Jerome Preisler Books In Order

Homicide Books In Order

  1. Homicide (1996)
  2. Violent Delights (1997)
  3. White Butterflies (1998)

Tom Clancy’s Power Plays Books In Order

  1. Cold War (2001)
  2. Cutting Edge (2002)
  3. Zero Hour (2003)
  4. Wild Card (2004)

Tom Clancy’s Net Force Relaunch Books In Order

  1. Dark Web (2019)
  2. Eye of the Drone (2020)
  3. Threat Point (2021)
  4. Moving Target (2022)
  5. Attack Protocol (2020)
  6. Kill Chain (2021)


  1. The Pact (1989)
  2. The Awakening (1989)
  3. Last Man Standing (1996)
  4. Zorro and the Jaguar Warriors (1998)

Non fiction

  1. All Hands Down (2008)
  2. Codename Caesar (2012)
  3. Daniel’s Music (2013)
  4. First to Jump (2014)

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Jerome Preisler Books Overview

Cold War

Unspoiled. Uninhabited. Under attack…

On the wind swept, Ice covered continent of Antartica, Roger Gordian’s UpLink Technologies has established a scientific research facility called Cold Corners. But its testing of potential robotic landing craft for use on Mars is disrupted when one of the rovers disappears along with the repair team sent out after it.

Fear of discovery has prompted a renegade consortium that is illegally using Antartica as a nuclear waste dump to wipe out the UpLink base. Now, the men and women of Cold Corners have only themselves to rely on as the consortium mounts its decisive strike against the ice station and the final sunset plunges them into the total darkness of a polar winter.

Cutting Edge

WIRED. Africa becomes the battleground of twenty first century war. As fiber optic cable is laid down around the continent, two entities fight to control it. One is UpLink Communications, headed by Roger Gordian. The Pan African fiber optic ring is his most ambitious?and expensive?endeavor to date. His nemesis, Harlan Devane, is penetrating the network. Devane trades in black market commodities with terrorists and rogue states, and the cable offers him unlimited access to a most valuable product: information. To ensure his success, Devane makes his move halfway around the world. He hits Gordian where it hurts?and kidnaps his daughter. Now, Gordian must trust his UpLink team as never before, as they fight on land and sea to save his daughter and turn the tables against Devane?once and for all.

Zero Hour

Competition is heating up between the powerful telecommunications company Uplink International and new technological giant Ambright Industries. To keep Uplink on top, owner Roger Gordian is not above a little ‘friendly snooping,’ especially when one of Ambright’s corporate sales agents disappears under mysterious circumstances. On the surface, Ambright specializes in creating flawless artificial sapphires used in advanced laser development. But, a little digging by Uplink operatives reveals a major flaw: a Pakistani terrorist is using Ambright’s laser technology to further his own political agenda and it’s only a matter of time before he launches the ultimate attack…
on U.S. soil.

Wild Card

TOM CLANCY’S POWERPLAYS When an anonymous e mail alerts UpLink Technology’s operatives to suspicious activity on an exclusive island resort, Pete Nimec goes undercover to investigate. Located off the coast of Trinidad, Rayos del Sol is not just a playground for the world’s richest and most powerful people it’s also the headquarters for a joint fiber optic and oil refinery project run by UpLink and Sedco Oil. What Nimec discovers is a plot to drain oil from the United State’s strategic petroleum reserve and sell it to outlaw nations. And when the island’s highly trained security force is sent to take Nimec out heaven on earth erupts into hell

Zorro and the Jaguar Warriors

Posing as a foppish Spanish nobleman by day, Don Diego transforms at night into Zorro, protector of the innocent and scourge of the wicked. Antonio Banderas and Anthony Hopkins star in the major motion picture due for release December,1997. .

All Hands Down

Forty years ago, in May 1968, the submarine USS Scorpion sank in mysterious circumstances with a loss of ninety nine lives. The tragedy occurred during the height of the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union, and it followed by only weeks the sinking of a Soviet sub near Hawaii. Now in All Hands Down, drawing on hundreds of hours of interviews, many with exclusive sources in the naval and intelligence communities, as well as recently declassified United States and Soviet intelligence files, Kenneth Sewell and Jerome Preisler explain what really happened to Scorpion.

In January 1968, a U.S. intelligence ship, USS Pueblo, was seized by North Korea. Among other items, the North Koreans confiscated a valuable cryptographic unit that was capable of deciphering the Navy’s top secret codes. Unknown to the Navy, a traitor named John Walker had begun supplying the Navy’s codes to the KGB. Once the KGB acquired the crypto unit from the North Koreans, the Russians were able to read highly classified naval communications.

In March, a Soviet sub, K 129, mysteriously sank near Hawaii, hundreds of miles from its normal station in the Pacific. Soviet naval leaders mistakenly believed that a U.S. submarine was to blame for the loss, and they planned revenge. A trap was set: several Soviet vessels were gathered in the Atlantic, acting suspiciously. It would be only a matter of time before a U.S. sub was sent to investigate. That sub was Scorpion. Using the top secret codes and the deciphering machine, the Soviets could intercept and decode communication between the Navy and Scorpion, the final element in carrying out the planned attack.

All Hands Down shows how the Soviet plan was executed and explains why the truth of the attack has been officially denied for forty years. Sewell and Preisler debunk various official explanations for the tragedy and bring to life the personal stories of some of the men who were lost when Scorpion went to the bottom. This true story, finally told after exhaustive research, is more exciting than any novel.

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