Joel Rosenberg Books In Order

Guardians of the Flame Books In Publication Order

  1. The Sleeping Dragon (1983)
  2. The Sword and the Chain (1984)
  3. The Silver Crown (1985)
  4. The Heir Apparent (1987)
  5. The Warrior Lives (1988)
  6. The Road to Ehvenor (1991)
  7. The Road Home (1995)
  8. Not Exactly the Three Musketeers (1999)
  9. Not Quite Scaramouche (2001)
  10. Not Really The Prisoner of Zenda (2003)

Thousand Worlds Books In Publication Order

  1. Ties of Blood and Silver (1984)
  2. Emile and the Dutchman (1985)
  3. Not For Glory (1988)
  4. Hero (1990)

Keepers of the Hidden Ways Books In Publication Order

  1. The Fire Duke (1995)
  2. The Silver Stone (1996)
  3. The Crimson Sky (1998)

D’Shai Books In Publication Order

  1. D’Shai (1991)
  2. Hour of the Octopus (1994)

Sparky Hemingway Books In Publication Order

  1. Home Front (2003)
  2. Family Matters (2004)

Morded’s Heirs/Paladins Books In Publication Order

  1. Paladins (2004)
  2. Knight Moves (2006)

Legends Of The Riftwar Books In Publication Order

  1. Honored Enemy (By:Raymond E. Feist,William R. Forstchen) (2001)
  2. Murder in LaMut (With: Raymond E. Feist) (2003)
  3. Jimmy the Hand (By:S.M. Stirling,Raymond E. Feist) (2005)
  4. Jimmy and the Crawler (By:Raymond E. Feist) (2013)

Anthologies In Publication Order

  1. Friends of the Horseclans (1987)

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Joel Rosenberg Books Overview

The Warrior Lives

The word arrives that Karl Cullinane is dead. Jason, his son and heir, assumes command. He leads the inner circle of warriors and the dragon Ellegon against the evil Slaver’s Guild. Then Jason learns his father still lives. When a dwarf appears, signaling death, Jason faces a choice and the full weight of kingship.

The Road to Ehvenor

In what may be Rosenberg’s greatest effort yet, The Road to Ehvenor is a tightly woven tale of magic, mystery and swordplay. It’s a relentless high fantasy quest that legions of devoted fantasy fans have been anxiously awaiting.

The Road Home

Hoping to intercept his bitter best friend’s crusade to kill off all the slave masters in the land and keep the legend of the Warrior alive, baron Jason Cullinane is unaware that his search will force him into a dangerous pact.

Not Exactly the Three Musketeers

Set in Joel Rosenberg’s bestselling Guardians of the Flame series, Not Exactly the Three Musketeers is a swashbuckling parody of Alexandre Dumas’s classic novel. Irreverent? Heck yes, but more fun than a dozen bodice rippers combined. Meet the heroes of Castle Cullinane: Kethol: the pretty fellow, a long and lanky redhead with an easy smile and an easygoing attitude that his clever eyes deny. He is quick with a quip…
and quicker with a sword. Durine: the big man, a head taller than most and twice as wide, built like a barrel, with a loyal heart and hands too thick to use anything more delicate than an ax handle. Pirojil: the ugly one, his face heavy jawed, with an eye ridge that would mark him as a Neanderthal only to the most gracious. But looks deceive, and his might be the rarest gift of all. Athos, Porthos, and Aramis they’re not…
What they are is part of the loyal household of the Castle Cullinane, sworn to protect the Cullinane manse…
and the sometimes heroic Jason Cullinane, who some say foolishly chose to renounce his family’s right to the throne. When our heroes are summoned by the reigning Dowager Empress who is convinced that Jason’s renunciation is merely a ruse to destroy her own aspirations and are sent on a mission to investigate whether an errant noblewoman is being coerced into an arranged marriage, our heroes know that things are more complicated than they seem. But they have no way of knowing who is friend or foe…
or whose hand holds the killing blade. And if they play the wrong card, they won’t lose only their lives but will help destroy the house that they have sworn to protect. With heroic rascals, ladies who perhaps are more in need of a good hiding than rescuing, thoughtful dragons, and would be kingmakers who are too smart for their own good, Not Exactly the Three Musketeers is a rollicking fantasy adventure that is sure to appeal to Rosenberg’s ardent fans…
and every fantasy lover.

