Jessica Steele Books In Order

Fereday Twins Books In Order

  1. The Sister Secret (1995)
  2. A Wife in Waiting (1996)

Marriage Pledge Books In Order

  1. The Feisty Fiance (2000)
  2. Bachelor in Need (2000)
  3. Marriage in Mind (2000)


  1. The Icicle Heart (1979)
  2. Pride’s Master (1979)
  3. Spring Girl (1979)
  4. Hostile Engagement (1979)
  5. Intimate Friends (1979)
  6. Hostage to Dishonour (1979)
  7. Turbulent Covenant (1980)
  8. The Other Woman (1980)
  9. The Magic of His Kiss (1980)
  10. Price to be Met (1980)
  11. Devil in Disguise (1980)
  12. Innocent Abroad (1981)
  13. Bachelor’s Wife (1981)
  14. Gallant Antagonist (1981)
  15. The Other Brother (1981)
  16. Dishonest Woman (1982)
  17. But Know Not Why (1982)
  18. Distrust Her Shadow (1982)
  19. Tethered Liberty (1983)
  20. Intimate Enemies (1983)
  21. No Quiet Refuge (1983)
  22. Tomorrow – Come Soon (1983)
  23. Reluctant Relative (1983)
  24. Imprudent Challenge (1984)
  25. Bond of Vengeance (1984)
  26. Ruthless in All (1984)
  27. No Holds Barred (1984)
  28. Facade (1985)
  29. No Honourable Compromise (1985)
  30. A Promise to Dishonour (1985)
  31. Misleading Encounter (1986)
  32. So Near, So Far (1986)
  33. Beyond Her Control (1986)
  34. Relative Strangers (1987)
  35. Unfriendly Alliance (1987)
  36. Fortunes of Love (1988)
  37. Without Love (1988)
  38. When the Loving Stopped (1988)
  39. To Stay Forever (1989)
  40. Farewell to Love (1989)
  41. Frozen Enchantment (1989)
  42. Unfriendly Proposition (1989)
  43. Hidden Heart (1990)
  44. Passport to Happiness (1990)
  45. A First Time for Everything (1990)
  46. Without Knowing Why (1991)
  47. Flight of Discovery (1991)
  48. Runaway from Love (1991)
  49. His Woman (1991)
  50. Bad Neighbours (1991)
  51. Destined to Meet (1992)
  52. Hungarian Rhapsody (1992)
  53. Relative Values (1993)
  54. West of Bohemia (1993)
  55. Italian Invader (1993)
  56. Heartless Pursuit (1995)
  57. The Trouble with Trent! (1997)
  58. Temporary Girlfriend (1997)
  59. A Most Eligible Bachelor (1998)
  60. Nine-to-five Affair (1999)
  61. The Bachelor’s Bargain (1999)
  62. A Suitable Husband (2001)
  63. His Pretend Mistress (2002)
  64. An Accidental Engagement (2003)
  65. A Pretend Engagement (2004)
  66. A Most Suitable Wife (2005)
  67. Promise Of A Family (2006)
  68. Her Hand In Marriage (2006)
  69. The Boss and His Secretary (2007)
  70. Engaged to Be Married? (2008)
  71. Falling for Her Convenient Husband (2009)


  1. Island of Escape / Stormy Affair / Hostile Engagement (1987)
  2. 9 to 5 (1998)
  3. After Hours (1999)
  4. Contract Husbands (2003)
  5. Marrying the Boss (2003)
  6. Misleading Encounter / Fortunes of Love (2004)
  7. White Wedding (2004)
  8. A Christmas To Remember (2004)
  9. Feisty Fiancee / Bachelor in Need (2005)
  10. All I Want for Christmas… (2005)
  11. After Office Hours… (2006)
  12. Bedded by Her Boss (2007)
  13. Mistress by Persuasion (2008)
  14. The Boss’s Proposal (2008)
  15. Girl from Honeysuckle Farm / One Dance with the Cowboy (2009)
  16. Master of Mallarinka / Hired: His Personal Assistant (2009)
  17. The Right Bride (2010)
  18. One Kiss in… London (2015)
  19. His Girl Next Door (2015)
  20. Be My Bride (2016)

