JoAnn Ross Books In Order

Bachelor Arms Books In Publication Order

  1. Never a Bride (1995)
  2. For Richer or Poorer (1995)
  3. Three Grooms And A Wedding (1995)

The Callahan Brothers Books In Publication Order

  1. Blue Bayou (2002)
  2. River Road (2002)
  3. Magnolia Moon (2003)

Castlelough Books In Publication Order

  1. A Woman’s Heart (1998)
  2. Fair Haven (2000)
  3. Legends Lake (2001)
  4. Briarwood Cottage (2014)

Castle Mountain Books In Publication Order

  1. Star Crossed Lovers (1993)
  2. Moonstruck Lovers (1993)

Coldwater Cove Books In Publication Order

  1. Homeplace (1999)
  2. Far Harbor (2000)

Dreamlover Books In Publication Order

  1. Dreamlover (1984)
  2. Tender Betrayal (1984)

Duskfire Books In Publication Order

  1. Duskfire (1985)
  2. Risky Pleasure (1985)

High Risk Books In Publication Order

  1. Freefall (2008)
  2. Crossfire (2008)
  3. Shattered (2009)
  4. Breakpoint (2009)

Honeymoon Harbor Books In Publication Order

  1. Home to Honeymoon Harbor (2018)
  2. Herons Landing (2018)
  3. Once Upon a Wedding (2018)
  4. Snowfall on Lighthouse Lane (2018)
  5. Summer on Mirror Lake (2019)

Lucky Penny Books In Publication Order

  1. Magic In The Night (1986)
  2. Playing for Keeps (1986)
  3. Tempting Fate (1987)

Masterson-Tiernan Books In Publication Order

  1. Without Precedent (1986)
  2. Worth Waiting For (1987)
  3. Spirit of Love (1988)

Men of Whiskey River Books In Publication Order

  1. Untamed (1996)
  2. Confessions (1996)
  3. The Outlaw (1996)
  4. Wanted! (1996)
  5. Ambushed (1996)

Montacroix Royal Family Books In Publication Order

  1. Guarded Moments (1990)
  2. Dance with a Dynasty (1993)
  3. The Prince & the Showgirl (1993)
  4. Angel of Desire (1994)

New Orleans Knights Books In Publication Order

  1. Roarke, the Adventurer (1997)
  2. Shayne, the Pretender (1997)
  3. Michael, the Defender (1997)

Orchid Island Books In Publication Order

  1. Sun Kissed (2015)

River’s Bend Books In Publication Order

  1. River’s Bend (1988)
  2. Long Road Home (2016)

Rum Runner Island Books In Publication Order

  1. A Place in Time (2016)

Shelter Bay Books In Publication Order

  1. The Homecoming (2010)
  2. One Summer (2011)
  3. On Lavender Lane (2012)
  4. Moonshell Beach (2012)
  5. Sea Glass Winter (2012)
  6. Castaway Cove (2013)
  7. Christmas in Shelter Bay (2013)
  8. You Again (2014)
  9. Beyond the Sea (2015)
  10. Sunset Point (2015)