Not Quite Scaramouche

Several of them, in fact. He’s the heir to an empire but he doesn’t want to be. And nobody believes that he could or would walk away, and give the job of ruling the kingdom to someone else. In this roller coaster of a sequel to Not Exactly the Three Musketeers, it looks like the stage is set for a major shake up in the kingdom. Jason’s help in keeping everything from blowing up are the self appointed soldiers of the errant Jason, sent by that wily off worlder Walter Slovotsky to keep Jason in one piece…
more or less. There’s Kethol, the long and lanky redhead with an easy smile, who’s quick with a quip and quicker with a sword; Pirojil, the ugly one, whose looks deceive and whose might and loyalty are worth a kingdom; and the fledgling wizard Erenor, a man who tries to stay two steps ahead of his enemies as well as one step ahead of his friends. They’re all part of the Cullinane retinue, sworn to protect the Cullinane manse and the sometimes heroic Jason Cullinane and they have their hands full. Because no one likes a vacuum or one too many contenders for power, Jason’s soldiers are going to have to do some fast adventuring to make it all turn out all right. Next in Joel Rosenberg’s bestselling Guardians of the Flame series, Not Quite Scaramouche continues the adventures of the journeyman soldiers of Castle Cullinane and their sometimes ill fated leader in all their raucous glory.

Not Really The Prisoner of Zenda

Kethol is an adventurer with an easy smile, a man who is quick with a quip and quicker with a sword. His partner, Pirojil, the ugly one, looks impressive and deceives people into thinking he’s stupid to their sorrow for his might and loyalty are worth a kingdom. And the fledgling wizard Erenor, a man who tries to stay two steps ahead of his enemies, as well as one step ahead of his friends. Loyal retainers they are, sworn to Jason Cullianane, a man who walked away from a crown, and who has been trying to convince all the almost warring factions that he doesn’t want the job back. Their lives aren’t very easy, what with keeping Jason from getting killed by yet another conspiracy, rescuing some damsel or whatnot in distress, and squirreling away something for the ever diminishing prospect of retirement. And now it looks like our heroes might wind up succeeding in none of their schemes, for there are plots within plots, and Kethol has been forced into a disguise not of his own making. There is magic aplenty in the air and on the ground, and in order to save a kingdom, they may have to pull off a complicated scheme that could kill them all or land them in positions of supreme power. But, hey, whoever said that a soldier’s life was a cakewalk? Set in Joel Rosenberg’s bestselling Guardians of the Flame series, Not Really The Prisoner of Zenda is the third adventure of the journeymen soldiers of Castle Cullianane and their sometimes ill fated leader in all their raucous glory. A fun, fast paced read, it’s a rollicking roller coaster of a book that will have fantasy fans reaching for more.

The Fire Duke

There are Hidden Ways built into the structure of existence linking the New World and the Newer…
dating back to a time before time. When he brought college friends Maggie and Ian home to North Dakota, Torrie Thorsen anticipated a carefree vacation not werewolves, Norse gods and inconceivable worlds. But the Thorsen destiny leads them all to where the family’s history began through secret portals into a place of legend and peril. For here, where the blade of Torrie’s father once loyally served the House of the Sky, son and father both must suffer for ancient transgressions. And with war clouds gathering above the Middle Dominion, an unlikely champion will raise his sword in defense of captive friends…
to prevent the fiery coming of the End of All Days.

