Karen Harper Books In Order

Morgan Sisters Books In Publication Order

  1. Freedom Flame (1990)
  2. Liberty’s Lady (1998)

Elizabeth I Books In Publication Order

  1. The Poyson Garden (1999)
  2. The Tidal Poole (2000)
  3. The Twylight Tower (2001)
  4. The Queene’s Cure (2002)
  5. The Queene’s Christmas (2003)
  6. The Thorne Maze (2003)
  7. The Fatal Fashione (2005)
  8. The Fyre Mirror (2005)
  9. The Hooded Hawke (2007)

Maplecreek Amish Trilogy Books In Publication Order

  1. Dark Road Home (1996)
  2. Dark Harvest (2004)
  3. Dark Angel (2007)

Amish Home Valley Books In Publication Order

  1. Fall from Pride (2011)
  2. Return to Grace (2012)
  3. Finding Mercy (2012)
  4. Upon a Winter’s Night (2013)
  5. The Covered Bridge (2016)

Cold Creek Books In Publication Order

  1. Shattered Secrets (2014)
  2. Forbidden Ground (2014)
  3. Broken Bonds (2014)

South Shores Books In Publication Order

  1. Chasing Shadows (2016)
  2. Drowning Tides (2017)
  3. Falling Darkness (2017)
  4. Shallow Grave (2018)
  5. Silent Scream (2018)
  6. Dark Storm (2019)

Alaska Wild Books In Publication Order

  1. Deep in the Alaskan Woods (2020)
  2. Under the Alaskan Ice (2020)

Eden’s Gate Books In Publication Order

  1. Eden’s Gate (1989)
  2. The Firelands (1990)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. Island Ecstasy (1982)
  2. The Last Boleyn (1983)
  3. Passion’s Reign (1983)
  4. The First Princess of Wales (1984)
  5. Rapture’s Crown (1985)
  6. Midnight Mirage (1985)
  7. One Fervent Fire (1987)
  8. Dawn’s Early Light (As: Caryn Cameron) (1988)
  9. Tame the Wind (1988)
  10. Silver Swords (As: Caryn Cameron) (1989)
  11. Almost Forever (1991)
  12. Wild Lily (As: Caryn Cameron) (1991)
  13. Braden’s Brides (As: Caryn Cameron) (1991)
  14. King’s Man (As: Caryn Cameron) (1991)
  15. Circle of Gold (1992)
  16. The Wings of Morning (1993)
  17. River of Sky (1994)
  18. Promises to Keep (1994)
  19. Black Orchid (1996)
  20. Empty Cradle (1998)
  21. Down to the Bone (2000)
  22. The Baby Farm (2000)
  23. Shaker Run (2001)
  24. The Stone Forest (2002)
  25. The Falls (2003)
  26. Hurricane (2006)
  27. Inferno (2007)
  28. Below the Surface (2008)
  29. The Hiding Place (2008)
  30. Mistress Shakespeare / Shakespeare’s Mistress (2009)
  31. Deep Down (2009)
  32. The Queen’s Governess (2009)
  33. Down River (2010)
  34. The Irish Princess (2011)
  35. Mistress of Mourning / The Queen’s Confidante (2012)
  36. The Royal Nanny (2016)
  37. The It Girls (2017)
  38. American Duchess (2019)
  39. The Queen’s Secret (2020)

Short Stories/Novellas In Publication Order

  1. The Choice (2011)

More Than Words Books In Publication Order

  1. More Than Words: Stories of Strength (2009)
  2. More Than Words: Stories of Hope (By:Catherine Mann) (2010)
  3. More Than Words, Volume 7 (By:Carly Phillips) (2011)
  4. Worth the Risk (By:) (2011)
  5. More Than Words, Where Dreams Begin (By:) (2013)

