John D Nesbitt Books In Order

Jimmy Clevis Books In Order

  1. Red Wind Crossing (2003)
  2. Rancho Alegre (2006)
  3. Raven Springs (2007)

Western Tales! Books In Order

  1. Western Tales! Vol.1 (2014)
  2. Western Tales! Vol. 2 (2014)
  3. Western Tales! Vol. 3 (2014)
  4. Western Tales! Vol. 4 (2014)
  5. Western Tales! Vol. 5 (2014)
  6. Western Tales! Vol. 6 (2014)
  7. Western Tales! Vol. 8 (2014)


  1. One-Eyed Cowboy Wild (1994)
  2. Twin Rivers (1995)
  3. Wild Rose of Ruby Canyon (1997)
  4. Black Diamond Rendezvous (1998)
  5. Keep The Wind in Your Face (1998)
  6. Adventures of the Ramrod Rider (1999)
  7. A Good Man to Have in Camp (1999)
  8. Coyote Trail (2000)
  9. North of Cheyenne (2000)
  10. Man from Wolf River (2001)
  11. For the Norden Boys (2002)
  12. Black Hat Butte (2003)
  13. West of Rock River (2004)
  14. Rancho Allegre (2005)
  15. Shadows On The Plain (2005)
  16. Lonesome Range (2006)
  17. Death at Dark Water (2008)
  18. Poacher’s Moon (2008)
  19. Trouble at the Redstone (2008)
  20. Stranger in Thunder Basin (2009)
  21. Not A Rustler (2010)
  22. Gather My Horses (2010)
  23. Dark Prairie (2013)
  24. Across The Cheyenne River (2014)
  25. Don’t Be a Stranger (2015)
  26. Justice at Redwillow (2015)
  27. Death in Cantera (2016)
  28. Good Water (2016)
  29. Destiny At Dry Camp (2017)
  30. Blue Springs (2017)
  31. Castle Butte (2018)
  32. Dusk Along the Niobrara (2019)
  33. Great Lonesome (2020)
  34. Silver Grass (2021)
  35. Coldwater Range (2022)


  1. Two Novellas (2012)
  2. Twilight of the Gun (2014)
  3. Fathers (2015)
  4. Code of the West (2016)
  5. Pearl of Great Price / Leaving the Lariat Trail (2019)


  1. One Foot in the Stirrup (1995)
  2. Antelope Sky (1997)
  3. Seasons in the Fields (1998)
  4. ReadWest (2011)
  5. Field Work (2012)
  6. Triple Shot Westerns (2016)
  7. Western Short Story Showcase (2018)
  8. Tales of the Old West (2018)
  9. Contention and Other Frontier Stories (2019)
  10. Dangerous Trails (2020)
  11. Hobnail and Other Frontier Stories (2020)
  12. West of Dancing Rock & Other Western Stories (2021)


  1. Rose of Durango (2011)
  2. Song of Pierre (2011)
  3. For the Love of Camille (2012)
  4. Blue Horse Mesa (2012)
  5. Honcho (2014)
  6. West of Dancing Rock (2017)
  7. Chugwater Charlie (2017)
  8. Emma’s Purpose (2017)
  9. Hap (2017)
  10. LeBlanc Station (2017)
  11. Night Falls at Lonetree (2017)
  12. Not Going Anywhere (2017)
  13. Strangers in Silverthorne (2017)
  14. To Quench A Thirst (2017)
  15. Where the Water Once Ran (2017)
  16. With A Shade Of Grey (2017)
  17. Back From Bavispe (2017)
  18. If You’ve Got The Saddle (2017)
  19. Flowers For Rebecca (2018)
  20. Stone In The Distance (2018)
  21. Spring Comes To The Widow (2018)
  22. Trail’s End (2018)
  23. Where It’s A Little Warmer (2018)
  24. Pearl of Great Price (2018)
  25. Leaving the Lariat Trail (2019)

Non fiction

  1. I’ll Tell You What (1996)
  2. Robert Roripaugh (2004)
  3. Lesser-Known Works of Wyoming Fiction (2016)
  4. Shaping the Story (2019)

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John D Nesbitt Books Overview

Twin Rivers

Having filed a claim on a piece of land, hoping it will be worth something when the railroad goes through, Clay Westbrook confronts the ruthless ambitions of Theodore Sutton, who will stop at nothing to get all of Clay’s property.

Wild Rose of Ruby Canyon

At first, homesteader Henry Sommers is pleased when his neighbor Van O’Leary starts dropping by. After all, friends come in handy out on the Wyoming Plains. But it soon becomes clear that O’Leary has some sort of money making scheme in the works and doesn’t much care how the money is made. Henry wants no part of his neighbor’s dirty business, but freeing himself of O’Leary is almost as difficult as climbing out of quicksand and just as dangerous.

Coyote Trail

BAD COMPANY Travis Quinn didn’t have much luck picking his friends. He was fired from the last ranch he worked on when a friend of his got blacklisted for going behind the owner’s back. Guilt by association sent Quinn looking for another job, too. He made his way down the Powder River country until he ran into Miles Newman, who put in a good word for him and got him a job at the Lockhart Ranch. But Quinn didn’t know too much about Newman, and the more he learned, the less he liked. Pretty soon it started to look like Quinn had picked the wrong friend again. And if the rumors about Newman were true, this friend just might get him killed.

For the Norden Boys

Tom Atkins was out of work, so when the Norden brothers offered him a job, he figured he might as well accept. They were nice enough, and had just bought a small ranch nearby. Atkins could do worse. But as time went by, he began to notice things. Small things, but troubling. Small things have a tendency to become big things, though, and it wasn’t long before Tom realized exactly what he had gotten himself into…
Available only in Wheeler Softcover 4.

Poacher’s Moon

Well known author John D. Nesbitt, who has delivered more than 18 historic Western novels to eager readers, now turns his hand to a contemporary Western story that sets intriguing characters against a background of the wildlife and wild lands of Wyoming. Lifelong outdoorsman Wilf Kasmire, trying to find a way to make a living doing something he enjoys, decides that guiding hunters might just fit the bill. While he dislikes the condescending attitude of some of the out of staters who hire him, at least he’s spending his time in the landscape he loves. When an offer comes from a Colorado man who has recently bought one of the older ranches in the area to guide some of his friends, Wilf agrees to take the job. But over the course of the next few days first one thing and then another doesn’t seem to add up and even after the hunters leave town, Wilf finds himself caught in a web of deception and, in the end, murder. John Nesbitt knows hunting, knows Wyoming, knows the interplay of men in the field, and knows how to tell an authentic, warts and all story of the real outdoors. C.J. Box, author of Open Season, Out of Range, and other Joe Pickett novels. The time is ripe for a good contemporary novel with a Western setting. Loren D. Estleman, author of The Master Executioner, The Undertaker’s Wife, and the Amos Walker mysteries. John Nesbitt’s Poacher’s Moon is a fresh new voice in the genre. W. Michael Gear and Kathleen O’Neal Gear, authors of People of the Moon and The First North Americans Series.

Trouble at the Redstone

Will Dryden followed the trail of a missing man to the Redstone Ranch, where he will have to find the truth about three other murdered men.

Stranger in Thunder Basin

When he was a boy, Edward Dawes saw his grandfather murdered. Now, after a chance meeting, Dawes knows the murderer is alive and nearby, and he won t rest until the killer pays for his crime!

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