Jeri Odell Books In Order


  1. Remnant of Victory (2000)
  2. Hidden Treasures (2001)
  3. Game of Pretend (2003)
  4. Surrendered Heart (2004)
  5. Always Yesterday (2007)
  6. Only Today (2008)
  7. Until Tomorrow (2008)
  8. Perfect Ways (2010)


  1. A Victorian Christmas Cottage (1997)
  2. Reunited (1998)
  3. A Bouquet of Love (1999)
  4. Triumphant Hearts (2002)
  5. Lilly’s Dream / Surrendered Heart / Kelly’s Chance / Some Trust in Horses (2007)
  6. Wyoming Christmas Heroes (2008)
  7. Christmas Love At Lake Tahoe (2009)
  8. Sierra Weddings (2010)
  9. A Biltmore Christmas (2011)
  10. Christmas Belles of Georgia (2011)


  1. Dream Vacation (2000)
  2. Love Letters (2007)

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Jeri Odell Books Overview

Game of Pretend

With her life nearing its end, Millie Steele wants desperately to see her grandson’s faith restored and him happily married to a Christian girl. When she enlists Kally McCoy as her home caregiver, the pretty young woman’s presence seems only to antagonize Preston Steele. Preston loves his grandmother and, wanting to see her rest in peace, pretends to fall in love with Kally. He puts on a good act, and even attends church with Kally. But soon, the things he hears at church and his growing friendship with Kally begin to make a real change in his heart. Kally has grown to love Preston and has even accepted his proposal of marriage. But will the discovery of his Game of Pretend kill love’s flame? Fall in love with this inspiring love story and our entire collection of Christian romance novels from Heartsong Presents!

Always Yesterday

As a female cop, Delanie Cooper is on her most difficult assignment yet. To stop a baby selling ring, she goes undercover as an unmarried, pregnant teen. Her new partner, Eli Logan, plays the father. With his rugged good looks, Delanie doesn’t have to fake attraction, but Eli’s rough exterior and bitterness toward women make it hard even to be friends. Eli is outraged at having another female partner. His last one nearly got him killed, and she wasn’t the first woman to let him down. He’s sure he’ll never need another woman in his life or anyone else, not even God. His past has shown him he can only count on himself. Amidst danger and deceit can Eli forget the pain of yesterday to see something different in Delanie? And will he come to know God, the only One who will never let him down?

Only Today

Kendall has no past, and her future looks bleak. A hit and run leaves Kendall Brooks with major injuries and a case of amnesia. Weeks pass, and no one seems to be missing her. Could she really have no loved ones who care to find her? What does that say about the type of person she was? Kendall thanks God for paramedic Brady Cooper. He saved her life and promises not to leave her alone through her ordeal. She clings to the friendships offered by Brady and his mother and sister. But when she and Brady realize they d like to be more than friends, they need answers. Will Kendall ever get her memory back? What if she’s married? How can two plan a future together when one knows nothing about her past? Can Kendall and Brady trust God brought them together for a reason, even if it s only for today? ‘Give us today our daily bread.’ Matthew 6:11

Until Tomorrow

Lexi’s life really isn t that glamorous. As a famous model, Alexandria Eastridge seems to have it all, but it took more than hard work for her to make it in the modeling world. Lexi has given up her body, her morals, and her heart. Will fleeing LA and going home to her grandparents in Lake Tahoe help her find her true self again? Fireman Cody Cooper has never met Lexi, but he s pretty sure he s in love with her. As he s grown close to his elderly neighbors, he s learned all about their beloved granddaughter. How could he help but fall for the beautiful Christian girl they describe? Surely the tabloid stories about her are just sensationalism. But once Cody actually meets Lexi, he begins to think the tabloids might be true. Then an arsonist strikes his peaceful community and all evidence points to Lexi. What was Cody ever thinking falling for this girl? ‘Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.’ Hebrew 13:8

A Victorian Christmas Cottage

$lt;B Catherine Palmer, Dianna Crawford, Peggy Stoks, and Katherine Chute $lt;/B $lt;p $lt;I A Victorian Christmas Tea$lt;/I is a sure romance hit. Each of the four novellas in this charming anthology is set in a different region of nineteenth century America, and each involves a delightful Christmas tea. Wholesome, uplifting romance is coupled with strong biblical values and as a special bonus authentic recipes are included at the end of each inspiring story! A ‘must buy’ for fans of $lt;I Christmas by the Hearth,$lt;/I readers of quality Christian romance, and the recipe collector in every family.