Anthologies In Publication Order

  1. Harlequin Historical Christmas Stories,1991 (1991)
  2. Blossoms (1995)
  3. Dark Crossings (2012)

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Karen Harper Books Overview

The Poyson Garden

Fans of bestselling authors Anne Perry and Ellis Peters are sure to love Karen Harper’s new historical mystery series, rich with period detail and featuring Elizabeth Tudor, the future queen of England, as its hero*ine. Living in exile in the English countryside, the twenty five year old Princess Elizabeth awaits her fate during the waning years of her ill and childless half sister’s reign. Despite an occasional truce, there has always been bad blood between Queen Mary and the princess since Elizabeth’s mother, Anne Boleyn, replaced Mary’s mother, Catherine of Aragon, in the heart of King Henry VIII. Mary has already sent Elizabeth to the Tower of London when a group of Protestants raise a rebellion in her name, forcing Mary to release her, and the half sisters into an uneasy d tente. Little does Elizabeth know that in the autumn of 1558, she will be called upon to explore not only England’s rural heartland, but also her own heart. At great risk to her person and her nation’s future, she plunges herself into an investigation of a multiple murder where she might very well become a master poisoner’s next victim.

The Tidal Poole

It is the crowning day of twenty five year old Bess Tudor’s life as she returns from exile to become England’s queen. But even as her magnificent procession wends its way to Westminster Palace, a shot rings out, muffled by the jostling crowd. Within moments of becoming England’s ruler, Elizabeth learns of the brutal murder of a highborn lady of the court, the sister of one of her dearest friends. Elizabeth cannot refuse her friend’s request to find the killer especially since the prime suspect is too close to the crown and her friends to overlook.

Elizabeth must be circumspect. Trust can be deadly. So she summons her small band of loyal retainers and plunges into a cauldron of conflicting loyalties and deadly intrigue. From the pomp, pageantry, and insidious gossip of the court to the lethal tidal pools swirling under London Bridge, the passionate young queen must seize the reins of her empire and find a killer determined to destroy the crown itself…

The Twylight Tower

It is May 1560. As sinister storm clouds gather overhead, twenty six year old Queen Elizabeth dispatches William Cecil, her most trusted adviser, to Scotland for crucial negotiations. Handsome, ambitious Lord Robert Dudley is at her side. But their leisurely midsummer idyll is cut short when the court’s master lutenist plunges to his death from a parapet beneath the queen s window. The loyal retainers of Elizabeth s privy council do not accept the official verdict of accidental death. Their fears are borne out when another tragedy rocks the realm, and points the way to a conspiracy to bring down Elizabeth and seize the throne. As ill winds of treachery swirl around the court, and suspicion falls on those within Elizabeth s intimate circle, a vengeful enemy slips from the shadows…
a traitorous usurper who would be sovereign. With The Twylight Tower, Karen Harper brings a legendary era to life, drawing us into an intoxicating world of majesty and mayhem, political intrigue and adventure…
where danger is everywhere…
and where a young queen journeys to greatness in the long shadow of her bloodstained past.

The Queene’s Cure

Karen Harper’s crowd pleasing Elizabeth I Mystery series, hailed as extraordinary by the Los Angeles Times, continues with this marvelous, majestic novel. The Queene s Cure transports us into the shadowy world of sixteenth century medicine, as an enlightened young queen seeks the cures that could heal a realm and transform a land…
. In late summer of 1562, within a bedchamber at Whitehall Palace, Elizabeth Tudor prays for the recovery of the delirious, fever racked friend who has served her for twenty six of her twenty nine years. Ten days later, with loyal, handsome Lord Robert Dudley by her side, the queen leads her retinue to London s Royal College of Physicians to enlist two learned doctors in the raging battle against disease and pestilence. She knows she has no trusted allies in Peter Pascal and John Caius, ardent Papist sympathizers with long standing grievances against the Tudors. Yet even the stalwart queen is shaken when a frighteningly lifelike effigy of herself ravaged by pox turns up in her royal coach. Elizabeth s fear that the counterfeit corpse is a harbinger of impending tragedy comes to fruition when ever more terrifying transgressions penetrate the very heart of her royal precincts. With the help of her Privy Plot Council and an intriguing healer whose curative arts are at odds with the dangerous Royal College, Elizabeth resolves to unmask a murderer who wears a false face and is beset by the vilest humours of the soul. But when she herself falls ill, an entire realm is caught in the grip of a treasonous conspiracy to take a queen s life and throne. Peopled by a rich cast of fascinating figures from the swirling mists of history, The Queene s Cure brings a vibrant, violent age unforgettably to life. Racing to a chilling climax where ordinary men play God and where Elizabeth Tudor could meet the same fate as her mother, Anne Boleyn, this is a gripping and captivating story of an indomitable young monarch…
fighting for her life, her realm, and her rightful crown.

