Karen E Olson Books In Order

Annie Seymour Books In Order

  1. Sacred Cows (2005)
  2. Secondhand Smoke (2006)
  3. Dead of the Day (2007)
  4. Shot Girl (2008)

Tattoo Shop Mystery Books In Order

  1. The Missing Ink (2009)
  2. Pretty In Ink (2010)
  3. Driven to Ink (2010)
  4. Ink Flamingos (2011)

Black Hat Books In Order

  1. Hidden (2015)
  2. Shadowed (2016)
  3. Betrayed (2016)
  4. Vanished (2017)

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Karen E Olson Books Overview

Sacred Cows

Pulled from her bed by an early morning phone call from her boss, local New Haven, Connecticut, police reporter Annie Seymour finds herself at a crime scene staring at the naked body of a Yale student. What starts out as bad news for the prestigious university gets worse when Annie learns the girl was a student by day and a high priced escort by night. Stonewalled by her cop boyfriend and tailed by overeager and incompetent cub reporter Dick Whitfield, Annie stumbles onto a network of corruption that everyone even her own mother seems to be involved in. But Annie isn t the only one investigating; a Frank Sinatra look alike who used to be the biggest geek in Annie’s high school is also hot on the trail. As if things weren t bizarre enough, New Haven is being infiltrated by a parade of ceramic cows. When her boss decides to pull Annie off the story, she must discover the truth on her own before she becomes the next headline.

Secondhand Smoke

Smoke, rubble, and the body of an unidentified woman are all that remains of a favorite New Haven eatery. Missing is the restaurant’s owner, a man known as much for his perfect penne as he is for his hand in an illegal gambling operation. Crime reporter Annie Seymour can’t pass up a golden opportunity for the perfect story and the chance to pound the pavement she knew as a child. But for Annie, home is not where the heart is, and a cold reception is all that greets her inquiring ways. To complicate matters, Annie’s father, who is a friend of the missing man, is suddenly under foot. As Annie connects the dots that point to an elusive mob ring, she must confront the fact that she’s become an outsider in her own neighborhood and that she may be its next victim.

Dead of the Day

A soggy April has hit New Haven, Connecticut along with an unidentified body in the harbor. The strange fact that there were bee stings on the floater gives New Haven Herald police reporter Annie Seymour an intriguing excuse to put off her profile of the new police chief a piece that becomes a lot more interesting when the subject is gunned down.

But this is only the beginning of a killer expos because as she connects the dots between the John Doe, the police chief, and the city’s struggling immigrant population, Annie’s drawing a line between herself and someone who doesn’t want her to learn the truth, or live to report it…

Shot Girl

New Haven police reporter Annie Seymour has a talent for running into trouble. So it should come as no surprise when her co worker’s bachelorette party at a local club quickly turns into a crime scene. What is surprising is that the dead club manager in the parking lot happens to be Annie s ex husband and the bullet shells around his body match the gun she has in her car

The Missing Ink

Murder leaves a mark

Brett Kavanaugh is a tattoo artist and owner of an elite tattoo parlor in Las Vegas. When a girl makes an appointment for a tattoo of the name of her fianc embedded in a heart, Brett takes the job but the girl never shows. The next thing Brett knows, the police are looking for her client, and the name she wanted on the tattoo isn t her fianc s…

Pretty In Ink

Murder in the city of sin…
Brett Kavanaugh is a tattoo artist and owner of Vegas’s hottest tattoo shop, The Painted Lady. And in her spare time, she does some sleuthing. After Brett and company ink Sin City’s newest drag queens, they’re invited to opening night at the strip’s glamorous Nylon and Tattoos show which ends in disaster when a stranger with a Queen of Hearts tattoo fatally injures Britney Brassieres with a champagne cork. And when another drag queen is found poisoned, it looks like someone’s targeting Vegas’s fabulous femmes…

Driven to Ink

The latest in the cleverly designed tattoo shop mystery series. Brett Kavanaugh is a tattoo artist and owner of Vegas’s hottest tattoo shop, The Painted Lady. And in her spare time, she does some sleuthing. After discovering the corpse of a Dean Martin impersonator sporting a spider web tattoo and a clip cord from a tattoo machine wrapped around his neck Brett infiltrates That’s Amore, a drive through wedding chapel, as a bride to be looking for the mark of a murderer…

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