Jim DeFelice Books In Order

Jake Gibbs – Patriot Spy Books In Publication Order

  1. The Silver Bullet (1995)
  2. The Iron Chain (1995)
  3. The Golden Flask (1996)

Dreamland Books In Publication Order

  1. Dreamland (With: Dale Brown) (2001)
  2. Nerve Center (With: Dale Brown) (2002)
  3. Razor’s Edge (With: Dale Brown) (2002)
  4. Piranha (With: Dale Brown) (2003)
  5. Strike Zone (With: Dale Brown) (2003)
  6. Armegeddon (With: Dale Brown) (2004)
  7. Satan’s Tail (With: Dale Brown) (2005)
  8. End Game (With: Dale Brown) (2006)
  9. Retribution (With: Dale Brown) (2007)
  10. Revolution (With: Dale Brown) (2008)
  11. Whiplash (With: Dale Brown) (2009)
  12. Black Wolf (With: Dale Brown) (2010)
  13. Raven Strike (With: Dale Brown) (2011)
  14. Collateral Damage (With: Dale Brown) (2012)
  15. Drone Strike (With: Dale Brown) (2014)
  16. Target Utopia (With: Dale Brown) (2015)

Deep Black Books In Publication Order

  1. Deep Black (2003)
  2. Biowar (2004)
  3. Dark Zone (2004)
  4. Payback (2005)
  5. Jihad (2007)
  6. Conspiracy (2008)
  7. Arctic Gold (By:Stephen Coonts,William H. Keith Jr.) (2009)
  8. Sea of Terror (By:Stephen Coonts,William H. Keith Jr.) (2010)
  9. Death Wave (By:Stephen Coonts,William H. Keith Jr.) (2011)

FBI Special Agent Andy Fisher Books In Publication Order

  1. Cyclops One (2003)
  2. Threat Level Black (2005)
  3. The Helios Conspiracy (2012)

Rogue Warrior Books In Publication Order

  1. Rogue Warrior (By:Richard Marcinko,John Weisman) (1992)
  2. Red Cell (By:Richard Marcinko,John Weisman) (1994)
  3. Green Team (By:Richard Marcinko,John Weisman) (1995)
  4. Task Force Blue (By:Richard Marcinko,John Weisman) (1996)
  5. Designation Gold (By:Richard Marcinko,John Weisman) (1997)
  6. Seal Force Alpha (By:Richard Marcinko,John Weisman) (1998)
  7. Option Delta (By:Richard Marcinko,John Weisman) (1998)
  8. Echo Platoon (By:Richard Marcinko,John Weisman) (2000)
  9. Detachment Bravo (By:Richard Marcinko,John Weisman) (2001)
  10. Violence of Action (By:Richard Marcinko) (2002)
  11. Vengeance (With: Richard Marcinko) (2005)
  12. Holy Terror (With: Richard Marcinko) (2006)
  13. Dictator’s Ransom (With: Richard Marcinko) (2008)
  14. Seize the Day (With: Richard Marcinko) (2009)
  15. Domino Theory (With: Richard Marcinko) (2011)
  16. Blood Lies (With: Richard Marcinko) (2012)
  17. Curse of the Infidel (With: Richard Marcinko) (2014)

Larry Bond’s First Team Books In Publication Order

  1. Larry Bond’s First Team (With: Larry Bond) (2004)
  2. Angels of Wrath (With: Larry Bond) (2006)
  3. Fires of War (With: Larry Bond) (2006)
  4. Soul of the Assassin (With: Larry Bond) (2008)

Red Dragon Rising Books In Publication Order

  1. Shadows of War (By:Larry Bond) (2009)
  2. Edge of War (By:Larry Bond) (2010)
  3. Shock of War (By:Larry Bond) (2012)
  4. Blood of War (By:Larry Bond) (2013)

Puppet Master Books In Publication Order

  1. Puppet Master (With: Nick Sullivan) (2016)
  2. Act of Revenge (With: Nick Sullivan) (2018)

HOGS: First Gulf War Air Combat Books In Publication Order

  1. Going Deep (2012)
  2. Hog Down (2012)
  3. Fort Apache (2013)
  4. Snake Eaters (2013)
  5. Death Wish (2013)

HOGS Short Stories Books In Publication Order

  1. HOG Noel (2013)
  2. HOGS: Hog Born (2014)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. Coyote Bird (1992)
  2. War Breaker (1993)
  3. Havana Strike (1997)
  4. The Sixth Sense (1999)
  5. Brother’s Keeper (2000)
  6. Leopards Kill (2007)

Short Stories Books In Publication Order

  1. Wolf Flight (2012)

Non-Fiction Books In Publication Order

  1. Kill Grandma For Me (1998)
  2. Negotiate and Win (2004)
  3. Rangers at Dieppe (2008)
  4. Omar Bradley: General at War (2011)
  5. American Sniper: The Autobiography of the Most Lethal Sniper in U.S. Military History (With: Scott McEwen) (2012)
  6. Code Name: Johnny Walker (2014)
  7. West Like Lightning: The Brief, Legendary Ride of the Pony Express (2018)

Anthologies In Publication Order

  1. Victory: On the Attack (2004)

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Jim DeFelice Books Overview

Dreamland (With: Dale Brown)

Hidden in the Nevada desert is America’s most advanced aerospace weapons testing facility. Dreamland is the place where the nation’s top minds come to develop artillery and aircraft that push beyond the cutting edge. And where the Air Force’s top guns come to test them on the front lines of a new era in warfare…
. The fiasco of a spy’s infiltration has the Pentagon looking for an excuse to close Dreamland down. To clean up the mess and save Dreamland from the congressional chopping block Lt. Colonel Tecumseh ‘Dog’ Bastian is sent in. He’s just the guy to shake things up…
and does so when a situation erupts in Somalia. Into a hotter than hot war zone, he sends his own daughter the pilot of a Megafortress bomber with a high tech, unmanned flight system that could make or break the future of Dreamland…
. Performed by J.K. Simmons

Razor’s Edge (With: Dale Brown)

The hunt is on for a mystery weapon that has been shooting down American planes over Iraq in this spectacular thriller, the third in a new series of high tech, high action adventures from the author of Flight of the Old Dog and Wings of Fire. Hidden in the Nevada desert is Dreamland an advanced research centre dedicated to developing artillery and aircraft that push beyond the cutting edge. It is also home to Whiplash a covert team of special forces trained to deploy the high tech weapons in extreme situations. Whiplash’s latest mission begins when a series of American planes are shot down over Iraq in mysterious circumstances. There is no way that conventional weapons could have hit the planes so easily. Can the Iraqis have developed a laser capable of causing such mayhem? Fearing a major international crisis, the President sends a call out to Dreamland. Within hours, some of the most sophisticated aircraft in the world are heading for the Gulf, with orders to track down the mystery weapon and destroy it.

Piranha (With: Dale Brown)

The bestselling author of Wings of Fire returns 0with a brand new cutting edge thriller that goes beneath the surface of war.

Strike Zone (With: Dale Brown)

In the Nevada desert, the high tech future of warfare is being conceived and constructed at a top secret military facility called Dreamland Strike Zone.

