John Harvey Books In Order

Charlie Resnick Books In Publication Order

  1. Lonely Hearts (1989)
  2. Rough Treatment (1990)
  3. Cutting Edge (1991)
  4. Off Minor (1991)
  5. Wasted Years (1993)
  6. Cold Light (1994)
  7. Living Proof (1995)
  8. Easy Meat (1996)
  9. Still Water (1997)
  10. Last Rites (1998)
  11. Cold in Hand (2007)
  12. Darkness, Darkness (2014)

Charlie Resnick Collections In Publication Order

  1. Now’s the Time (1999)

Calamity Jane Books In Publication Order

  1. The Whip And The War Lance (By:J.T. Edson) (1979)

DCI Karen Shields Books In Publication Order

  1. Good Bait (2011)

Frank Elder Books In Publication Order

  1. Flesh & Blood (2004)
  2. Ash & Bone (2005)
  3. Darkness & Light (2006)
  4. Body & Soul (2018)

Heartlines Books In Publication Order

  1. Wild Love (1986)

Scott Mitchell Books In Publication Order

  1. Amphetamines and Pearls (1976)
  2. The Geranium Kiss (1976)
  3. Junkyard Angel (1977)
  4. Neon Madman (1977)

The Tempest Twins Books In Publication Order

  1. Daylight Robbery! (1987)
  2. Hot Property! (1987)
  3. Runner! (1988)
  4. Terror Trap! (1988)
  5. Downeast to Danger! (1988)

Will Grayson and Helen Walker Books In Publication Order

  1. Gone to Ground (2007)
  2. Far Cry (2009)
  3. A Darker Shade of Blue (2010)

Apache Books In Publication Order

  1. The First Death (1974)
  2. Knife in the Night (1974)
  3. Duel to the Death (1975)
  4. Death Train (1975)
  5. Fort Treachery (1975)
  6. Sonora Slaughter (1976)
  7. Blood Line (1976)
  8. Blood on the Tracks (1977)
  9. The Naked and the Savage (1977)
  10. All Blood is Red (1977)
  11. The Cruel Trail (1978)
  12. Fool’s Gold (1978)
  13. The Best Man (1979)
  14. Born to Die (1979)
  15. Blood Rising (1979)
  16. Texas Killing (1980)
  17. Blood Brother (1980)
  18. Slow Dying (1980)
  19. Death Dragon (1981)
  20. Blood Wedding (1981)
  21. Fast Living (1981)
  22. Border Killing (1982)
  23. Death Valley (1982)
  24. Death Ride (1983)
  25. Times Past (1983)
  26. The Hanging (1983)
  27. Debt of Blood (1984)

Caleb Thorn Books In Publication Order

  1. First Shot (1978)
  2. The Raiders (1978)
  3. Brotherly Death (1978)
  4. Bloody Shiloh (1978)
  5. Death River (1978)

Deathshop Books In Publication Order

  1. Kill Hitler! (1976)
  2. Lightning Strikes (1977)
  3. Forest of Death (1977)

Gringos Books In Publication Order

  1. Guns Across the River (1979)
  2. Cannons in the Rain (1979)
  3. Fire in the Wind (1979)
  4. Border Affair (1979)
  5. Easy Money (1980)
  6. Mazatlan (1980)
  7. One Too Many Mornings (1981)
  8. Wheels of Thunder (1981)
  9. Durango (1982)
  10. Survivors (1982)

Hart: The Regulator Books In Publication Order

  1. Cherokee Outlet (1980)
  2. Blood Trail (1980)
  3. Tago (1980)
  4. The Silver Lie (1981)
  5. Blood on the Border (1981)
  6. Ride the Wide Country (1981)
  7. Arkansas Breakout (1982)
  8. John Wesley Hardin (1982)
  9. California Bloodlines (1982)
  10. Skinning Place (1982)

Hawk Books In Publication Order

  1. The Sudden Guns (1979)
  2. Blood Money (1979)
  3. Death’s Bounty (1979)
  4. Killing Time (1980)
  5. Fool’s Gold (1980)
  6. Blood Kin (1980)
  7. The Gates of Death (1980)
  8. Desperadoes (1980)
  9. The Widowmaker (1981)
  10. Dead Man’s Hand (1981)
  11. Sierra Gold (1982)
  12. Death and Jack Shade (1982)
  13. Killer’s Breed (1982)
  14. Border War (1983)

