Jennifer Greene Books In Order

Shepard Brothers Books In Order

  1. Pink Topaz (1992)
  2. It Had to Be You (1992)

Jock’s Boys Books In Order

  1. Bewitched (1994)
  2. Bothered (1994)
  3. Bewildered (1994)

Stanford Sisters Books In Order

  1. The Unwilling Bride (1996)
  2. Bachelor Mom (1996)
  3. The 200% Wife (1997)

Royal Charming Happily Ever After Books In Order

  1. Prince Charming’s Child (1999)
  2. Kiss Your Prince Charming (1999)

Scent of Lavender Books In Order

  1. Wild in the Field (2003)
  2. Wild in the Moonlight (2004)
  3. Wild in the Moment (2004)

New Man in Town Books In Order

  1. Secretive Stranger (2010)
  2. Mesmerizing Stranger (2010)
  3. Irresistible Stranger (2010)


  1. Man from Tennessee (1983)
  2. A Daring Proposition (1983)
  3. Kisses from Heaven (1984)
  4. Stormy Surrender (1984)
  5. Wintergreen (1984)
  6. Silver and Spice (1984)
  7. Ain’t Misbehaving (1985)
  8. Can’t Say No (1985)
  9. Pink Satin (1985)
  10. Sweets to the Sweet (1986)
  11. Body and Soul (1986)
  12. Foolish Pleasure (1986)
  13. No More Mr. Nice Guy (1986)
  14. Madam’s Room (1986)
  15. Dear Reader (1987)
  16. Minx (1987)
  17. Tender Loving Care (1987)
  18. Lady be Good (1987)
  19. Secrets (1987)
  20. Love Potion (1988)
  21. The Castle Keep (1988)
  22. Lady of the Island (1988)
  23. Dancing in the Dark (1989)
  24. Heat Wave (1990)
  25. Broken Blossom (1990)
  26. Night Light (1991)
  27. Just Like Old Times (1992)
  28. Riley’s Baby (1996)
  29. Her Holiday Secret (1998)
  30. The Woman Most Likely to (2002)
  31. Where Is He Now? (2003)
  32. Lucky (2005)
  33. Hot to the Touch (2005)
  34. Blame It on Chocolate (2006)
  35. Sparkle (2006)
  36. Blame It on Cupid (2006)
  37. Blame It on Paris (2008)
  38. The Billionaire’s Handler (2010)
  39. Yours, Mine & Ours (2011)
  40. Little Matchmakers (2012)
  41. The Baby Bump (2012)
  42. The Bonus Mum (2013)


  1. Birds Bees and Babies (1990)
  2. Santa’s Little Helpers (1995)
  3. Montana Mavericks: Big Sky Brides (2000)
  4. Single Dad Seeks (2000)
  5. Montana Weddings (2001)
  6. Millionaire’s Club (2001)
  7. Wild in the Field / Entangled with a Texan (2004)
  8. Isabelle / Diana / Suzanna (2004)
  9. Wild in the Moonlight / Miss Pruitt’s Private Life (2004)
  10. Shut Up and Kiss Me / Wild in the Field (2004)
  11. Cattleman’s Pride / Wild in the Moonlight (2005)
  12. Hot to the Touch / Seduction by the Book (2005)
  13. Best-Kept Lies / Wild in the Moment (2005)
  14. A Man Apart / Hot to the Touch (2006)
  15. Like Mother, Like Daughter (But in a Good Way) (2007)
  16. Rags-to-Riches Wife / Soon-to-Be-Disinherited Wife (2007)
  17. Summer Dreams (2007)
  18. Summer Fever (2008)
  19. Baby, It’s Cold Outside (2010)
  20. Society Wives: Secret Lives (2011)
  21. Yours, Mine & Ours / Burning Ambition (2011)
  22. Gifts of Fortune (2012)
  23. Snow Day (2013)
  24. The Package Deal (2017)
  25. One Tiny Miracle (2017)

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Jennifer Greene Books Overview

