Jennifer Weiner Books In Order

Cannie Shapiro Books In Publication Order

  1. Good in Bed (2002)
  2. Certain Girls (2008)
  3. Good Men (2013)

The Littlest Bigfoot Books In Publication Order

  1. The Littlest Bigfoot (2016)
  2. Little Bigfoot, Big City (2017)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. In Her Shoes (2002)
  2. Little Earthquakes (2004)
  3. Goodnight Nobody (2005)
  4. Best Friends Forever (2009)
  5. Then Came You (2010)
  6. Fly Away Home (2010)
  7. The Next Best Thing (2012)
  8. All Fall Down (2014)
  9. Who Do You Love (2015)
  10. Mrs. Everything (2019)
  11. Big Summer (2020)
  12. Dog People (2020)
  13. That Summer (2021)
  14. Off Season (2021)

Short Stories/Novellas In Publication Order

  1. Swim (2006)
  2. The Guy Not Taken (2006)
  3. The Half Life (2010)
  4. Recalculating (2011)
  5. A Memoir of Grief (2012)
  6. Disconnected (2013)

Non-Fiction Books In Publication Order

  1. Hungry Heart (2016)

Anthologies In Publication Order

  1. American Girls About Town (2004)
  2. Shelf Discovery: The Teen Classics We Never Stopped Reading (2009)
  3. Cosmo’s Sexiest Stories Ever (2011)
  4. Pretty Bit*ches: On Being Called Crazy, Angry, Bossy, Frumpy, Feisty, and All the Other Words That Are Used to Undermine Women (2020)

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Jennifer Weiner Books Overview

Good in Bed

At first my eyes wouldn’t make sense of the letters. Finally, they unscrambled. Loving a Larger Woman, said the headline, by Bruce Guberman. Bruce Guberman had been my boyfriend for just over three years, until we’d decided to take a break three months ago. And the larger woman, I could only assume, was me. Cannie Shapiro never wanted to be famous. The smart, sharp, plus sized pop culture reporter was perfectly content writing about other people’s lives on the pages of the Philadelphia Examiner. But the day she opens up a national women’s magazine to find out that her ex boyfriend has been chronicling their ex sex life is the day her life changes forever. Loving a larger woman is an act of courage in our world, Bruce has written. And Cannie who never knew that Bruce saw her as a ‘larger woman,’ or thought that loving her was an act of courage is plunged into misery, and into the most amazing year of her life. For the previous twenty eight years, things had been tripping along nicely for Cannie. Sure, her mother’s come charging out of the closet, and her father’s long since dropped out of her world. But she loves her job, her friends, her tiny rat terrier, Nifkin, and her life in Philadelphia. She loves her apartment, and her commodious, quilt lined bed. She has made a tenuous peace with her non size 6 body. And she’d even felt okay about ending her relationship with Bruce. But now this. After finding herself publicly humiliated, with the most intimate details of her life in print, Cannie embarks on a series of hilarious and heartbreaking adventures. From showdowns with her snooping office nemesis to run ins with her mother’s less than lovable life partner, from trips to the glamour spots of New York City and Los Angeles to a disastrous reconciliation with the man who took her heart and tossed it onto the New Jersey Turnpike, Cannie navigates an odyssey she never planned on taking. She mourns her losses, faces the past, and figures out who she really is, and who she can become. Radiant with wit, bursting with surprises, and written with bite and bittersweet humor, Jennifer Weiner’s deliciously readable debut novel reaches beyond Cannie’s story and into the heart of every woman. It features an unbelievably funny cast of supporting characters, the strangest dog you’ll ever encounter, and, best of all, Cannie Shapiro a hero*ine you’ll never forget.

Certain Girls

‘My mother,’ Joy Shapiro Krushelevansky writes in her diary late one night, ‘is the most embarrassing person to have ever been born.’ It’s been almost thirteen years since we’ve last seen Cannie Shapiro, the hero*ine of Good in Bed, whose journey toward happily ever after, and peace with her fractured family and plus size body, made millions of women the world over laugh, cry, and see themselves on the page.

