Joan Elliott Pickart Books In Order

Baby Bet Books In Order

  1. Angels and Elves (1995)
  2. Friends, Lovers…and Babies! (1996)
  3. The Father of Her Child (1996)
  4. To a MacAllister Born (2000)
  5. His Secret Son (2000)
  6. Baby, MacAllister-made (2000)
  7. Her Little Secret (2001)
  8. Plain Jane MacAllister (2002)
  9. Macallister’s Return (2005)
  10. Home Again (2005)
  11. A Bride By Christmas (2005)

Family Men Books In Order

  1. Texas Dawn (1997)
  2. Texas Glory (1997)
  3. Texas Moon (1997)
  4. Texas Baby (1997)

Bachelor Bet Books In Order

  1. The Irresistible Mr. Sinclair (1999)
  2. Taming Tall, Dark Brandon (1999)
  3. The Most Eligible MD (1999)

Baby Bet: MacAllister’s Gifts Books In Order

  1. The Royal MacAllister (2002)
  2. Tall, Dark and Irresistible (2002)
  3. The Marrying Macallister (2003)
  4. Accidental Family (2004)

Willow Valley Women Books In Order

  1. A Wedding in Willow Valley (2006)


  1. Charade (1984)
  2. Breaking All the Rules (1984)
  3. All the Tomorrows (1985)
  4. Call It Love (1985)
  5. The Shadowless Day (1985)
  6. Fascination (1985)
  7. The Finishing Touch (1985)
  8. Look for the Sea Gulls (1985)
  9. Midnight Ryder (1985)
  10. Rainbow’s Angel (1985)
  11. Sunlight’s Promise (1985)
  12. Waiting for Prince Charming (1985)
  13. The Enchanting Miss Annabella (1986)
  14. Picture of Love (1986)
  15. Pennies in the Fountain (1986)
  16. The Eagle Catcher (1986)
  17. Journey’s End (1986)
  18. Mr Lonelyhearts (1986)
  19. Dawn’s Gift (1986)
  20. Secrets of Autumn (1986)
  21. Listen for the Drummer (1986)
  22. Brookes Chance (1986)
  23. Kaleidoscope (1987)
  24. Betting Man (1987)
  25. Wild Poppies (1987)
  26. Silver Sands (1987)
  27. Reforming Freddy (1987)
  28. Leprechaun (1987)
  29. Lost and Found (1987)
  30. Lucky Penny (1987)
  31. Illusions (1987)
  32. Kiss Me Again, Sam (1988)
  33. Midsummer Sorcery (1988)
  34. January in July (1988)
  35. Warm Fuzzies (1988)
  36. Out of the Cold (1988)
  37. Tattered Wings (1988)
  38. Tucker Boone (1988)
  39. Man of the Night (1988)
  40. Serenity Cove (1988)
  41. Riddles and Rhymes (1989)
  42. To First Be Friends (1989)
  43. Holly’s Hope (1989)
  44. Sweet Bliss (1989)
  45. The Magic of the Moon (1989)
  46. Mixed Signals (1990)
  47. Whispered Wishes (1990)
  48. The Bonnie Blue (1990)
  49. Preston Harper, MD (1990)
  50. Storming the Castle (1990)
  51. To Love and to Cherish (1990)
  52. Memories (1991)
  53. The Devil in Stone (1991)
  54. Irresistible (1991)
  55. From This Day Forward (1991)
  56. Night Magic (1992)
  57. Sophie’s Attic (1992)
  58. Not Just Another Perfect Wife (1993)
  59. Angels Singing (1993)
  60. Amber, Sing Softly (1994)
  61. Rancher’s Heaven (1994)
  62. Gauntlet Run (1999)
  63. Just My Joe (1999)
  64. Single with Twins (2001)
  65. MacAllister’s Wager (2002)