Kiss Your Prince Charming

A PRINCE IN WAITING She’d kissed her share of frogs, so Rachel Martin never expected her best buddy would become her very own Prince Charming. Life saving surgery had transformed Greg Stoner from ordinary guy next door to extraordinarily sexy bachelor. But it was the compelling look in Greg’s eyes that had Rachel wishing their relationship could change into something oh so magical. Although Rachel was a treasure, Greg knew he wasn’t the man for her. Yet, whenever he insisted her ‘prince’ still had warts, she dazzled him with intoxicating kisses and promises of forever. Dare this frog prince make all Rachel’s fantasies come true?HAPPILY EVER AFTER: Your favorite fairy tales freshly told, with all the passion you’ve ever craved.

Wild in the Moment

Recently burned by heartache, a fierce blizzard and a sexy stranger were exactly what Daisy Campbell needed. When she returned to her hometown and found herself stranded with Teague Larson, she never expected to throw caution and her clothes to the wind. But as the intensity of their attraction rose with the falling temperatures, they had to stay warm somehow, didn’t they?Teague was deeply drawn to Daisy’s independence and sophistication not to mention those long, sexy as all hell legs. But they’d both lost in the game of love before and neither wanted to lay their hearts on the line again. Yet this relationship felt entirely different and worth fighting for. Could one night by a fire turn into a red hot forever?

Secretive Stranger

‘Shouldn’t you be dead?’It’s not enough that Sophie Campbell discovers her neighbor’s body. His dead ringer has to show up at her doorstep. But this man’s no ghost…
the instant attraction that sparks between them is all too real. College professor Cord Pruitt wants answers about his brother’s murder. The woman downstairs must have seen something. But when Cord lays eyes on Sophie, all he wants to do is take her in his arms and protect her. With a killer on the loose, and all signs pointing toward Sophie as the next target, that’s just what he will have to do…

Mesmerizing Stranger

Harm Connolly wants to leave his bad history with women on terra firma. Two weeks of business on a cruise would help accomplish that. First complication: the sexiest woman he’s ever met is on board the vessel. Second complication: a dead body-one of his associates.

Adventure chef Cate Campbell knows his type-arrogant corporate hotshot, taking his guys out for some R & R. No problem. She’ll have Harm eating out of her hand in seconds flat. No problem…until a killer on the loose forces her to find safety and comfort in his arms. Will mayhem at sea throw any chance of romance overboard?

Irresistible Stranger

Twenty years ago, Lily Campbell’s parents died in a mysterious fire. Now she’s back for the truth…but nobody in her sleepy hometown wants to talk about that night. And when the fires start up again, it’s clear that somebody doesn’t want her to stay.

Griff Branchard has perfected his bad-boy persona. But the moment he sees Lily, nothing matters as much as getting close to her. Although rumors about her are flying around town, he just can’t believe such a sweet woman could be a troublemaker…But trouble? She’s deep in it. And he’s going to make sure that the only heat she feels is from the flames of desire.


Lorna Whitaker will do anything for her nine year old son, Johnny even if it means asking his late father’s family for help. Cast out by the Whitaker clan after her husband, Richard, accused her of being unfaithful, Lorna has been struggling to make ends meet as a single mom ever since. But desperation finally forces her to turn to Richard’s older brother, Matthew. The last thing she expects is to fall for the man…
Matthew Whitaker is struck by the reappearance of his brother’s former wife, and the very un brotherly feelings Lorna inspires in him. Though he’s eager to explore the new chemistry between them, he still can’t trust her and he still doesn’t believe Johnny is his nephew…
53,300 wordsPreviously published.

The Woman Most Likely to

Susan Sinclair has it all: great job, great apartment and on some days she even manages great hair. She doesn’t have a great man, but she’s far too successful to have time for one. The she gets a frantic summons to return to where it all began Copper Creek, her home in Michigan only to discover that her grown daughter has followed in her not so proud footsteps by getting pregnant without getting married and her widowed mom seems to be scandalously juggling more men then she can count…
And, worst of all, he’s still there Jon Laker still the man most likely to drive her crazy. So she marches into his business and declares she’s there to discuss their daughter and nothing else. After all, she made her choices a long time ago…
but hours later after not doing very much talking at all Susan realizes that seeing Jon has turned her well ordered world upside down. And Jon plus mom and daughter means it’s going to be a long, hot summer in this small, small town.


