Judith Miller Books In Order

Bells of Lowell Books In Order

  1. Daughter of the Loom (2003)
  2. A Fragile Design (2003)
  3. These Tangled Threads (2003)

Lights of Lowell Books In Order

  1. A Tapestry of Hope (2004)
  2. A Love Woven True (2005)
  3. The Pattern of Her Heart (2005)
  4. Tapestry of Hope / Love Woven True / Pattern of Her Heart (2005)

Freedom’s Path Books In Order

  1. First Dawn (2005)
  2. Morning Sky (2006)
  3. Daylight Comes (2006)

Postcards from Pullman Books In Order

  1. In the Company of Secrets (2007)
  2. Whispers Along the Rails (2007)
  3. An Uncertain Dream (2008)

Broadmoor Legacy Books In Order

  1. A Daughter’s Inheritance (2008)
  2. An Unexpected Love (2008)
  3. A Surrendered Heart (2009)

Daughters of Amana Books In Order

  1. Somewhere to Belong (2010)
  2. More Than Words (2010)
  3. A Bond Never Broken (2011)

Bridal Veil Island Books In Order

  1. To Have and to Hold (2011)
  2. To Love and Cherish (2012)
  3. To Honor and Trust (2013)

Home to Amana Books In Order

  1. A Hidden Truth (2012)
  2. A Simple Change (2013)
  3. A Shining Light (2014)

Refined by Love Books In Order

  1. The Brickmaker’s Bride (2014)
  2. The Potter’s Lady (2015)
  3. The Artisan’s Wife (2016)


  1. Woven Threads (1997)
  2. Threads of Love (1997)
  3. Changes of the Heart (1998)
  4. A Trusting Heart (1998)
  5. Sleigh Bells (2000)
  6. The Carousel Painter (2009)
  7. The Chapel Car Bride (2017)
  8. The Lady of Tarpon Springs (2018)
  9. A Perfect Silhouette (2019)
  10. A Single Spark (2020)


  1. Love’s Journey West (1990)
  2. Spring’s Memory (1994)
  3. American Dream (2000)
  4. Kansas (2001)
  5. China Tapestry (2002)
  6. Season of Hope / Sleigh Bells / Candy Cane Calaboose / For a Father’s Love (2002)
  7. The Prairie Romance Collection (2009)
  8. A Patchwork Christmas (2012)
  9. The Immigrant Brides Collection (2013)
  10. A Basket Brigade Christmas (2015)
  11. Mail-Order Marriage (2015)
  12. A Patchwork Christmas Collection (2016)
  13. Christmas Stitches (2018)


  1. The Immigrant Brides Romance Collection (2019)

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Judith Miller Books Overview

Daughter of the Loom

Book 1 of THE BELLS OF LOWELL. The mill town of Lowell, Massachusetts, comes to life with intrigue and drama from the creative writing team of Judith Miller and Tracie Peterson. Young women at the end of the 19th century seek employment from driven men intent on transforming America’s textile industry. Daughtersof the Loom features Lilly Armbruster, who is forced to work in the mills as her only means for survival. But Lilly’s resentment runs deep against the ‘lords of the loom’ the men she believes have stolen her father’s farm and caused his premature death. Her animosity happens to include Matthew Cheever, her childhood friend and one time betrothed. Though separated by their opposing views about the future of the mill and the community that surrounds it, the emotions of their hearts still bind them. Will their dreams for the future allow their fragile love to survive?

A Fragile Design

Book 2 of The Bells of Lowell. The mill town of Lowell, Massachusetts, beckons Arabella Newberry when she decides to flee the life of the Shakers. There she finds the independence she seeks and a greater purpose as she works for educational reform. But Lowell, plagued by ethnic strife, seems no longer a safe haven but rather a danger when several girls go missing. As rumors and conflict invade the industry of the mill, Arabella struggles with her own heart as two men vie for her love.

These Tangled Threads

Book 3 of Bells of Lowell. Timid yet alluring Daughtie Winfield finds herself in a precarious position when the new doctor casts his favor upon her. Though flattered by his attention, she is drawn to Liam Donohue, a local Irish artisan. As Daughtie and Liam work together to help runaway slaves, their friendship blossoms. But her work in the mills is threatened when a downturn in profits causes the Associates to decrease wages resulting in plans for a strike. With the fate of the textile industry in an upheaval, will her hopes for love be thwarted as dissention infiltrates life in Lowell?