Herne The Hunter Books In Publication Order

  1. White Death (1976)
  2. River of Blood (1976)
  3. The Black Widow (1977)
  4. Shadow of the Vulture (1977)
  5. Apache Squaw (1977)
  6. Death in Gold (1977)
  7. Death Rites (1978)
  8. Cross Draw (1978)
  9. Massacre! (1978)
  10. Vigilante! (1978)
  11. Silver Threads (1979)
  12. Sun Dance (1979)
  13. Billy the Kid (1980)
  14. Death School (1980)
  15. Till Death (1981)
  16. Geronimo! (1981)
  17. The Hanging (1981)
  18. Dying Ways (1982)
  19. Bloodline (1982)
  20. Hearts of Gold (1982)
  21. Pony Express (1983)
  22. Wild Blood (1983)
  23. Texas Massacre (1984)
  24. The Last Hurrah (1984)

The Lawmen Books In Publication Order

  1. Evil Breed (1977)
  2. Kansas Bloody Kansas (1977)
  3. Judgment Day (1978)
  4. Vengeance Trail (1978)
  5. Hanged Man (1979)
  6. One Way to Die (1980)

Peacemaker Books In Publication Order

  1. Comanche! (1981)
  2. Outlaws (1981)
  3. Whiplash (1981)
  4. Lynch Law (1981)
  5. Blood Run (1982)
  6. War Party (1983)
  7. One Thousand Dollar Death (1984)
  8. The Lost (1984)
  9. Shoot-out! (1984)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. Avenging Angel (1975)
  2. Endgame (1975)
  3. Angel Alone (1975)
  4. Frame (1979)
  5. Blind (1981)
  6. In a True Light (2001)
  7. Nick’s Blues (2008)

Short Stories/Novellas In Publication Order

  1. Trouble In Mind (2007)
  2. Dead Dames Don’t Sing (2016)

Short Story Collections In Publication Order

  1. Ghosts of a Chance (1992)
  2. Bluer Than This (1998)
  3. Minor Key (2009)

Non-Fiction Books In Publication Order

  1. The Story of Black (2013)

Bibliomysteries Books In Publication Order

  1. The Book of Virtue (By:Ken Bruen) (2012)
  2. Pronghorns of the Third Reich (By:C.J. Box) (2012)
  3. The Book Thing (By:Laura Lippman) (2012)
  4. The Book Case (By:Nelson DeMille) (2012)
  5. An Acceptable Sacrifice (By:Jeffery Deaver) (2012)
  6. Death Leaves a Bookmark (By:William Link) (2012)
  7. The Final Testament (By:Peter Blauner) (2013)
  8. Rides a Stranger (By:David Bell) (2013)
  9. The Long Sonata of the Dead (By:Andrew Taylor) (2013)
  10. The Book of Ghosts (By:Reed Farrel Coleman) (2013)
  11. The Compendium of Srem (By:F. Paul Wilson) (2014)
  12. What’s in a Name? (By:Thomas H. Cook) (2014)
  13. Remaindered (By:Peter Lovesey) (2014)
  14. The Sequel (By:R.L. Stine) (2014)
  15. The Gospel of Sheba (By:Lyndsay Faye) (2014)
  16. The Nature of My Inheritance (By:Bradford Morrow) (2014)
  17. It’s in the Book (By:Mickey Spillane) (2014)
  18. The Scroll (By:Anne Perry) (2014)
  19. The Book of the Lion (By:Thomas Perry) (2015)
  20. The Little Men (By:Megan Abbott) (2015)
  21. Condor in the Stacks (By:James Grady) (2015)
  22. Mystery, Inc. (By:Joyce Carol Oates) (2015)
  23. Every Seven Years (By:Denise Mina) (2015)
  24. From the Queen (By:Carolyn Hart) (2015)
  25. The Travelling Companion (By:Ian Rankin) (2016)
  26. Citadel (By:Stephen Hunter) (2016)
  27. Reconciliation Day (By:Christopher Fowler) (2016)
  28. Dead Dames Don’t Sing (2016)
  29. The Haze (By:James W. Hall) (2016)
  30. Hoodoo Harry (By:Joe R. Lansdale) (2017)
  31. The Pretty Little Box (By:Charles Todd) (2018)
  32. Seven Years (By:Peter Robinson) (2018)
  33. The Hemingway Valise (By:Robert Olen Butler) (2018)
  34. The Last Honest Horse Thief (By:Michael Koryta) (2018)
  35. The Caxton Private Lending Library & Book Depository (By:John Connolly) (2018)