Nine months ago, Kasey Crandall would have defined ‘Lucky‘ as ‘my life.’ Married to a wealthy, generous older man, pregnant with a once in a lifetime baby, she was oozing with joy. Now, however, she was more apt to think, ‘just my luck.’ Yes, motherhood was as glorious as she expected and she totally adored her daughter. Yet an inner voice was telling her something was wrong with her baby. But nobody wanted to hear that her life was not as perfect as it seemed. Kasey knew she needed to be strong for her child and get her the right help…
even if it meant going against her husband’s wishes. Even if it meant turning to another man. Because sometimes a woman just has to make her own luck.

Hot to the Touch

‘The Lockwood Brothers seek out Phoebe Schneider who has a new business in Gold River, BABY LOVE she’s a baby masseuse who works especially with traumatized babies because their youngest brother, Fox, needs help. Fox was a history teacher until he volunteered to serve in the military. He was sent home/discharged because of injuries sustained from a ‘dirty bomb’. Physically he’s healing fine; emotionally, he’s closed down. He’s been to docs, and his family loves him, but no one can seem to get through. Phoebe has concentrated her giving personality on babies, because she knows she’s no good with men. By nature, she’s a sensualist, a woman who relates with the sense of touch and because of this, men have tended to think she was ‘loose’. Fox, though, she initially believes is no danger because he couldn’t possibly be interested in her in a woman, even if he does have stereotypes about masseuses. Fox, though, IS interested…
. and because Phoebe is able to really help him, through her sense of touch and caring, generous heart…
. he finds himself healing in spite of himself. When he initiates a kiss, though, and then more than kisses he finds Phoebe responding to him like a man’s dream of lover…
only the more sensuality she shows, the more she ‘freaks’ and runs from him and a potential relationship. It takes time before Fox realizes that she needs healing as much as he did…
but Phoebe, by nature, is a healer…
and he has no idea how to help her. She sticks with him until he’s ‘well’ again…
. and during that period, he falls deeply in love with her and vice versa…
but she has healing of her own to do before she can believe that Fox both loves and respects her. Although the story’s about healing and redemption and must sound like heavy drama it isn’t written in that heavy a way. Phoebe is a redhead in personality she’s got a ton of spirit, would shoot anyone who got between her and the babies she’s determined to help. She rescues everything in sight, including Mop and Duster her two white long haired dogs and in fact, initially she can’t walk away from Fox because he needs rescuing as well. And Fox has as much use for an earthy, emotional, candle carrying oil and scent bearing total female like her like he needs a woman in the moon when the story starts. His exasperation with her is more humorous than heavy, tho and her determination to override his objections to helping him are part of the strength and humor in her character. These are two stubborn, honorable people two really good people who just need the right kind of love to reach them…
to heal them both.’

Blame It on Chocolate

Lucy Fitzhenry didn’t just wake up one morning and decide to do something stupid…
But when an experimental strain of chocolate that she’d developed needed testing, someone had to do it. Who knew that overindulging in her creation would turn an introverted plant lover into a wild nymphomaniac? Or that a celebration with Nick, her boss, would lead to a shocking kiss…
and a whole lot more. She blamed it on the chocolate. Her new discovery was supposed to have made her career. Not turn her practical, logical, normal life upside down and get her pregnant with her boss’s baby! Though she and Nick butted heads at work, if their one night together was any indication, they were a great match in bed. With a little luck and chocolate! maybe they could turn their one night stand into the chance of a lifetime.

Blame It on Cupid

Cupid is a little bit cranky!

Eleven year old Charlene is not impressed with Merry, her new guardian. Clearly the woman needs some major help in the parenting department. Their neighbor Jack could be the right man for the job but it doesn’t look as though the two grown ups are ever going to get together without help.