An Asian war that would have escalated into a nuclear nightmare has been halted, thanks to the raw courage, unparalleled skill, and total commitment of the Dreamland force. But an analysis of radar data has revealed the presence of an unknown super weapon in the area: a robot warplane with terrifying capabilities, dubbed the ‘ghost clone.’ Though strikingly similar to Dreamland’s own U/MF Flighthawk, no one knows where this fearsome instrument of destruction originated, but a rogue nation possessing a squadron of them could wreak unimaginable havoc on an unsuspecting free world. Now nothing less than a brazen, brilliantly conceived deception will lure the ghost clone out of hiding and only a daring strike on enemy soil can avert a tomorrow too terrible to consider…
if it isn’t already too late.

Armegeddon (With: Dale Brown)

One of the Air Force’s top guns, Captain Breanna Stockard is training Brunei pilots to fly the EB 52 Megafortress. But when a violent attempted kidnapping threatens a major arms deal about to take place, Breanna and her husband Major Jeff ‘Zen’ Stockard must uncover a plot that in this volatile region of the world could mean Armageddon.

Satan’s Tail (With: Dale Brown)

The seventh in the series of high tech thrillers centred on Dreamland a top secret USAF weapons research centre from the acclaimed author of FLIGHT OF THE OLD DOG and PLAN OF ATTACK Dreamland is a cutting edge weapons research facility in the Nevada desert home to some of the world’s finest pilots and an elite combat unit that operates directly at the command of the US President. When a small flotilla of high speed boats begins harassing civilian vessels in the Gulf of Aden below the Red Sea, a special group of experimental warships is tasked to investigate and stop the pirates. The operation is lead by Captain Harold ‘Storm Gale, but the danger is considerably greater than they first envisioned and lives are lost. Enter Dreamland, with Colonel Tecumseh ‘Dog’ Bastian at the helm. Storm is not happy by Dreamland’s interference and in the midst of the one up man ship one of Dog’s team is killed by the pirates. Suddenly Dreamland are faced with a powerful enemy, an enemy who intends to cause maximum destruction and maximum pain.

End Game (With: Dale Brown)

A volatile U.S. ally has fallen prey to the terrorist beast. India is the target of radical Islamic jihadists, and the world watches breathlessly as tensions escalate between the uneasy giant and its longtime nemesis Pakistan with China waiting in the wings, eager to flex its military might. A nuclear showdown seems inevitable, unless the masterminds at Dreamland can get to the mysterious source of the terror and end it, swiftly and permanently. Every technological wonder the military possesses must be employed to avert an all out Apocalypse from an awesome new hybrid Navy destroyer to robot Flighthawks. But the fate of the region and the world will depend on the newest brainchild of the Dreamland team: an unproven instrument of ultimate power code named End Game.

Retribution (With: Dale Brown)

The Dreamland team used stealth, raw nerve, and technology to defuse a nightmare on the other side of the world. But now the darkness is racing toward America at blinding speed. With more than two dozen nuclear devices unaccounted for, the global masters of terror have set a catastrophe in motion a surprise attack more deadly than Pearl Harbor and 9/11 combined. If the nation is to survive, Lt. Colonel Tecumseh ‘Dog’ Bastian and his crew will have to reach deep into their cutting edge arsenal. And they’ll have to do it short handed because two of Dreamland’s best and bravest have been lost at sea…

Revolution (With: Dale Brown)

The masters of astonishing military technology that enables them to deploy almost instantaneously to any part of the Earth, the Dreamland team must now stop a dangerous revolution in the making in Eastern Europe where a mysterious group of insurgents has blown up an essential pipeline, thereby disrupting Europe’s gas supply. With NATO and the EU paralyzed by the crisis, it falls to Dreamland s best and brightest to keep the world from the brink of another Cold War. But the secret hand of an old enemy is pulling the strings from the shadows, hoping to reap the rewards of chaos. And the devastating results could erupt with intense, white hot fury.



Whiplash (With: Dale Brown)

Peace is an illusion…
The Apocalypse is days away. The world’s attention is focused on the historic plans of the U.S. and Iranian presidents to lay down their swords. But on the African continent, one man holds the power to obliterate the peace by unleashing terror and global chaos and no one sees it coming. Hiding behind the bloody madness of tribal warfare in the Horn of Africa, Iranian functionary turned fanatic Bani Aberhadji has achieved the impossible single handedly creating a vast, invisible network dedicated to the construction, delivery, and detonation of a nuclear nightmare. Only by chance are American agents now learning of its existence, and it may already be too late. Born from the ashes of Dreamland, the covert strike force Whiplash is armed and ready to spring into action led by Dreamland veterans Danny Freah and former ace pilot, now Washington insider, Breanna Stockard. But Aberhadji’s web of death is wide and well concealed…
and the doomsday clock is ticking.

Black Wolf (With: Dale Brown)

The deadliest weapon…
is man Top NATO representatives meet in Kiev to forge a new alliance…
Powerful elements within a newly resurgent Russia decide the alliance must be stopped at all costs…
The warriors of Dreamland have moved on. Some, like Breanna and Zen Stockard, to positions of power and influence; others, like Danny Freah and Nuri Lupo, into Whiplash, a cutting edge combination of brain and brawn. Tasked by the President to handle the country’s most deadly and sensitive jobs, the elite SpecWarfare unit marries muscle to technological prowess. But can even Whiplash stand up to a covert Russian army of genetically enhanced assassins known only as the Wolves? The stories about them sound like sheer fantasy: the killers are said to be nearly invisible and virtually unstoppable, endowed with super human strength and endurance. But when Danny Freah and company discover they do exist, Danny stumbles on an even darker and deadlier secret: One Wolf, the most ferocious of all, comes from the heart of Dreamland itself. And Danny saw him die more than a decade before.

Raven Strike (With: Dale Brown)

The mission is classified…
and illegal In the blistering heat of the Sudan, the CIA has gone rogue. On the trail of a notorious terrorist, Agency operatives have overstepped their sanctioned boundaries. And now the ultimate weapon has fallen into the wrong hands. As Danny Freah and his spec ops team scramble to recover a top secret aircraft that has crashed in Africa, Whiplash Director Jonathon Reid finds himself mysteriously shut off from information about the robot drone and its mission. Maneuvering through the twisted back corridors of the CIA and Washington’s power elite, Reid discovers secrets both illegal and highly dangerous a virtually unstoppable assassin and an out of control clique within the Agency. Torn between loyalty and conscience, Reid must find a way to alert the President and avert a national disaster. But with the Whiplash team caught in the chaos of a brutal African civil war and CIA officials desperate to keep Reid from telling what he knows, a monster re emerges to target its creators…

Deep Black

A spy plane gathering data on a new Russian weapon is blown out of the sky by a mysterious MiG. Is it an accident or the start of the next world war? One U.S. agency has what it takes to find out-the National Security Agency and its covert operations team: Deep Black. Working for the NSA, ex-Marine sniper Charlie Dean is dispatched to Russia, hooking up with former Delta Force trooper Lia DeFrancesca to find out what happened to the plane. The Deep Black team stumbles across an even more alarming secret-a plot to assassinate the Russian president and overthrow the democratic government by force. The coup could have dire consequences for Russia and the world. With no clearance from the government it’s called on to protect, the National Security Agency goes to war. But before Lia and Dean can unravel the conspiracy, they learn that one of the spy plane’s passengers-an NSA techie-survived the crash. Critical information could fall into enemy hands. And that enemy is playing to the death. ‘Coonts knows how to write and build suspense.’ –The New York Times Book Review


Dr. James Kegan, a world renowned scientist specializing in germ warfare, has vanished from his upstate New York home. But this is no ordinary missing persons case. Kegan has left behind an unidentified dead man with a . 22 caliber hole in his skull and a contact trail that leads to an alleged terrorist cell. Unraveling the mystery is a job for Kegan’s best friend, NSA operative Charlie Dean. His mission is to infiltrate the scientist s circle of associates and decipher Kegan s confidential research. Dispatched to cover Charlie is Delta Force trooper Lia Francesca. The trail leads them to the core of a widespread killer fever that s been dormant for centuries and its link to a virus that s quickly spreading victim by victim. With time running out Charlie and Lia must find Kegan, uncover his secrets, cut a terrorist threat to the quick, and stop the unimaginable outbreak of a new biological nightmare.