The Crimson Sky

In earlier books, three young college friends discovered timeless, secret portals into the alternate world called Tir Na Nog and successfully located two magical jewels. Now they seek a third jewel as struggles between noble ruling houses push them perilously close to war. Meanwhile, at home in the ‘real world,’ an evil being is stalking family and friends of one of the young heroes. Now they must find the stone, defuse the increasingly volatile political situation n Tir Na Nog, and stop the evil one before he can destroy more innocent lives.

Home Front

When aging, balding, copy editor Ernest ‘Sparky’ Hemingway no relation gets a call from the daughter of his Vietnam buddy George Washington also no relation, he is faced with a choice. He can head out to Minneapolis to help her out of a jam or hang up the phone and this phone call has the potential to turn Sparky’s life upside down. He’s managed to erect a pretty effective cocoon around himself over the last few years, and no amount of aggravation or thoughts about his long gone ex wife can get through his very carefully nurtured shell. He’s very comfortable living well, maybe just existing in the little North Dakota town of Hardwoods, filled with its decidedly odd folks who just do what they have to in order to get along, where everybody knows everybody else’s secret but pretends they don’t. He’s left alone, and that’s the way Sparky likes it. But you don’t walk away from a promise. Especially when that promise was made to somebody who pulled your butt out of more unfriendly and friendly fire than a hailstorm of June bugs. You don’t ask, you just do. His fellow vet buddy Doc Holiday you guessed it, no relation meets him in Minneapolis and tosses him a . 45, which comes in handy when they run into a hard time with some gang bangers who are after the girl in question. They rescue Washington’s teenage daughter, Tenisha, and Doc and Sparky split up, Sparky taking Tenisha and her cat back to his place. Between dealing with the aforementioned gang bangers, the Minneapolis police, who are hassling Sparky, Doc’s brain tumor, and the mostly white town Sparky lives in taking umbrage at the color of Tenisha’s skin not to mention having to haul a four month pregnant neighbor and her baby to his house for safety during a blizzard Sparky thinks he’s handling himself pretty well. And then things start to get weird.


In the seventeenth century, in an alternate universe where Mordred defeated King Arthur now known as ‘Arthur the Tyrant’ and founded the Pendragon dynasty, much of Europe, Asia, and the New World are part of an Empire ruled from England. The Order of Crown, Shield, and Dragon, originally founded as Mordred’s personal bodyguard, has become a legion of special agents for the Crown: special emissaries in time of peace, and invincible warriors in more violent times. They carry special weapons: swords, each of which contains the soul of someone of great power. White swords are inhabited by the souls of saints and red swords by those who were anything but saints. Even in the hands of a Knight of the Order, even wielded in the cause of righteousness, a red sword is terribly dangerous to its owner and all around him. In evil hands, a red sword is the most dangerous and powerful weapon known to mankind. Now, three Knights of the Order have just tracked down a previously unknown red sword which was found on a Grecian shore, and which shows all signs of having been recently forged. Worse, the mind encased in the sword remembers that it was only one of many which were cached in the hold of a mysterious sailing ship, origin unknown.

Knight Moves

In the seventeenth century, in an alternate universe, Mordred defeated King Arthur known as Arthur the Tyrant and founded an Empire, now ruling much of Europe, Asia, and the New World, ably defended by the Order of Crown, Shield and Dragon. These special agents carry swords, each containing the soul of someone of great power. Even in the hands of a knight of the Order, and wielded in the cause of righteousness, such a sword is terribly dangerous to its owner and all around him a single red sword can defeat an ordinary army. Last time, three knights of the Order were able to defeat an enemy with an arsenal of red swords, though at a terrible cost. But new menaces are threatening. An ancient witch, long thought to be dead, has returned, and the deadly creatures called darklings are infesting Europe. And on the isle of Colonsay, another deadly supernatural being has appeared, sending the inhabitants into frenzies of murderous madness. This time courage and a strong sword arm, even when armed with a sword of power, may not be enough to save the Empire.

