Jill Paton Walsh Books In Order

Goldengrove Books In Publication Order

  1. Goldengrove (1972)
  2. Unleaving (1976)

Gripping Tales Books In Publication Order

  1. Birdy and the Ghosties (1989)
  2. Thomas and the Tinners (With: Alan Marks) (1995)

Imogen Quy Books In Publication Order

  1. The Wyndham Case (1993)
  2. A Piece of Justice (1995)
  3. Debts of Dishonor (2006)
  4. The Bad Quarto (2007)

Lord Peter Wimsey & Harriet Vane Books In Publication Order

  1. Thrones, Dominations (1998)
  2. A Presumption of Death (2002)
  3. The Attenbury Emeralds (2010)
  4. The Late Scholar (2013)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. Hengest’s Tale (1966)
  2. Fireweed (1969)
  3. The Dolphin Crossing (1970)
  4. Farewell, Great King (1972)
  5. The Emperor’s Winding Sheet (1974)
  6. The Butty Boy / The Huffler (With: Juliette Palmer) (1975)
  7. The Walls of Athens (1977)
  8. A Chance Child (1978)
  9. Children of the Fox (1978)
  10. A Parcel of Patterns (1983)
  11. Lost and Found (With: Mary Rayner) (1985)
  12. Lapsing (1986)
  13. Torch (1988)
  14. A School for Lovers (1989)
  15. Grace (1991)
  16. Knowledge of Angels (1994)
  17. The Serpentine Cave (1997)
  18. A Desert in Bohemia (2000)

Picture Books In Publication Order

  1. When Grandma Came (1992)
  2. Pepi and the Secret Names (1995)
  3. Connie Came to Play (1996)
  4. When I Was Little Like You (1997)

Chapbooks In Publication Order

  1. The Dawnstone (1973)
  2. Toolmaker (1974)
  3. Crossing to Salamis (1977)
  4. Persian Gold (1978)
  5. The Green Book / Shine (1982)
  6. Babylon (1982)
  7. Gaffer Samson’s Luck (1985)
  8. Five Tides (1986)
  9. Can I Play Jenny Jones? (1992)
  10. Can I Play Wolf? (1992)
  11. Can I Play Queenie? (1992)
  12. Matthew and the Sea Singer (1993)

Collections In Publication Order

  1. Wordho*ard: Anglo-Saxon Stories (With: Kevin Crossley-Holland) (1965)

Non-Fiction Books In Publication Order

  1. The Island Sunrise: Prehistoric Britain (1975)

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Jill Paton Walsh Books Overview

The Wyndham Case

In a fictional Cambridge college, an undergraduate is found dead in The Wyndham Case, a most peculiar private library which just happens to be worth a fortune to the college. It is not until another student is found dead in a fountain that Imogen Quy, the college nurse, uncovers the murderers.

A Piece of Justice

The author of The Wyndham Case returns with another mystery featuring Imogene Quy school nurse at St. Agatha’s College, Cambridge about an unfinished biography, three scholars who died mysteriously, another who is missing, and a peculiar quilt pattern.

Debts of Dishonor

Imogen Quy rhymes with why is the witty, compassionate, and relentlessly inquisitive college nurse at St. Agatha’s College, Cambridge University. Unfortunately, St. Agatha s has seen better days: Its financial affairs are in shambles, and the school is teetering on the verge of bankruptcy. That is, until billionaire financier and St. Agatha s College alum Sir Julius Farran decides to pay his alma mater a visit. Things are looking up for St. Agatha s . but when Sir Julius suddenly dies in questionable circumstances, St. Agatha s is in danger of closing forever. A nurse is a natural receiver of confidences, and Imogen soon learns that Sir Julius had far more enemies than friends. Her curiosity is initially piqued, but soon turns to alarm when Julius s equally unpleasant son in law is found murdered. The case takes on particular urgency because Imogen s former flame, Andrew Duncombe, had been working as Sir Julius s right hand man. Imogen must work what out really happened before Andrew is implicated in the murders or becomes the next victim. In her first case in more than a decade, Imogen Quy calls upon her clear thinking and insight into human nature to seek not only truth but justice. Readers will delight in the return of this exemplary amateur sleuth Publishers Weekly from a brilliant novelist in the best tradition of Dorothy L. Sayers and Josephine Tey.

The Bad Quarto

The campus of St. Agatha’s College, Cambridge University, is steeped in history. One particular building, however, has a history that most would rather forget a tower that has drawn several students to their death. Much discouraged by the authorities, it is a college tradition for students to try their luck jumping the gap between a window and a pediment nicknamed Harding s Folly and the gap has recently claimed another victim, a glamorous and controversial Shakespearean scholar. Imogen Quy rhymes with why , college nurse and amateur sleuth, is surprised that such a brilliant man would take such a foolish risk. But tragic accidents do happen or was it an accident? One undergraduate is so convinced of foul play that he takes it upon himself to confront the suspected murderer by mounting a production of The Bad Quarto a shortened, pirated script of Shakespeare s Hamlet. Wise, compassionate Imogen, who has been described as sharp as needles and soft as butter, has just the right mixture of involvement and detachment to sort out what really happened in the most literate and compelling academic mystery since Dorothy L. Sayers s Gaudy Night.

