Judith Lennox Books In Order


  1. Reynardine (1989)
  2. Till the Day Goes Down (1991)
  3. The Glittering Strand (1991)
  4. The Italian Garden (1993)
  5. The Secret Years (1994)
  6. The Winter House (1996)
  7. Some Old Lover’s Ghost (1997)
  8. Footprints on the Sand (1998)
  9. Shadow Child (1999)
  10. The Dark-eyed Girls (2000)
  11. Written on Glass (2002)
  12. Middlemere (2003)
  13. All My Sisters (2005)
  14. A Step in the Dark (2005)
  15. Before the Storm (2008)
  16. The Heart of the Night (2009)
  17. Catching the Tide (2011)
  18. The Turning Point (2012)
  19. One Last Dance (2014)
  20. The Jeweller’s Wife (2015)
  21. Hidden Lives (2018)
  22. The Secrets Between Us (2020)


  1. The Judith Lennox Wartime Collection (2016)

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Judith Lennox Books Overview

The Dark-eyed Girls

Set in the late 1960s and 1970s, The Dark Eyed Girls tells the story of three friends, Liv, Katherine and Rachel, and their changing relationships over he years.

All My Sisters

In the tumultuous years before the First World War, sisters Iris, Marianne, Eva and Clemency, born and raised in industrial Sheffield, seek to follow their dreams. When twenty year old Marianne meets handsome, sophisticated Arthur Leighton at a local provincial ball, she knows that she has found the love of her life. Years pass, and Iris, her ambition of a grand marriage dashed, becomes a nurse in a London hospital, surprising herself, and her family, at her ability to deal with the injuries and needs of her patients. When Eva falls in love with the Bohemian, Gabriel Bellamy, her hopes of becoming an artist falter, for though he admires her work, he expects attention in return for his tutelage. Caring for her invalid mother, Clemency remains tied to the family home, stifling her dreams of a life elsewhere. And Marianne’s desire for happiness turns to nightmare when she finds herself trapped in an isolated outpost of the Empire with a cruel and dangerous man. Only her love for her son and her memory of her sisters, thousands of miles away in England, give her the strength to survive. As the clouds darken and war changes the lives all the sisters have known, Iris, Marianne, Eva and Clemency fight to free themselves of the bonds that confine them and discover love at last.

A Step in the Dark

A powerful family drama set in India and Scotland, this novel follows young Bess Ravenhart, recently widowed, as she sails from India to Britain to set up a home. Though Bess makes a new life in Edinburgh and knows the joy and pain of motherhood, she can’t forget about the boy she left behind in India. When Frazer, the man she left her son with, travels to Scotland 20 years later, it seems Bess’s dreams of a reconciliation will come true. But Frazer trails danger in his wake, and soon he and Bess and her whole family will live to rue the day of his return.

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