Bibliomysteries Books In Chronological Order

  1. The Book of Virtue (By:Ken Bruen) (2012)
  2. The Scroll (By:Anne Perry) (2014)
  3. Pronghorns of the Third Reich (By:C.J. Box) (2012)
  4. An Acceptable Sacrifice (By:Jeffery Deaver) (2012)
  5. Death Leaves a Bookmark (By:William Link) (2012)
  6. Seven Years (By:Peter Robinson) (2018)
  7. The Book Thing (By:Laura Lippman) (2012)
  8. The Book of Ghosts (By:Reed Farrel Coleman) (2013)
  9. The Long Sonata of the Dead (By:Andrew Taylor) (2013)
  10. The Final Testament (By:Peter Blauner) (2013)
  11. Rides a Stranger (By:David Bell) (2013)
  12. What’s in a Name? (By:Thomas H. Cook) (2014)
  13. It’s in the Book (By:Mickey Spillane) (2014)
  14. The Nature of My Inheritance (By:Bradford Morrow) (2014)
  15. Remaindered (By:Peter Lovesey) (2014)
  16. The Compendium of Srem (By:F. Paul Wilson) (2014)
  17. The Gospel of Sheba (By:Lyndsay Faye) (2014)
  18. The Sequel (By:R.L. Stine) (2014)
  19. The Book of the Lion (By:Thomas Perry) (2015)
  20. The Little Men (By:Megan Abbott) (2015)
  21. From the Queen (By:Carolyn Hart) (2015)
  22. Every Seven Years (By:Denise Mina) (2015)
  23. Citadel (By:Stephen Hunter) (2016)
  24. Condor in the Stacks (By:James Grady) (2015)
  25. Mystery, Inc. (By:Joyce Carol Oates) (2015)
  26. The Travelling Companion (By:Ian Rankin) (2016)
  27. The Haze (By:James W. Hall) (2016)
  28. Dead Dames Don’t Sing (2016)
  29. Reconciliation Day (By:Christopher Fowler) (2016)
  30. Hoodoo Harry (By:Joe R. Lansdale) (2017)
  31. The Pretty Little Box (By:Charles Todd) (2018)
  32. The Caxton Private Lending Library & Book Depository (By:John Connolly) (2018)
  33. The Hemingway Valise (By:Robert Olen Butler) (2018)
  34. The Last Honest Horse Thief (By:Michael Koryta) (2018)
  35. The Book Case (By:Nelson DeMille) (2012)

Anthologies In Publication Order

  1. Opening Shots: Great Mystery and Crime Writers Share Their First Published Stories (2000)
  2. The Detection Collection (2005)
  3. Men from Boys (2006)
  4. Damn Near Dead (2006)
  5. The Best British Mysteries IV (2007)
  6. The Lineup (2009)
  7. Daggers Drawn (2021)

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John Harvey Books Overview

Lonely Hearts

Harvey’s series about Charlie Resnick, the jazz loving, melancholy cop in provincial Nottingham, England, has long been one of the finest police procedural series around. Publishers Weekly The characters in John Harvey s urban crime novels are so defiantly alive and unruly that they put these British police procedurals on a shelf by themselves. Marilyn Stasio, The New York Times Book Review Harvey reminds me of Graham Greene, a stylist who tells you everything you need to know while keeping the prose clean and simple. It s a very realistic style that draws you into the story without the writer getting in the way. Elmore Leonard Charlie Resnick is one of the most fully realized characters in modern crime fiction. Sue GraftonThe first major case for Charlie Resnick and his team concerns a number of increasingly serious attacks on women who have been using the Lonely Hearts column of the local newspaper. Simultaneously, Resnick becomes involved with Rachel Chaplin, the social worker assigned to a family caught up in allegations of child abuse. John Harvey s Charlie Resnick is British crime fiction s best kept secret. In the ten novels Harvey wrote about Resnick before ending the series, he established his character as a believable ordinary policeman who investigated ordinary, everyday crime, rooted in the socioeconomic plight and drab lives of many people in the city of Nottingham. Bloody Brits Press will reissue the entire Inspector Charles Resnick series in the next three seasons.