Dark Zone

Dark Fear In a secluded headquarters on the other side of the globe, a terrorist mission is underway a plan to set off an underwater explosion so great, and with such hellish force, that it could shift the very foundation of the earth’s surface, causing untold calamity and world wide disaster. The terrorists call it God s Revenge. Dark Weapon A nuclear warhead has gone missing. Small in size, it packs up to ten times the kilotons that exploded over Hiroshima. It s now in the wrong hands, ready to detonate a world war of unfathomable proportions. Dark Zone In the top secret headquarters of the National Security Agency, a small cadre of special agents form Deep Black, designed to bring a techno edge to covert operations and eliminate the cyber threats to world peace. This is Charlie Dean s world an NSA ex Marine sniper now enlisted to stop the unthinkable. But when his suspicions of a traitor in his shadow become frighteningly true, Dean s race against time could mean the end of the free world. READERS KNOW THEY CAN COUNT ON COONTS. Midwest Book Review Coonts is a natural storyteller with a rare gift. USA Today Coonts delivers some of his best gung ho suspense writing yet. Kirkus Reviews


A crack team of cover agents.
Word is out to ex Marine sniper Charlie Dean and his team of the National Security Agency: Infiltrate the highest stratum of Peruvian political power and derail a renegade general from acing an election. All Dean has to do is find a way inside an impenetrable bank vault protected by armed guards round the clock it’s all in a day s work for the men and women of Deep Black.

A violent political coup
But things get complicated when Dean and company discover the renegade general s second plot. The military madman s ruse a nuclear weapon he claims is in the hands of Marxist guerillas, a bomb that only he can rescue and control.

A devastating terrorist plot.
When the general and his plot are exposed, the NSA concludes the greatest threat is over. But in fact, it s only just beginning


The world’s most effective anti terrorist force has the tools to monitor every move the enemy makes. They ve planted a listening device inside a terrorist s skull, and activated a video spy drone disguised as a bird. But knowing is only half the battle

Multi lingual, nerves of steel agents Charlie Dean, Lia DeFrancesca, and Tommy Karr prowl the winding streets of Istanbul to the crowded airports of America to stop terrorists in their tracks. Hooked into a real time, high tech system, this army of three goes head to head with the most dangerous people in the world.

Al Qaeda is launching a series of devastating attacks against the West and the ultimate strike is aimed at the heart of the USA! In a war where both sides operate in deep disguise, Deep Black must fight a world where betrayal, trust, faith, and doubt collide

Coonts knows how to write and build suspense a natural storyteller. The New York Times Book Review


A Secret Service agent is dead, an apparent suicide. A presidential candidate narrowly escapes an assassin’s bullet. And Desk Three, a covert branch of the NSA, is searching for a chilling connection deep inside the Republic of Vietnam.
Once, Charlie Dean was a Marine sniper in Quang Nam Province. Today he s a Deep Black operator, returning to Vietnam to find the source of some threatening e mail. Instead, he comes face to face with a man he once hunted down and thought he had killed.
Back in the U.S., Deep Black agent Lia DeFrancesca has uncovered the trail of a killer in Dean s path. Now, with every asset, weapon, bug and high tech magic wand Desk Three can wave, the agents enter a terrifying global race against time. Because ghosts of the past have risen to life to strike a death blow at the heart of the U.S.A.
Coonts knows how to write and build suspense. The New York Times Book Review

Arctic Gold (By:Stephen Coonts,William H. Keith Jr.)

In the Arctic, two American intelligence operatives are kidnapped while investigating Russian submarines a constant, covert presence beneath the ice caps. In Washington, ex Marine Charlie Dean and his team at Desk Three trace the abduction back to the Russian mafiya, who have their sights set on the massive reserves of oil that lie thousands of feet below the ocean’s floor.

While Dean is sent to the Arctic to rescue the hostages, the beautiful Lia Francesca penetrates a heavily guarded dacha on the shores of the Black Sea. Here she learns the explosive truth about Russia and its Arctic oil one that could cost Dean and his Deep Black team their lives and drive the world s superpowers to the brink of war.

Coonts knows how to write and build suspense…
a natural storyteller. The New York Times Book Review

The master of the techno thriller. Publishers Weekly

Sea of Terror (By:Stephen Coonts,William H. Keith Jr.)

THE ENEMY IS ON BOARD. Two massive ships are on a dual path to destruction. One is a freighter carrying nuclear materials to Japan; the other, a cruise ship heading for the Mediterranean. Neither will reach their destinations. Two factions-Japanese eco-terrorists and Middle East extremists-have joined forces to infiltrate the ships, incapacitate the crew, and change course toward a common target: the United States of America. DETONATION HOUR IS APPROACHING. In Washington, Charlie Dean and a team of commandos are dispatched on a life-or-death mission to blow the hijackers’ plot out of the water. Their plan: board the ship unnoticed, pose as ordinary passengers, and overtake the terrorists. But time is running out. The seized ships are crossing the Atlantic with the combined strength of a full-scale nuclear torpedo. And New York City is just on the horizon…. ‘Coonts knows how to write and build suspense…
a natural storyteller.’ – The New York Times Book Review ‘The master of the techno-thriller.’ – Publishers Weekly

Death Wave (By:Stephen Coonts,William H. Keith Jr.)

Deep within the NSA is Desk Three, a top secret unit of special operatives inserted into the field when the threat is great and the response demands sensitivity and invisibility. Charlie Dean, a former Marine sniper, is a senior officer. With his colleagues Lia DeFrancesca and newcomer Ilya Akulinin, they form the core of a high tech team known as Deep Black. Off the coast of Africa lie the beautiful Canary Islands, a resort destination of millionaires. Underneath this idyllic paradise is one of the most volatile fault lines in the world. There, an alliance between radical Islamic terrorists and a rogue element of the Chinese government is planning to unleash an act of unimaginable geological terrorism that could devastate the U.S. East Coast, striking it with waves up to a thousand feet high. They plan to set off nuclear devices to precipitate a gigantic landslide that will send a death dealing tsunami across the Atlantic. In the Central Asian Republic of Tajikistan twelve nuclear warheads, stolen by the Russian Mafia, are about to be smuggled out of the country and delivered into the hands of the conspirators. Charlie and Ilya go on an intercept mission, but before they can retrieve them, the weapons vanish. Meanwhile, in a hotel in New Jersey, a bestselling author is assassinated to prevent the release of his stranger than fiction story about an Islamic plot to change the course of history. Lia, Charlie’s girlfriend, is sent to Berlin to infiltrate the empire of a ruthless Chinese billionaire whose machinations have come to the attention of the NSA. She risks immediate execution if her true identity is revealed. Their paths all converge in the Canary Islands. Unless the Deep Black team intervenes, the islands could be the epicenter of an apocalypse, with millions of lives and the entire world order at stake.