The Queene’s Christmas

Elizabethan England comes alive in all its pomp and pageantry, deadly intrigue and scandal and fine feasting in Karen Harper’s acclaimed mystery series featuring the young queen, Elizabeth Tudor, as amateur sleuth. An old English Yule has never been merrier or more mysterious. A New Year’s celebration has never looked more joyous but been so potentially deadly. Fearing the Twelve Days of Christmas of 1564 may be the last for her ailing, elderly friend, Lady Kat Ashley, Queen Elizabeth decrees a nostalgic, old fashioned holiday. Delicious dishes for the table, holly and ivy, caroling, wassailing, mumming, and a Lord of Misrule to oversee it all are in the recipe for the revels. But one of the queen’s kitchen staff is found as dead as the ornate peacock he was preparing for the feast. As more murders threaten customs, kingdom, and Christmas, Elizabeth and her diverse band of Privy Plot Counselors try desperately to solve the increasingly bizarre crimes. When the Thames freezes over and Londoners take to the ice for an elaborate Frost Fair. Elizabeth of England must outfox the diabolical demon who would kill not only the spirit of Christmas but the queen.

The Thorne Maze

The vibrant pageant of Elizabethan England comes vividly alive in Karen Harper’s fifth novel in her acclaimed Elizabeth I mystery series. In the gardens of Hampton Court, Elizabeth proudly shows a famed visitor her huge maze. But the intricate labyrinth soon becomes a scene of horror as Elizabeth herself is attacked and the visitor is murdered within its leafy dead ends. Undaunted, the queen sets a trap to snare a ghostly murderer before he or she strikes again…

The Fatal Fashione

In 1566, Elizabeth Tudor faces tremendous opposition from Parliament for ruling England without the help of a husband. Instead, she turns to her Privy Plot Council for help, only to discover from her royal herbalist that a woman has drowned in a tub of starch. Soon another garment worker meets the same rigid fate. Elizabeth becomes unbending in her attempts to solve the murders, as well as iron out the problems of her kingdom. But with her list of suspects growing and firm evidence pointing to those she trusts the most Elizabeth must hang the murderer out to dry or risk losing her reign or her life.

The Fyre Mirror

Elizabethan England comes alive as its young queen struggles to stop a serial killer who uses fire as a weapon. From commoner to courtier, from the delights of rural England to the streets of teeming London, the queen and her coterie turn detectors in Karen Harper’s acclaimed mystery series. Smitten with spring fever, Elizabeth Tudor escapes London for fantastical Nonsuch Palace in the sweet Surrey countryside. There she hopes to relax and pose for the official royal portrait for which she is holding a competition. Elizabeth is both delighted and dismayed when her young court artist, Gil Sharpe, returns early from schooling in Italy, where he has also been spying for the crown. But one of her artists is burned to death, and portraits of the queen are going up in flames. When she hears that her rival, the dangerous Mary, Queen of Scots, has been peering in mirrors and announcing, ‘I see the next queen of England!’ Elizabeth summons her Privy Plot Council. Has the arsonist been sent by foreign foes or is it someone in her own court? Or is the ‘running boy’ apparition really a ghost out to avenge a terrible past tragedy caused by the Tudors?Time is running out, because the enemy who stalks the queen means to destroy not only her portraits and artists, but her very life.

