John Russell Fearn Books In Order

Golden Amazon Books In Order

  1. The Golden Amazon (1944)
  2. The Golden Amazon Returns (1945)
  3. The Golden Amazon’s Triumph (1946)
  4. The Amazon Strikes Again (1954)
  5. Twin of the Amazon (1954)
  6. Conquest of the Amazon (1976)
  7. Lord of Atlantis (1949)
  8. Triangle of Power (1950)
  9. The Amethyst City (1951)
  10. Daughter of the Golden Amazon (1952)
  11. The Central Intelligence (1953)
  12. The Cosmic Crusaders (1955)
  13. Parasite Planet (1955)
  14. World Out of Step (1956)
  15. The Shadow People (1957)
  16. Dwellers in Darkness (1958)
  17. World in Duplicate (1959)
  18. Lords of Creation (2013)
  19. Duel with Colossus (2016)
  20. Standstill Planet (2016)
  21. Ghost World (2005)
  22. Earth Divided (2017)
  23. Chameleon Planet (2017)

Adventures of J.T. Merridrew Books In Order

  1. Valley Of The Doomed (1949)
  2. Merridrew Rides Again (1950)
  3. Merridrew Marches On (1951)
  4. Merridrew Fights Again (1952)
  5. Merridrew Follows The Trail (1953)

Mars Quartet Books In Order

  1. Emperor of Mars (1950)
  2. Goddess of Mars (1950)
  3. Red Men of Mars (1950)
  4. Warrior of Mars (1950)


  1. The Dust Destroyer (1934)
  2. Zagribud (1937)
  3. Twilight of the Tenth World (1940)
  4. The Intelligence Gigantic (1943)
  5. Black Maria, MA (1944)
  6. Maria Marches On (1945)
  7. One Remained Seated (1946)
  8. Other Eyes Watching (1946)
  9. Except for One Thing (1947)
  10. Liners of Time (1947)
  11. Slaves of Ijax (1947)
  12. Thy Arm Alone (1947)
  13. The Fourth Door (1947)
  14. The Five Matchboxes (1948)
  15. Framed In Guilt (1948)
  16. Thunder Valley (1948)
  17. Account Settled (1949)
  18. Stockwhip Sheriff (1949)
  19. Tornado Trail (1949)
  20. The Tattoo Murders (1949)
  21. Death In Silhouette (1950)
  22. Firewater (1950)
  23. Flashpoint (1950)
  24. Ghost Canyon (1950)
  25. Hell’s Acres (1950)
  26. Lead Law (1950)
  27. Rattlesnake (1950)
  28. Retribution At Black Gap (1950)
  29. Skeleton Pass (1950)
  30. The Gold of Akada (1951)
  31. The Hanging 9 (1951)
  32. What Happened To Hammond? (1951)
  33. Space Warp (1952)
  34. Zenith-D (1952)
  35. Glimpse (1952)
  36. Don’t Touch Me (1953)
  37. The Hell-Fruit (1953)
  38. Liquid Death (1953)
  39. Shattering Glass (1953)
  40. The Silent World (1953)
  41. You Take the Rap (1953)
  42. Vision Sinister (1954)
  43. Here and Now (1955)
  44. The Silvered Cage (1955)
  45. Navajo Vengeance (1956)
  46. Bury the Hatchet (1957)
  47. One Against Time (1969)
  48. No Grave Need I (1984)
  49. The Slitherers (1984)
  50. Climate Incorporated (1987)
  51. Aftermath (1996)
  52. Manton’s World (1999)
  53. Fires of Vengeance (2000)
  54. The Sheriff of Mountain Shadow (2000)
  55. Voice of the Conqueror (2003)
  56. Return to Akada (2010)
  57. Endless Day (2010)
  58. The Black Terror (2010)
  59. One Way Out (2011)


  1. Before Earth Came (2014)
  2. John Russell Fearn Omnibus (2017)


  1. The Man Who Stopped the Dust and Other Stories (1986)
  2. Outcasts of Eternity and Other Stories (1987)
  3. Liquid Death and Other Stories (2003)
  4. World Without Chance (2013)
  5. The Best of John Russell Fearn: Volume 1 (2015)
  6. Waters of Eternity (2016)
  7. The Best of John Russell Fearn: Volume 2 (2016)
  8. The Multillionth Chance (2016)
  9. Lunar Vengeance (2017)
  10. Dynasty of the Small (2020)