Cyclops One

EYE IN THE SKY Cyclops One: America’s most advanced airborne laser system. Capable of taking out a dozen missiles and warplanes from three hundred miles away, it will change the face of combat forever perhaps rendering war itself obsolete. Until the plane carrying it vanishes in a storm over the Canadian Rockies. With the specter of sabotage or something worse looming over the entire operation, America’s top investigators are called onto the case. The best is Special Agent Andy Fisher, whose irreverent manner and unorthodox techniques have gained him the reputation as both a genius and a wild card within the FBI. As Fisher’s investigation deepens, more questions emerge about the laser, the hyper secretive private agency that developed it, and the true motives of those involved in the Cyclops One project a conspiracy that may end with the beginning of World War III…

Rogue Warrior (By:Richard Marcinko,John Weisman)

Richard Marcinko was the U.S. Navy’s most unconventional warrior and its most deadly. A master practitioner of the ‘Let’s Do It to Them Before They Do It to Us’ school of survival, he was often as feared by his own high command as by the enemy. This brilliant, tough as nails military virtuoso of violence ambushes, booby, traps, exotic weaponry, high altitude parachute drops, underwater infiltrations, face to face killing rose through Navy ranks to create and command one of this country’s most elite and secretive counterterrorist units, SEAL TEAM SIX. Now, in his own colorful voice, this thirty year veteran recounts the story of the secret missions and Special Warfare madness that make up his harrowing worldwide military career. Here, too, he opens doors that have long been locked: the riveting truth about the mystery shrouded Navy SEALS; what went on behind the scenes during the infamous Desert One hostage rescue attempt in Iran; and the stunning inside realities of the Granada invasion. Born on Thanksgiving Day, 1940, Dick Marcinko was raised in mining towns, housing projects, blue collar bars, and on the streets. He quit school at seventeen and enlisted in a new life of thrill seeking. He joined the Navy’s Underwater Demolition Teams, which he calls ‘a maso*chist’s dream.’ Then he attended over eighteen special training schools, where he excelled in the lethal, survival and leadership skills that would gain him entrance into the upper strata of military warfare: the SEALS. Marcinko was almost in humanly tough, and proved it on hair raising missions across Vietnam and a war torn world: blowing up supply junks, charging through minefields, jumping at 19,000 feet with a chute that wouldn’t open, fighting hand to hand in a hellhole jungle, and experiencing the tragedy of watching a buddy die in his arms. He was such a threatening force on the killing fields of Vietnam that the enemy posted a reward for his death. For the Pentagon, Marcinko organized the Navy’s first counterterrorist unit, the legendary SEAL TEAM SIX. One of the most feared weapons against terrorism in the world, the Team went on classified missions from Central America to the Middle East, the North Sea, Africa and beyond. Out of this success, Marcinko was tapped to create the explosive unit know as Red Cell, a dirty dozen team of the military’s most accomplished and decorated counterterrorists. Their unbelievable job was to become terrorists themselves to test the defense of the Navy’s most secure facilities and installations. The Navy was actually going to pay go for broke Marcinko to wreak havoc. The result was predictable: all hell broke loose. In Rogue Warrior, Marcinko recounts his searing adventures in the special branches of the military reserved for a handpicked few. Here is the hard working hero…
the killer who saw beyond the blood to ultimate justice…
and the decorated warrior who became such a maverick that the Navy brass wanted his head on a pole, and for a time, got it. This, and more, is Marcinko, a man made for war.

Red Cell (By:Richard Marcinko,John Weisman)

In the smash bestselling autobiography ‘Rogue Warrior,’ Richard Marcinko chronicled his controversial thirty year career in the U.S. Navy’s elite maritime commandos, the SEAL teams. Marcinko rose through the ranks to create and command the Navy’s legendary counterterrorist unit, SEAL TEAM SIX, scoring vitories against enemies all over the globe. Pleased with his success, the chief of Naval Operations ordered him to create RED CELL a dirty dozen team of SEALs whose mission was to infiltrate the Navy’s most secure installations. Marcinko did his job too well. No Navy base was safe no commander’s billet secure. His reward was a year in a federal penitentiary. During that year, Marcinko and John Weisman wrote ‘RogueWarrior.’ But, bound by government restrictions on classified information, Marcinko was only able to tell a fraction of his incredible story. The tales he could not tell, the secrets he could not reveal, now explode on the page as the Rogue Warrior returns in the blockbuster suspense novel of the year a novelwith him as the hero! He is the enemy’s worst nightmare, living by the untimate commandment of unconventional warfare win, by any means. He is brash, brazen, and possessed equally of a killer charm and the capacity to become a stone cold killer. As ‘ROGUE WARRIOR II: RED CELL’ begins, Dick Marcinko is a freelance security consultant, playing terrorist at Tokyo’s Narita Airport. Easily penetratingthe facility’s defenses, he engages in a deadly firefight with North Korean operatives and makes a discovery that plunges him into a secret war for America’s national security. Financed by traitorous Americans, smugglers are transferring nuclear materials toNorth Korea through Japan. Former Secretary of Defense Grant Griffith, a behind the scenes power in the Pentagon, believes that only the Rogue Warrior can stop the operation; he convinces the Navy to recall Marcinko involuntarily to command RED CELL. Marcinko is a legent to the SEALs of RED CELL, and they’re willing to follow him into hell to go anywhere and do anything to crush those who would betray America for a price. From infiltrating Washington’s Navy Yard offices and the Navy’s top secret nuclear weapons depot in Seal Beach, California, to raiding a North Korean Navy base in the most heavily guarded harbor in Asia, to a final assault on a target far out in the Pacific, the Rogue Warrior and his marauding SEALs fight incredible odds and increasingly dangerous enemies. And, as time runs out, ‘ROGUE WARRIOR II: RED CELL’ races to its electrifying climax.

Green Team (By:Richard Marcinko,John Weisman)

Richard Marcinko’s revelations in his explosive 1 bestselling autobiography, Rogue Warrior, reverberated through the highest levels of the U.S. government. But, bound by government restrictions, he was forbidden to tell the whole story. The answer was fiction. First came Rogue Warrior: Red Cell, the take no prisoners bestseller with Marcinko as hero. Now the Rogue Warrior’s back and he’s hotter than ever, in a knockout novel of courage and nonstop action. In Portsmouth, England, an aircraft carrier has been sabotaged, killing the American Chief of Naval Operations, one of the few friends the Rogue Warrior had left in the Navy. Marcinko discovers a holy war is brewing a violent religious movement, encircling the globe and zeroing in on the West. Defeating that menace will be the supreme test of Marcinko’s GREEN TEAM, a top secret unit operating outside the U.S. military’s chain of command. But in Washington, the political wolves select Dick Marcinko as their sacrificial lamb. For the Rogue Warrior it’s time to declare a holy war of his own. The enemy may have the ultimate weapon, but GREEN TEAM has Marcinko’s Tenth Commandment of SpecWar: There Are No Rules Thou Shalt Win at All Cost!

