Joyce Livingston Books In Order

Rodeo Hearts Books In Order

  1. The Bride Wore Boots (2000)
  2. The Groom Wore Spurs (2007)
  3. The Preacher Wore a Gun (2008)

Widows’ Club Books In Order

  1. The Widows’ Club (2006)
  2. Invasion of the Widows’ Club (2007)


  1. The House On Windridge (1998)
  2. Ice Castles (1999)
  3. Northern Exposure (2001)
  4. Hand Quilted with Love (2002)
  5. Lucy’s Quilt (2002)
  6. Be My Valentine (2003)
  7. Love Is Kind (2003)
  8. The Baby Quilt (2004)
  9. The Birthday Wish (2004)
  10. Dandelion Bride (2004)
  11. One Last Christmas (2004)
  12. The Heart’s Choice (2005)
  13. Mother’s Day (2005)
  14. The Fourth of July (2005)
  15. Down from the Cross (2005)
  16. Love Worth Keeping (2005)
  17. Bah Humbug, Mrs. Scrooge (2005)
  18. With a Mother’s Heart (2006)
  19. Listening to Her Heart (2006)
  20. Second Hand Heart (2006)


  1. As American as Apple Pie (2002)
  2. Gold Rush Christmas (2003)
  3. Bittersweet Christmas (2004)
  4. Bound with Love (2004)
  5. Alaskan Midnight (2004)
  6. Missouri (2005)
  7. San Diego (2006)
  8. Colorado Weddings (2007)
  9. Rhode Island Weddings (2007)
  10. Tennessee Weddings (2007)
  11. Missouri Memories (2007)
  12. The Sweet Surprise Romance Collection (2015)
  13. Forever Yours (2015)


Non fiction

  1. The Busy Quilter’s Survival Guide (1995)

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Joyce Livingston Books Overview

The Groom Wore Spurs

Trauma nurse Dina Spark knows how devastating rodeo injuries can be. Her father, a bitter former bull rider, is living proof. One thing Dina will not do is become involved with a rodeo man. Will Martin’s father abandoned his wife and four children, making Will the man of the family at the age of ten. Years later Will is trying to play off the mortage on the family ranch by being the best bull rider around. With only on year to gon the debt, Will is injured by the meanest bull on the circuit and ends up in Dina’s care. Has God thrown these two together for a reason? With months of physical therapy ahead of him, Will most choose between returning to the circuit or hanging up his rodeo spurs. And Dina must decide whether to trust God or to run from the chance of falling in love.

The Preacher Wore a Gun

Mitch needs some kind of intervention. With his wife’s desertion and subsequent tragic death, life in Mitch Drummond s home has gotten completely out of hand. Mitch s job as a detective keeps him away from home at all hours. When his mother in law decides she s had enough of caring for the kids, Mitch is hard pressed to find a nanny quick. Tassie needs a job until she goes back to school in the fall. An unexpected turn of events brings her into contact with Mitch, and she agrees to be his family s nanny. But Tassie has no idea what she s getting into! God can use a willing person to reach even the hardest, most rebellious soul. As Tassie brings light into this dark, dysfunctional family, will love blossom and grow? His eyes are on the ways of men; he sees their every step. Job 34:21

The Widows’ Club

Valentine Denay seems to have it all in finances and nice possessions the only thing missing is her husband Carter. Can she find a way to fill the aching void he left behind? She has already opened her house each morning for coffee with two other widows in the cul de sac. But when a new widow in the neighborhood, a church fundraising project, and a pregnant soldier’s wife all come knocking at the door to her heart of compassion, can Val keep her wits about her? Or, will the princess of the cul de sac fall from her lofty perch when pulled into a romance triangle?

Invasion of the Widows’ Club

Valentine Denay, still feeling an allegiance to her deceased husband, is hesitant to move forward in life and love. Robert Chase is ready to make a lifelong commitment, but Valentine’s heart seems rooted to the past. Will Robert have the patience to wait, or will Valentine miss this second chance at happiness? When Jade Jansen moves into the neighborhood, she’s readily accepted into the Widows’ Club. But soon strange events prompt Valentine to suspect all is not what it seems. Will the mystery be solved before there’s one less member of the club? Lose yourself in this riveting rendezvous of romance and revelations.