Stewart Sisters Books In Publication Order

  1. Out of the Mist (2003)
  2. Out of the Blue (2004)
  3. Out of the Storm (2004)

Tangled Books In Publication Order

  1. Tangled Hearts (1991)
  2. Tangled Lives (1991)

Temptation Books In Publication Order

  1. Lucky in Love (1998)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. Winning Season (1983)
  2. Stardust and Diamonds (1983)
  3. Sterling Deceptions (1984)
  4. A Secure Arrangement (1984)
  5. Touch the Sun (1984)
  6. Stormy Courtship (1985)
  7. Wolfe’s Prey (1985)
  8. High Stakes Affair (1985)
  9. Love Thy Neighbor (1985)
  10. A Dangerous Passion (1985)
  11. Promises to Keep (1985)
  12. Bait And Switch (1986)
  13. A Hero at Heart (1986)
  14. Hot on the Trail (1987)
  15. In a Class by Himself (1988)
  16. Wilde ‘n’ Wonderful (1988)
  17. Eve’s Choice (1988)
  18. Murphy’s Law (1988)
  19. Secret Sins (1990)
  20. Dark Desires (1992)
  21. Private Pleasures (1992)
  22. The Knight in Shining Armor (1992)
  23. Midnight Runaway (1992)
  24. Lovestorm (1993)
  25. The Long Way Back (1994)
  26. The Return of Caine O’Halloran (1994)
  27. Scandals (1994)
  28. Legacy of Lies (1995)
  29. Private Passions (1995)
  30. It Happened One Week (1996)
  31. I Do, I Do…For Now (1996)
  32. Southern Comforts (1996)
  33. No Regrets (1997)
  34. Hunk of the Month (1998)
  35. Home by the Sea (1998)
  36. 1-800-Hero (1998)
  37. Dial a Hero (1998)
  38. Blaze (1999)
  39. Thirty Nights (2001)
  40. Impulse (2006)
  41. Champagne and Moonlight (2006)
  42. No Safe Place (2007)
  43. Finding Her Hero (2020)
  44. The Inheritance (2021)

JoAnn Short Story Collections In Publication Order

  1. Home For Christmas (2014)

7 Brides For 7 Brothers Books In Publication Order

  1. Gabe (By:Ruth Cardello) (2016)
  2. Knox (By:Christie Ridgway) (2016)
  3. Max (By:Lynn Raye Harris) (2016)
  4. James (By:Roxanne St. Claire) (2016)
  5. Finn (2016)

Bachelor Auction Books In Publication Order

  1. Mackenzie’s Woman (1999)
  2. Just for the Night (By:Leandra Logan) (1999)
  3. One Wild Weekend (By:) (1999)
  4. Single, Sexy … And Sold! (By:Vicki Lewis Thompson) (2010)

Lost Loves Books In Publication Order

  1. What Might Have Been (By:) (1994)
  2. The Return of Caine O’Halloran / Hard Choices (1994)
  3. Forms Of Love (By:) (1994)

Anthologies In Publication Order

  1. Bayou Bad Boys (2005)
  2. Bad Boys Southern Style (2006)
  3. Silver Bells (2008)
  4. Christmas on Main Street (2013)

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JoAnn Ross Books Overview

Blue Bayou

JoAnn Ross, one of the fastest rising stars in contemporary romance, begins a stunning trilogy that showcases her extraordinary storytelling ability and introduces the unforgettable, moss draped splendor of Blue Bayou.

Danielle Dupree, daughter of a prominent judge, was the closest thing to a princess the sleepy Louisiana town of Blue Bayou ever had. Her passionate teenage love affair with Jack Callahan was cut short for reasons that were never clear to Dani but were all too obvious to Jack, the sexy bad boy son of Judge Dupree’s housekeeper.

Thirteen years later Dani, a widow with a son, comes home to start a new life and is surprised that Jack, too, has moved back to the Bayou. A former DEA agent who is now a bestselling author, Jack has bought Dani’s childhood home, Beau Soleil. But even as their passion reignites, Dani and Jack know that secrets hang in the air…
and that the past may ruin their second chance at a once in a lifetime love.

River Road

JoAnn Ross, one of the most passionate voices in contemporary romantic fiction, returns to the moss draped splendor of Blue Bayou in a powerful novel of love and suspense, filled with characters you will never forget. Julia Summers is in Blue Bayou, Louisiana, wrapping up her role on the sizzling soap opera River Road before jetting off to play the part of her dreams. But when she receives an all too real threat, her director saddles her with a no nonsense FBI agent as protection. Free spirited Julia figures she’ll just use her feminine wiles to keep the handsome bodyguard out of her way. Finn Callahan has no interest in baby sitting a spoiled starlet, but he owes his brother, Blue Bayou’s mayor, a favor. When danger closes in on Julia, Finn realizes that what he feels for her is much more than physical attraction. Now he’ll willingly lay his life on the line for the woman who has shown him how beautiful life can be when it’s filled with laughter and love.