A Tapestry of Hope

Lights of Lowell book 1. Tapestry of Hope weaves together the heartrending and hope building stories of two young women. Jasmine Wainwright is the sheltered daughter of a Mississippi plantation owner. When her father strikes a deal to sell his cotton to Lowell mills through businessman Bradley Houston, he throws an arranged marriage with Jasmine into the bargain. Kiara O Neill and her brother escape starvation in Ireland by traveling to America as Bradley Houston’s indentured servants. But Bradley has more in mind for Kiara than she wants to imagine. Both women suffer in the home of this unloving husband and merciless master. Will God somehow bring hope to their lives?

A Love Woven True

Jasmine Houston, a widow with a young son, agrees to harbor former slaves at her horse farm outside of Lowell, even though her father, a plantation owner, supports slavery. When a boardinghouse keeper unwittingly becomes involved with a traveling peddler who sells something infinitely more valuable than shoes, Jasmine is devastated to discover that her son and the former slaves have been kidnapped. Jasmine’s determination to free them threatens to undo her family as well as the ties that bind the burgeoning textile industry to the southern cotton growers. Book two in the bestselling Lights of Lowell.

The Pattern of Her Heart

Lights of Lowell Book 3 When tragedy strikes, Jasmine Houston must uproot her family from the Northern mill town of Lowell and take over her family’s Southern plantation, The Willows. But upon her arrival, her anti slavery positions cause strife between Jasmine and her neighbors and relatives. Tensions continue to rise until an explosive act the burning of The Willows causes Jasmine and Nolan to flee north. But the lives of the slaves they ve promised to protect hang in the balance.

Tapestry of Hope / Love Woven True / Pattern of Her Heart

Courage, faith, and love are at the heart of this moving saga of a young woman’s stand for what she knows is right. The fiery passion and devotion of Jasmine Wainwright follow her through this three book series. Whether she s resisting a loveless arranged marriage or fighting for emancipation in the South, readers will be enthralled by the emotional depth of her historical story.

First Dawn

Lured by the promise of ‘real’ freedom and a new town to call their own, sharecroppers Ezekial Harban and his three daughters leave behind remnants of slavery in the war torn south and set off for Nicodemus, Kansas. When they arrive, they are shocked to see that little of what they were promised actually exists. Many head back home, but Ezekial and his daughters are determined to build a new life in the stark territory. Dr. Boyle, a newly arrived doctor in neighboring Hill City, is called to deliver a baby in Nicodemus. He and his family are moved by the plight of the settlers there and vow to help. But the white pioneers of Hill City face problems, too. When the lives of these two families intersect, neither town will ever be the same. Freedom’s Path Book 1.

Morning Sky

Freedom’s Path Book 2 Nothing will ever be the same after boisterous Aunt Lilly Verdue arrives in the new settlement of Nicodemus, Kansas, in the early summer of 1880. Her brother in law is not at all happy to see her, and her unwillingness to admit the reason behind her hasty exit from New Orleans only fuels the fire. She’s not content to peacefully join the little farming community. No, Lilly manages to shake things up even further when she decides Moses Wyman is engaged to the wrong sister!

Daylight Comes

Truth Wyman has watched Nicodemus, Kansas, grow into a busy little prairie town. And she has grown up, too. Her family was among the first settlers to homestead this area, and there is nowhere she’d rather live. She’s always thought her husband felt the same way…
. Then Moses comes home with news that he has been nominated for state office. If he wins, they’ll need to move to the state capital. Pregnant with her first child, Truth does not plan to move to Topeka. How can she raise her baby in an unfamiliar city? How can she leave her family and her home? Yet what will happen if she refuses? Nicodemus’s sister community, Hill City, is thriving, too. Macia Boyle returns to her family after a European holiday. The storekeeper’s nephew, Garrett Johnson, captures her attention, but she can’t seem to forget Jeb Malone, the young blacksmith who showed interest in her before her trip. Soon, Macia must make a choice: Should she return to Jeb’s arms or seek a new life with Garrett?

