Joan Wolf Books In Order

Dark Ages of Britain Books In Order

  1. The Road to Avalon (1988)
  2. Born of the Sun (1989)
  3. The Edge of Light (1990)

Reindeer Hunters Books In Order

  1. Daughter of the Red Deer (1991)
  2. The Horsemasters (1993)
  3. The Reindeer Hunters (1994)

Medieval Mysteries Books In Order

  1. No Dark Place (1999)
  2. The Poisoned Serpent (2000)


  1. The Counterfeit Marriage (1980)
  2. A Kind of Honor (1980)
  3. A London Season (1981)
  4. A Difficult Truce (1981)
  5. Beloved Stranger (1982)
  6. His Lordship’s Mistress (1982)
  7. The Scottish Lord (1982)
  8. Margarita (1982)
  9. The American Duchess (1982)
  10. Summer Storm (1983)
  11. Lord Richard’s Daughter (1983)
  12. Change of Heart (1983)
  13. A Double Deception (1983)
  14. The Rebellious Ward (1984)
  15. Affair of the Heart (1984)
  16. Fool’s Masquerade (1984)
  17. Portrait of a Love (1984)
  18. A Fashionable Affair (1985)
  19. The Divided Sphere (1985)
  20. Wild Irish Rose (1985)
  21. The Rebel and the Rose (1986)
  22. Highland Sunset (1987)
  23. The Deception (1996)
  24. The Guardian (1997)
  25. The Arrangement (1997)
  26. The Gamble (1998)
  27. The Pretenders (1999)
  28. Golden Girl (1999)
  29. Someday Soon (2000)
  30. Royal Bride (2001)
  31. Silverbridge (2002)
  32. High Meadow (2003)
  33. Black Diamond (2003)
  34. That Summer (2003)
  35. White Horses (2004)
  36. Crossword (2004)
  37. To The Castle (2005)
  38. Dangerous Masquerade (2006)
  39. His Lordship’s Desire (2006)
  40. A Reluctant Queen (2011)
  41. This Scarlet Cord (2012)
  42. Daughter of Jerusalem (2013)
  43. Margarita and the Earl (2014)
  44. The American Earl (2014)
  45. The Reluctant Earl (2016)
  46. The Master of Grex (2018)
  47. The Heiress (2020)
  48. The Portrait (2020)
  49. The Return of the Earl (2021)


  1. A Regency Valentine (1991)
  2. Beloved Stranger / Summer Storm (1994)
  3. Captured Hearts (1999)
  4. His Lordship’s Mistress / Married by Mistake (2000)

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Joan Wolf Books Overview

The Road to Avalon

The pageantry and passionate intrigues of King Arthur’s court are expertly re created in this historical novel the only Arthurian novel in which all of the central characters are portrayed as intrinsically good people. This realistic retelling of the legend shows Arthur severing the bonds of bast*ardy, vanquishing the Saxons, and loving one woman. As the daring teenage warrior prepares for the throne, he discovers true love with Morgan of Avalon, the youngest of Merlin s daughters, but fate cruelly thwarts their hopes for a future together. Never before has a telling of the Arthur story made the breathtaking drama of this charismatic king more real or moving.

Daughter of the Red Deer

In prehistoric France, the leader of a patriarchal clan sets out to kidnap new women from a neighboring matriarchal tribe. LJ. AB.

The Horsemasters

Ronan, the exiled son of priestess Arika, and his beloved Nel, a young woman possessing an extraordinary power over animals, join a group of renegades to stop a powerful and fierce band of invaders out to conquer and enslave the Kindred. LJ.

The Reindeer Hunters

Uniting rivaling prehistoric tribes when a changing climate and mutual enemy threaten their remaining food source, the Kindred and the Norakamo join together two young representatives in marriage, who must overcome their differences so that their tribes will survive.