Magnolia Moon

JoAnn Ross’s breathtaking novels have made her one of the most popular authors of contemporary romantic fiction. Here, set amid the sultry grandeur of Blue Bayou, is the eagerly awaited conclusion to her captivating Callahan Brothers trilogy.

L.A. homicide detective Regan Hart’s life is turned upside down with the discovery that she was adopted. Following a trail left in her birth mother’s journal, she lands in Louisiana’s Blue Bayou, where she’s determined not to let Nate Callahan, the town’s handsome, sweet talking mayor, distract her from her search.

Nate Callahan loves women and they’ve always loved him right back. No nonsense Regan couldn’t be more different from his usual type, but as they spend time together, unlocking the puzzles of Regan’s past, neither can deny the attraction sizzling between them and both come to realize that family bonds are forged not through blood ties, but through choices of the heart.

A Woman’s Heart

Ireland a land of unbridled spirit, ancient legends, whitewashed cottages and storybook castles. A place where anything can happen and there are no strangers until now. Quinn Gallagher has reluctantly come to Castlelough. He’s cynical, bitter and disillusioned. But the magic of the west coast is about to change him. He’s never met anyone like Nora Fitzpatrick. Despite all of life’s hardships, the young widow still has a generous heart. Quinn can’t help himself. He falls in love. But life has taught Quinn never to trust in anything…
especially a happy ending. In A Woman’s Heart, JoAnn Ross has created a rich lyrical love story about land, community, family and the very special bond between a man who doesn’t believe in anything and a woman who believes in him.

Fair Haven

Beloved for novels that ‘deliver laughter, tears, and so much joy’ Romantic Times, JoAnn Ross brings another of Coldwater Cove’s citizens to life in this poignant tale of family and friendship, loyalty and loss, courage and suffering. Most of all, this is a story of love’s miraculous powers.

Fair Haven

Erin O’Halloran has witnessed the atrocities of war firsthand. But when she travels to Western Ireland to attempt to save a dying friend and mentor, she faces her greatest challenge yet. And when she happens to meet the love of her life, matters become unexpectedly complicated.

After spending years capturing war’s horrors in his camera lens, photojournalist Michael Joyce escapes to his Irish family’s farm, yearning to shut out the world. But fate has other plans for him including unbidden feelings for Dr. O’Halloran and the unexpected rewards of fatherhood.

Surrounded by Ireland’s magic, Erin and Michael begin to see nightmares replaced by dreams. But it will take more than one miracle before they discover the answers to their deepest questions?the ones they had never dared ask.

Legends Lake

‘JoAnn Ross triumphs again!’ said ‘Romantic Times’ of Fair Haven. Now the talented author returns to the bewitching Irish countryside in this irresistible tale of love’s extraordinary possibilities. Prepare to be spellbound by the magic ofIn the exclusive world of horse racing, Alec MacKenna is known as a hardheaded trainer who cares more for an animal’s welfare than the financial bottom line. After a public altercation with a callous owner leaves his career on the brink of ruin, Alec’s only chance for redemption is Legends Lake, a thoroughbred with Triple Crown potential and a dangerous problem that could end both of their careers. Alec escorts the colt from the bluegrass hills of Kentucky to the emerald pastures of Ireland to meet the woman who bred him, in hopes that she may have the answers that will save them. Kate O’Sullivan is happy to see her beloved horse come home, even under such disturbing circumstances. In spite of the irascible Yank who came with him, she has the feeling that something in her life is about to change forever. As Alec and Kate work to unravel the mystery of Legends Lake, they discover their shared concern for the troubled racehorse could turn into something extraordinary for each other.


Contemporary and compelling, the novels of JoAnn Ross draw their power from the laughter and tears that fill women’s lives. Now, after her triumphant bestseller A Woman’s Heart, she makes a dazzling Pocket Books debut with a richly emotional tale of a woman struggling with her unconventional family…
and a deep longing for a love of her own.