The Birthday Wish

Wishing wont change the past. If it could, Catherine Barbour Publishington would have never seen her marriage annulled by her husbands interfering socialite parents. And Cat wouldnt be left alone to raise her daughter, Sunni. Its been many years since Jonah Shelton was forced to annul his marriage to Catherine. Since accepting Christ, Jonah has wanted to make up for the cowardice that ripped him from Cats arms and broke her heart. When Sunnis tenth birthday wish is for a daddy, will she get more than she Barbour Publishinggained for? Fall in love with this inspiring love story and our entire collection of Christian romance novels from Heartsong Presents!

One Last Christmas

Sylvia has One Last Christmas, after that, her husband of twenty five years will do the unthinkable divorce her. Out of agonizing prayer and reflection Sylvia Benson has developed a plan: Maybe if Randy sees what he’ll be leaving behind, he’ll change his mind. Randy Benson believes the love in his marriage has died. Sylvia was always so busy with everything else she could barely make time for him so it only made sense to throw himself into his work. Now, to make the process as easy as possible, he’ll give his wife One Last Christmas together in exchange for an uncontested divorce. How can Sylvia expect one week of bliss to undo so many years of mistakes? Fall in love with this inspiring love story and our entire collection of Christian romance novels from Heartsong Presents!

The Heart’s Choice

Caught between a lie and loneliness The product of foster homes, Tavia McRae was convinced nothing in her life could go right until an accident on the highway left a family thinking she was their son Adam’s new widow. For the first time, Tavia had a home to call her own, even though she had to live a lie there. She knew that truck driver Beck Brewer felt responsible for the accident but began to look forward to his frequent visits to the family. Tavia couldn’t stop the love blossoming in her heart, but could she draw courage from Beck’s firm faith to come clean even though she risked losing it all?

Mother’s Day

Mindy and Chuck OConnors marriage was once rocky, but for the past four years theyve been truly happy. That all changes, however, when Chuck announces that his boss has suspended him from work for molesting a female coworker. To complicate matters, Mindy and Chuck decide to keep the situation secret from their daughter, Bethany. But when Bethany turns up missing, Mindy and Chuck realize secrets and lies are no way to build a marriage or a family. Will the pain of a missing child destroy their marriage, or can Gods love overcome their heartache? Fall in love with this inspiring love story and our entire collection of Christian romance novels from Heartsong Presents!

The Fourth of July

When Treva Jordan inherits her beloved aunt’s house in Bristol, Rhode Island, it becomes her summer project. Treva plans to sell the place, but when a fire erupts the first night, followed by other mysterious incidents, she wonders if someone is trying to frighten her into leaving. Tank LaFrenz has been asking God to send him the right woman. When he turns up at the fire at the old Gunther place and sees the young woman he’d met at his friend’s wedding, he wonders if she could be the one. But how can he convince her he’s not trying to harm her? Can this Fourth of July be the start of independence from the past? Fall in love with this inspiring love story and our entire collection of Christian romance novels from Heartsong Presents!

Down from the Cross

One of your favorite Heartsong Presents romances, Down from the Cross, is now available as a complete and unabridged audiobook. Keene believes there is no God. Jane Delaney knows differently, and when the famous opera singer plows into her car, God provides her with the opportunity to share her faith with the great Keene Moray. As his new personal assistant, she knows she can make the most of her proximity and perhaps prove Keene’s atheism wrong. When a health issue threatens to cancel the annual Passion play at Jane’s church, the Lord makes a way for Keene to become intimately acquainted with the Jesus who borne his grief and carried his sorrow, as he becomes the lead singer. But can a simple Easter cantata melt a hardened heart? Heartsong Audiobooks are perfect for in the car, for mom’s that just can’t seem to find enough time in the day to read, or for grandmother’s who don’t enjoy reading for long periods of time. Now with the Heartsong Audiobooks you can simply listen, relax, and enjoy!