The Hooded Hawke

The popular sports and games of the queen’s realm, unfortunately, include treachery, treason, and murder. Elizabeth and her court depart London for a summer progress replete with great manor houses, rural receptions, outdoor repasts, forbidden romance, and games and sport. By royal command, the young Francis Drake joins the entourage. A ship s captain in his pre glory days, he is desperate for Her Majesty s approval, and she is disconcerted to discover that she desires his admiration as well. However, someone s idea of games and sport includes shooting crossbows and longbows at the queen and her captain. As bodies and clues pile up, the mystery and dangers deepen like the surrounding forests. Both Drake and the queen have cousins they cannot trust who may want them dead. Elizabeth struggles to keep up a bold front for the cheering crowds and her watchful courtiers, but what terrifies her most is that her rival, Mary Queen of Scots, does not play by the rules. With Elizabeth s coterie of friends, Elizabeth must fearlessly confront her foes before she loses both her crown and her head.

Dark Road Home

After a murder case threatens her safety, attorney Brooke Benton seeks sanctuary in the quiet Amish community of Maplecreek. Although the locals disagree with her worldly ways, she soon manages to find a place in their lives. But when a tragic hit and run accident turns fatal, Brooke cannot abide by the community’s belief in absolute forgiveness. She wants answers. Daniel Brand left his childhood home to explore the outside world years ago. Now he has returned to his Amish roots, and worldly Brooke Benton does not fit into his plans. But when his niece dies, he slowly agrees that they must bring to justice the driver who killed her especially when a silent presence continues to threaten the community. Together, Brooke and Daniel begin a journey along a dark road, hoping to bring peace to the small community…
and maybe lead their hearts home.

Dark Harvest

Widower Luke Brand is a leader in the peaceful Amish community of Maplecreek. But now his people are under attack from unknown assailants — and the main target appears to be the children. Although the community is reluctant to turn to the outside world for help, a particularly vicious assault leads Luke to the local police.

Policewoman Kat Lindley is running from the big-city job that nearly got her killed, and from the memories of the abused boy she failed to save. Now she agrees to undertake a dangerous masquerade within the Amish community, desperate to save Maplecreek’s children.

Together Luke and Kat are determined to bring justice to the perpetrators, while struggling to suppress the unspoken and forbidden feelings growing between them. But when the case takes a deadly turn, Kat must race to uncover the menace that threatens the people she has grown to deeply respect — before Luke becomes the next target.

Dark Angel

A dark secret hides in the heart of Maplecreek’s Amish community. One morning Leah Kurtz goes to wake her adopted infant daughter and instantly knows something is terribly wrong. She is convinced that her baby has been switched with another child. Afraid that no one will believe her, Leah turns to an unlikely ally, despite the fact that her Amish community frowns on its members seeking help in the outside world. Dr. Mark Morelli studies the genetic illnesses that plague the Amish, but he has other, private reasons for coming to Maplecreek…
reasons that may be tied to the mysterious disappearance of Leah’s daughter. Together, Leah and Mark must uncover a conspiracy before there are deadly consequences.

Fall from Pride

Against the peaceful night sky, a barn burns Sarah Kauffman sought permission from her church elders to paint murals on a few of the Amish community’s barns. Each was designed like an old fashioned quilt square, representing a piece of the Amish traditions Sarah loved. The works of art were intended to draw more tourists to the Home Valley in the struggling economy. But instead, they invited a menace. One by one, each barn is set ablaze and destroyed The arson fires spread fear through the community amongst Amish and Englischers alike. Now Sarah wonders if she’s being punished for her pridefulness or whether there’s a more malevolent will at work. As an outsider, arson investigator Nate MacKenzie struggles to investigate the crime scenes while adhering to Amish ways. With Sarah as his guide, he warms to the Plain People and their simple ways. As the fires rage, beliefs are challenged, a way of life is questioned and family secrets are exposed. In the aftermath of the destruction the people of the Home Valley must join together to raise their barns and their hopes for the future.