  1. The Wailing Hybrid (1938)
  2. Thoughts that Kill (1939)
  3. The Mental Gangster (1942)
  4. Nebula (1950)
  5. Interlink (2020)
  6. Space Trap (2020)
  7. Trap for a Killer (2020)
  8. Before Atlantis (2021)

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John Russell Fearn Books Overview

The Intelligence Gigantic

John Russell Fearn 1908 1960 was an extremely orlific and popular British writer, who began in the American pulps, then almost single handedly drove the post World War II boom in British publishing with a flood of science fiction, detective stories, westerns, and adventure fiction. He employed numerous pseudonyms, such as Vargo Statten, Volstead Gridban, Hugo Blayn, Thorton Ayre, Polton Cross, Geoffrey Armstrong, Dennis Clive, John Cotton, Ephriam Winiki, Spike Gordon, and many others. He is noted for such grandly extravagant science fiction as _The Intelligence Gigantic_ and _The Liners of Time,_ ‘Mathematica,’ and the Golden Amazon series. He was so popular that one of his pseudonyms became the editor of VARGO STATEN’S SCIENCE FICTION MAGAZINE in the 1950’s. His work is noted for its vigor amd wild imagination. He has always had a substantial cult following and has been popular in translation around the world.

The Tattoo Murders

‘Mary,’ ‘Ian,’ ‘Lil.’ Three rather ordinary names. But when these names are each found tattooed on the backs of three murder victims, they are steppingstones on a murder trail that baffles Scotland Yard investigators. A story that grips from first page to last, The Tattoo Murders is one of John Russell Fearn’s finest detective mysteries!

Hell’s Acres

When gambler Smoke Cavendish is attacked and robbed of his poker winnings, his assailants leave him to die in the desert. Determined to survive, he wanders until he stumbles into the town of Hell’s Acres, a godforsaken place where the townsfolk are under the boot of Mark Tarleton and his ruthless gunhawks.

Voice of the Conqueror

Voice of the Conqueror Forsythe reeled back into the missile’s instrument room, his skull torn with blinding pain. Sight and hearing had been destroyed in those few seconds. He was only a shell of a man, life deserting him in the half minute that ensued. He did not even detect the further frightful explosions that burst around him, even though his dying body registered their shock. Such were the radiations they generated they pierced right through the insulation of his spacesuit, but they did not affect the missile in which he lay even though it rocked under the soundless impacts. Forsythe died not knowing what had destroyed him…

The Man Who Stopped the Dust and Other Stories

Eight classic stories from science fiction’s first flowering in the 1930’s Golden Age of the pulp magazines, selected from Amazing Stories, Astoundnig Stories, Science Fiction, Thrilling Wonder Stories, and Weird Tales!

This book is your personal time and space machine, that will transport you from the beginning of creation to the end of the universe, as narrated in this first ever collection of early short stories by pulp legend JOHN RUSSELL FEARN. They range from the universe busting thought variant to the very human story, and will surprise and delight all science fiction connoisseurs!

Outcasts of Eternity and Other Stories

When the first explorers of Mars return to Earth
When the universe comes to an end
When one man tries to cheat death and destiny
When alien invaders encounter the totally unexpected
When a man of the future reaches back into the past
When the world is plunged into darkness
When five people stand on the rim of eternity
When an alien power seeks a sacrificial human being
When a dying curse echoes down the centuries
When pulp legend JOHN RUSSELL FEARN lets his fantastic imagination roam time and space

The result is a memorable collection of stories no true sf fan will want to miss THE BEST OF JOHN RUSSELL FEARN!

Liquid Death and Other Stories

JOHN RUSSELL FEARN began his writing career as a pioneer in the science fiction field, appearing in all of the American pulp science fiction magazines in the early 1930s. However, many of his fans don’t know that Fearn was also a prolific and successful writer in other genres, especially crime and detective fiction. This volume contains some of his best stories from the famous pulp magazine, Thrilling Mystery Stories, plus several others, including two which are previously unpublished.

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