The last decade of Cannie’s life has brought some surprises. Her life story, in fictional form, became an unexpected best seller, and Cannie has since choosen to retreat from fame’s fallout, writing science fiction under a pen name. Her daughter, Joy, has descended into the throes of moody adolescence, just in time for her bat mitzvah. Her best friend, Samantha, is looking for love in all the wrong places specifically, an online dating site called AJew4U. com. Her husband, Peter, has decided that he’d like to have a baby, and the family’s first choice for a surrogate is none other than Cannie’s flamboyant kid sister. Just when things can’t get any worse or weirder Cannie’s long lost and largely unlamented father shows up at her doorstep, and Joy swipes her mother’s credit card and heads West in pursuit of the grandfather she’s only seen once.

Funny and tender, with memorable characters and Weiner’s trademark whip smart dialogue and sharp observations about modern life, Certain Girls is a story about family biological and chosen, love, loss, and the enduring bonds between mothers and daughters, husbands and wives.

In Her Shoes

Meet Rose Feller. She’s thirty years old and a high powered attorney with a secret passion for romance novels. She has an exercise regime she’s going to start next week, and she dreams of a man who will slide off her glas*ses, gaze into her eyes, and tell her that she’s beautiful. She also dreams of getting her fantastically screwed up little sister to get her life together. Meet Rose’s sister, Maggie. Twenty eight years old, drop dead gorgeous and only occasionally employed, Maggie sings backup in a band called Whiskered Biscuit. Although her dreams of big screen stardom haven’t progressed past her left hip’s appearance in a Will Smith video, Maggie dreams of fame and fortune and of getting her dowdy big sister to stick to a skin care regime. These two women with nothing in common but a childhood tragedy, shared DNA, and the same size feet, are about to learn that their family is more different than they ever imagined, and that they’re more alike than they’d ever believe. ‘In Her Shoes‘ Jennifer Weiner’s follow up to her critically acclaimed debut, ‘Good in Bed’ observes Rose and Maggie, the brain and the beauty, as they make journeys of discovery that take them from the streets of Philadelphia to Ivy League libraries to a ‘retirement community for active seniors’ in Boca Raton. Along the way, they’ll encounter a wild cast of characters from a stepmother who’s into recreational Botox to a small, disdainful pug with no name. They’ll borrow shoes and clothes and boyfriends, and make peace with their most intimate enemies each other. Funny and poignant, richly detailed and wrenchingly real, In Her Shoes will speak to anyone who has endured the bonds of big or little sisterhood, or longed for a life different from the one the world has dictated, and dreamed of trying something else on for size.

Little Earthquakes

First comes love. Then comes marriage. And then things start to get really interesting…
In ‘Good in Bed, ‘ Cannie Shapiro conquered public heartbreak and shaky self esteem. In ‘In Her Shoes, ‘ Rose and Maggie Feller learned about family secrets and the ties that bind. Now, in Jennifer Weiner’s richest, wittiest, most true to life novel yet, this highly acclaimed storyteller brings readers a tale of romance, friendship, forgiveness, and extreme sleep deprivation, as three very different women navigate one of life’s most wonderful and perilous transitions: the journey of new motherhood. Rebecca Rothstein Rabinowitz is a plump, sexy chef who has a wonderful husband, supportive friends, a restaurant that’s received citywide acclaim, a beautiful baby girl…
and the mother in law from hell. Kelly Day’s life looks picture perfect. But behind the doors of her largely empty apartment, she’s struggling to balance work and motherhood and marriage, while entering Oliver’s every move and movement on a spreadsheet, and dealing with an unemployed husband who seems content to channel surf for eight hours a day. And Ayinde Towne is already on shaky ground, trying to live her life to the letter of a how to guide called ‘Baby Success, ‘ when her basketball superstar husband breaks her trust at the most vulnerable moment in her life, putting their marriage in peril and their new family even more in the public eye. Then there’s Lia Frederick, a Philadelphia native who has just come home, leaving Los Angeles behind, along with her glamorous Hollywood career, her husband, and a tragic secret, to start her life all over again. With her trademark warmth and humor, Weiner tells the story of what happens after happily ever after…
and how an eight pound bundle of joy can shake up every woman’s sense of herself in the world around her. From prenatal yoga to postbirth sex, from sisters and husbands to mothers and mothers in law, ‘Little Earthquakes‘ is a frank, funny, fiercely perceptive Diaper Genie eye view of the comedies and tragedies of love and marriage.