No Dark Place

In the turbulent realm of Norman England, a young nobleman discovers that his identity is the link to an incredible mystery. Hugh Corbaille has just lost the person he cares for most in the world, his adoptive father, the Sheriff of Lincoln. While Hugh’s grief is still raw, he is approached by a visiting knight with an unbelievable tale: Hugh may actually be Hugh de Leon, sole child of the Earl of Wiltshire, mysteriously abducted thirteen years before on the day of his father’s murder. Despite his loyalty to the family that raised him and his reluctance to be anyone but their son, Hugh begins to believe he could indeed be the missing heir. With no memory of his early years, Hugh sets out to find the truth. He soon unearths a web of death and intrigue beginning in the lost days of his childhood when he may have witnessed the stabbing of his birth father. Tormented by this tragic puzzle, Hugh must turn to the mother he has never known, a court of straligers, and the young woman whose sympathy and healing are his one support, to try to piece together his splintered past and put an end to a reign of danger and deception. In No Dark Place, award winning novelist Joan Wolf spins all all absorbing medieval mystery of violent ambitions, inescapable bonds, and searing dreams of final justice.

The Poisoned Serpent

Norman England has little to celebrate in the new year of 1140. The country is immersed in a bitter civil war from which no one is immune, including Hugh de Leon, heir to an earldom. His Uncle Guy has arranged his marriage to the spoiled daughter of the newly named Earl of Lincoln. It is a merger that will combine two of the land’s largest fortunes and give the de Leons unparalleled power. Hugh’s heart, however, belongs to the Lady Cristen, and he will do everything he can including eloping to make her his own. His plan is simple enough until the new Earl of Lincoln is murdered, and a friend of Hugh’s is accused of the crime. Though he has little time in which to foil his uncle’s arrangement, Hugh cannot see an innocent man wrongly hanged. To save his friend and marry the woman he loves, Hugh must work fast to track down a deadly and wily serpent. But when he grabs it by the tail, can he avoid its poisonous bite?

A London Season

How could Lady Jand Fitzmaurice prefer her handsome horse trainer over the most attractive nobleman in England? She had taken London society by storm, but now a whirlwind of scandal was rising as she rode roughshod over all conventions and prepared to take a leap that could leave her heart forever broken.


It was a marriage of inconvenience, both for the bride and for the groom. Margarita is a shocked refugee from the battlefields of Venezuela, and Nicholas, Earl of Winslow, is a high handed young man with a distrust of love and a very satisfactory mistress. What happens when the two of them marry is explosive to say the least. Regency Romance by Joan Wolf; originally published by Signet.

A Double Deception

After one terrible marriage, Laura Dalwood had sworn never to be duped again. But how could she refuse the proposal of handsome Mark Cheney? What could shedo when, as his bride, she discovered how much she could love a man…
andhow much she could fear him? Regency Romance reissue.

The Rebellious Ward

Only a girl as captivating as Catriona MacIan could have overcome the scandal of her birth to shine as the most sought after lady of the London season. And only a girl as daring as Catriona would have played with the attentions of many suitors, yet persist in adoring the one man she could not have the guardian who saw her every fault and was blind to all else. Regency Romance reissue.

Fool’s Masquerade

Escaping the constrictions of Regency society, Valentine Ardsley disguised herself as a groom on Lord Leyburn’s Yorkshire estate. But the arrogant and irresistible Diccon discovered her deception quite easily and felt he was honor bound to offer marriage to the young lady. Valentine would rather suffer London s ton than marry a man who didn t love her wouldn t she? Regency Romance by Joan Wolf; originally published by Signet

The Deception

Tricked by her scheming uncle, a longtime enemy, into marrying Kate, Adrian, Earl of Greystone, sails across the English Channel, leaving his new wife behind to avenge her father’s death, only to realize that he is charmed by his accomplished but unwanted bride.

The Guardian

After her husband, the seventh Earl of Weston, dies of pneumonia, Annabelle knows her life will never be the same. The Earl has appointed his younger brother Stephen the legal guardian of her young son, the same Stephen who was her first love and who, five years before, broke her heart and mysteriously abandoned her to a loveless marriage. Can Stephen and Annabelle join forces to heal the pain of the past and overcome the sinister threat that plagues them still?