Return to Grace

In the shadows of a graveyard, a SHOT rings out Hannah Esh fled the Home Valley Amish community with a broken heart, throwing herself into her worldly dreams of a singing career instead. But as much as she tries to run from her past, something keeps pulling her back. On a whim, she brings four worldly friends to the Amish graveyard near her family’s home for a midnight party on Halloween. But when shots are fired and one of her friends is killed, Hannah is pulled back into the world of her past. The investigation into the shooting uncovers deep buried secrets that shock the peaceful Amish village to its core. Determined to prove her value to the community she left behind, Hannah attempts to bridge two cultures, working closely with both handsome, arrogant FBI agent Linc Armstrong and her former betrothed, Seth Lantz, now widowed with a young daughter. Caught between Seth and Linc, between old and new, Amish and worldly, Hannah must choose her future. Unless a killer, bent on secrecy, chooses it for her.

The Last Boleyn

She Survived Her Own Innocence, and the Treachery of Europe’s Royal CourtsGreed, lust for power, sex, lies, secret marriages, religious posturing, adultery, beheadings, international intrigue, jealousy, treachery, love, loyalty, and betrayal. The Last Boleyn tells the story of the rise and fall of the Boleyns, one of England s most powerful families, through the eyes of the eldest daughter, Mary. Although her sister, Anne, the queen; her brother, George, executed alongside Anne; and her father, Thomas, are most remembered by history, Mary was the Boleyn who set into motion the chain of events that brought about the family s meteoric rise to power, as well as the one who managed to escape their equally remarkable fall. Sent away to France at an extraordinarily young age, Mary is quickly plunged into the dangerous world of court politics, where everything is beautiful but deceptive, and everyone she meets is watching and quietly manipulating the events and people around them. As she grows into a woman, Mary must navigate both the dangerous waters ruled by two kings and the powerful will of her own family in order to find a place for herself and the love she so deeply desires.

The First Princess of Wales

The daughter of a disgraced earl, she matched wits with a prince. It is the fourteenth century, the height of the Medieval Age, and at the court of King Edward III of England, chivalry is loudly praised while treachery runs rampant. When the lovely and high spirited Joan of Kent is sent to this politically charged court, she is woefully unprepared for the underhanded maneuverings of her peers. Determined to increase the breadth of his rule, the king will use any means necessary to gain control of France including manipulating his own son, Edward, Prince of Wales. Joan plots to become involved with the prince to scandalize the royal family, for she has learned they engineered her father’s downfall and death. But what begins as a calculated strategy soon to Joan s surprise grows into love. When Joan learns that Edward returns her feelings, she is soon fighting her own, for how can she love the man that ruined her family? And, if she does, what will be the cost?Filled with scandal, court intrigue, and prominent figures of the Medieval Age, The First Princess of Wales has at its center a wonderful love story, which is all the more remarkable because it is true. Karen Harper s compelling, fast paced novel tells the riveting tale of an innocent girl who marries a prince and gives birth to a king.

Circle of Gold

A sweeping saga of one woman’s passion and perseverance stretches from the industrious, sexually repressed world of the Kentucky Shakers to the sophisticated Victorian England ruling class.

The Wings of Morning

Against the backdrop of a Scottish island, Victorian London, and the Florida coast, Abigail McQueen overcomes tragedy and vows to find the cure for the plague that had killed her son.

Black Orchid

A woman investigating the murder of her husband, an AIDS researcher, in the Florida Everglades finds herself the prey of a mysterious enemy and turns to her treacherous former lover, a Seminole Indian, for help.