Rough Treatment

‘Harvey’s police procedurals are in a class by themselves near Dickensian in their portrayal of human frailty, cinematic in their quick changes of scene and character, totally convincing in their plotting and motivation.’ Kirkus Reviews

Grice and Grabianski are an ill matched pair of burglars working Charlie Resnick’s patch. When they break into the house of television director Harold Roy, they get more than they bargained for. Grabianski falls in love or is it lust with the director’s wife, and the pair become enmeshed in a dangerous plot to sell the cocaine that was in the safe back to its supplier.

Cutting Edge

If John Harvey’s novels were songs, Charlie Parker would play them. Cutting Edge sings the blues for people too bruised to carry the tune for themselves. Writing in a minor key to tell this moody revenge tragedy, Mr. Harvey creates characters of astonishing psychological diversity. Their voices are abrasive and often husky with pain; but in the end, they all sing their song. The New York Times Book ReviewSeveral members of staff at the local hospital have been seriously attacked at night with a scalpel. Charlie Resnick strives to find a connection between them before assault becomes murder.

Off Minor

Off Minor by John Harvey is a police procedural story plotted on acts of gross inhumanity yet infused with uncommon humanity. These characters are breathing entities, so convincing and so compelling, that crime detection and absorbing personal dramas become one and the same in this book.’ New York Daily News

Little Gloria Summers’ body has been found in a disused warehouse, and a week later, there are still no clues. Years of patient police work have taught Inspector Charlie Resnick that those who jump to easy conclusions are often the last ones to solve a crime.

Wasted Years

‘Nobody writes police procedurals better than John Harvey. Nobody.’ Booklist

Diamond Dagger winner John Harvey writes some of the best police procedurals on either side of the Atlantic. This season, Bloody Brits Press publishes volumes five through eight in his series featuring the divorced, cat loving, jazz addicted, sandwich making Charles Resnick and his very human crew.

In Wasted Years, a series of armed robberies bears an uncanny resemblance to a spate of similar crimes Resnick investigated ten years previously at a particularly painful time when his marriage was on the rocks and divorce was staring him in the face.

Cold Light

‘Charlie Resnick is one of the most fully realized characters in modern crime fiction.’ Sue Grafton

‘Such satisfying reading. No wasted time here.’ Publishers Weekly

When Nancy Phelan, a young woman who works at the housing office, is kidnapped from outside the office’s Christmas party, suspicion falls on a young client who attacked her earlier that day. Little in Resnick’s life is that simple, however, especially at Christmas, and as the mystery of Nancy’s disappearance deepens, the most trusted of his team, Lynn Kellogg, unwittingly puts herself in the path of a dangerous psychopath.

Living Proof

Carroll and Graf has been in the forefront of producing books about the Kennedy assassination. It has come up with a winner in this mammoth study of one of the most mysterious figures on the fringes of the assassination: Richard Case Nagell, described as the man ‘hired to kill Oswald and prevent the assassination of JFK.’ On the fourtieth anniversary of the JFK assassination, this amazing story has been revised and expanded with a decade’s worth of new classified information. Nagell’s own death in 1995 was suspicious. Here, freelance investigative journalist Dick Russell delves deep into Nagell’s strange past, revealing that Nagell had been a contact for both the CIA and KGB at different times. The author’s detailed and expert reconstruction of historic events will have readers wonder and question new possible leads never before imagined in this still unsolved murder.

