
  3. The Heart of Stars (2006)

Chain of Charms Books In Order

  1. The Gypsy Crown (2008)
  2. The Silver Horse (2008)
  3. The Herb of Grace (2008)
  4. The Cat’s Eye Shell (2008)
  5. The Lightning Bolt (2007)
  6. The Butterfly in Amber (2007)

Impossible Quest Books In Order

  1. Escape from Wolfhaven Castle (2015)
  2. The Wolves of the Witchwood (2015)
  3. The Beast of Blackmoor Bog (2015)
  4. The Drowned Kingdom (2015)
  5. Battle of the Heroes (2015)


  1. Full Fatham Five (2004)
  2. The Star-Thorn Tree (2005)
  3. The Puzzle Ring (2009)
  4. Bitter Greens (2013)
  5. The Wild Girl (2013)
  6. The Beast’s Garden (2015)
  7. Beauty in Thorns (2017)
  8. The Blue Rose (2020)


  1. The Rebirth of Rapunzel (2016)
  2. The Silver Well (2017)
  3. Vasilisa the Wise (2017)
  4. The Buried Moon (2019)

Non fiction

  1. Searching for Charlotte (2021)

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Kate Forsyth Books Overview


In the Celtic land of Eileanan, witches and magic have been outlawed, and those caught for practicing witchcraft are put to death! It is a land ruled by an evil Queen, where sea dwelling Fairgean stir, and children vanish in the night. But in a valley deep in the mountains, young Isabeau grows to womanhood under the guidance of an elderly witch, and must set out on a quest, carrying the last hopes of the persecuted witches.

The Pool of Two Moons

Taking up where The Witches of Eileanan left off, we find Meghan o’ the Beasts and her young charge Isabeau, outcasts in a land where magic has been outlawed. But the pair are soon separated, and Isabeau is wounded by witchfinders, and saved by a group of samaritans. Meghan sets out to find Isabeau’s warrior trained twin, Iseult, and a missing prince living under an ancient curse. Separately, the two parties must make their way through a land where magic is punished by death, seeking allies to spread the news that the Witches are returning, and the Queen and her evil must fall.

The Cursed Towers

A new age has dawned in the kingdom of Eileanan. But the flame haired twins Iseult the Scarred Warrior and Isabeau the apprentice witch must face their oldest fears…
in the epic series that’s not only ‘vividly depicted’ Romantic Times, but ‘a lot of fun’ Locus.

3rd in the bestselling fantasy series

The Forbidden Land

In the fourth novel in the Celtic inspired Witches of Eileanan series, a young girl comes of age and discovers her abilities when she is called to aid her kingdom. Praise for The Witches of Eileanan:More depth and imagination than others in this field…
a rich tapestry of settings, creatures, and people…
I’d encourage you to read it . Australian SF OnlineQuite original, with unexpected depths and plenty of fun…
a strong novel. LocusForsyth spices up a suitably complex power struggle with vividly depicted imagery and a worthy hero*ine…
a most interesting fantasy series. Romantic TimesExcellent…
I was impressed by Forsyth’s command of the language and her ability to create such a detailed world…
had me absorbed in the end. The SF Site

The Skull of the World

In the land of Eileanan, the Pact of Peace has not meant the end of unrest. And, though Isabeau would like to return home to help her family in these uncertain times, she must first venture to The Skull of the World where she will discover her true talents as a witch. And when she does return home, she does so transformed with the power to overcome her family’s enemies once and for all.

The Fathomless Caves

In Eileanan, the sea dwelling Fairgain have refused to sign the Pact of Peace. Driven by ancient hatreds, they have devoted themselves to destroying all who dwell upon the land. To help bring peace, Iseult’s flame haired twin Isabeau must face her most difficult challenge yet.

The Tower Of Ravens

Bestselling author Kate Forsyth’s mesmerizing return to the magical land of Eileanan.

Condemned for lacking the horns so prized by her people, One Horn’s daughter must escape by riding one of the legendary flying horses to freedom if she can stay on its back long enough. But to save a land where the dead walk and ghosts haunt the living, this strange, feral girl renamed Rhiannon, the rider no one can catch must convince the human apprentice witches she meets to trust the word of a wild, half human girl.

The Shining City

In a world of dark spirits, forbidden magic, and intrigue, Rhiannon awaits trial for murder and treason. Suspecting that a spell has stolen her lover’s heart, she vows to win him back and escape to save the land before it’s too late…

The Heart of Stars

An evil necromancer has kidnapped the princess Olywynne and her twin brother, plotting to spill their blood for revenge, and to restore his own family to life. Chaos reigns in the capital, and no one can stop the necromancer but Rhiannon and her winged mare. But can she bring herself to rescue the woman she hates more than anyone Olywynne, her rival for the apprentice witch Lewen’s love especially when she stands to lose everything she holds dear in the effort?

The Gypsy Crown

Emilia Finch and her cousin Luka are gypsies. For them, that means they live a strongly traditional life, rich with story, music, dance, and magic, governed by the laws of the clan and the ways of the road. To the repressive Puritanical government of 17th century England, however, the gypsies are thieving, fortune telling vagrants who are most likely allies of the devil.

While the Finches have managed to steer clear of trouble, it finds them when they decide to raise dowry money for one of their daughters, by performing in Kingston square one ill fated market day. A series of terrible events lands the family in jail, charged with murder. Only Emilia and Luka manage to escape, promising to bring back help and free them.

The only problem is how? Emilia believes in the legend of the charms: it is said that the luck of the Rom has turned sour ever since a long ago gypsy matriarch broke her chain of charms, giving one charm to each of her five children. Since then, the gypsies have been persecuted and the families have dispersed. If they can gather the charms from the families, Emilia thinks, the strong magic of the Rom will somehow bring her family freedom. Luka, on the other hand, is more practical he wants to enlist the help of the other clans to help the Finches escape.

Emilia and Luka must race through the countryside, navigating a hornets’ nest of Rom hating Puritans, Royalist spies, and traitors, if they are to complete their quest before the magistrate delivers a death sentence…

The Butterfly in Amber

Once there was a gypsy queen who wore on her wrist a chain of six lucky charms. The queen gave each her six children one of the charms as their lucky talisman, but ever since the chain of charms was broken, the gypsies had been dogged with misfortune. Life for the Finch tribe has gone even more horribly wrong. They have been accused of vagrancy and murder, and thrown into gaol with only three weeks to live. The only members of the family to escape are 13 year old Emilia and her cousin Luka. They have been entrusted to find the six charms and bring them together again. Then, perhaps, the gypsies could once again have some luck…
and the Finch tribe could walk free. What Emilia and Luka do not realise is that there is a price to be paid for each lucky charm, and that the cost may prove too high…
28th August 3rd September, 1658:Luka and Emilia travel to London to find the last of the Graylings tribe, who has married a Puritan lawyer and turned her back on her past. As well as all the perils of the capital city, the children must escape the vengeful Coldham, and still get to Kingston Upon Thames in time to rescue their families. But then, on the anniversary of his greatest victory, the Lord Protector Oliver Cromwell is mysteriously stricken down…
Will everything change? And can the children save their family in time?The thrilling conclusion to the Chain of Charms series.

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