Jonathan Gash Books In Order

Lovejoy Books In Publication Order

  1. The Judas Pair (1977)
  2. Gold by Gemini (1978)
  3. The Grail Tree (1979)
  4. Spend Game (1980)
  5. The Vatican Rip (1981)
  6. Firefly Gadroon (1982)
  7. The Sleepers of Erin (1983)
  8. The Gondola Scam (1984)
  9. Pearlhanger (1985)
  10. The Tartan Ringers (1986)
  11. Moonspender (1987)
  12. Jade Woman (1989)
  13. The Very Last Gambado (1990)
  14. The Great California Game (1991)
  15. The Lies of Fair Ladies (1992)
  16. Paid and Loving Eyes (1993)
  17. The Sin Within Her Smile (1993)
  18. The Grace in Older Women (1995)
  19. The Possessions of a Lady (1996)
  20. The Rich and the Profane (1998)
  21. A Rag, a Bone and a Hank of Hair (2000)
  22. Every Last Cent (2001)
  23. The Ten Word Game (2003)
  24. Faces in the Pool (2008)

Dr. Clare Burtonall Books In Publication Order

  1. Different Women Dancing (1997)
  2. Prey Dancing (1998)
  3. Die Dancing (2001)
  4. Bone Dancing (2003)
  5. Blood Dancing (2006)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. The Incomer (1981)
  2. The Year of the Woman (2005)
  3. Finding Davey (2005)
  4. Bad Girl Magdalene (2008)
  5. Preddy Boy (2013)

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Jonathan Gash Books Overview

The Judas Pair

Lovejoy knows that the legendary Judas Pair of flintlock pistols are just that a legend. Or are they? By the time he finds out the truth, two people are dead, and Lovejoy has to pull a nifty scam to avoid the same fate. First in the Lovejoy series.


Looking for a missing husband is not usually Lovejoy’s cup of tea, but this missing husband happens to be an antiques dealer. As usual the police are less than tolerant of Lovejoy’s motives and methods and, as usual, Lovejoy uses his charm, wit, and a little scam of his own to see that justice triumphs.

Jade Woman

Lovejoy, a disreputable antiques dealer, connoisseur of women, and our hero, falls into the middle of a worldwide antique trading scam and a ruthless Chinese crime syndicate.

The Very Last Gambado

Lovejoy returns to East Anglia towork as an antique consultant for a movie about a museum robbery. But soon, Lovejoy becomes the center of a vicious web of theft, murder and disappearances and must use all his wits tocome out live.

The Great California Game

Persona non grata in England and Hong Kong, antiques expert Lovejoy escapes to America, where he must rely on the help of a destitute hooker and a streetwise eight year old to stay one step ahead of the law.

The Lies of Fair Ladies

This work is an attack on the destruction of the culture and environment of indigenous tribes in Latin America and the South Pacific by fundamentalist missionaries from the US.

Paid and Loving Eyes

Lovejoy enters the illicit world of underground antiques when he is summoned by a shady underworld figure to judge a competition involving an antique vase. His verdict, however, sets off a chain of suspicious happenings in the antiques community including murder and Lovejoy soon realizes he has stumbled onto an international ring of crime. Encountering treasure troves of genuine and fake antiques, a covert KGB like antiques organization, and a variety of beautiful women, Lovejoy juggles his love of precious objects with his desire to stay alive.