Empty Cradle

Determined to conceive a baby she so passionately wants, a widowed TV anchorwoman turns to a fertility clinic for help. Located in scenic New Mexico, and run by a charismatic husband and wife team, the Santa Fe Evergreen Clinic seems to be the answer to her prayers. But all is not right here…
and when she stumbles on the truth about this isolated facility, the scandal could rock the industry and put her own life at risk! Over 750,000 Signet copies of Karen Harper’s books in print! Karen Harper won the 1994 Romantic Times Award for Best Historical Novel for Wings of Morning Both her novel River of Sky and her short story fromA Country Christmas were serialized in Good Housekeeping

Shaker Run

Kate Marburn thought her recovery from her former husband’s betrayel was a new beginning. A quiet and controlled life as the gose gardener on the estate of Sarah Denbigh, a wealthy widow, seemed the perfect escape. But when Sarah dies under mysterious circumstances, leaving Kate the unexpected heir to Sarah’s vast fortune in Shaker furniture, the police suspect Kate might have had something to do with Sarah’s death. Looking for a refuge again, Kate accepts a job as gardener at Shaker Run, a historic and once celibate Shaker village. But something strange and deadly dangerous is going on beneath the flawless surface of the idyllic town. Kate’s hoping Jake Kilcourse, the mysterious and rugged furniture builder who also lives at Shaker Run, can help her figure out what but is he only using her to pursue his own agenda? Kate’s dream job just might become her worst nightmare…

The Stone Forest

Stone County, Indiana a stunning landscape of rock quarries, caves and underground rivers is a place of unique beauty…
and a place marked by an unsolved tragedy.

One warm night sixteen years ago, sisters Jenna and Amanda Kirk disappeared. Days later, Jenna was found wandering alone, with no memory of what happened…
and no knowledge of her sister’s fate. While the girls’ mother spun the tragedy into political victory by becoming the state’s first female lieutenant governor, Jenna became overwhelmed by nightmares and guilt. Now, desperate to uncover the truth about what happened that night, Jenna returns to Stone County.

But the family’s Victorian home seems more of a haunting ground than a haven as Jenna begins to suspect someone is trying to frighten her away. To hurt her. And as memories begin to surface, Jenna is gripped by a growing fear about the place and about the people closest to her.

Because the labyrinthine caves of her childhood are hiding old secrets…
dangerous, deadly secrets. And Jenna must face her own darkest terrors to expose a legacy of murder carved in stone.

The Falls

Early one morning Claire Malvern awakes to an empty bed and her husband missing. There is no trace of Keith Malvern only an eyewitness who claims a man jumped off the bridge at Bloodroot Falls in the middle of the night. It is the spectacular waterfall that first drew Claire and Keith away from their fast paced, high tech careers to pursue the dream of opening a bed and breakfast in the rustic lodge above Bloodroot River. But the dream becomes a nightmare when Keith’s body is found snagged in the river rapids, his death ruled a suicide. Claire knows her husband would never take his own life. But local sheriff Nick Braden thinks her suspicions of foul play are unfounded. Despite his skepticism, Nick and Claire start digging into her husband’s past…
and what they uncover paints a shocking portrait of what really happened that September night.


With lashing rain and brutal winds bearing down on them, residents of southwest Florida prepare for evacuation. But Julie Minton cannot leave. Her fourteen year old daugther, Randi, left home earlier that morning to go out on a Jet Ski with Thad Brockman, a boy Julie barely knows. Now Randi andThad are missing and the Hurricane that hours ago was just another routine warning had turned toward shore. With local law enforcement absorbed in emergency response measures, Julie has only the help of Zack Brockman, Thad’s father. Together they begin a race against time to find their chidren but first they must battle not only Mother Nature, but an enemy willing to


Evil spreads like wildfire Bush pilot Lauren Taylor knows better than most the devastation fire can leave in its wake: two years ago she lost her husband to a raging wildfire. But when she flies a stranger into her isolated hometown of Vermillion, Montana, her actions may be the spark that starts an Inferno. Because the mysterious passenger bears an undeniable resemblance to a serial arsonist wanted by the FBI and he’s disappeared into the tinder dry woods…
FBI agent Brad Hale doesn’t have time to fly into picturesque towns based on one woman’s vague suspicions, but Lauren Taylor seems desperate. And when her young son goes missing, he realizes the little boy may hold the key to his investigation. Hot on the stranger’s tail, Lauren and Brad will do anything to stop a man bent on destruction…
even if that means rushing headlong into the flames.

