John Maclay Books In Order


  1. Wards of Armageddon (1986)
  2. Pirate Radio (2009)


  1. Other Engagements (1987)
  2. Dreadful Delineations (2004)

Anthologies edited

  1. Nukes (1986)
  2. Voices from the Night (1994)

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John Maclay Books Overview

Pirate Radio

Vietnam and CIA veteran Art Ryan is a syndicated radio show host who’s been permanently blinded by an accident. When Bud, a radio pirate, interrupts Art’s show warning of a high-level plot to take over the U.S. Government, Art pursues this crisis on a roller-coaster ride to its thrilling conclusion.

Dreadful Delineations

Noted as being one of the finest short short story authors in the genre, John Maclay returns with a new book collecting the best of his early short stories. This volume features 30 of his best short stories. Maclay’s work in horror and fantasy, often anthologized, has won him honor and acclaim. The Baltimore Sun has called him a ‘virtuoso of the Gothic,’ and fright master Graham Masterton declared that ‘Maclay manages to carry more emotional weight with 800 words than most writers do with 8,000.’ And critic William Grabowski declared him to be ‘a serious stylist, sensitive to atmosphere. psychological isolation, emotional trauma, and the darker aspects of love.’


Introduction / John Maclay The house of life / J.N. Williamson Tight little stitches in a dead man’s back / Joe R. Lansdale The view from Mount Futuba / Jessica Amanda Salmonson And of Gideon / Mort Castle Afterword / John Maclay.

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