Task Force Blue (By:Richard Marcinko,John Weisman)

AS A U.S. NAVY SEAL, RICHARD MARCINKO KNEW NO LIMITS AS THE ROGUE WARRIOR, HE OBEYS NO RULES! SpecWar: deep cover commando operations conducted with absolute secrecy and total ruthlessness by the world’s most deadly counterterrorist units. No one knows SpecWar better than Richard Marcinko, and he’s proven it time and again. The revelations in his 1 New York Times bestselling autobiography, ‘Rogue Warrior’, brought real life SpecWar combat out in the open. But, bound by government restrictions on classified information, there was only one way to tell the whole story: fiction. After two more explosive New York Times bestsellers ‘Rogue Warrior: Red Cell’ and ‘Rogue Warrior: Green Team’ the Rogue Warrior returns in a raw, authentic novel of terrorism striking at the heart of the American government and military…
Moving slowly, steadily across the tarmac through the driving Florida rain, the Rogue Warrior and his team of SEALs have been called into action. Mission: storm a hijacked 727 sitting on a Key West airstrip and rescue the Secretary of the Navy. In a flash of high tech explosives and automatic gunfire, a hostage is killed and Marcinko will be the one to pay. Facing a court martial and permanent removal from the Navy, the Rogue Warrior has one more call to answer, from an ultrasecret operative inside the Defense Intelligence Agency DIA. America’s worst nightmare has become a reality. The hijackers’ roots run deep in U.S. soil: Americans willing to kill Americans to create a government in their own fanatical image. The Pentagon’s security has been breached: the arsenal of democracy raided. The DIA needs someone to eradicate the terrorist infrastructure, circumventing the Navy and the FBI. They need Marcinko and his elite SEAL contingent, Task Force Blue. Inspired and funded by a politically motivated independent billionaire, the enemy has become a force of right wing militias and extremists, radical drug gangs, and fundamentalist terrorists but they have yet to face an adversary like the Rogue Warrior. Accused of murder and pursued by the FBI, operating underground to maneuver through a political, military, and bureaucratic minefield, the Rogue Warrior is right where he wants to be. And, faithful to his ultimate Commandment of SpecWar, there are no rules Marcinko will win at all costs.

Designation Gold (By:Richard Marcinko,John Weisman)

The Rogue Warrior is in Moscow with murder and mayhem on his mind. The reason: his old friend, Paul Mahon, Washington’s defense attache in Russia, has been assassinated. Marcinko knows who killed him Andrei Yudin, a godfather in the Russian mafia and he just wants to know why. But Yudin’s not talking. In fact, he’s been silenced forever. The Rogue Warrior can’t raise the dead, but he can uncover a cabal of Russian politicians in bed with the mob. The revelation buys him a one way ticket to Washington, courtesy of the Russian Ministry of the Interior…
and his own State Department. Back in the Pentagon, Marcinko finds that the chain of command has turned into a noose around his neck. He’s asking questions some powerful people don’t want answered, and he’s drawing heavy fire. Orders come down from the top to disband his elite group of Navy SEALs and to put the Rogue Warrior out to pasture. But this is one stud who’s not ready to go down to the farm. He is ready, however, to prowl and growl, to cut and slash his way to the real story behind Mahon’s death a search that takes him to Paris and into the heart of a black market network peddling terrorism and mass murder. Marcinko connects Paul’s murder to break ins at the dozen NATO installations throughout Europe, to the infiltration of the American Embassy in Paris, and to a series of sinister and mysterious shipments to the Middle East. Masterminded by an international financier in the employ of the CIA, a devil of a deal is in the works, and it’s America’s safety that’s for sale. It’s time to play truth or consequences. The Rogue Warrior will uncover the truth and his enemies will have hell to pay.

Seal Force Alpha (By:Richard Marcinko,John Weisman)

AS A U.S. NAVY SEAL, RICHARD MARCINKO KNEW NO LIMITS AS THE ROGUE WARRIOR, HE OBEYS NO RULES!SpecWar master Richard Marcinko has revealed classified, kill or be killed operations in a series of New York Times bestsellers: Rogue Warrior, his 1 blockbuster autobiography, and four scorching Rogue Warrior novels. Now in an electrifying new adventure, the Rogue Warrior battles an ultra secret, ultra lethal military plot. The Rogue Warrior’s taking a flying leap a high altitude jump over the South China Sea. His mission: scuttle a Chinese freighter’s cargo of nuclear hardware and its crack crew of naval commandos. It’s a leave no tracks, take no prisoners operation, and business as usual for Marcinko. But on board he makes a chilling discovery: a cache of state of the art command and control equipment, all made in the U.S.A. and primed for America’s destruction! Marcinko takes his findings back to Washington, where he runs into a wall of doublespeak and double deals. Tapping into his own intelligence sources, he discovers the ugly truth some of the U.S. military’s most sophisticated technology has been given to our most dangerous potential adversary: the Chinese. Their long range objective: turning the United States into a third world country and a fifth rate power. Worse, the Rogue Warrior discovers that Washington has signed off on the deal. But not everyone wants to see America go down the drain. General Tom Crocker, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, unleashes the SEALs of war Marcinko and a Pentagon based unit, SEAL Force Alpha to neutralize a global maze of political deceit that begins all too close to home. The Chinese sense victory. They have a mole in the White House, and five thousand years of military strategy on their side. But neither the traitor nor all the wisdom of Sun Tzu are prepared for Marcinko and his men. They, after all, live by the Rogue Warrior’s Tenth Commandment of SpecWar: ‘There Are No Rules Thou Shalt Win At All Cost.’

Option Delta (By:Richard Marcinko,John Weisman)

As A U.S. Navy Seal, Richard Marcinko knew no limits as the Rogue Warrior, he obeys no rules. In six spectacular New York Times bestsellers Rogue Warrior, his 1 blockbuster autobiography, and five explosive Rogue Warrior novels covert combat master Richard Marcinko has blown the lid off the classified world of SpecWar ops. Now, the commando’s redo ‘kill or be killed’ is pushed to the brink in a shattering new conflict with the fate of America at stake. The Rogue Warrior is invading Germany with a blitzkrieg of bravado. His secret assignment: recover a pair of U.S. ADM’s Atomic Demolition Munitions lost in the Rhine Valley. Yet, what begins as a simple SEAL mission explodes in his face when terrorists visit the cache site. With scandals at home and fresh hotbeds of political and military tensions igniting all over the world, America’s diplomatic priorities are everywhere but eastern Europe and the Rogue Warrior and his SEALs must take matters into their own hands. But not even Marcinko is aware that a cabal of ultranational extremists led by Lothar Beck, a billionaire defense contractor is ready to take advantage of the U.S.’s global distractions. Beck and his subversive cadre believe the time is ripe for their great notion to emerge as Europe’s first superpower a true Fourth Reich. They have the money and influence to make it happen. And thanks to Cold War stockpiling of nuclear and conventional weapons on German soil, they have the arms. Fortunately Marcinko has some firepower of his own, and the manpower to deliver it the way the God of war intended: with maximum prejudice and extreme efficiency. He and his elite SEALs will have to wade through tango cells of skinheads, neo Na*zis, Russian mobsters, and Middle Eastern terrorists before they get the scent of the real powerbrokers. But once they do, it’s time to go hunting with no bag limit.