In the Company of Secrets

The truth could cost her everything…
. Olivia Mott didn’t intend to lie. Somehow, it just happened. And wasn’t it all Lady Charlotte’s fault anyway? Now Olivia’s position as assistant chef at Pullman’s elegant Hotel Florence is dependant upon her keeping her secrets. And sometimes lies have a way of leading to other lies. Should Olivia admit her real past and accept the consequences or keep quiet in order to preserve her comfortable new circumstances? Deception seems to be part of everyday life in the company town of Pullman, Illinois, where the grand Pullman Palace Car is manufactured. Samuel Howard, Olivia’s friend and the town manager, seems to think everything is fine, but Olivia observes something quite different. Could it be that Olivia is not the only one harboring secrets?

Whispers Along the Rails

She agreed to become a rail spy, but who is using the secret information she provides? Olivia Mott finds herself juggling two jobs: her assistant chef position at Hotel Florence and her undercover work for the Pullman Palace Car Company. Olivia thinks the suggestions she relays to Pullman’s town manager are being used to improve conditions for workers and save the company money, but is something much more sinister happening behind the scenes? Several months have passed since Lady Charlotte fled to Chicago, leaving her infant son in Olivia’s care. Now Charlotte’s money has run out. A kindly woman offers her a place to live and secures her a position at Marshall Field’s department store, but Charlotte’s heart can’t forget the past. Dare she return to Pullman to find out what happened to her baby? Postcards From Pullman Book 2.

An Uncertain Dream

Their community has been ripped apart by the company strike…
can anything hold their love together?

When Pullman Car Works employees walk out in protest of their wages and high rent, Olivia Mott is torn between her loyalty to the company and her love for Fred DeVault. Amidst the turmoil in Pullman, Fred is asked to act as a local delegate to the national convention of the American Railway Union, but when the delegates vote for a boycott of the famous Pullman sleeping cars, Olivia wonders if Fred will ever be able to show his face again in the company town. What will become of their growing affection for each other?

Traveling to England to reunite with her parents, Lady Charlotte Spencer is faced with tragedy. Armed with her fledgling faith, Charlotte decides to return to Chicago with her son to restart her life. But when Matthew Clayborn, a reporter for the Chicago Herald, wants to spend time with her, she worries about his motivations. Is he interested in her or only the information she can provide?

A Daughter’s Inheritance

Lose Yourself in the History, Opulence, and Elegance of the Thousand Islands Cousins Amanda, Sophie, and Fanny Broadmoor are as close as sisters, but when their grandfather dies, the terms of his will just might destroy their bond. Seventeen year old Fanny has never put much stock in the conventions of society. In fact, she has given her heart to Michael, the family boat keeper. But when she receives a surprising inheritance, she discovers just how oppressive society can be…
and that she may be trusting the wrong people. Dare she follow her heart and risk going against her family? What if she loses everything she’s ever known? It all comes down to one choice: What does Fanny Broadmoor want her legacy to be?

An Unexpected Love

The family money has brought her everything she desires, but she is about to risk it all…

Sophie Broadmoor adores fancy balls, beautiful gowns, and expensive jewelry. Indeed, she enjoys everything the Broadmoor wealth provides and has earned a reputation as the wildest of the Broadmoor cousins.

During a trip to England, she falls head over heels for Wesley Hedrick, a wealthy widower who promises her the world. But Wesley’s promises never seem to come true, and soon Sophie finds herself in a very compromising situation.

Why does it have to be Paul Medford, the young minister working with her father, who shows up during her worst moment? Paul is full of promises, too and it’s clear that he has feelings for Sophie. But after all she’s been through, dare she trust him?

A Surrendered Heart

At twenty one, Amanda Broadmoor had the right to make her own way in life, but her father and mother hardly saw it that way. Women working in the medical field were still frowned upon, and Amanda had been reared to marry and produce heirs, not tend the sick. And especially not those suffering from cholera.

‘And Mama can be such an alarmist,’ Amanda whispered.