Honored Enemy (By:Raymond E. Feist,William R. Forstchen)

As the Riftwar tears Midkemia apart, enemies trapped in the frozen Northlands must trust each other to stay alive…
. In the sprawling, embattled land of Midkemia, fate can form strange alliances. Nine years into the bloody and ongoing Riftwar, Dennis Hartraft’s Marauders are cold, hungry, and exhausted. Having only just survived a disastrous encounter with their sworn enemy, the Tsurani, the soldiers are headed for a frontier garrison, where they will be able to rest and recover. But Hartraft’s company arrives at the same time as a Tsurani patrol, and both sides discover the stronghold overrun by a migrating horde of dark elves called moredhel, a foe so deadly and vicious the bitter enemies must band together and fight as one. But can their hatred for their mutual enemy overcome their distrust of each other? As the two groups, bound to each other by their common foe, make their way across the unknown Northlands to freedom, they have to struggle with not only the elements and the enemy, but also their consciences. For, with both sides carrying painful scars from past wars, each man must ask himself what is more important: one’s life or one’s honor?

Murder in LaMut (With: Raymond E. Feist)

The second novel of a major new Feist acquisition, returning to his best loved series. Written with Joel Rosenberg. The second Riftwar collaboration, Murder in LaMut, written by masters of fantasy Raymond E. Feist and Joel Rosenburg. The heavy action was supposedly at Crydee these days which meant that the one place they could be sure the three of them were not going was Crydee. Come spring, the privateer Melanie was due in Ylith, and its captain could be counted on for a swift conveyance away for sure, and likely not to murder them in their sleep. That would be bad for business. But away where? That wasn’t Durine’s worry. Kethol would surely be able to find the three of them somebody who needed men who knew which part of the sword you used to cut with and which part you used to butter your bread, and Pirojil would be able to negotiate a price at least half again what the employer was ready to pay. All Durine would have to do was kill people. That was fine with him. Durine, Kethol and Pirojil are three mercenaries who have spent twenty years fighting other people’s battles: against the Tsurani and the Bugs and the goblins, and now it seems they’ve run out of Tsurani, Bugs and goblins to kill. The prospect of a few months of garrison duty offers a welcome respite; but then they are given an assignment that seems, on the surface, like cushy work to protect a lady and her husband and deliver them safely to the city of Lamut. It should all have been so simple! Raymond E. Feist is the author of the bestselling and critically acclaimed Riftwar Saga, the Serpentwar Saga and the epic Krondor series. Joel Rosenberg is best known for The Guardian of the Flame sequence. His other fantasy work includes D’Shai novels and the Keeper of the Hidden Ways series.

Jimmy the Hand (By:S.M. Stirling,Raymond E. Feist)

The third novel of Feist’s successful collaborative series. From the endlessly inventive mind of one of fantasy’s all time greats, comes a spellbinding new adventure of high magic, treachery and bloody war. This time in conjunction with master of alternative US history, Steve Stirling, Feist returns to tell the full tale of one of his fans’ favourite most colourful Riftwar characters, pickpocket, montebank and confidence trickster Jimmy the Hand. Jimmy the Hand, boy thief of Krondor, lived in the shadows of the city. The sewers were his byways and a flea ridden, rat infested cellar his home. Gifted beyond his peers, he was still but a nimble street urchin, a pickpocket with potential. Until the day he met Prince Arutha. Aiding the Prince in his rescue of Princess Anita from imprisonment by Duke Guy du Bas Tyra, Jimmy ran afoul of Black Guy’s secret police. Fearing reprisal and seeking an opportunity to advance his place in life, Jimmy fled the city and ventured north to the relatively safe haven of Sarth. Suspecting the rural villagers had never encountered a lad with his talent and nose for finding wealth other people’s wealth, Jimmy was unprepared for what greeted him. For Sarth was home to others who trod the dodgy path, and more, to a darker secret, a dangerous presence unknown to even the local thieves and smugglers. Jimmy’s youthful bravado and courage plunge him deep into the maw of chaos and death.

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