Jerry Kennealy Books In Order

Carroll Quint Books In Publication Order

  1. Jigsaw (2007)
  2. Still Shot (2008)

Johnny O’Rorke Books In Publication Order

  1. Screen Test (2016)
  2. Dirty Who? (2018)

Nick Polo Books In Publication Order

  1. Polo Solo (1987)
  2. Polo Anyone? (1988)
  3. Polo’s Ponies (1988)
  4. Polo in the Rough (1989)
  5. Polo’s Wild Card (1990)
  6. Green with Envy (1991)
  7. Special Delivery (1992)
  8. Vintage Polo (1993)
  9. Beggar’s Choice (1994)
  10. All That Glitters (1997)
  11. Polo’s Long Shot (2017)
  12. I’m Dying As Fast As I Can (2020)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. The Conductor (1996)
  2. The Forger (1997)
  3. The Hunted (1999)
  4. The Other Eye (2000)
  5. The Suspect (2012)
  6. Cash Out (As: Paul Boray) (2012)
  7. Chasing the Devil (As: James Brant) (2013)
  8. The Vatican Connection (As: James Brant) (2014)
  9. Silent Remains (2019)

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Jerry Kennealy Books Overview

Still Shot

Entertainment critic and film noir author Carroll Quint gets a panicky call from his mother, former movie starlet Karen Kass. Vicky Vandamn, a roommate of Karen’s some thirty years ago when they worked at Talbot Studios, disappeared from Hollywood under mysterious circumstances. Now she s been found dead on her houseboat in nearby Sausalito, a reported suicide victim. Quint s mother is certain that Vicky, who was involved with a rough Hollywood crowd, was murdered. Act like one of those private eyes in your book, dear. And find out who killed her.

Quint tries to do just that, and soon finds himself tangled up with lazy cops, a paranoid PI, a billionaire former movie studio head, and a peeping tom who kept a very close eye on Vandamn. When all appears to be lost, Quint s mother comes up with a revealing old still photo and a clue involving Fred Astaire s hands that sets Quint on a collision course with the murderer.

This second in the series delivers another dynamic story and an entertaining coterie of characters.

Special Delivery

What seems to Nick Polo like a simple job with excellent perks turns into a rather unpleasant situation involving pornography, illegal aliens, and murder.

All That Glitters

Searching for an ancient artifact seems like a pretty simple case, but private eye Nick Polo soon finds himself immersed in a world of massage parlor prostitutes, military intelligence, an international dating service, and murder.

The Conductor

One of the world’s most ruthless terrorists plans a crime of unthinkable proportions against the unsuspecting people of San Francisco in Jerry Kennealy’s tale of searing suspense. Mary Ariza knows all the ins and outs of the law and the lawless. It’s her chance encounter with a dying man and a cop’s curiosity that hold the key to stopping the plot.

The Vatican Connection (As: James Brant)

What if Christ were not the Son of God and it could be proven? What if a software program could make smart bombs obsolete? What if one man possessed both secrets and he was killed? A laptop with software that could revolutionize the defense industry. A document that could bring down the entire Catholic Church. One man possessed both. Now, he’s dead. The laptop and document are missing. And everyone from the Pope’s elite bodyguards, the Exsequors, to the British Secret Service and the CIA is trying to find them. Double crosses don’t even begin to cover what happens next…

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