Goodnight Nobody

‘New York Times’ bestselling author Jennifer Weiner’s newest novel tells the story of a young mother’s move to a postcard perfect Connecticut town and the secrets she uncovers there. For Kate Klein, a semi accidental mother of three, suburbia’s been full of unpleasant surprises. Her once loving husband is hardly ever home. The supermommies on the playground routinely snub her. Her days are spent carpooling and enduring endless games of Candy Land, and at night, most of her org*asms are of the do it yourself variety. When a fellow mother is murdered, Kate finds that the unsolved mystery is one of the most interesting things to happen in Upchurch since her neighbors broke ground for a guesthouse and cracked their septic tank. Even though Kate’s husband and the police chief warn her that crime fighting’s a job best left to professionals, she can’t let it go. So Kate launches an unofficial investigation from 8:45 to 11:30 on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, when her kids are in nursery school with the help of her hilarious best friend, carpet heiress Janie Segal, and Evan McKenna, a former flame she thought she’d left behind in New York City. As the search for the killer progresses, Kate is drawn deeper into the murdered woman’s double life. She discovers the secrets and lies behind Upchurch’s placid picket fence facade and the choices and compromises all modern women make as they navigate between independence and obligation, small towns and big cities, being a mother and having a life of one’s own. Engrossing, suspenseful, and laugh out loud funny, ‘Goodnight Nobody‘ is another unputdownable, timely tale; an insightful mystery with a great heart and a narrator you’llnever forget.

Best Friends Forever

Includes a bonus MP3 CD of Jennifer Weiner’s Little Earthquakes!

Some bonds can never be broken…

Addie Downs and Valerie Adler will be Best Friends Forever. That’s what Addie believes after Valerie moves across the street when they’re both nine years old. But in the wake of betrayal during their teenage years, Val is swept into the popular crowd, while mousy, sullen Addie becomes her school’s scapegoat.

Flash forward fifteen years. Valerie Adler has found a measure of fame and fortune working as the weathergirl at the local TV station. Addie Downs lives alone in her parents’ house in their small hometown of La Prairie, Illinois, caring for a troubled brother and trying to meet Prince Charming on the Internet. She’s just returned from Bad Date 6, when she opens her door to find her long gone best friend standing there, with a terrified look on her face and blood on the sleeve of her coat. ‘Something horrible has happened,’ Val tells Addie, ‘and you’re the only one who can help.’

Best Friends Forever is a grand, hilarious, edge of your seat adventure; a story about betrayal and loyalty, family history and small town secrets. It’s about living through tragedy, finding love where you least expect it, and the ties that keep best friends together.

Then Came You

scholarship and a family she’s ashamed to invite to Parents Weekend. Tall, blond, and outwardly identical to her wealthy prep school educated classmates, her plan is to take the ten thousand dollars she ll receive from donating her pedigree eggs and try to save her father from addiction Annie Barrow is a thirty four year old working class married mother of two who scrapes by on her husband s single paycheck. After watching a TV show about surrogates, she thinks she s found a way to recover a sense of purpose and bring in some extra cash India Bishop, thirty eight really forty three, believes she s found her happy ending when she marries a very wealthy and much older man, Marcus Croft, but decides that a baby will seal the deal. When all of her attempts at pregnancy fail, she turns to technology, and Annie and Jules, to help make her dreams come true But each woman s plans are thrown into disarray when Marcus suddenly dies, and his twenty three year old daughter Bettina is named guardian of the unborn child. As the baby s due date draws near, these four women with nothing and everything in common discover what makes each of them a mother in her own right. With her laugh out loud humor, startling tenderness, and spot on characterizations, Jennifer Weiner once again takes listeners into the heart of women s lives in America, in an unforgettable, timely tale that interweaves themes of class and entitlement, surrogacy and donorship, parental rights and the measure of motherhood.