Love Worth Keeping

Tessa Garrett only wanted her husband Mike to put his family first. Yet night after night, Detective Garrett left to protect the people of San Diego. Now, after eight years of separation, their daughter’s wedding has brought them back together. Mike can’t understand Tessa’s anger. Her many activities with their church and Katie’s school make it abundantly clear she had no time for him. By accepting the promotion to detective, he thought he gave Tessa what she wanted…
and it ended up costing him his marriage. Will the preparations for a Christmas Day wedding drive the wedge of unforgiveness deeper? Or will they surrender their pride and discover their love is worth keeping?

Bah Humbug, Mrs. Scrooge

Eleanor Scrooge finally has it all. Why then is she so dissatisfied? In fleeing her abusive childhood, she left behind the only man she’d ever loved Bob Rachette. Years later, Eleanor’s no nonsense approach to her successful business alienates everyone…
including Bob. Widower Bob Rachette feels responsible for Eleanor. But when Eleanor insists her business come before his family, Bob puts his foot down…
and loses his job. Meanwhile, an accident forces Eleanor to reexamine her life, her priorities, and the love she gave up. Can the Lord use Faith, Hope, and Charity to break through her heart of stone? Or will this Christmas be like all the others in Eleanor Scrooge’s life a Bah Humbug? Fall in love with this inspiring love story and our entire collection of Christian romance novels from Heartsong Presents!

With a Mother’s Heart

Judy Alexander, alias Judy Smith, and her nephew Timmy are on the lam, running from the man who shot and killed the boy’s father during a bank robbery in Dallas where Judy was the eyewitness whose testimony brought about conviction. Wealthy Ben Bramwell has a furnished apartment for rent above the garage on his estate, and Judy believes it’s the perfect hiding place while they wait for the escaped criminal to be caught. As Judy weaves an elaborate web of lies to protect herself and her nephew, she and Timmy become intricately woven into the lives of their landlord and his daughter interfering with the man’s engagement to a woman Judy knows is wrong for Ben and little Victoria. Can God untangle their complicated lives? Will Ben ever find a woman With a Mother’s Heart for his beloved Victoria?

Second Hand Heart

A bout of rheumatic fever left Rosalinda Sammy Samuels in need of a new heart. Three years ago she received it and her vagabond sister’s three children to raise. On a rare day to herself, Sammy meets Ted and dares to wonder if he could be the One…
until she learns of his distaste of children…
and transplants. Ted Benay lost his sister in a car accident, but his parents gave away her heart. the loss has haunted Ted ever since. Because of her death, Ted questions God. Now he’s opened his apartment to his brother’s unruly, disrespectful family, and Ted’s pretty sure he never wants such a thing for himself. When he meets Sammy, though, his deepest convictions and opinions are challenged. Can it be for the better? Sammy’s new heart gives her a second chance at life. But has it also stolen her only chance of love?

As American as Apple Pie

HeartQuest brings together three original novellas that will stir readers to treasure their own keepsakes of life, love, and romance. These Victorian era stories will touch hearts with the beauty of new love at Christmastime. Story list: ‘Behold the Lamb’ by Catherine Palmer ‘Far Above Rubies’ by Kristin Billerbeck ‘Memory to Keep’ by Ginny Aiken

Gold Rush Christmas

When the ‘Gold Fever’ epidemic sweeps the nation in 1849, people drop everything to chase the dream of striking it rich. Follow one family’s itch for adventure from California to the Rockies to the Yukon and discover a Christmas gift more valuable than gold. When Jeb Monroe succumbs to the fever, it’s ‘California or bust.’ Will the rich banker’s daughter, Aggie Wells, accept the spiritual riches Jeb has to offer before he must leave, penniless? The first time Jarrod McLeod dips his pan in the river, he strikes gold in the form of a wedding band! Though he finds the woman to whom it belongs, she refuses to take the ring back. Will Angel Taylor also refuse Jarrod’s proffered Christmas gift? Promised in marriage to a stranger, Charlotte Vance is headed to the Klondike and struggling to control her feelings for Gabe Monroe, the brother of her betrothed. What will become of Charlotte when both men refuse to marry her? Traveling to Alaska to claim an inheritance from her father’s business partner, Alexandra Peters receives a less than cordial welcome from Philip Monroe. What will it take for Alexandra to thaw the ice encasing Philip’s heart. Four Christmases in gold country prove life’s most priceless gifts come not in the form of polished gold but from the vast riches of a loving heart.