Easy Meat

‘John Harvey, British poet and novelist, brings depth of character study and beautiful imagery to the police procedural.’ The Washington Post

Why would a fifteen year old boy commit suicide? Despite the fact that he’s a no good kid on trial for bludgeoning an elderly couple to death. But when the senior investigating officer is then found brutally murdered, DI Charlie Resnick is put on the case, which leads to sinister and startling revelations. It also brings Resnick into contact with Hannah Campbell, with whom he finds himself falling unexpectedly and awkwardly in love.

Still Water

Still Water explores sexual violence and its devastating consequences. But Harvey presents more than a crime novel, weaving ideas as well as crimes and domestic details into a tapestry of intrigue and moral quandary. Still Water goes beyond crime fiction to provide a deeper perspective on the complexities of lust and love.’ San Francisco Chronicle

‘It’s an ugly crime that’s soon connected to Charlie in an unexpectedly personal fashion. So we get Charlie troubled. We also get Charlie in love and not finding it easy. But as always, we get Charlie stalwart and discovering ways to cope.’ The Philadelphia Inquirer

Last Rites

This is Charlie Resnick’s final case and it’s Resnick at his finest. Guns and drugs, gang wars and police corruption: seems more like America’s inner cities than England’s Nottingham, where once the only crime wave was wrought by Robin Hood. This one, alas, has local law enforcement tied up in knots. So when a convicted murderer out on compassionate leave turns up at his mother’s funeral and abruptly disappears, the local cops don’t have much time to spare for a manhunt. Let the prison authorities do the job. But things aren’t quite that simple. They never are when it comes to crime or to affairs of the heart. Last Rites is a gritty and violent tale of modern day cops and killers, but at its beating heart, it’s about love: obsessive, familial, perverted, tender. It’s about what we do in the name of love and what love does to us. It’s a fitting end to a fine series.

Cold in Hand

It’s Valentine’s Day, and a dispute between rival gangs leaves a teenage girl dead. Detective Inspector Charlie Resnick, nearing retirement, is hauled back to the front line to help deal with the fallout. But when the dead girl s father seeks to lay the blame on Resnick s partner, DI Lynn Kellogg, Resnick finds the line between the personal and the professional dangerously blurred. Meanwhile, the Serious and Organised Crime Agency starts to show a keen interest in one of Kellogg s murder cases a case the agency is convinced is linked to international gun running and people trafficking. Soon Kellogg is drawn into a web of deceit and betrayal that puts both her and Resnick in mortal danger. In Cold in Hand, John Harvey brings back ‘one of the most fully realized characters in modern crime fiction’ Sue Grafton in another heart stopping procedural.

Now’s the Time

With his richly praised sequence of novels featuring Detective Inspector Charlie Resnick, John Harvey created not only an unforgettable character of great depth and complexity, but a realistic and richly peopled inner city world of struggling heroes and feckless villains. Gathered together in Now’s the Time are twelve short stories featuring Resnick, including a new story written especially for this edition. From old foes to upstart pretenders, the city and jazz soaked, night time world of Charlie Resnick come vividly to life.

Flesh & Blood

Retirement has not come easy for Detective Inspector Frank Elder. He’s fled to a solitary existence on the Cornish coast, but he can’t escape the past. Susan Blacklock would be thirty now. But fourteen years ago she disappeared, and the case has gone unsolved. Not that Elder hadn’t had his suspects. And now, with one of them out on parole, Elder is compelled to return to the seaside scene of the crime. Shortly thereafter, pretty Emma Harrison goes missing.

Just as Elder’s knowledge becomes crucial to the official investigation of this disquieting case, he unwittingly becomes vital to its perpetration. For with cryptic messages on seaside postcards and a few purposefully planted clues, the killer is drawing Elder inexorably into the very heart of the criminal matter. Elder’s teenage daughter is already there.

In the first in the Frank Elder series, before Ash & Bone and Darkness & Light, John Harvey sets in motion the events from which Elder’s family will never recover.

Ash & Bone

In the depths of his Cornish hideaway, retired Detective Inspector Frank Elder’s solitary life is disturbed by a call from his estranged wife, telling him his seventeen-year-old daughter, Katherine, is running wild, unbalanced by the abduction and rape he feels he should have prevented. Meanwhile, in the heart of London, the takedown of a violent criminal goes badly, and Detective Sergeant Maddy Birch is uneasy about the reasons why, an uneasiness that is compounded when she starts to believe she is being stalked.