Fly Away Home

Sometimes all you can do is Fly Away Home
When Sylvie Serfer met Richard Woodruff in law school, she had wild curls, wide hips, and lots of opinions. Decades later, Sylvie has remade herself as the ideal politician’s wife her hair dyed and straightened, her hippie chick wardrobe replaced by tailored knit suits. At fifty seven, she ruefully acknowledges that her job is staying twenty pounds thinner than she was in her twenties and tending to her husband, the senator. Lizzie, the Woodruffs younger daughter, is at twenty four a recovering addict, whose mantra HALT Hungry? Angry? Lonely? Tired? helps her keep her life under control. Still, trouble always seems to find her. Her older sister, Diana, an emergency room physician, has everything Lizzie failed to achieve a husband, a young son, the perfect home and yet she s trapped in a loveless marriage. With temptation waiting in one of the ER s exam rooms, she finds herself craving more. After Richard s extramarital affair makes headlines, the three women are drawn into the painful glare of the national spotlight. Once the press conference is over, each is forced to reconsider her life, who she is and who she is meant to be. Written with an irresistible blend of heartbreak and hilarity, Fly Away Home is an unforgettable story of a mother and two daughters who after a lifetime of distance finally learn to find refuge in one another.

The Guy Not Taken

Jennifer Weiner’s talent shines like never before in this collection of short stories, following the tender, and often hilarious, progress of love and relationships over the course of a lifetime. From a teenager coming to terms with her father’s disappearance to a widow accepting two young women into her home, Weiner’s eleven stories explore those transformative moments in our every day. We meet Marlie Davidow, home alone with her new baby late one Friday night, when she wanders onto her ex’s online wedding registry and wonders what if she had wound up with The Guy Not Taken. We stumble on Good in Bed’s Bruce Guberman, liquored up and ready for anything on the night of his best friend’s bachelor party, until stealing his girlfriend’s tiny rat terrier becomes more complicated than he’d planned. We find Jessica Norton listing her beloved New York City apartment in the hope of winning her broker’s heart. And we follow an unlikely friendship between two very different new mothers, and the choices that bring them together and pull them apart. The Guy Not Taken demonstrates Weiner’s amazing ability to create characters who ‘feel like they could be your best friend’ Janet Maslin and to find hope and humor, longing and love in the hidden corners of our common experiences.

The Half Life

From Redbook’s Red Hot Read series, a short story by the New York Times 1 best selling author of In Her Shoes and Fly Away Home ‘My life is over,’ Piper DeWitt thinks to herself, awaiting departure in the overcrowded International Terminal of the Philadelphia airport for an overseas business trip, to romantic Paris no less. She watched as her husband, Tosh, put his own suitcase into the trunk of a taxi the day before. He d been telling her for months that he wasn t happy, and though she still wants to believe it is just a phase, after a call to her mother from the Admiral s Club, she can no longer deny that he s left her, left their home, left their four year old daughter in her mother s sole care. Piper met Tosh when she was only twenty two, just the way self help books said she would when she wasn t looking. Now at forty, she wonders how, through all those years, they d gotten to this place in their marriage. When her flight is canceled due to volcanic ash spreading from Iceland across Europe, and when a handsome stranger offers her an invitation to share a cab, she realizes she can take a departure from her own life. And after a day of living like a tourist in her own city, she hopes she can still find her way home

American Girls About Town

Born in the U.S.A…

American gals are taking liberties and pursuing happiness on their own terms in this star studded story collection featuring the nation’s red hot women writers.

They’ve declared their independence!

Jennifer Weiner In Her Shoes learns ‘The Truth About Nigel’ and the trouble with falling for an incognito Hollywood actor. Lauren Weisberger The Devil Wears Prada sends a single New Yorker on a backpacking trip halfway around the world where she sees her love life back home with new eyes in ‘The Bamboo Confessions.’ A harried mom with a hit novel crosses the pond in ‘My Great Brit Book Tour’ by Adriana Trigiani Lucia, Lucia, and turns a crumbling talk show appearance into a sweet success. Also uniting their talents in this free spirited anthology are:


Shelf Discovery: The Teen Classics We Never Stopped Reading

Remember that book you read at that time in your life when everything seemed to be going crazy the one book that brought the world into focus and helped soothe your raging teenage angst?

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