John Rhode Books In Order

Dr. Priestley Books In Order

  1. The Paddington Mystery (1925)
  2. Dr. Priestley’s Quest (1926)
  3. Dr. Priestley Investigates (1930)
  4. Peril At Cranbury Hall (1930)
  5. Tragedy On the Line (1931)
  6. Mystery At Greycombe Farm (1932)
  7. The Claverton Mystery (1933)
  8. Dr. Priestley Lays a Trap (1933)
  9. The Venner Crime (1933)
  10. The Robthorne Mystery (1934)
  11. Mystery At Olympia (1935)
  12. Death At Breakfast (1936)
  13. In Face of the Verdict (1936)
  14. The Harvest Murder (1937)
  15. Death Sits On the Board (1937)
  16. Proceed with Caution (1937)
  17. Invisible Weapons (1938)
  18. The Bloody Tower (1938)
  19. Death on Sunday (1939)
  20. Death on the Boat Train (1940)
  21. Murder At Lilac Cottage (1940)
  22. Vegetable Duck (1944)
  23. Death in Harley Street (1945)
  24. Death of an Author (1947)
  25. The Paper Bag (1948)
  26. Blackthorn House (1949)
  27. Up the Garden Path (1949)
  28. By Registered Post (1952)
  29. Death At the Inn (1953)
  30. Open Verdict (1956)
  31. Death of a Bridegroom (1958)
  32. Murder At Derivale (1958)
  33. Death Takes a Partner (1959)
  34. Licensed for Murder (1959)
  35. The Fatal Pool (1960)

Desmond Merrion Books In Order

  1. Secret of High Eldersham (1930)
  2. The Milk-Churn Murder (1935)
  3. Death in the Tunnel (1936)
  4. Death Leaves No Card (1939)
  5. Who Killed the Doctor? (1943)
  6. The Three Corpse Trick (1946)
  7. Heir to Lucifer (1947)
  8. Devil’s Reckoning (1948)
  9. Look Alive (1949)
  10. Beware Your Neighbour (1951)
  11. Heir to Murder (1953)
  12. Death in a Duffle Coat (1956)
  13. Found Drowned (1956)
  14. The Chinese Puzzle (1957)
  15. Death Takes a Detour (1958)
  16. A Smell of Smoke (1959)
  17. Death Paints a Picture (1960)


  1. The White Menace (1926)
  2. The Hardway Diamonds Mystery (1930)
  3. Drop to His Death (1939)
  4. Too Many Suspects (1945)
  5. Experiment in Crime (1947)
  6. The Links in the Chain (1948)



  1. The Elusive Bullet (1931)

Anthologies edited

Non fiction

  1. The Case of Constance Kent (1928)

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John Rhode Books Overview

Death Leaves No Card

WHEN DEATH PAYS A CALL he generally leaves a card behind…
even if it sometimes takes a pathologist to find it. But on the morning that he visited the bathroom at Forstal Farm, he did it incognito. It took a man with a crowbar to break down the bathroom door, and there on the floor was Basil Maplewood, naked, with one foot still hanging over the edge of the bath. Basil was only twenty one, and in the very pink of health, but the post mortem didn’t help much…
no violence, no sign of poison. Here is a mystery in a thousand, and one that almost but not quite threw dust in the eyes of Inspector Arnold and his colleagues.

A Smell of Smoke

A distinctive smell of smoke presages a series of murders in the village of Lamsford, and it proves a puzzling case for Inspector Arnold and Desmond Merrion.

The Hardway Diamonds Mystery

1930. Miles Burton was the pseudonym of Cecil John Charles Street, who also wrote under the name, John Rhode. The book begins: Although the fog was so thick that from the pavement one could scarcely see the lights of the vehicles in the roadway, Mr. Thomas Herridge, known to his intimates as Pussy, hurried confidently on his way, avoiding collisions with a peculiar lithe dexterity. He crossed Oxford Street, and was at once swallowed up in the deep yellow murk which filled the gaps between the houses like the depths of some turbid sea. Here, foot passengers were much less frequent, but, curiously enough, instead of quickening his pace, Mr. Herridge slackened it.

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