Fighting legal battles eighty hours a week has left Raine Cantrell burned out and empty. Although she once dreamed that success might make the father who walked away without a backward glance take notice, the high powered big city lawyer now finds herself feeling very alone. Then she gets an urgent call from three kids in trouble in her Washington state hometown, and suddenly Raine is returning to face unresolved feelings, unhealed wounds and an unexpected desire.

Sheriff Jack O’Halloran, a man with a tragedy in his past and a six year old daughter to raise alone, has three teens barricaded inside a house and the media clamoring for a story. He isn’t ready for Raine to invade his territory or his thoughts. And Raine isn’t ready for anyone to touch her heart.

Unable to deny their attraction to each other, their solution is adult, reasonable and totally foolish. They decide to have a simple affair. But they are about to discover that love is rarely simple and that lives can change forever in a single heartbeat.

A tender and deeply affecting tale, Homeplace will linger in your heart long after the last page is turned.

Far Harbor

‘One of the best storytellers the genre has produced’ Amazon. com, JoAnn Ross creates characters so vibrant and funny they’re irresistible. Now she triumphs again with a remarkably intimate tale that illuminates the ardent emotions of a woman coming to terms with her life and with her heart. After her seemingly idyllic marriage turns out to be a pretty illusion, Savannah Townsend returns to her hometown of Coldwater Cove, Washington. Determined to live life on her own terms, she takes on the task of restoring the local Far Harbor lighthouse and making it the cozy inn she had always dreamed of. But she hasn’t anticipated opposition from the lighthouse’s owner, her grandmother’s disturbing memory losses, or the problems of an emotionally wounded teenage girl. Most of all, she hasn’t planned on having feelings for Daniel OHalloran, a caring and passionate man from her past. As affection moves to attraction and then to something far deeper, Savannah learns that in life nothing worth having comes easily. She also discovers that some dreams really are forever. A novel of uncommon grace and power, Far Harbor is at once a poignant love story and an emotion packed account of one woman’s journey home.


Emotionally and physically wounded ex SEAL_Zachariah Tremayne has returned to his South C arolina home determined to shut out the world. Then he meets Sabrina Swann, who has also made a private journey home to put the tattered pieces of her own life back together. But as the two of them learn to love and trust again, a killer is lurking in the shadows, threatening to destroy everything they have fought so hard to rebuild.


F.B.I. Special Agent Caitlin Cavanaugh’s latest assignment: to stop a violent madman on the rampage in Somersett, South Carolina. Even more challenging is working with sexy former Navy SEAL Quinn McKade, as they spend the steamy summer nights together investigating the murders. But when the killer starts leaving chilling clues, the pair knows that the murders aren t random and that they could be next.


More than a year after his red hot affair in Baghdad with Army doctor Kirby Campbell, Army pilot Shane Garrett is trying to rebuild his life stateside. Kirby is also stateside, but when she learns a friend is being held hostage in Central America, she works with Phoenix Team to organize a rescue and Shane isn t about to let them leave him behind. Or let Kirby get away. But when Kirby and Shane stare danger in the face, they come to know each other in the way no civilian could ever understand. And they wonder: can they fight for their country, for their lives and for love?


Air Force Combat Controller Dallas O’Halloran is as tough as he is loyal. So he’s not pleased when he’s recruited into a new anti terror unit and teamed up with Academy graduate Julianne Decatur the icy blond JAG officer who nearly court martialed his friends.

Assigned to investigate a Navy flyer’s apparent suicide, they discover the trail of a ruthless killer and an attraction between them that can’t be denied. And when their prey turns the tables on them, Julianne will have to depend on the one man daring and reckless enough to keep them both alive…

Tempting Fate

Determined not to let her new job be affected by her past relationship with Donovan Kincaid, a stereotypical absentminded professor, college administrator Brooke Stirling denies Donovan’s insistence that their reconciliation was fated. Reissue.