Echo Platoon (By:Richard Marcinko,John Weisman)

AS A U.S. NAVY SEAL, RICHARD MARCINKO KNEW NO LIMITS AS THE ROGUE WARRIOR, HE OBEYS NO RULES Through seven blockbuster New York Times bestsellers in the Rogue Warrior series, Richard Marcinko and John Weisman have given their readers untold thrills and their villains no mercy. Now the Rogue Warrior writes a whole new set of rules for the shadowy world of Black Ops as he embarks on his most explosive adventure yet a volatile tale of double dealing and international intrigue that blows the lid off today’s geopolitical scene. ROUGE WARRIOR : ECHO PLATOON Dangerous times require dangerous men. And there isn’t a man alive more deadly than the Rogue Warrior. Called once more to his country’s service, Captain Richard ‘NMN’ Marcinko must undertake a critical mission: uncover the hidden motives and players behind the recent attempts at the destabilization of Azerbaijan, the tiny former Soviet republic that holds the key to the oil rich Caspian Sea. An overland pipeline to the West has been planned, and both Russia and Iran want to control the flow. But others have their own interests in the region, including bilious billionaire Steve Sarkesian, one of the world’s richest and most influential men. The Rogue knows the man is involved, but just how he ties in with the Russkies and Arabs isn’t clear. And just who else stands to benefit from toppling the Azerbaijani government? The answer is out there somewhere, and Marcinko is going to find it. Pulling together a platoon of his best SEALs, the Rogue Warrior races to the heart of the Middle East, revealing festering layers of treachery and greed that threaten to choke off the black gold that is America’s lifeblood. Confronted by well trained terrorists and false faced bureaucrats, the Rogue does what he does best breaking rules and cracking heads until the only thing left standing is justice.

Detachment Bravo (By:Richard Marcinko,John Weisman)

In ‘Echo Platoon,’ the Rogue Warrior blazed a path of vengeance across the Middle East. In ‘Option Delta,’ he took out a German super terrorist armed with stolen nukes. Now, the ‘New York Times’ bestselling SEAL commando of eight explosive thrillers must pay for his success. The price: exile inside the lethal world of Irish Republican Army terrorists the battle no one else will touch. Relegated to head up a special ops organization made up of Brits, SEALS, spies, and NSA operatives, the Rogue Warrior is on the hunt for a high tech hired army launched by two self financed, new generation terrorists. This murderous wing of the IRA is waging its own vicious little war smashing the Good Friday Peace Accord and killing a half dozen American and British CEOs. Refusing to be contained to Irish turf, their next planned assault promises to stun the world. Marcinko and his merry band are determined to stop them, but there are a few unknowns: they don’t know the target, they don’t know the date, and they don’t know where the terror is going down. From top secret diplomatic tunnels beneath London to the high seas off the Azores, ‘Detachment Bravo’ is a fast paced, furious, in your face adventure…
just what the Rogue Warrior was made for.

Violence of Action (By:Richard Marcinko)

Bolder, brasher, and badder than ever before with an all new team, the Rogue Warrior faces his ultimate challenge. A suitcase nuke is on its way to a major American city, and there’s only one man who can stop it. Back from self imposed exile, during which he recommitted himself to the cause, and with a brand new team of operatives straining at the leash, the Rogue Warrior has entered a whole new phase of his amazing career. The threat this time is from domestic terrorists intent on a holy war military insiders gone bad and what’s worse, they possess suitcase sized nuclear weapons. The city of Portland, Oregon, is under the ultimate threat, but what these dangerous terrorists will find, however, is a new and improved Rogue Warrior not only has age weathered him into the ultimate fighting machine, but he’s also got an entirely new team together, a multicultural band of the toughest operatives available. The ensuing chase to avoid nuclear annihilation is ripped from the headlines stuff, and takes the Rogue Warrior to a new pitch, in which the very survival of his country is at stake. Can Demo Dick and his new band of Seals save the day, or is America heading for destruction? He’s never had a harder task…
is he up to it, or has the Rogue Warrior finally met his match?

Vengeance (With: Richard Marcinko)

The Rogue Warrior walks the razor’s edge of alarming reality in this blazing thriller of the war on terror. Former SEAL Team Six leader Richard Marcinko and his Red Cell II team give Homeland Security a wake up call with a series of simulated terror attacks. But there’s nothing fake about the railroad bridge wired with explosives or the dismembered corpse the team unearths while they’re busy scaring the daylights out of the American public. With the enemy on the brink of unleashing hell on U.S. soil, the Rogue Warrior launches an all out international manhunt. And when it’s clear that Marcinko himself is a moving target, Demo Dick wants more than dead terrorists he wants vengeance

Holy Terror (With: Richard Marcinko)

Nothing and no one is sacred as the Rogue Warrior smokes out a terrorist network with plans to turn the Vatican into the world’s largest Roman candle. The former SEAL commander takes his first shots at a NATO conference in Rome, where he caps off his blistering antiterror speech with a helpful visual aid, eliminating a ‘waiter’ and playing volleyball with a live grenade. As Demo Dick and his team trail terrorist kingpin Saladin, the manhunt pulls Marcinko into tracking stolen nukes in Sicily, facing down a predator in the jungles of Thailand, and flying on a prayer aboard a hijacked jet. Marcinko’s mission is one final, explosive showdown with the bad guys and there will be hell to pay.

Dictator’s Ransom (With: Richard Marcinko)

Is Kim Jong il really a fanatical fan of Dick Marcinko, the Rogue Warrior? Has the terrifying tyrant actually read every one of Marcinko’s many New York Times bestsellers?

One thing is certain: the Rogue Warrior wants nothing to do with the brutal despot. When, in Dictator’s Ransom, ‘the loathsome dwarf’ as George W. Bush derided him invites Marcinko to the Hermit Kingdom, the Rogue Warrior instantly declines…
prompting the CIA to RSVP on his behalf. Of course, the Agency is sending Marcinko on this life threatening mission, not to sign books but as part of a clandestine special op: Marcinko is to track down four covert nuclear warheads secreted in the Supreme Leader’s palace.

More than just another thriller, however, Dictator’s Ransom is a novel of electrifying energy and wicked wit. Marcinko rightfully takes his place alongside Huck Finn as the raunchy, rambunctious American hero he truly is. Kim Jong il quickly becomes the most outrageous, most frightening, most demented nuclear psychopath in all of history and literature. Dictator’s Ransom will have you shuddering with fear and trembling…
even as it has you cracking up with laughter.

Seize the Day (With: Richard Marcinko)

When Marcinko’s friend, the head of the CIA, asks him to spend a little quality time in Cuba, the Rogue Warrior finds there s no way to say no. Once there, Marcinko and company discover that Fidel Castro is on his deathbed. Which wouldn t be so bad, except that he s planned a catastrophic surprise for the U.S. as his going away present. The Rogue Warrior must find out the nature of that little surprise and thwart it before Castro kicks the bucket.

Domino Theory (With: Richard Marcinko)

When the Rogue Warrior travels to India to help supervise security arrangements for the upcoming Commonwealth Games, he and his team find themselves up to their skivvies in terrorists of all types Pakistanis. But it’s not just the Games that are being targeted for disruption Demo Dick and his young bucks uncover a plot to steal all seventy nuclear warheads the Indians have amassed for war against the Pakistanis. Rogue Warrior must overcome various obstacles to prevent disaster: a high tech remote controlled attack helicopter that makes the Apache look like a child s toy, an ominous chemical factory about to go boom, and tea and crumpets with the Queen. We’re just kidding about the Queen. Marcinko and DeFelice sprinkle the action with trademark Rogue Warrior humor and non PC asides in the latest installment of the best selling series. As usual, the plot mixes fact with fiction, and incorporates some of the original SEAL Team 6 skipper s recent experiences in India.