Below the Surface

She surfaced from the depths of the sea and was terrifyingly, inexplicably alone

Briana Devon knows her twin sister would never deliberately leave her but when she emerges from underwater, Daria and their boat have vanished. Fighting rough waves and a fast approaching storm, Bree doesn’t have time to question:

if she wants to survive, she has to swim.

Exhausted and terrified, Bree barely makes it to a tiny barrier island, where Cole De Roca, who has also taken shelter, revives her. Bound to Cole by the harrowing experience, she turns to him as she struggles to understand what happened to her sister. What was her twin, whom she thought she knew so well, hiding? What really transpired that terrible afternoon? And what secrets lie dormant Below the Surface?

The Hiding Place

After spending nine months in a coma, Tara Kinsale awakes to devastating news. Her best friend, Alexis, has been murdered, leaving Tara as guardian to her daughter, Claire. And Tara’s husband has divorced her for another woman. Forced to start over, Tara focuses on reopening her P.I. firm and caring for Claire. But soon her world is shattered again when Nick MacMahon, Claire’s uncle, returns from military service in Afghanistan to take guardianship of his niece. The bad dream turns unbearable when Tara learns that something precious was taken from her while she was in a coma. Working with Nick, a man haunted by his own past, Tara begins to investigate the missing months of her life. Together, they will find that secrets don’t stay buried forever even when they are kept in the darkest of hiding places.

Mistress Shakespeare / Shakespeare’s Mistress

A delicious and intriguing historical novel about the woman who was William Shakespeare’s secret wife by New York Times bestselling author, Karen Harper. In Mistress Shakespeare, Elizabethan beauty Anne Whateley reveals intimate details of her dangerous, daring life and her great love, William Shakespeare. As historical records show, Anne Whateley of Temple Grafton is betrothed to Will just days before he is forced to wed the pregnant Anne Hathaway of Shottery. The clandestine Whateley/Shakespeare match is a meeting of hearts and heads that no one not even Queen Elizabeth or her spymasters can destroy. From rural Stratford upon Avon to teeming London, the passionate pair struggles to stay solvent and remain safe from Elizabeth I s campaign to hunt down secret Catholics, of whom Shakespeare is rumored to be a part. Often at odds, always in love, the couple sells Will s first plays and, as he climbs to theatrical power in Elizabeth s England, they fend off fierce competition from rival London dramatists, ones as treacherous as they are talented. Persecution and plague, insurrection and inferno, friends and foes, even executions of those they hold dear, bring Anne s heartrending story to life. Spanning half a century of Elizabethan and Jacobean history and sweeping from the lowest reaches of society to the royal court, this richly textured novel tells the real story of Shakespeare in love.

Deep Down

As a child, Jessie Lockwood spent many hours helping her mother, Mariah, count the endangered ginseng plants hidden in the local woods of Deep Down, Kentucky. There she learned to appreciate the tiny Appalachian town and ginseng’s healing powers. Now a PhD, she’s made her home in Lexington, even though that meant leaving Deep Down and her beloved mother and Sheriff Drew Webb, the man she secretly loved.

When Jessie is notified that her mother never returned from her last walk in the woods, she comes home to Deep Down and to Drew. As Jessie and Drew race to find her mother, several suspects emerge: an agent for those who market the herb for its life giving properties; Mariah’s disgruntled suitor; and an old Cherokee desperate to protect the sacred tribal herb.

In the mist of legend and fear, only two things make sense to Jessie. At any cost, she is desperate to find her mother. And she can’t help falling desperately in love with Drew all over again.