Thrones, Dominations

Deemed ‘one of the greatest mystery writers of this century’ by the Los Angeles Times, Dorothy L. Sayers first captivated readers nearly seventy years ago with her beloved sleuths Lord Peter Wimsey and Harriet Vane in the novel Stong Poison. In Busmans’s Honeymoon, her last completed Wimsey/Vane novel, Lord Peter and Harriet culminated their partnership with marriage. Now Thrones, Dominations, Sayers’ uncompleted last novel, satisfies the vast readership hungry to know what happened after the honeymoon. Here award winning author Jill Paton Walsh picks up where Sayers left off, bringing Wimsey and Vane brilliantly to life in Sayers’ unmistakable voice. Readers and reviewers are rejoicing at the return of this delightful sleuthing couple as adept at solving a baffling murder mystery as they are a balancing the delicate demands of their loving union.

A Presumption of Death

Sixty years after Dorothy L. Sayers began her unfinished Lord Peter Wimsey novel, Thrones Dominations, Booker Prize finalist Jill Paton Walsh took on the challenge of completing the manuscript with extraordinary success. The transition is seamless, said the San Francisco Chronicle; you cannot tell where Sayers leaves off and Walsh begins. Will Paton Walsh do it again? wondered Ruth Rendell in London’s Sunday Times. We must hope so. Jill Paton Walsh fulfills those hopes in A Presumption of Death. Although Sayers never began another Wimsey novel, she did leave clues. Drawing on The Wimsey Papers, in which Sayers showed various members of the family coping with wartime conditions, Walsh has devised an irresistible story set in 1940, at the start of the Blitz in London. Lord Peter is abroad on secret business for the Foreign Office, while Harriet Vane, now Lady Peter Wimsey, has taken their children to safety in the country. But war has followed them there glamorous RAF pilots and even more glamorous land girls scandalize the villagers, and the blackout makes the nighttime lanes as sinister as the back alleys of London. Daily life reminds them of the war so constantly that, when the village s first air raid practice ends with a real body on the ground, it s almost a shock to hear the doctor declare that it was not enemy action, but plain, old fashioned murder. Or was it?At the request of the overstretched local police, Harriet reluctantly agrees to investigate. The mystery that unfolds is every bit as literate, ingenious, and compelling as the best of original Lord Peter Wimsey novels.

The Attenbury Emeralds

In 1936, Dorothy L. Sayers abandoned the last Lord Peter Wimsey detective story. Sixty years later, a brown paper parcel containing a copy of the manuscript was discovered in her agent’s safe in London, and award winning novelist Jill Paton Walsh was commissioned to complete it. The result of the pairing of Dorothy L. Sayers with Walsh was the international bestseller Thrones, Dominations. Now, following A Presumption of Death, set during World War II, comes a new Sayers inspired mystery featuring Lord Peter Wimsey, revisiting his very first case…
. It was 1921 when Lord Peter Wimsey first encountered The Attenbury Emeralds. The recovery of the gems in Lord Attenbury s dazzling heirloom collection made headlines and launched a shell shocked young aristocrat on his career as a detective. Thirty years later, a happily married Lord Peter has just shared the secrets of that mystery with his wife, the detective novelist Harriet Vane. Suddenly, the new Lord Attenbury grandson of Lord Peter s first client seeks his help to prove who owns the emeralds. As Harriet and Peter contemplate the changes that the war has wrought on English society and Peter, who always cherished the liberties of a younger son, faces the unwanted prospect of ending up the Duke of Denver after all Jill Paton Walsh brings us a masterful new chapter in the annals of one of the greatest detectives of all time.

The Emperor’s Winding Sheet

In this exciting historical adventure, a famished, exhausted, and terrified boy drops from the tree in which he has hidden just as Constantine, last Emperor of the Romans, is about to receive his crown. Thus Piers Barber, shipwrecked young seaman from Bristol, England, now renamed Vrethiki ‘lucky find’, becomes an unwilling talisman to the Emperor, for it has been prophesied that if even one person who is at his side when he takes the crown stays with him always, the City will not perish. Jill Paton Walsh brings a meticulous eye for detail and storyteller’s skill to this tale of the fall of Constantinople and the siege that marked the end of the Byzantine Empire. Fractured by bitter rivalries and corruption, the City nevertheless inspired its defenders to extraordinary feats. Through the darkening months, Vrethiki finds renewed faith, inspired too to see the City as a vision worth dying for and the Emperor as his own true lord.

A Chance Child

Creep accidentally travels back in time to the British Industrial Revolution, while, in the present, his half brother is anxiously searching for him.