Maddy and Frank have a connection, a brief and clumsy encounter years before that has left a trace of lingering regret. In Ash & Bone their lives connect again when a second phone call persuades the unsettled, unhappy Elder out of retirement, only to find that a cold case has a devastating present-day impact.

Darkness & Light

Former cop Frank Elder is once more drawn out of retirement by a phone call from his ex wife, this time asking him to look into the disappearance of her friend Jennie’s older, widowed sister Claire in Nottingham. Elder reluctantly agrees to return to the city where his family disintegrated. Elder soon uncovers sexual secrets of Claire’s that take Jennie by surprise. But when Claire is found dead at home unmarked and carefully dressed it is Elder who is surprised by the similarities to an old case. To solve this riddle, Elder will have to repartner with another person from his past, Detective Inspector Maureen Prior, and delve into several suspects’ own traumatic histories. In a case in which neither memories, confessions, nor instincts can be trusted, Elder struggles with the weight of the past and Harvey delivers another psychologically trenchant page turner.

Gone to Ground

When police detective Will Grayson and his partner, Helen Walker, investigate the violent death of Stephen Bryan, a gay academic, their first thoughts are of an ill judged sexual encounter or a fatal lovers quarrel: The man’s face was like a glove that had been pulled inside out. But they soon shift focus to the book Bryan was writing about the life and mysterious death of fifties film star Stella Leonard. While Bryan s sister puts herself in danger by conducting her own investigation, Grayson and Walker peel away the secrets of a family blighted by a lust for wealth and power and by its perverted sexuality. On the heels of his critically acclaimed Frank Elder series, John Harvey delivers a page turner both subtle and devastating.

Far Cry

Ruth and Simon reluctantly agree to let their young teenage daughter, Heather, go off on a camping holiday in Cornwall with her best friend, Kelly, and her family. While on a vacation of their own, they get the news that both girls have gone missing. Kelly is found alive, but, after several days of searching, Heather’s body is discovered inside some old mine workings. Although the police detective leading the investigation harbours suspicions of foul play, the verdict is that the death was accidental. The emotional strain of Heather’s death ruins Ruth and Simon’s marriage. After the divorce, Ruth moves from London to Cambridgeshire, where she remarries and has another child a daughter, Beatrice. But when Beatrice is close to the age Heather was when she died, she too mysteriously disappears…
Helen Walker of Harvey’s 2008 novel Gone to Ground, one of the officers involved in the investigation, travels to Cornwall to seek connections between Beatrice’s disappearance and Heather’s death. Will Grayson also of Gone to Ground, the officer leading the enquiry, is torn between his fears that a recently paroled child abuser might be responsible and his growing suspicions that someone closer to home might have taken Beatrice. With the stakes impossibly high and time running out, Helen and Will draw closer to their quarry while the truth seems to slip further into the distance.

A Darker Shade of Blue

From the master of British crime fiction, a collection of noir and detective stories from the CWA Cartier Diamond Dagger winner. John Harvey has been described as the master of British crime fiction: From the mean streets of London to the jazz clubs and clip joints of Soho, this is a world of broken families, revenge killings, and prostitution; drugs, guns, and corruption; a world of overstretched police forces and underpaid detectives; men and women who strive nonetheless for a kind of justice; a world in which everything, even friendship, has a price. Featuring characters like Frank Elder, who tried to turn his back on police work and failed; Jack Kiley, ex cop and now a London based PI; and the renowned jazz loving and much loved Detective Inspector Charlie Resnick, John Harvey’s finely crafted vignettes perfectly encapsulate life in the badlands of contemporary Britain.

The First Death

‘The savage saga of a heroic Indian and his single handed war against the invading white man!’