Jack recognizes a short distance runner when he sees one, and Merry fits the bill. The gorgeous party girl is so unprepared to take charge of the totally fun proof Charlene, he almost feels sorry for her. Almost.

Merry has finally found something worth fighting for. Now all she has to do is figure out just how to fight!

Blame It on Paris

Kelly Rochard is determined to have one last adventure before settling down to married life!

Still, being mugged at the Louvre is not what she had in mind for her long awaited trip to Paris. Until Will Maguire comes to her aid, and she finds herself completely distracted by the handsome stranger in the Notre Dame sweatshirt.

Kelly can’t seem to resist the world’s most romantic city or Will, who is determined to show her all its treasures, from the top of the Eiffel Tower to strolls along the Seine.

But will their love last when they’re back in plain old South Bend, Indiana, or will they end up blaming their breathless fling on the city of love?

Santa’s Little Helpers

Three stories follow themes of unlikely lovers who are brought together with the help of holiday babies and feature Janet Dailey’s ”The Healing Touch,” ”Twelfth Night” by Jennifer Greene, and Patricia Gardner Evans’s ”Comfort and Joy.”

Shut Up and Kiss Me / Wild in the Field

A man, a woman…
a baby? Colonel Mike Remington wasn’t a man who backed away from a challenge. But the tough, combat hardened Special Forces officer knew he was way out of his league when he cradled an adorable baby in his arms and an elegant, enticing lady lawyer told him he was the little girl’s brand new ‘daddy’…
. The only solution to his sudden baby problem was marriage in name only to the lady lawyer herself. But the more time he spent on a secluded Texas ranch with the beautiful, sensual Savannah Clay and the more ‘innocent’ kisses they shared the more he ached to see this make believe marriage turn into the real deal…

Cattleman’s Pride / Wild in the Moonlight

Are his bachelor days numbered? He was strong, seductive and set in his ways. She was shy, unassuming and achingly innocent. Together, next door neighbors Jordan Powell and Libby Collins were like oil and water. Yet when Jordan made it his personal crusade to help Libby hold on to her beloved homestead, everyone in Jacobsville knew it was just a matter of time before wedding bells chimed for these sparring partners. And if truth be told, the taciturn rancher wouldn’t deny the exquisite tenderness that surged through him every time he pulled Libby into his powerful embrace any more than she could resist his breathtaking kisses. But a cattleman’s pride was a force to be reckoned with. Could Libby accomplish what no woman had before and tame this Long, Tall Texan’s restless heart?

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

The best way to keep warm when the weather turns cold:1 Seek shelterOpting to spend the holidays in solitude, Emilie Sutherland has found the perfect place: a hunting lodge in Alaska! But when a hunky stranger comes seeking shelter during a blizzard, Emilie wonders if maybe isolation is overrated, after all .2 Build a cozy fireNothing ruins an adventure to Antarctica like being stranded on a lifeboat! But when a hot Air Force pilot rescues Mia Harrelson, she wonders if she’s escaped the danger of freezing only to lose herself in the sexy fire of his eyes .3 Curl up with a nice, hot male She is a consummate professional. Until Stacy Bristol finds herself working on a series of photo shoots with a gorgeous Viking er, Olympic skier. But the minute his shirt comes off, Stacy is torn between icy professional resolve and her melting knees!

Gifts of Fortune

You are cordially invited to celebrate Christmas, Fortune style, with these brand new stories! Let bestselling authors Barbara Boswell, Jennifer Greene and Jackie Merritt enthrall you with a Texas size celebration! Determined to repay the people who stood by him in his darkest hours, Ryan Fortune bestows on them three special gifts intended to bring love and the promise of family…
The powerful sheik. Ryan gives wealthy sheik Nico Tan efi his prized signet ring with hopes that the brooding ruler can woo back his ex fianc e…
His daring rescuers. Two strangers are each given a home only it’s the same house! Can Ryan’s matchmaking scheme pull these orphans together? The diligent doctor. Two million dollars allows researcher Dr. Maggie Taylor to hire her sexy rival to her cause, only his cause is loosening her tightly leashed passion!

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