The Queen’s Governess

A fresh and intriguing historical novel told in the voice of Queen Elizabeth I’s governess. Katherine Ashley, the daughter of a poor country squire, happily secures an education and a place for herself in a noble household. But when Thomas Cromwell, a henchman for King Henry VIII, brings her to the royal court as a spy, Kat enters into a thrilling new world of the Tudor monarchs. Freed from a life of espionage by Cromwell’s downfall, Kat eventually befriends Anne Boleyn. As a dying favor to the doomed queen, Kat becomes governess and surrogate mother to the young Elizabeth Tudor. Together they suffer bitter exile, assassination attempts, and imprisonment, barely escaping with their lives. But they do, and when Elizabeth is crowned, Kat continues to serve her, faithfully guarding all the queen’s secrets including Elizabeth’s affair with the dashing Robert Dudley…
and ultimately emerging as the lifelong confidante and true mother figure to Queen Elizabeth.

Down River

Attending a corporate retreat at a remote resort in Alaska, Lisa Vaughn is plunged into the frigid rapids of the Wild River. Swept away, battered and alone, she has been left for dead. Lodge owner Mitch Braxton knows something is terribly wrong when Lisa fails to turn up for a private meeting to clear the air and close the book on their broken engagement. Embarking on a heroic search that takes him miles downriver, he saves Lisa from the deadly water, but not before they’ve been swept deep into the wilderness. Far from civilization, the former lovers must put aside their hurt feelings and find the will to survive against nature. There’s a killer on the loose and, for now, they must measure their future together in days rather than years.

The Irish Princess

A grand scale historical novel from the national bestselling author of Mistress Shakespeare. Born into a first family of Ireland, with royal ties on both sides, Elizabeth Fitzgerald known as Gera finds her world overturned when Henry VIII imprisons her father, the Earl of Kildare, and brutally destroys her family. Torn from the home she loves, her remaining family scattered, Gera dares not deny the refuge offered her in England’s glittering royal court. There she must navigate ever shifting alliances even as she nurtures her secret desire for revenge. From County Kildare’s lush green fields to London’s rough and tumble streets and the royal court’s luxurious pageantry, The Irish Princess follows the journey of a daring woman whose will cannot be tamed, and who won’t be satisfied until she restores her family to its rightful place in Ireland.

More Than Words: Stories of Strength

They’re your neighbors, your aunts, your sisters and your best friends. They’re women across North America committed to changing and enriching lives, one good deed at a time. Three of these exceptional women have been selected as recipients of Harlequin’s More Than Words award. And three New York Times bestselling authors have kindly offered their creativity to write original short stories inspired by these real life hero*ines. We hope these stories inspired by strong, courageous women will touch your heart and motivate the hero*ine living inside you.

More Than Words: Stories of Hope (By:Catherine Mann)

More than Words: Stories of HopeThree bestselling authorsThree real life hero*inesEveryday women from all walks of life are making their communities, and this world, a better place through their caring hearts and unshakable commitment. Three such women have been selected as recipients of Harlequin’s More Than Words award for their exceptional work. And three bestselling authors have kindly offered their creativity to write original short stories inspired by these real life hero*ines. We hope these stories inspired by strong, courageous women will touch your heart and motivate the hero*ine living inside you.

More Than Words, Volume 7 (By:Carly Phillips)

Each and every one of us has the ability to effect change to make our world a better place. The dedicated women selected as this year’s recipients of Harlequin’s More Than Words award have changed lives, one good deed at a time. To celebrate their accomplishments, some of our bestselling authors have honored the winners by writing stories inspired by these real life hero*ines. We hope More Than Words inspires you to get in touch with the real life hero*ine living inside of you. In Carly Phillips’s Compassion Can’t Wait, two high school sweet hearts are reunited years later, as if by fate, and discover that if you believe in yourself and each other, anything is possible. Donna Hill’s Someplace Like Home tells the story of how one woman’s dream becomes reality, as three special people learn that it’s never too late to form a loving family. In Jill Shalvis’s What the Heart Wants, an honorable man must learn to forgive himself to regain the trust of the ded icated teacher who is the love of his life.


Five short romances follow themes of new beginnings and springtime renewal with the works of Mary Balogh, Karen Harper, Patricia Oliver, Margaret Evans Porter, and Patricia Rice.

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