Larry Bond’s First Team (With: Larry Bond)

New York Times bestselling authors Larry Bond and Jim DeFelice deliver fresh thrills and unexpected twists in this latest installment of their electrifying series, Larry Bond’s First Team: Angels of Wrath.Led by CIA agent par excellence Bob Ferguson, the Team pitches in to help the FBI investigate a radical group of zealots who want to create a post Christian era by instigating a catastrophic showdown in Jerusalem. But Ferg and company soon discover the cult has strange connections to the Iraqi resistance and to a Syrian arms dealer. Enlisting the help of Thera Majed, a beautiful paramilitary and an expert on Middle eastern relations, the team breaks up to track each link. They seek to stop anything catastrophic from happening before the President arrives in Iraq for the next round of elections. Their quarries lead Team members into an immensely complicated world of fanatical terrorists, each potentially dangerous…
but who among them is the next to strike? Uncertain of the most imminent threat, the Team finds that they have landed in the midst of an operation headed by Israel s famous Mossad, and are ordered to cooperate with the Israelis…
but are the Israelis cooperating with them?
Unsure of their allies, the Team realizes that they are on the trail of two completely different attacks whose targets are thousands of miles apart. Both operations are intended to trigger a vast religious war. With the clock ticking down, can the team extinguish the spark of Armageddon?

Angels of Wrath (With: Larry Bond)

New York Times bestselling authors Larry Bond and Jim DeFelice deliver fresh thrills and unexpected twists in this latest installment of their electrifying series, Larry Bond’s First Team: Angels of Wrath.Led by CIA agent par excellence Bob Ferguson, the Team pitches in to help the FBI investigate a radical group of zealots who want to create a post Christian era by instigating a catastrophic showdown in Jerusalem. But Ferg and company soon discover the cult has strange connections to the Iraqi resistance and to a Syrian arms dealer. Enlisting the help of Thera Majed, a beautiful paramilitary and an expert on Middle eastern relations, the team breaks up to track each link. They seek to stop anything catastrophic from happening before the President arrives in Iraq for the next round of elections. Their quarries lead Team members into an immensely complicated world of fanatical terrorists, each potentially dangerous…
but who among them is the next to strike? Uncertain of the most imminent threat, the Team finds that they have landed in the midst of an operation headed by Israel s famous Mossad, and are ordered to cooperate with the Israelis…
but are the Israelis cooperating with them?
Unsure of their allies, the Team realizes that they are on the trail of two completely different attacks whose targets are thousands of miles apart. Both operations are intended to trigger a vast religious war. With the clock ticking down, can the team extinguish the spark of Armageddon?

Fires of War (With: Larry Bond)

Larry Bond, New York Times bestselling author of Dangerous Ground, and Jim DeFelice have earned widespread acclaim for the gritty authenticity and spellbinding suspense of their military political adventures involving the First Team. ‘The Team lead by top CIA officer Bob Ferguson, and supported by Special Forces commando Stephen Rankin and Marine Jack Young, is authorized to take immediate action, beyond the bureaucratic restraints of US intelligence or the military establishment, in the ever surprising War on Terror.
After years of exhaustive negotiations, North Korea’s Kim Jong Il abruptly agrees to surrender all of his nuclear weapons. This sudden change in policy has the US suspicious, and the Team is dispatched to uncover the truth. Newest Team operative, the young and beautiful Thera Majed, goes undercover during the preliminary inspections of the entire Korean peninsula, on a mission so sensitive that she will be disavowed if discovered. But when she discovers hidden weapons in South Korea, a firestorm of debate is set off in Washington. A public announcement of their suspicions could derail the North Korean agreement, and the South Korean government may not even be aware of the weapons’ existence. Ferg and the rest of the Team jump in to investigate, and the closer they get to the truth, the harder mysterious forces work to keep them away. Someone is planning for a full scale nuclear attack that would throw the civilized world into political and economic upheaval, and Ferg and the Team are the only ones in the position to stop them.

Soul of the Assassin (With: Larry Bond)

When the CIA is tipped off that one of its most wanted men is going to be in Bologna, Italy, Ferg and the First Team are tasked to apprehend him at any cost but under no circumstances can Italian authorities be made aware. There is just one problem: no one has seen the man in over ten years, and he is only known by a decades old code name: T Rex. This assassin has been involved in the murder of at least a dozen prominent western leaders, and the grapevine reveals he’s been called out of a long, silent hiding for one more major strike. Ferg and the Team arrive in Italy, where they recruit the help of a beautiful French Samaritan named Jane Foucoult. Her knowledge leads them on a search that goes behind the scenes of a conference on genetics and onto a trail to a sinister Russian scientist, a leader at the forefront of biological weapons research. Splitting the team in two, Ferg and Guns go after the ghosts they speculate could be T Rex, and Rankin and Thera get on the scientist’s tail. But what they uncover is way beyond a single assassination attempt, and they find themselves about to go head to head with the most lethal terrorist cells known to man.

Shadows of War (By:Larry Bond)

In the not too distant future, massive climate change has wracked the globe. China’s rice growing regions have been devastated by typhoons, while its western breadbasket is suffering from three years of drought. Riots threaten to tear the country apart. With the old guard Chinese government paralyzed by the crisis, a young, charismatic party leader steps to the fore. His solution to the unrest is a time tested one conquest of China s neighbors. And after that, the world. Josh MacArthur, a mild mannered American scientist studying climate change in northern Vietnam, is the only witness to a clever attempt by the Chinese to make it appear that Vietnam started the war. Escaping a massacre, he manages to gather critical evidence that could turn world opinion against China. Unfortunately, the Chinese learn of MacArthur s survival, and of the information he carries. A former Ch an fighting monk turned commando is sent to capture him. Mara Duncan, a CIA agent, is also on MacArthur s trail. The American scientist has become the subject of a deadly race in the jungles of northern Vietnam, with the fate of the world in his hands.

Edge of War (By:Larry Bond)

CIA officer Mara Duncan is on assignment in bomb-torn Hanoi. Her task: get scientist Josh MacArthur and a seven-year-old witness to Chinese atrocities in Vietnam out of the country safely. They are pursued by a relentless Chinese monk turned commando who can call on the entire Chinese secret service in Vietnam for help. Their escape is further complicated when SEALs, who are helping Mara, gun down Vietnamese soldiers, making them wanted by both China and Vietnam. Meanwhile, U.S. Army Advisor Zeus Murphy is given an impossible task: prevent the Chinese from landing on Vietnam’s coast. Heeding the President’s advice to ‘think outside the box,’ he concocts a daring mission into the heart of the Chinese fleet in the harbor at Hainan. This operation will go down in the annals of SpecWar history as either one of the most daring triumphs of all time or one of the most foolish suicide raids ever attempted. Or maybe both.

Shock of War (By:Larry Bond)

Under secret orders from the President, U.S. Army Major Zeus Murphy sabotages a Chinese invasion fleet on the eve of its assault against Vietnam. But after Murphy and fellow officer Win Christian are trapped behind enemy lines, Christian’s erratic behavior gives them away. The pair shoot their way out of a Chinese airport terminal, hijack a bus, then barely escape two truckloads of soldiers before disappearing into the night. Thus starts Zeus Murphy s personal odyssey in the latest installment of the Red Dragon Rising series. Back in America, President Chester Greene fails to convince Congress that the Chinese invasion of Vietnam is the first step in a plan to rule Asia and eventually go to war with the U.S. Not even the Pentagon will support the President; top ranking officers do everything they can to sabotage his orders. After Zeus and Christian dodge a Chinese armored division and return to Vietnam, Zeus proposes a plan to blunt the tank attack. His commanding officer orders him to stand down. Zeus disobeys in an effort to help the Vietnamese woman he s fallen in love with. Win Christian goes with him to prove he s not a coward within hours, both men are alone with a company of Vietnamese soldiers on the border, staring down the barrels of Chinese main battle tanks as they drive on Haiphong, starting a countdown to all out war with the West. In Larry Bond’s Red Dragon Rising: Shock of War, New York Times bestselling authors Larry Bond and Jim DeFelice imagine a horrifying near future immersed in global war.

