Jule McBride Books In Order

Big Apple Babies Books In Order

  1. Mission: Motherhood (1997)
  2. Verdict, Parenthood (1997)
  3. Diagnosis, Daddy (1998)
  4. AKA, Marriage (1999)

Little Matchmaker Books In Order

  1. Santa Slept Over (1998)

Big Apple Bachelors Books In Order

  1. The Hotshot (2002)
  2. The Seducer (2002)
  3. The Protector (2002)

Big Apple Brides Books In Order

  1. Something Borrowed (2004)
  2. Nights in White Satin (2005)
  3. I Thee Bed… (2005)


  1. Baby Trap (1993)
  2. The Wrong Wife? (1994)
  3. The Baby and the Bodyguard (1994)
  4. Bride of the Badlands (1995)
  5. The Strong, Silent Type (1999)
  6. Night Pleasures (2001)
  7. The Sex Files (2002)
  8. All Tucked In… (2003)
  9. Something In The Water… (2005)
  10. The Pleasure Chest (2006)
  11. Naked Ambition (2008)
  12. Naked Attraction (2009)
  13. Switch Me On (2014)


  1. Bridal Showers (1998)
  2. Daddy For Christmas (1998)
  3. Wild to Wed (2000)
  4. Valentine Babies (2001)
  5. Tender Expectations (2002)
  6. Longest Night / Bedspell (2004)
  7. I Thee Bed… / One Night in Texas (2005)
  8. Overexposed / Cold Case, Hot Bodies (2008)
  9. One-Click Buy: April 2009 Harlequin Blaze (2009)
  10. Branded / Naked Attraction (2010)
  11. The Right Bed? (2012)

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Jule McBride Books Overview

All Tucked In…

Coffee shop owner Carla DiDolche is tossing and turning, but it isn’t the java keeping her up at nights. A short stay at the sleep clinic belonging to ex love Tobias Free could be the answer. Until Carla starts having erotic dreams about sizzling sex with Tobias…
images that seem so real!Tobias would love to cure Carla’s insomnia with dream therapy. But it’s pure torture tucking her in…
watching over her at night. Every moan, every quiver has him fantasizing about their heated past. He’s so tempted to slip between the sheets. But can he put their tangled history aside and turn her nightmares into tantalizing dreams?

The Pleasure Chest

Is she dreaming? New York artist Tanya Taylor is amazed and incredibly turned on when real life pirate Stede O’Flannery magically appears in her bedroom ready for action. The dark haired, green eyed, sexy seafarer is shirtless, strapped with a sword and those breeches? They leave nothing to Tanya’s naughty imagination. But he looks just like the subject in the wild and mysterious old painting she’s just bought. The truth is Stede has one week to break a fateful curse. He’s got to fall in love and fast. Good thing Tanya, with her chestful of toys, knows the most pleasurable ways to a man’s heart. After all, doesn’t she deserve something deliciously wicked out of the deal, too?

Naked Ambition

Successful musician J. D. Johnson has always had an uncanny ability to ignite Susannah Banner’s naughty bits. Just the sound of his smoky drawl and she’s completely undone…
. But J.D.’s excesses are spinning out of control, and Susannah flees Mississippi for a new beginning in New York City until eight months later, when J.D. is killed in a violent explosion. Grief stricken, Susannah is lost until the nighttime, when she finds herself having incredibly hot sex with a man who looks and feels a lot like her deceased husband. Has she gone crazy…
or is she getting down ‘n’ dirty with J.D.’s ghost?

Naked Attraction

One smokin’hot look from businessman Robby Robriquet and statistician Ellie Lee wants to spontaneously combust. The sexy indulgence is definitely worth the riskuntil everything goes very, very wrong…

Now Ellie has left Mississippiand Robbyfor New York City, which offers new beginnings and new men, and Ellie can’t wait to dig in…
. Until Robby barges back into her life.

Even as Robby demands her business attention, Ellie is still tempted to do naughty things with him. After all, something has to be done about this volatile attractionand getting naked is always a good place to start…

Valentine Babies

On February 14th, Gabe Stone finds a living, breathing valentine on his doorstep. The tiny pink bundle of fleece appears to be his daughter, and her mother has given Gabe four hours to get to know his new baby. Four hours to adjust to fatherhood, resolve custody and win back his ex wife?

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