Judy Baer, Jan Duffy, Peggy Stoks, and Jeri Odell Four complete novellas, each set in a different region of contemporary America. As couples are Reunited, we learn how they’ve grown in their understanding of God and themselves.

A Bouquet of Love

Ginny Aiken, Ranee McCollum, Jeri Odell, and Debra White Smith A Bouquet of Love contains four romance novellas set in contemporary America, each featuring the gift of a very special bouquet. Strong biblical themes echo through each story as readers learn of God’s forgiveness, the importance of communication and honesty in marriage, seeking God’s will through reading his Word, and the importance of a person’s internal qualities. Romance fans will enjoy the diversity of themes and the distinctive styles of these four gifted writers.

Triumphant Hearts

Remnant of Light The Great War has recently ended, but in the continuing border conflicts, Elena’s home city of Smyrna has fallen. Placed with her sister on a refugee ship, Elena is accidentally pushed overboard and left alone at sea. When she cries out to her Lord, she is rescued by a New York bound cargo ship. Can her determination and strength soften her rescuer’s hardened heart? Remnant of Forgiveness German forces destroyed everything dear to Mary Theresa Malinowski including her native Poland and her childhood innocence. When an unexpected gift brings her to America, her path crosses that of Nelson Thomas, an embittered World War II veteran whose own plans met a swift death on the battlefields of Europe. Remnant of Grace Eun Me’s greatest concern is her lack of a dowry before the communists attacked South Korea and her heart’s love arrived back from America to introduce his fiancee to his missionary parents. Separated from her family, can even a remnant of God’s grace touch Eun Me’s life that has been so devastated by war? Remnant of Victory Thai Leopold, a Vietnamese war orphan, is determined to forget his Asian roots. Adopted at age six by his family in the United States, Thai’s goal is to be 100 American to think, act, and marry American. He doesn’t want to remember the past, but Kinsy McCoy, a war orphan like him, won’t let him forget. Will a short term mission trip across Vietnam help Thai and awaken a love for Kinsy?

Wyoming Christmas Heroes

Enjoy a modern holiday romance collection in which old fashioned heroes come to the rescue of young women in distress. Four young women find life’s problems are snowballing at Christmastime. Annie has moved to a new state is about to give birth alone. Chris’s snowmobiling trip puts her life in danger. Holly’s daughter has become strangely accident prone. A fire threatens Stacy and her young son. Who will come to these women’s rescue?

Christmas Love At Lake Tahoe

Reserve time for romance in this inspirational Christmas collection where four college grads major in love at a Lake Tahoe lodge. After meeting a handsome paramedic, registered nurse Bethany Stillman discovers there are some wounds only God can heal. A cautious Scarlett McKaye is reluctant to risk her heart to a handsome daredevil who won t take no for an answer. Stephanie St. John is determined to spurn the advances of a manipulative businessman. Mikayla Christiansen’s resolve for a male free existence is threatened by a widowed forest ranger. Will love lodge in the hearts of these career minded women?

Dream Vacation

Ginny Aiken, Jeri Odell, and Elizabeth White What could be better on a chilly winter’s night than a collection of heartwarming stories about special vacations? Readers will love the exotic locations and unexpected romance in this trio of novellas from HeartQuest.

Love Letters

Historical Romance: Suddenly fatherless, seventeen year old Laurel Rivers falls in love with the author of an anonymous song. Prudie Burke is a headstrong twenty year old who is wooed by a Chinese/American restaurant heir with fortune cookies. Eighteen year old Bethany Prescott must provide for her ailing mother and finds her only outlet to express herself is anonymous notes she posts around town. Jonica Granger is an inexperienced eBay buyer opening an antique store that rivals analready established storeowner in town. The two begin heated e mail correspondence that turns into something else. Can these four women find true love through the written word?

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