Bound with Love

In these brand new novellas, four women of different eras are bound together by an ancient Gutenberg Bible: Her arranged marriage brings Lorice threats of death and days of fear will she only find escape at the cost of her life? Paige despises aristocrats, and the earl she works for abhors single women in taking refuge from each other, will they find romance instead? When Na*zi bombs fall on London, Ann escapes to protect her grandfather’s priceless Gutenberg Bible but who will protect Ann from the danger stalking her? When Angela loses Tony to the mission field, her heart is broken but in sacrifice will she discover ultimate love? When women of four generations discover a rare, priceless Gutenberg Bible, little do they expect just what adventure this tome will bring.

Alaskan Midnight

Award winning author Livingston blends the charm of an Alaskan setting, the love of quilts, and wholesome romance into four modern stories of faith and healing.


Meet four women who have life wrapped up, until: Dr. Serena must face secrets of her past; Esther finds her comfortable life disrupted; Julie meets the single minister; and Carlee works with a star skater. As God opens their hearts, can they let go and let love in?

San Diego

Contemporary Romance: Couples to be seek love and romance in this uplifting four story collection. Vanessa is surprised to feel her heart beating madly when a father and son with matching soulful brown eyes enter her pet store. Valene is startled to realize that handsome Navy fighter pilot, Jordan, shows a strong interest in her, despite social disparities. Della realizes that fairy tales come true when Brandon wanders into her bridal shop, and Tessa learns that even when pride and unforgiveness have torn a marriage apart, love can make a comeback. Will these couples find the key that unlocks lasting love? couples find the key that unlocks lasting love?

Colorado Weddings

Contemporary Romance: Three Colorado career women are determined that old ways even those that have failed are safer than facing change and romance. Shelly would rather fail as a single parent than let a handsome stranger work with her troubled son. Stormi will quit her job and leave town before renewing friendship with an old love. Tula will face business failure before considering an unconventional love. Will these women find the faith to look change in the eye? Can three determined men convince them determined men convince them to take the walk down the aisle to love’s surprising treasures?

Rhode Island Weddings

Contemporary Romance: Personal trials plague the lives of three Rhode Island women who are looking for lasting love. Jane’s faith is an important part of her life, but when she’s in a car accident with Keene, a famous opera singer, she falls for him, in spite of the fact he has no faith at all. Mindy and Chuck are facing a huge roadblock in their marriage when he is suspended from work for molesting a female coworker. Treva inherits a house, but when a fire erupts, followed by other mysterious incidents, she wonders if someone is trying to frighten her into leaving.

Tennessee Weddings

Contemporary Romance: Three women find new love is sometimes the best way to let go of difficult pasts. Judy is the only eyewitness to a crime that has her and her nephew running from the man who killed the boy’s father. Ginny is happy to be taking care of her sick aunt but feels duped after she finds out her aunt simply wants to play matchmaker for her. Rheumatic fever led to a heart transplant for Sammy three years ago, and soon after she received her vagabond sister’s three children to raise. Can the burdened hearts of these women have room for love?

Missouri Memories

Historical Romance: Despite building a mansion in 1898 for a woman who elopes with another, Captain Royce manages to create a legacy on the hill overlooking Hannibal, Missouri. Tadd Winston, a successful immigrant, buys the house and must quickly produce a family he has deceived his Old World parents into believing exist. Maime Bradford, a World War I widow, inherits the large, empty house and soon becomes determined to open it to those abandoned by society and to a new chance at love. Brian Lowe hides his Vietnam War wounds within the confines of the house on the hill until a war protestor in the form of a pretty physical therapist challenges his perceptions about life.

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