A Parcel of Patterns

A Parcel of Patterns brought the plague to Eyam. A parcel sent up from London to George Vicars, a journeyman tailor, who was lodging with Mrs. Cooper in a cottage by the west end of the churchyard. So begins Mall Percival’s account of how her village of Eyam struggled against the plague. George Vicars dies on September 6, 1665, and by the end of October, twenty five more townsfolk have been buried. As the deaths continue, the villagers, including Mall, begin to panic helpless to fight off the disease. Uncertain as to how it is contracted and passed from one person to another, Mall forces herself to make a sacrifice that radically changes her life she decides to stops seeing Thomas Torre, a man from another village, the man she hopes to marry. In June of 1966, at their minister’s urging, the entire village makes a pact to protect those who live in the surrounding countryside by staying within the boundaries of Eyam. Although Mall longs to see Thomas, she remains steadfast in her resolution, until one day Thomas runs into the center of Eyam, knowing that he will not be allowed to leave, yet fearing that Mall has died. Mall and Thomas marry, but their happiness is short lived. Finally, in October of 1666, the pestilence subsides. Mall, overwhelmed by grief and sorrow, decides to write a chronicle of all she has witnessed in Eyam, hoping that it will set her free.

A School for Lovers

A novel containing two interwoven stories worked around the theme of Mozart’s ‘Cosi Fan Tutte’ which explore love and infidelity.


On September 7, 1838, twenty two year old Grace Darling and her father rowed a small boat through turbulent seas to rescue the survivors of a shipwreck. Based on true accounts, this is the story of a woman whose quiet life crumbled around her after she became a national hero.

Knowledge of Angels

The nature of faith is explored in a spiritual fable, set in the pre Reformation Mediterranean, about what happens when a stranger proclaims himself to be an atheist and cardinal prince Severo must decide whether to kill him for heresy or acquit him for ignorance.

The Serpentine Cave

After her artist mother dies, a daughter’s search for her own past and the identity of her father takes her to a remote Cornwall fishing village. There she discovers her identity and her mother’s art are irrevocably tied to a 1939 lifeboat disaster. This powerful story by the renowned children’s author Jill Paton Walsh is a true story within an imagined one.

A Desert in Bohemia

It is 1945. Somewhere in Central Europe, in the aftermath of violence and confusion, a terrified and bloodstained young woman, Eliska, emerges from the forest to take refuge in an apparently abandoned castle. Soon she is joined by others the idealistic Jiri, the sinister Slavomir and his partisans, and Count Michael Blansky, who is the castle’s ancestral owner. But the war has changed things forever. In a storm of ideological change, the existing order and the aristocratic heritage of ten generations are brushed aside by the arrival of Communism, and Count Michael must join the flood of refugees if he is to survive. He leaves behind a legacy that will entangle those involved for the next forty years in more ways than they can possibly imagine. As divided post war Europe unravels around them, communities are destroyed, families uprooted, and the ties of trust, friendship, and duty that bind them together are broken down. Told through the eyes of nine characters who live through the forty years between the end of the war and the fall of Communism, A Desert in Bohemia is a complex and enthralling testament to the power and powerlessness of the individual in challenging times. By the time the Berlin Wall comes down, their lives will have been battered, broken, and made whole once more.

Pepi and the Secret Names

Prince Dhutmose has ordered a splendid tomb to be built for his final journey to the Land of the Dead. Pepi’s father is to decorate it, but how can he paint the unimaginable: the terrible gods Horus the Hawk, Sebek the Crocodile, and Mertseger the Winged Cobra? Pepi knows he can help. Armed only with his quick wits and knowledge of secret names, the resourceful boy sets out into the wild to bring back real life models for his father. This enthralling, magically illustrated story transports readers back in time to the mysterious world of ancient Egypt and a hieroglyphics key at the back of the book helps them decipher the secret names.

When I Was Little Like You

For Rose, her first trip to the seaside brings excitement and wonder. For Gran, it brings fond memories of steam trains, sailing boats and fishermen. Rosie and Gran share their experiences, and delight in a world not only as it once was, but also as it is now with the two of them together.

The Green Book / Shine

FOR USE IN SCHOOLS AND LIBRARIES ONLY. Pattie and her sister, Sarah, are refugees from the dying Planet Earth, newly arrived on the planet Shine, and must assist in ensuring the survival of the remaining earthlings.

Gaffer Samson’s Luck

FOR USE IN SCHOOLS AND LIBRARIES ONLY. James’s difficulty in adjusting to a new school and life in the Fens is further complicated by the request of an elderly neighbor to find his lucky piece, a task which puts James in some danger.

Can I Play Queenie?

Part of a collection of stories for young readers which tell about a group of friends and take a look at traditional playground games, this book looks at the game ‘Queenie’. Gary joins the girls playing ‘Queenie’ and discovers that girls have more fun that he guessed.

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