John Whitman Books In Order

Star Wars Little Big Books Books In Order

  1. The Empire Strikes Back (Whitman) (1996)
  2. The Return of the Jedi (Whitman) (1997)

Myth Quest Books In Order

  1. Hammer of the Gods (2003)
  2. Minokichi (2003)


  1. Alvin’s Day Dream (1995)
  2. Lost World of Jurassic Park (1997)
  3. The Golden One (1998)
  4. The Mask of Zorro (1998)
  5. Disturbing Behavior (1998)
  6. Zorro and the Witch’s Curse (2000)
  7. Ghost Warrior (2000)
  8. The Mummy Returns (2001)
  9. Big Fat Liar (2002)
  10. Extinction (2003)
  11. Secondhand Lions (2003)

Anthologies edited

  1. Next World (2000)

Non fiction

  1. The Mummy Returns Scrapbook (1986)
  2. Lost Civilizations (1998)

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John Whitman Books Overview

The Empire Strikes Back (Whitman)

This title of the Little Chronicles series is timed to coincide with the theatrical release of the Star Wars Trilogy Special Edition. Evoking the action packed adventures of another era, this chunky little book features the favorite characters of Star Wars fans worldwide. 150 illustrations.

The Return of the Jedi (Whitman)

Actors Anthony Daniels, Perry King, Brock Peters, John Lithgow, and others perform in the epic conclusion of the Star Wars radio trilogy, which includes scenes and characters that did not appear in the film and spectacular sound effects.

Hammer of the Gods

Loki, the trickster god of Norse legends, lies chained to a rock, tortured by the venomous fangs of a serpent as punishment for offending Thor. Alex enters the myth as Loki’s son, Vali, and refuses to let his father face such a horrible fate. But if he acts to rescue Loki, will he destroy the very fabric of the universe? His sister Cleo watches his adventures from the computer monitor and advises Alex when she can, but ultimately, the decision is his. From the Trade Paperback edition.


Alex falls under the spell of an ancient demon and turns away from his sister, his homeworld, and his search for his father. Stories say Yuki onna, the Snow Woman, drinks the blood of those bold enough to walk through her woods the very woods Alex must cross as Minokichi, a young Japanese workman. If Alex has learned anything in his search for his father through Alterworld myths, it’s that the worst stories have a terrible habit of coming true. So he shouldn t be surprised when a beautiful woman emerges from the blizzard that torments him. Someone so beautiful couldn t hide an ugly soul, yet this stranger may be the greatest danger Alex has ever had to face. From the Trade Paperback edition.

The Golden One

Now back in print: Book one of Lucasfilm’s Alien Chronicles trilogy. The ruler of the reptilian Viis has just purchased a new pet for his daughter. But he is unaware that this furred creature with sharp teeth enslaved by the Viis for many years is destined to bring down a corrupt empire.

Disturbing Behavior

Seventeen year old Steve Clark and his family have just moved to Cradle Bay Island and are settling into their new life. At first everything seems fine in the small, quaint island community. But then Steve meets the Blue Ribbon kids, the most popular group at Cradle Bay High. The Blue Ribbons get the best grades, have plenty of school spirit, and do everything their parents ask them to. Their idea of a wild time is hanging out at the Yogurt Shoppe on Main Street. Adults think the Blue Ribbons are a great bunch, but Steve learns that if you disagree with the Blue Ribbons, you’d better watch out. They have a strict code of conduct, and if they see you out of line, those peaceful, happy Blue Ribbons explode into deadly rage. Steve and his new friends Gavin and Rachel uncover the sinister plot behind the Blue Ribbons’ Disturbing Behavior and plan to bring the group down before the Blue Ribbons get to them first. Includes eight pages of color photos.

Zorro and the Witch’s Curse

The Mark of Zorro!They call him El Zorro, the Fox. Tyrants and villains call him an outlaw. But to the people of old California he is a hero defending the innocent with a sword in his hand and a smile upon his lips. None suspect that behind the mask of Zorro hids Don Diego de la Vega, the only son of a wealthy landowner. Riding through the night, Zorro leaves behind his own legendary signature: the Mark of the Z!The Witch’s CurseTwenty years ago, during a fearsome hurricane, an innocent woman was left to die on the remote island of San Nicholas. As the ship pulled away, leaving her to face the fury of the storm, she screamed a curse on those who had abandoned her, vowing to have her revenge upon them even if she had to return from death itself. Don Diego had always thought the witch of San Nicholas nothing more than a colorful legend until a mysterious white haired crone began terrorizing the pueblo of Los Angeles. The frightening apparition appears without warning and stikes without mercy, making her victims vanish as if by magic. Has the witch of San Nicholas truly returned from her watery grave? Only Zorro can uncover the truth before the witch’s curse claims Zorro’s own father!

The Mummy Returns

Ten years have passed since adventurer Rick O’Connell and his wife, Evelyn, awakened and evil mummy and barely escaped with their lives. Now Imhotep has risen from the dead once more on a quest for immortality. One buried warrior can give Imhotep eternal power the Scorpion King. And one eight year old boy the O’Connells’ son, Alex is wearing the cursed bracelet that will resurrect the Scorpion. In seven days, two dark forces will meet unless the O’Connells can stop them both. The fate of their son and the world is in their hands…

Big Fat Liar

Jason doesn t always tell the truth but everyone knows he’s just exaggerating to make things more interesting. And he doesn t always do his homework, so he s pretty pleased with himself to have done a great job on his latest creative writing assignment. When he leaves it in a cab by mistake, no one believes he really did the work but that s not the worst of it. A high powered Hollywood executive just happened to take the same cab, he just happened to find Jason s paper, and he just happened to turn the idea into one of the most successful movies of all time. No one believes Jason s claim that he s responsible for the mega hit, but he s not about to let anyone steal his idea. Because this time he s telling the truth, and he s going to prove it!

The Mummy Returns Scrapbook

A cursed bracelet. An Evil Mummy.A Buried Warrior. And a magnificent civilization…
.. Filled with more than 100 photos and fascinating facts about ancient Egypt, The Mummy Returns Scrapbook is the ultimate guide to the movie. Read the action packed story, see your favorite scenes, and discover the wonders of Egypt from pyramids to mummies. Here’s an exciting look at a thrilling film and an extraordinary place.

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