  1. A Mother’s Gift (1998)
  2. His Secret Life (2000)
  3. Heaven On Earth (2001)
  4. Crowned Hearts (2001)
  5. Body of Evidence (2003)
  6. Baby Love: A Child Will Change Everything (2003)
  7. Ride the Thunder / Plain Jane MacAllister (2003)
  8. Nobody’s Child / Older Woman / Royal MacAllister (2004)
  9. Hot August Nights / Accidental Family (2004)
  10. Parker Project / Blind Attraction (2004)
  11. For the Love of Pete / Homecoming Hero Returns (2005)
  12. Home Again / Taming A Dark Horse (2005)
  13. Bride by Christmas / Mistletoe Manoeuvres (2005)
  14. For Their Child’s Sake (2006)
  15. Best Friends and Lovers (2006)
  16. For the Twins (2006)
  17. Bride By Christmas / Trust Me (2006)
  18. Tall, Dark and Male (2008)
  19. Soon to Be Brides (2008)
  20. Royal Weddings (2009)
  21. A Ring for Christmas (2010)
  22. Mother’s Day Treats (2015)
  23. Mistletoe Magic (2015)

Non fiction

  1. A Little Christmas Cookbook (1997)

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Joan Elliott Pickart Books Overview

The Father of Her Child

The matchmaking MacAllisters were at it again! And they’d targeted confirmed bachelor Ted Sharpe. The macho cop had merely befriended his needy new neighbour, pretty, pregnant Hannah Johnson. Had he lost his heart to Hannah and her baby? Well, Ted began sweating, because the infallible MacAllisters were betting on it!

Texas Baby

That’s My Baby! Texas Baby! When Margaret Madison cuddled little Alison in her arms, she knew she wanted to be this needy child’s mother. It didn’t matter that she’d just turned forty six. It didn’t matter that she’d just married off her other ‘baby.’ But it did matter that she’d just fallen in love with the most eligible bachelor in Texas. Because Gibson McKinley, the man who’d courted her, kissed her, made her feel desirable again, had vowed never to remarry, let alone become some Texas toddler’s daddy . THAT’S MY BABY! Sometimes bringing up baby can bring surprises and showers of love!

To Love and to Cherish

Her man of the mist…
In the foggy cocoon of night, Alida Hunter bared her soul to a mysterious stranger on a shadowy beach, then surrendered her body and her heart but ran away without ever learning his name! The rugged man with summer sky eyes had made her feel alive again after months of grieving over a love betrayed, but she knew he was a fantasy, a magical gift that she could never keep. Paul Anthony Payton vowed to find the lady whose yearning spirit had filled him with hope and made him believe in happiness, but once he traced her, he never expected she’d deny what they’d shared…
or that she’d hide a truth that could bind them for always. Alida felt bewitched by the spell of Paul Anthony’s passion, but she feared that loving meant losing and she was terrified to risk the sorrow that ecstasy seemed to promise. Paul Anthony had shared her secrets and understood her pain, but could Alida escape the ghosts of memory and trust in his forever love?

From This Day Forward

When the eccentric Colonel Blackstone’s illegitimate daughter, Paisley Kane, is tracked down by the sinfully gorgeous Detective John Trevor Payton, she knocks him into a snowdrift and falls into his arms. The spirited imp delights him, but he envies her pleasure in the sweet passion he’s awakened.

A Mother’s Gift

It is the dream of many married couples to fill their home with the sounds of the laughter of children. For some couples, the path to parenthood is filled with trials and tribulations. This month, Silhouette brings readers three new tales of the special bond between eager new parents and their children. And as the child is welcomed into the home, that can mean that romance is in the air! .

Baby Love: A Child Will Change Everything

A Child Will Change Everything. MOTHER AT HEART by Joan Elliott Pickart Tessa Russell had promised to raise her sister’s beloved baby as her own, with no interference from the baby’s father but it was not a promise she would be able to keep. For into both her and little Jason’s life stormed Dominic Bonelli. The darkly handsome, if impossible, man was making great inroads into Tessa’s peace of mind, until she didn’t know which would be the greater threat that he wouldn’t admit he was the child’s father…
or that he would. BABY MY BABY by Victoria Pade Their passionate marriage was over, their precious dreams in ashes when Beth Heller and Ash Blackwolf realized that the swelling in her belly meant that one of their dreams would yet see the light of day. But could one tiny baby really bring headstrong Beth to her senses not to mention her proud, beloved Blackwolf to his knees?

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