The Arrangement

After nine years of peace, raising her son after her husband’s death, the past has returned, landing squarely on Abigail Saunders’ doorstep. The dashing Raoul Melville, Earl of Savile, arrives at her Surrey home bearing a frightening message about her son, Nicky a message that threatens to reveal long buried secrets about Abigail’s past. Forced to accept Raoul’s help, Abigail learns he is unlike any man she has ever met but will Abigail’s secrets stand between her and the man she now loves? A Regency romance original.

The Gamble

Georgiana Newbury and her sister Anna are left penniless by the sudden death of their father a criminal who blackmailed five men for cheating at cards or on their wives. The only way she can now survive, and save her sister, is to gamble herself on the risky prospect of marriage. Using her father’s blackmail files she compels Lord Winterdale to present her during the courting season in London. But unknown to her, the old Lord is dead and the Winterdale Lordship has now passed to his young nephew, Philip. For his own reasons, he agrees to Georgiana’s plan. Both will end up with more than they gambled on.

The Pretenders

When the rakish young Baron Reeve of Ormsby loses his shirt in a horse race, he asks his conservative uncle, the Lord Bradford, to give him access to his inheritance. The Lord agrees if the young Baron will marry to add some stability to his life. Reeve enlists his childhood pal, Deborah, to ‘marry’ him with the understanding that they will call off the wedding before the actual day arrives. They also promise to never, ever fall in love. But some promises were made to be broken.

Golden Girl

The handsome but debt ridden Anthony Selbourne, Duke of Cheviot, marries Sarah Patterson, granddaughter of a wealthy merchant. Although Sarah dislikes her fiance’s snobbery and Anthony loathes a mercantile marriage, they take a chance on each other. When someone tries to kill Sarah, Anthony finds he will do anything to save the woman who was once foisted upon him.

Someday Soon

When Alexandra’s father dies, her only chance of holding on to any of his fortune is to marry the next heir. A second cousin thinks he’s the heir, but her father’s nephew turns up and her whole life is thrown into confusion and romantic desire.

Royal Bride

The wit, the charm, and the emotional storytelling power that are Joan Wolf’s trademarks have turned her Regency era romantic novels into one bestseller after another. Now she tells an enchanting tale of a young woman who, by a scandalous twist of fate, is sent to the altar as a…
Royal Bride To a continent in turmoil, Prince Augustus of Jura is the battle hardened war hero who saved his tiny nation from the clutches of Napoleon. His next challenge is to find an English wife with the political connections he needs to keep his country safe. When the object of his pursuit runs off with his cousin, Augustus turns to the woman’s younger sister, Charity Beaufort. Yet the strong willed Charity is resistant to being a state pawn, even as duty demands her betrothal to the mysterious prince. Swept into a dazzling world of palaces and court intrigue, Charity suddenly finds herself awakening to new passions in her husband’s arms. But for Charity this royal marriage of convenience will not be enough unless she can win her dazzling husband’s heart and soul.


Joan Wolf mingles the past with the present in this romance about an American actress who falls in love with a nobleman. But his life is in danger and she must let herself be drawn into a mystery that dates back to the Regency era to save him.

High Meadow

Kate Foley was only 21 when her wild sister Colleen died, leaving behind an infant son. Forced to drop out of college and raise her nephew, Ben, as her own, Kate tries to protect him from a possibly sadder truth by telling him that his absent father is dead.

Black Diamond

Black Diamond is a suspense novel set against the worlds of police corruption in Los Angeles and meth manufacturing in the rural Northwest. Susan Muir has left her career as an investigative reporter for the Los Angeles Times to return to her hometown of Marble Point, Idaho. But soon after she settles in, her reporter’s instinct is aroused, first by curious doings on the home front, and then as her past life catches up when suspended LAPD Police Sergeant Dominick Garcia appears on the scene, chased by LAPD Internal Affairs Lieutenant Charlie Martin. Sparks fly. Murder, drugs, chase and more corruption.

That Summer

Amy Foster returns to Virginia when her father dies and is soon plunged into the past when the body of a young woman missing for ten years is found and the man she once loved is suspected in her death.