In a world of illicit desires, Confessions can be deadly…
Whiskey River is a quiet Arizona mountain town until it’s rocked by murder. The death of Laura Swann Fletcher, the beautiful wife of charismatic senator Alan Fletcher, makes headlines across the nation. Trace Callaghan’s job is to solve Laura’s murder, and solve it quickly. As the sheriff of Whiskey River, he has a reputation for unwavering logic and deliberate action. But this case is unlike any he’s ever handled before. Because Laura’s sister, Mariah, insists on being fully involved an involvement that extends beyond seeing her sister’s killer unmasked. In this twisted case packed with illicit desires and dark secrets, everyone is a suspect. And nothing is what it seems…

The Homecoming

First in a heartwarming new series from the New York Times bestselling author Former Navy SEAL Sax Douchett returns to his home town and is hailed as a local hero. But starting over is difficult when he unearths a long buried secret that reunites him with a past he’s never forgotten. She’s Sheriff Kara Conway, a girl who’s always held a special place in his heart. But as he cautiously reconnects with Kara and bonds with her young son, another long held secret in Shelter Bar threatens their second chance at a life together…

On Lavender Lane

Former Navy SEAL Lucas Chaffee is settling back into civilian life, refurbishing a farmhouse for an old friend who plans to turn it into a culinary school. Celebrity TV chef Madeline Durand has been publicly humiliated by a philandering husband. So Madeline jumps at the chance to return to Shelter Bay to recover and help her grandmother turn the family farm into a new business. Little does she know that the man who broke her heart years ago is already on the job or that he’s going to cook up a recipe of passion, patience, and perseverance to win her over.

Out of the Mist

Following her wildly popular Callahan Brothers trilogy, national bestselling author JoAnn Ross begins the sparkling Stewart Sisters trilogy with this fun, sexy riff on the classic movie To Catch a Thief — with a Scottish twist!

Lily Stewart is busy planning the summer Highland Games at her family’s Great Smoky Mountain resort. So the last thing she needs is some arrogant, demanding Scotsman — no matter how sexy — arriving to film the annual festival. It’s bad enough that he’s constantly interrupting her days — but even worse that he’s tempting her to rev up her nights with a Highland fling.

Filmmaker Ian MacDougall MacKenzie is actually there to steal back the Brooch of Lorn, which has gone back and forth between the Stewarts and the MacDougalls ever since it was ripped from Robert the Bruce’s tartan in 1306. But when Ian realizes Lily has stolen his heart, he wonders whether love can prevail once she discovers he’s been deceiving her all along…

Out of the Blue

Continuing her sparkling, sexy Stewart Sisters trilogy, bestselling author JoAnn Ross pens a romantic suspense story set in the glorious Great Smoky Mountains, where a tough man and a passionate woman find love amid danger. Lark Stewart is on the run from a singing career that skyrocketed out of control…
and from someone who’s bent on murder. When one of her band members is killed in New Orleans, Lucas McCloud her first love and a former FBI agent takes Lark home. But the remote Stewart family resort offers no protection from the madman who’s working his way across the mountains. A Desert Storm hero and FBI sniper, Lucas is haunted by a tragic mission in his past. But with the mysterious killer stalking Lark, Lucas is forced back into the life he left behind. For Lark is the only woman he’s ever loved, and the only person who can save his soul…
provided he saves her first.

Out of the Storm

Southern hospitality can kill you…

In this steamy conclusion to her Stewart Sisters trilogy, JoAnn Ross crafts a sizzling romantic suspense story of sex, sin, and scandal.

There’s no escaping the sweltering heat when White House correspondent Laurel Stewart arrives in Somersett, South Carolina, and discovers that her best friend the vice president’s protocol advisor has disappeared. As frustrated as she is by Detective Joe Gannon’s skepticism regarding her suspicions, Laurel finds his smooth talking southern ways and brazen bedroom eyes disturbingly, dangerously, seductive.