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Jessica Steele Books Overview

Devil in Disguise

normal wear, some minor imperfections, satisfaction guaranteed

Gallant Antagonist

Jancis Langfield knew that love meant nothing without loyalty and trust. Her parents’ bitter divorce had taught her that, never mind what Thorp Kingman thought! Jancis could appreciate what a headache her irrepressible friend, Thorp’s niece Sophie, was being, but why did Thorp have to assume Jancis herself was tarred with the same brush? Thorp had no right at all to pass judgment on her until Jancis decided to tell him one tiny lie that mushroomed. Now she faced a lifetime of regret…
and heartache.

Bond of Vengeance

Keely realized Tarrant objected to her mother’s marrying his father, but did he have to take out his disapproval on her? He seemed intent on making her life miserable. First he blackmailed her into spending a weekend at his London flat, then he broke up her romance with another man. She was going to have her revenge on him for this. Keely wasn’t quite certain how. But she wouldn’t be satisfied until she found a way to hurt Tarrant Varley, if it took her the rest of her life!

A Promise to Dishonour

If only Ashlie’s brother hadn’t accepted work so far away from London. Perhaps then his wife wouldn’t have fallen for her rakish boss and Ashlie wouldn’t have had to interfere. Now Ashlie had only to arrange things st that Chase would honor his side of the bargain while she dishonored hers!

Beyond Her Control

It was time to live for herself. Brooke had held the family together ever since her mother’s death, putting off her own dreams for the sake of her father, younger brother and sister. So when her sister, staying at a chateau in France to upgrade her French before university, developed a crush on the chateau’s owner and decided to stay, it was only natural that Brooke should rush to the rescue. And it was also only natural that Brooke, naive and inexperienced with men, after meeting the handsome worldly Jourdain Marchais, should fall in love with him herself!

The Bachelor’s Bargain

What would Merren have done without Jarad Montgomery? Having sold her late mother’s ring to help her brother she had then been robbed and it was Jarad who’d dusted her down and offered to replace the money. Merren suggested being his girlfriend for a year to pay back to debt. At first Merren wondered if she’d got the better part of the deal, until he began to want more…

A Most Suitable Wife

Taye Trafford’s roommate has run off. She needs someone to share her flat fast! So, when Magnus Ashthorpe turns up, Taye has no choice…
He believes Taye is the mistress who has caused his sister heartbreak, but is she really the sort of girl to have an affair…

Her Hand In Marriage

For Romillie, family always came first. So when her mother took ill, Romillie immediately put aside her plans to go to university and stayed home, where she was needed. But now her mother is on the mend, and Romillie has met dashing businessman Naylor Cardell.

Romillie would never have imagined that a high flying CEO like Naylor would be interested in an ordinary girl like her. Now Naylor says he has a question for her. Dare she hope that the confirmed bachelor might ask for Her Hand In Marriage?

The Boss and His Secretary

When Taryn Webster takes a job as secretary to gorgeous millionaire Jake Nash, she is already fighting her attraction to him. Taryn is determined not to mix business and pleasure, so she tries to keep her distance. But then Jake asks her for her help after hours! At first Taryn refuses, but she can’t resist his persuasive arguments nor his charming smile and tempting gray eyes. Could this office romance lead to a journey down the aisle?

Falling for Her Convenient Husband

Nathan Mallory hasn’t set eyes on Phelix Bradbury since they conveniently wed. When they meet at an international business conference eight years on, Nathan is intrigued when he sees that Phelix is still wearing her wedding ring…
. Now a successful lawyer with the independence she’s always craved, Phelix is not the same shy, mousy teenager Nathan knew, but a confident and stylish woman. And her transformation certainly hasn’t escaped the English tycoon’s notice…

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