The Possessions of a Lady

High stakes antiques dealer Lovejoy is coming off an unsuccessful liaison with a rich fashion plate when he finds himself choosing between helping a friend find a missing teenage girl, or exploring a mysterious invitation found in a borrowed tuxedo. K. ‘

The Rich and the Profane

Lovejoy’s search for a missing painting and a missing friend Gesso the cat burglar takes him on a wild adventure to the Channel Islands. He hopes to keep a low profile by masquerading as Jonno Rant, an island local, but that plan backfires when the local police start to keep tabs on him and the real Jonno Rant shows up. Can Lovejoy stay one step ahead of Rant and the police? Soon, just staying alive becomes a juggling act for the irrepressible Lovejoy. ‘A welcome return of one of the most unusual characters in mysteryland.’ Publishers Weekly starred review

A Rag, a Bone and a Hank of Hair

Lovejoy is not a fan of London, but a scheme involving fake gemstones sends him to the markets of Camden and Portobello to investigate. While there, he visits old friends Colette and Arthur Goldhorn and is horrified to discover that the Goldhorn’s highly respected antiques shop has been taken over by a wealthy German businessman, Dieter Gluck. What’s more, Arthur has died and Colette who also happens to be an old flame of Lovejoy’s is living on the streets with her fifteen year old son. Lovejoy vows to avenge Arthur’s death and restore Colette’s business, but crossing Herr Gluck turns out to be a dangerous game.

Every Last Cent

The latest adventure from Lovejoy: the irrepressible antique hunter, lothario and out and out conman. Lovejoy is in serious trouble. For it appears that a local lad known as Mortimer shares his extraordinary talent for distinguishing genuine antiques from fake. Although perhaps that’s not so surprising as it is rumoured that Mortimer is Lovejoy’s son…
But there is one big difference between ‘father’ and ‘son’ Mortimer’s painful honesty, which is ruining the local antiques trade. And the dealers blame Lovejoy. Lovejoy decides to use his own gift to assemble a mass of antiques with any luck he might be able to bargain his way out. But when he persuades one of his favourite ladies, the sculptress Bernicka, to help him tragedy strikes. And now Lovejoy is running scared. Particularly when the death toll around him starts to mount…

The Ten Word Game

Lovejoy cannot be said to have clean hands and a pure heart, flitting bee like as he does from one flower of womanhood to the next, and straining the truth when necessary. But when it comes to the relics of history, be it a silver tea service or the gold buttons from Lord Nelson’s second best uniform coat, he cannot be topped. In The Ten Word Game, Lovejoy is hiding out from the law in a port city far from London. By a ruse, he is shanghaied aboard a luxurious cruise ship on its way to Russia. There a group of schemers feed him well, but hold him prisoner because they need his talents for their daring plan. They intend to steal Russia’s legendary ‘amber room,’ wall panels and all, and sell it for ransom back in the U.K.

Faces in the Pool

For antiques dealer Lovejoy, a get out of jail free card in the hands of a beautiful woman proves too tempting to pass up. Naturally, there’s a catch. Forced to put his antiques knowledge to work for a mysterious secret society, Lovejoy soon finds himself entering a marriage of convenience cover for his part in the perfect robbery. As events spiral out of control and the bodies stack up, not even his accomplice Tinker and apprentice Lydia can get Lovejoy out of trouble.

Bone Dancing

The latest in the series featuring Dr Clare Burtonall and male escort Bonn. The death of one of the syndicate’s street girls arouses Clare’s suspicions and the disappearance of a young boy from a local children’s home puts Martina on edge. Plus Clare’s way of life is under threat will Bonn provide her with the support she needs?

The Year of the Woman

KwayFay was once a ‘Cockroach Child’, a homeless scavenger on Hong Kong’s waterfronts. Now grown, she lives in a squatter shack on the mountain slopes, and commutes each day to her job as a lowly office clerk. She survives by paying bribes if she has to, and keeping silent when abused. Her only ally is Grandmother s Ghost. Hong Kong is in ferment, for this is the time just before the Handover, when the Peoples Republic of China will repossess the Crown Colony. Hongs and Triads, underworld organisations above the law, are concerned, for China s policy is to eliminate criminal cliques. The head of a Triad learns of the impoverished ‘no family’ girl who talks to ghosts, and wonders if she is a way out of his dilemma but superstition is also forbidden by the incoming regime. It seems the girl might be the last chance for his Triad s survival.

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