With the homicide rate escalating as fast as the mercury, the last thing Joe needs is a stubborn, argumentative reporter particularly not an outsider from Washington, D.C., who triggers a sexual jolt at every encounter spinning her crazy conspiracy theories. But while he may not entirely believe Laurel Stewart, Joe can’t stop himself from wanting her. Thrown together by necessity, drawn together by passion, Laurel and Joe follow a twisted trail into the darkest corners of the sultry, moss draped city to uncover a secret someone is willing to kill to keep.

Bait And Switch

Forging great works of art as part of her plan for revenge, Sara Madison plans to steal an ancient jeweled crown but is thwarted by Noah Lancaster, an art expert who is sworn to mend Sara’s ways. Reissue.

Southern Comforts

Welcome to Raintree, Georgia Steamy Capital of Sin, Scandal and Murder. To her fans, Roxanne Scarbrough is the genteel Southern queen of good taste she’s built an empire around the how to’s of gracious living. To her critics and there are many Roxanne is Queen Bit*ch. And now somebody wants her dead. Chelsea Cassidy, Roxanne’s official biographer, knows that Roxanne is determined to keep her dark secrets buried, whatever the cost. But when Chelsea begins to unearth the truth about Roxanne’s life, her search leads her back into the arms of Cash Beaudine, a man Roxanne wants for herself. And suddenly Chelsea’s investigation takes on a very personal nature with potentially fatal consequences.


Bestselling author JoAnn Ross turns up the heat in a novel of heart stopping suspense and white hot passion that takes readers from the sultry South Carolina Lowcountry to the rugged Northern California coast, and ultimately into the darkest reaches of the human heart…

Fire cop Tess Gannon is hot on the trail of a pyromaniac who’s been setting buildings aBlaze throughout Somersett, South Carolina, when ATF Special Agent Gage O’Halloran arrives on her fire scene. Coming out of a self imposed exile, Gage suspects that Tess’s ‘Flamemaster’ is connected to a serial killer he apprehended three years ago.

Tess doesn’t like Gage. He’s too rude. Too arrogant. Too damn…
male. Worse yet, she doesn’t trust him. Forced into an uneasy alliance, Tess and Gage race to stop the killer from striking another fatal match. But Gage’s fragile hope for redemption is put to the test when Tess becomes ensnared in a homicidal pyromaniac’s deadly obsession. And time is running out…


Hazard, Wyoming, is a quiet mountain town where there’s snow on the ground from October until June, the wind blows all the time, and nothing much ever happens. But that’s all about to change. Because, just when the wind suddenly stops, a killer comes to Hazard a hunter as deadly and primal as evil itself.

When Sheriff Will Bridger sees the murdered teenage girl, it’s the worst scene he’s ever witnessed. But there’s worse to come. Much, much worse. While the nights grow longer and the winter snow gets deeper, the violence intensifies. As does the blazing passion between Will and late night radio host Faith Prescott. Harboring secrets as potentially dangerous as his own, Faith knows all too well the dark side of the human heart. She can help Will. If he’ll only let her.

It won’t be easy, though. The man who was once the boy raised by wolves is no ordinary serial killer. Fortunately, Will Bridger is no ordinary cop.

No Safe Place

Chicago homicide detective Kate Delaney fiercely defends victims. Which is why despite death threats she’s testifying to a federal grand jury about local police corruption. It’s also why she’s infuriated by the New Orleans police department’s blas attitude toward her estranged sister’s death. But pursuing an investigation in a strange city means allying with someone who knows the territory. And the players. Someone with a total disregard for the rules. As an ex cop from a police family, New Orleans PI Nick Broussard knows that cops live by their own code. You don’t rat out a fellow officer. The last thing he needs is some smart mouthed, by the book outsider unknowingly injecting herself into his undercover search for the truth. Even worse is the way she conjures up visions of tangled sheets…
. Nick and Kate’s chase pits them against the criminal underworld of the sultry southern city. And as they peel away layers of deadly deception, they discover a dark secret too many are willing to kill to keep.