Going Deep

Based On Actual Events Of The Gulf War! Brand New! Action packed novels dedicated to the brave pilots who flew the A 10 Warthogs in the skies over Iraq…
The PlanesThe Warthogs. No frills, no nonsense flying machines with a meaner snarl than any drill sergeant. The PilotsLt. ‘B.J.’ Dixon, trained to handle any challenge the Gulf War can spit out. And Major ‘Mongoose’ Johnson, who knows that all the training in the world can’t prepare you for the real thing. First in a brand new military action series first time in print Based on actual events of the Gulf War, but focused on pure action and adventure

Fort Apache

Dropped behind enemy lines, Hog pilot Lt. William Dixon and his team are on the run in the deep Iraqi desert, trying to outfox the enemy, and put some distance between themselves and a toxic chemical depot. Because the Hogs are on their way, and their orders are clear take out the depot and everything in their path…
9 in the series

Coyote Bird

While piloting an advanced, top secret American plane, Lieutenant Colonel Tom Wright crosses paths with an unidentified foreign aircraft possessing terrifying aggressive weaponry. A first novel.

War Breaker

When disputes between Pakistan and India escalate to the brink of war, former CIA agent Michael O’Connell is charged with retrieving stolen B 50s that would give one side a deadly advantage. K. PW.

Brother’s Keeper

A MISSING BROTHER F.B.I. agent Jack Ferico has never gotten along with his estranged older brother, Daniel. In their fathers eyes Danny was always the standard by which Jack was measured is dying and he wants to see Danny before he goes. The trouble is, when Jack tries to contact Danny, he finds he’s disappeared A GLOBAL THREAT The search that Jack begins simply for his fathers sake soon uncovers secrets, hidden agendas, and a danger far more serious than he ever imagined. Danny tank as a specialist in stealth technologies, and his disappearance raises some major red flags. If any of the classified technologies were to fall into the wrong hands, national security would be threatened and the balance of power could shift. Suddenly Jack’s not the only one looking for Danny. But if he wants to save his brother and end an international crisis, he’d better be the one who finds him…
and fast.

Leopards Kill

A journey into the hell that is the War on Terror a Heart of Darkness for the new century. Former Army Special Forces soldier Jack Pilgrim has it all big bucks, a successful security business with plush government contracts, a beautiful wife. Then Pilgrim’s partner, Merc Conrad, goes missing in Afghanistan with a chunk of government cash and most of the company s assets. The CIA threatens to throw Pilgrim in jail if he doesn t find Merc and return the money. Pilgrim knows his business and his extravagant lifestyle are on the line, but Merc saved Jack’s life three times while they served together in the Army in Afghanistan. So Jack owes him. Big. Determined to find Conrad, Pilgrim returns to Afghanistan. The country in chaos as the US prepares to pull out. Pilgrim follows Merc s trail to the border area of Pakistan; with every step he seems to descend deeper into a Dantesque hell. Rumor has it that Conrad has fielded a guerilla army and is hot on the trail of Osama bin Laden. The further into the uncharted border zone Jack Pilgrim goes, the larger the legend of Merc Conrad becomes. Warding off insurgent attacks and pockets of terror cells, Pilgrim’s odyssey into the Afghan badlands has him questioning his own reality, and the closer he seems to get to Conrad, the more peril he faces. If Jack Pilgrim wants to get out of Afghanistan alive, he may need Merc Conrad now more than ever.

Kill Grandma For Me

In the morning of December 31, 1994, a little girl ran barefoot through the streets of quiet Saugerties, New York, clad only in her night clothes and crying out in fear and pain. The story she told would shock the town: of a vicious murder and a teen couple’s obscene, three day orgy of sex and junk food. When police investigated the girl’s claims, they found the body of her grandmother stuffed into the trunk of a car and began their pursuit of a killer. At first, suspicion fell on 15 year old James Evans, a violently troubled teenager known to be a ticketing time bomb. But soon the terrible truth about his 13 year old lover, Wendy, would come out. The angelic looking honour student had convinced James to strangle her grandmother with a kite string. Then she took her own little sister prisoner, took her grandmother’s money, and began an odyssey of sin.

Negotiate and Win

Proven techniques from the world’s most famous police negotiator turned business consultant As chief negotiator for the NYPD, Dominick Misino talked people down from bridges, got felons to give up hostages, and even disarmed terrorists with a few well chosen words. But Misino’s fame as a crack negotiator isn’t limited to the world of law enforcement. One of today’s most sought after experts on business negotiation, he’s shown managers around the globe how to apply his proven techniques to their business negotiations. In Negotiate and Win, Misino: Tells readers how to be better negotiators in business and in life, including how to get the best deal from suppliers, winning the raise you want, and persuading kids to do the right thing Shares riveting anecdotes from how he got a jumper down off the Whitestone Bridge to how he persuaded skyjackers to surrender Walks readers through tested inthe trenches strategies that defy conventional wisdom

Rangers at Dieppe

The day the U.S. Army Rangers first went into combat and the battle that won’t be forgotten.

Just months after Pearl Harbor, with America still struggling to bring itself up to fighting strength for World War II, it was decided that a specially trained force based upon the British commando squads should be formed. They would become known as the Rangers.

Before their training was even complete, they would be thrust into the crucible of battle, taking part in a combined Canadian British assault on the Germanheld French port of Dieppe. The raid was a disaster, and the fight for Dieppe became a slaughter, with horrific Allied losses. Several Rangers were killed or wounded the first American blood spilled on European soil in the Second World War.

Here, drawn from historical records and personal recollections by those who were there, and illustrated with photographs and maps, is the story of those fifty Rangers who found themselves fighting nobly on the front lines in a battle they could not win and would be lucky to survive.

American Sniper: The Autobiography of the Most Lethal Sniper in U.S. Military History (With: Scott McEwen)

Chris has done and seen things that will be talked about for generations to come, not only by the American military, but by those who stood against us in battle. Marcus Luttrell, USN Ret., bestselling author of Lone Survivor Gripping, eye opening, and powerful, American Sniper is the astonishing autobiography of SEAL Chief Chris Kyle, whose record 255 kills make him the most deadly sniper in U.S. military history. Kyle shares the true story of his extraordinary decade long career, including his multiple combat tours in Iraq Operation Iraqi Freedom and elsewhere from 1999 2009. Kyle’s riveting first person account of how he went from Texas rodeo cowboy to expert marksman and feared assassin offers a fascinating view of modern day warfare and one of the most in depth and illuminating looks into the secret world of Special Ops ever written.

Victory: On the Attack

Ralph Peters follows a German officer in the starving days after World War II as he makes his way on foot back home, where a defeat far more terrible than the Allied victory awaits him. Jim DeFelice takes us to the height of the war when information was bought dearly on both sides. When an American pilot parachutes into Germany to gather information, he lands right in the middle of the viper’s nest a place deadlier than anything he could have found in the skies above. James Cobb sends a special detail of PBY Catalina flying boats hunting for a hidden enemy radar station that provides the Japanese Navy with an edge in the War in the Pacific. Dean Ing takes us into the world of espionage as the Army Air Force becomes convinced that a Na*zi superweapon can reach New York and Washington. As an interceptor is rush developed, a plane crazy young Texan begins to suspect that someone on the team has an agenda all his own…

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