At the first report of cholera in Rochester, Amanda’s mother had suggested the entire family take refuge at their summer estate on Broadmoor Island in the St. Lawrence River. However, that idea had been immediately vetoed by her father. Father had said his work would not permit him to leave Rochester, and for once, Amanda had agreed with one of his decisions. After devoting so much of her time and energy to medical training at Dr. Carstead’s side, she couldn’t possibly desert her work not now, not when she was needed most.

Somewhere to Belong

Johanna Ilg has lived her entire life in Main Amana, one of the seven villages inhabited by devout Christians who believe in cooperative living, a simple lifestyle, and faithful service to God. Although she’s always longed to see the outside world, Johanna believes her future is rooted in the community. But when she learns a troubling secret, the world she thought she knew is shattered and she is forced to make difficult choices about a new life and the man she left behind. Berta Schumacher has lived a privileged life in Chicago, and when her parents decide they want a simpler life in Amana, Iowa, she resists. Under the strictures of the Amana villages, Berta’s rebellion reaches new heights. Will her heart ever be content among the plain people of Amana?

More Than Words

Gretchen Kohler is an Amana storekeeper’s daughter with a secret passion for writing. But artistic pursuits are frowned upon in her conservative Amana village, so she confines her poems and stories to her journals, letting only close friends read them. When a young reporter comes into her store, she believes she’s found a kindred spirit. She shares a few of her stories with him only to have her trust betrayed in the worst of ways, resulting in trouble for her entire community. The scandal is made even worse by the fact that gypsies have camped nearby and seem to be preying upon the Amanans’ compassionate, pacifist nature. Will Gretchen lose her job, her reputation, and the love of her childhood beau all because of one bad decision?

A Bond Never Broken

For many years, Ilsa Redlich has helped her parents run a hotel in South Amana, but as the United States enters the Great War, she can feel her world changing. The residents of the towns surrounding the Amana Colonies used to be accepting of their quiet, peaceful neighbors, but with anti German sentiment running high, the Amana villages are now plagued by vandalism, threats, and insults. Things get even worse when Ilsa finds out her family won’t be allowed to speak German in public and that Garon, the childhood friend she’s long been smitten with, has decided to join the army. Jutta Schmidt is shocked when several members of the Council of National Defense show up on her family’s doorstep. Sure, the Schmidts once lived in the Amana Colonies, but that was years ago. She’s even more surprised when the council demands that she travel to Amana and report back on any un American activities. Not daring to disobey the government agents, Jutta takes a job at the South Amana hotel, befriends the daughter of the owners, and begins to eavesdrop every chance she gets. When Jutta hears Ilsa making antiwar remarks and observes Garon assisting a suspicious outsider, she is torn at the prospect of betraying her new friends. But what choice does she have? And when Garon is accused of something far worse than Jutta could imagine, can the Amana community come to his aid in time?

A Trusting Heart

Contemporary Inspirational Romance

The Carousel Painter

Carrie loves painting the beautiful carousel horses but can she stand strong against the many who don t want her to keep the job? When Carrington Brouwer receives the enviable job of painting carousel horses for a factory in Ohio, she believes her future is secure. But after an expensive necklace disappears from the home where she’s been staying, she s caught up in a search for the truth that puts her entire livelihood and her developing relationship with the factory manager at risk. Can she lead police to the real culprit before she loses everything?

Love’s Journey West

Inspirational/Romance A three in one collection of historical romances.

Spring’s Memory

A nostalgic look at springtimes past, and the joy of love discovered. Spring’s Memory is the latest collection of historical inspirational novellas from Barbour Publishing. Includes the stories A Valentine for Prudence by Darlene Mindrup, Set Sail My Heart by Colleen Coble, The Wonder of Spring by Carol Cox, The Blessings Basket by Judith McCoy Miller.

American Dream

Journey with the immigrant settlers who made the United States a wonderful patchwork of common goals. Celebrate as love overcomes the tests brought on by a strange and untamed land. Various authors.

China Tapestry

This enchanting collection starts in the 1700s and features a connection with silk and other Chinese materials and traditions in 1880, 1937, and today.

The Prairie Romance Collection

Relive history on the American Great Plains as penned by twelve different multi published authors. Follow pioneers, immigrants, and orphans through their adventures, heartaches, challenges, victories, and romances. You are sure to find more than one favorite among twelve stories in this unique collection to warm your heart and inspire your faith.

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