In a True Light

Sloane’s past in New York s bohemian 1950s is never far from the slippery surface of his present in this stylish noir tale from John Harvey, the award winning novelist touted by the London Times as ‘the King of Crime.’ Nearing sixty, Sloane has just finished serving two years in an English prison for art forgery, when he s summoned to Pisa by Jane Graham, the celebrated artist with whom he had an affair four decades before, in New York. Now on her deathbed, Jane reveals that Sloane fathered a child with her. Jane s last wish is that he find their missing daughter. Sloane agrees, but his trouble only begins when he locates the confused, edgy Connie. Let alone that she is wasting her bluesy voice singing in New York s smalltime jazz clubs; she is wasting her life big time on Vincent Delaney, her volatile mob connected manager. An unfamiliar paternal instinct pulls Sloane into Connie s rescue and a maelstrom of criminal violence, serial murder, police procedures, hard truths, and increasingly dangerous consequences.

Opening Shots: Great Mystery and Crime Writers Share Their First Published Stories

‘Opening Shots’ is a collection of incredible short fiction stories that began the published careers of 19 now prominent mystery and crime writers. Their aptitude for short fiction and the delight they take in writing it are unmistakably evident in this anthology.

Damn Near Dead

Hard boiled story collection, featuring original ”geezer noir” tales by Jeff Abbott, Megan Abbott, Charles Ardai, Ray Banks, Mark Billingham, Steve Brewer, Ken Bruen, Milton Burton, Reed Farrel Coleman, Colin Cotterill, Bill Crider, Sean Doolittle, Victor Gischler, Allan Guthrie, John Harvey, Simon Kernick, Laura Lippman, Stuart MacBride, Donna Moore, Zo Sharp, Jenny Siler, Jason Starr, Charlie Stella, Duane Swierczynski, Robert Ward, Sarah Weinman and Dave White.

The Best British Mysteries IV

British crime and mystery writing is popular all over the world. And how could it not be? After all these are the shores that saw the talents of Conan Doyle, Agatha Christie, Dorothy L Sayers and so many others flourish. From the Golden Age of classic mystery writing onwards, British talent has captured the imagination of readers in a unique way, and the modern era has been no exception. The art of the short story has always been one that mystery writers have excelled at, and here we are proud to present 25 examples of the bite sized mystery from the very best authors in Great Britain today. The stories cater for every criminal taste from the locked room puzzle to the action packed vignette and several have been shortlisted or winners of prestigious awards. Tour the British Isles with this superb collection you re bound to enjoy the journey! Contributors include: Ian Rankin, Anne Perry, Edward Marston, Martina Cole, Peter Robinson, Stella Duffy, Jerry Sykes, Liza Cody, Marin Edwards, Marion Arnott, Amy Myers, Bill James, Peter Turnbull, Robert Barnard, Peter Lovesey, Val McDermid, Mat Coward, Denise Mina, Stephen Gallagher, Judith Cutler, David Williams, John Harvey, Carol Anne Davis, Nicholas Royle, Sally Spedding

The Lineup

A great recurring character in a series you love becomes an old friend. You learn about their strange quirks and their haunted pasts and root for them every time they face danger. But where do some of the most fascinating sleuths in the mystery and thriller world really come from? What was the real life location that inspired Michael Connelly to make Harry Bosch a Vietnam vet tunnel rat? Why is Lee Child’s Jack Reacher a drifter? How did a brief encounter in Botswana inspire Alexander McCall Smith to create Precious Ramotswe? In The Lineup, some of the top mystery writers in the world tell about the genesis of their most beloved characters or, in some cases, let their creations do the talking. The following characters and their creators are featured in this collection:Jack Taylor by Ken BruenJack Reacher by Lee ChildHieronymus Bosch by Michael ConnellyCharlie Parker by John ConnollyElvis Cole and Joe Pike by Robert CraisLincoln Rhyme by Jeffery DeaverInspector Morse by Colin DexterCharlie Resnick by John HarveyBob Lee Swagger by Stephen HunterPeter Decker and Rina Lazarus by Faye KellermanAlex Delaware by Jonathan KellermanDismas Hardy by John LescroartTess Monaghan by Laura LippmanRambo by David MorrellMallory by Carol O’ConnellSpenser by Robert B. ParkerLou Boldt by Ridley PearsonCharlotte and Thomas Pitt by Anne PerryAloysius X. L. Pendergast by Douglas Preston and Lincoln ChildJohn Rebus by Ian RankinPrecious Ramotswe by Alexander McCall Smith

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