Bayou Bad Boys

Louisiana men? Honey, talk about the Big Easy…

JoAnn Ross Cajun Heat Bad boy bayou movie star Gabe Broussard has come back to his Louisiana hometown for some peace, but things only heat up the minute he reunites with Emma Quinlan. With her lush body and hearty appetite, she’s no Hollywood matchstick, and oh cher, does he like that. Emma just has to stop thinking about her former Cajun crush, so she makes a list of all the things she wishes he would do to her and buries it in a graveyard at night. Except it s the wrong list Gabe finds the right one, and he intends to fulfill every blissful one of them

Nancy Warren You Give Me Fever Acclaimed playwright Devon Burnett hasn t had a hit in five years. That s why he s rented a small bayou cottage, hoping to find his muse again. Maya Poe knows exactly who Devon is, and she understands all about running away. Since the accident that ended her modeling career, she s had nothing to do with men until a chance midnight rendezvous with Devon leaves her hungry for more of his bad boy charms and has Devon eager for the story to continue

E.C. Sheedy In Good Hands How does Esme Shane let her sister talk her into these things? Sketching a zillionaire s Gulf Island hideaway in exchange for a free vacation is turning out to be no day at the beach. Dane McCoy is just too distracting and just too sexy for his jeans. She s about to meet him for beignets and caf au lait on the patio. But breakfast in bed is a whole lot more tempting. Dane has to be the hottest man under the Louisiana sun

There s a bad moon rising on the bayou and the Bad Boys have never been better

Bad Boys Southern Style

Three fabulous romance writers come together in this sizzling volume of stories about Southern bad boys gentlemen who hotter than the Georgia asphalt. It’s bad enough that Hollywood hotshot Sloan Hawthorne’s knowledge of Roxi Dupree’s witchcraft comes from comic books and fairy tales. What’s worse is that she’s falling hard for the outrageously sexy hunk. Pretty soon they’re both finding that the steamy Savannah nights are perfect for conjuring up some mischievous magic of their own…
It’s what Tracy does best, people please and generally overwork the word ‘yes’. But in love and life it’s gotten her nowhere. Tracy’s had enough no more ‘yes.’ From here on out it’s all about her. Colson Jones, hot eyed and very determined, wants it to be all about her and he’s pretty sure that Tracy will be saying ‘yes’ again very soon…
Librarian Janie Mills has never hit a man before, but when the lights go out and the town’s leading citizen now missing for two days points a gun at her, she doesn’t think twice about slugging him. Only when the electricity comes back, she finds an entirely different man on at her feet P.I. Ryan Peterson. Pretty soon this is one case he’s definitely on top of…

Silver Bells

In the air, there’s a feeling of Christmas…
so settle into your coziest armchair and enjoy four captivating tales that will make your holidays merry and bright…
Silver Bells‘ by Fern Michaels For years, movie star Amy Lee wondered what it would be like to leave her shallow Hollywood life and go back home to Apple Valley, Pennsylvania. This Christmas, she plans to find out. And Hank Anders, her high school boyfriend, is now ready to give her a welcome she’ll never forget…
‘Dear Santa…
‘ by JoAnn Ross Mystery author Holly Berry’s SUV has broken down in the little hamlet of Santa’s Village, Washington. Holly hates the holidays that is until lodge owner Gabriel O’Halloran and his five year old daughter rekindle her belief in passion, magic, and Christmas wishes…
‘Christmas Past’ by Mary Burton Photographer Nicole Piper just received a very unwelcome Christmas gift a letter that holds clues to an elusive killer’s identity. Uncovering the truth means enlisting homicide detective David Ayden’s help, and embarking on a road trip that will take them both into the heart of danger and desire…
‘A Mulberry Park Christmas’ by Judy Duarte Every Christmas, the folks living on Sugar Plum Lane pull out all the stops when decorating. After a bitter breakup, Alyssa Ridgeway’s heart just isn’t in it this year. But running into her first love, James ‘Mac’ MacGregor, fills her with memories of the tender Christmas kiss they once shared…

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