When New York based True Crime magazine writer Dana Baxter decides to expand into the writing of True Crime books, she elects to travel to distant Washington State to research the trial and conviction of a locally very popular teacher for the brutal murder of an equally well known nurse ‘all but an open and shut case,’ or so it was claimed, but one that split the local community into near hostile camps. Upon arrival in Washington, she finds the community very truly divided, and soon finds herself also conflicted as to the conduct of the case ‘is the right accused in prison, or perhaps the real perpetrator remains free and at large?’ Dana enlists the aid of a local newspaper reporter, Mallory James, and an independent thinking Police Sergeant Jason Barnes, in her quest for truth and justice.

To The Castle

Twelfth century Normandy as a fierce battle for the crown erupts, a powerful knight and his innocent bride will discover their destinies are passionately entwined…
Just weeks away from taking her holy vows, Nell de Bonvile learns of her elder sister’s tragic death. Swept from the convent, she is ordered to take Sybilla’s place as bride to Roger de Roche, heir to Britain’s most powerful earldom. Lovely, na ve and totally unprepared for life outside the convent or the ways of men, Nell bravely faces her uncertain future. Indifferent to marriage for anything other than political gain, Roger is prepared to wait until his innocent bride comes to him willingly. Yet as he watches Nell blossom from timid girl to courageous mistress of his keep, his desire for her grows all consuming. But war gives no quarter to newfound passion, plunging them both into a battle that will pit father against son, invaders against loyalists, testing every whispered word, and each unspoken promise…

His Lordship’s Desire

Napoleon’s troops stand defeated and Wellington’s Spanish campaign is over. Now a dedicated British soldier enters a very different kind of war: a battle for the woman he loves…
The eldest son of the Earl of Standish and heir to his late father’s holdings, Alexander Devize is summoned home to his duties in England. Waiting for him, he believes, is Diana Sherwood, the irrepressible beauty with whom he shared an unforgettable night of passion, a young woman he fully intends to marry. But Diana, lovelier and more headstrong than ever, has other intentions. A soldier’s daughter, Diana refuses to suffer the harsh world of being a soldier’s wife and plans instead her coming out in London, ignoring the memories of wild and reckless Alex. Convinced she’s found the proper, stable gentleman in Robert Welbourne, she pursues her course, unaware of a treachery building around her or of the unwavering devotion of a soldier willing to fight for all he’s worth in a battle he must not lose.

A Reluctant Queen

You’ve read it as a biblical tale of courage. Experience it anew as a heart stirring love story. She was a simple girl faced with an impossible choice. He was a magnificent king with a lonely heart. Their love was the divine surprise that changed the course of history. The beloved story of Esther springs to fresh life in this inspired novel that vibrates with mystery, intrigue, and romance.

Captured Hearts

Just in time for Valentine’s Day! This collection features stories of passion and romance from five critically acclaimed romance authors Mary Balogh, Mary Jo Putney, Joan Wolf, Edith Layton, and Patricia Rice. Each story is a classic, and all have been unavailable for at least five years.

His Lordship’s Mistress / Married by Mistake

Two delightful Regencies…
One delightful volume…
His Lordship’s Mistress: Jessica O’Neill’s stage career made her the toast of London society. But no one suspected her true identity as a high born lady risking her good name to save her family from ruin. And when the handsome Earl of Linton approaches her with an offer she can’t reject, Jessica must learn to play a wealth hunting wanton to the hilt and avoid falling in love.’Joan Wolf is absolutely wonderful. I’ve loved her work for years.’ Iris Johanson ‘Joan Wolf never fails to deliver the best.’ Nora RobertsMarried by Mistake: Florence Washburn had Kit Swinton firmly in mind as her intended mate. So how on earth did she stumble into marriage with his infamous elder brother instead? Viscount Alford wasn’t the man she planned to wed, and now it seems he’s not the notorious rake he pretends to be either. In fact, Florence is charmed by the frightfully, clumsy oaf he actually is. Perhaps this marriage will turn out to be the best mistake she ever made…
‘Melinda McRae crafts another superb Regency delight.’ Romantic Times’A stellar talent.’ Romantic Times

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