Jennifer Donnelly Books In Order

The Tea Rose Books In Publication Order

  1. The Tea Rose (2002)
  2. The Winter Rose (2008)
  3. The Wild Rose (2011)

Waterfire Saga Books In Publication Order

  1. Deep Blue (2014)
  2. Rogue Wave (2015)
  3. Dark Tide (2015)
  4. Sea Spell (2016)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. A Northern Light (2003)
  2. Revolution (2010)
  3. These Shallow Graves (2015)
  4. Beauty and the Beast: Lost in a Book (2017)
  5. Fatal Throne (2018)
  6. Stepsister (2019)
  7. Poisoned (2020)

Picture Books In Publication Order

  1. Humble Pie (2002)

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Jennifer Donnelly Books Overview

The Tea Rose

East London, 1888 a city apart. A place of shadow and light where thieves, who*res, and dreamers mingle, where children play in the cobbled streets by day and a killer stalks at night, where bright hopes meet the darkest truths. Here, by the whispering waters of the Thames, a bright and defiant young woman dares to dream of a life beyond tumbledown wharves, gaslit alleys, and the grim and crumbling dwellings of the poor. Fiona Finnegan, a worker in a tea factory, hopes to own a shop one day, together with her lifelong love, Joe Bristow, a costermonger’s son. With nothing but their faith in each other to spur them on, Fiona and Joe struggle, save, and sacrifice to achieve their dreams. But Fiona’s dreams are shattered when the actions of a dark and brutal man take from her nearly everything and everyone she holds dear. Fearing her own death at the dark man’s hands, she is forced to flee London for New York. There, her indomitable spirit and the ghosts of her past propel her rise from a modest west side shopfront to the top of Manhattan’s tea trade. Fiona’s old ghosts do not rest quietly, however, and to silence them, she must venture back to the London of her childhood, where a deadly confrontation with her past becomes the key to her future. The Tea Rose is a towering old fashioned story, imbued with a modern sensibility, of a family’s destruction, of murder and revenge, of love lost and won again, and of one determined woman’s quest to survive and triumph. Authentic and moving, The Tea Rose is an unforgettable novel one certain to take its place beside such enduring epics as A Woman of Substance, The Thornbirds, and The Shell Seekers.

The Winter Rose

It has been twelve years since a dark, murderous figure stalked the alleys and courts of Whitechapel. And yet, in the summer of 1900, East London is still poor, still brutal, still a shadow city to its western twin. Among the reformers is an idealistic young woman named India Selwyn Jones, recently graduated from medical school. With the help of her influential fiance Freddie Lytton, an up and coming Liberal MP she works to shut down the area’s opium dens that destroy both body and soul. Her selfless activities better her patients’ lives and bring her immense gratification, but unfortunately, they also bring her into direct conflict with East London’s ruling crime lord Sid Malone.

India is not good for business and at first, Malone wants her out. But against all odds, India and Sid fall in love. Different in nearly every way, they share one thing in common they’re both wounded souls. Their love is impossible and they know it, yet they cling to it desperately. Lytton, India’s fiance, will stop at nothing to marry India and gain her family’s fortune.

Fractious criminal underlings and rivals conspire against Sid. When Sid is finally betrayed by one of his own, he must flee London to save his life. Mistakenly thinking him dead, India, pregnant and desperate, marries Freddie to provide a father for hers and Sid’s child. India and Sid must each make a terrible sacrifice a sacrifice that will change them both forever. One that will lead them to other lives, and other places…
and perhaps one distant, bittersweet day back to each other.

The Wild Rose

The Wild Rose is a part of the sweeping, multi generational saga that began with The Tea Rose and continued with The Winter Rose. It is London, 1914. World War I looms on the horizon, women are fighting for the right to vote, and explorers are pushing the limits of endurance in the most forbidding corners of the earth. Into this volatile time, Jennifer Donnelly places her vivid and memorable characters: Willa Alden, a passionate mountain climber who lost her leg while summiting Kilimanjaro with Seamus Finnegan, and who will never forgive him for saving her life; Seamus Finnegan, a polar explorer who tries to forget Willa as he marries a beautiful young schoolteacher back home in England; Max von Brandt, a handsome German sophisticate who courts high society women, but has a secret agenda in wartime London. Many other beloved characters from The Winter Rose continue their adventures in The Wild Rose as well. With myriad twists and turns, thrilling cliffhangers, and fabulous period detail and atmosphere, The Wild Rose provides a highly satisfying conclusion to an unforgettable trilogy. Praise for The Winter Rose If Jennifer Donnelly doesn t watch out, she’s going to get a reputation. With the publication of The Winter Rose, she proves that her first fast, fat and fun historical novel The Tea Rose wasn t a fluke. She s a master of pacing and plot, with enough high points scattered throughout to keep your pulse racing…
I read the last third at near choking speed…
I imagine you will, too. Washington Post Book World I loved this book. It is truly seductive, hard to put down, filled with mystery, secret passions, unique locations, and a most engaging hero*ine…
She captivates from the first page to the last. Barbara Taylor Bradford, author of A Woman of Substance and Playing the Game

A Northern Light

Mattie Gokey has a word for everything. She collects words, stores them up as a way of fending off the hard truths of her life, the truths that she can’t write down in stories. The fresh pain of her mother’s death. The burden of raising her sisters while her father struggles over his brokeback farm. The mad welter of feelings Mattie has for handsome but dull Royal Loomis, who says he wants to marry her. And the secret dreams that keep her going visions of finishing high school, going to college in New York City, becoming a writer. Yet when the drowned body of a young woman turns up at the hotel where Mattie works, all her words are useless. But in the dead woman’s letters, Mattie again finds her voice, and a determination to live her own life. Set in 1906 against the backdrop of the murder that inspired Theodore Dreiser’s An American Tragedy, this coming of age novel effortlessly weaves romance, history, and a murder mystery into something moving, and real, and wholly original.


BROOKLYN: Andi Alpers is on the edge. She’s angry at her father for leaving, angry at her mother for not being able to cope, and heartbroken by the loss of her younger brother, Truman. Rage and grief are destroying her. And she s about to be expelled from Brooklyn Heights most prestigious private school when her father intervenes. Now Andi must accompany him to Paris for winter break. PARIS: Alexandrine Paradis lived over two centuries ago. She dreamed of making her mark on the Paris stage, but a fateful encounter with a doomed prince of France cast her in a tragic role she didn t want and couldn t escape. Two girls, two centuries apart. One never knowing the other. But when Andi finds Alexandrine s diary, she recognizes something in her words and is moved to the point of obsession. There s comfort and distraction for Andi in the journal s antique pages until, on a midnight journey through the catacombs of Paris, Alexandrine s words transcend paper and time, and the past becomes suddenly, terrifyingly present. Jennifer Donnelly, author of the award winning novel A Northern Light, artfully weaves two girls stories into one unforgettable account of life, loss, and enduring love. Revolution spans centuries and vividly depicts the eternal struggles of the human heart. Grateful acknowledgment is made to the following for permission toreprint previously published material:Alfred Publishing Co., Inc.: Lyrics from I Wanna Be Sedated, words andmusic by Jeffrey Hyman, John Cummings, and Douglas Colvin, copyright 1978 by WB Music Corp. and Taco Tunes, Inc. All rights administeredby WB Music Corp. All rights reserved. Reprinted by permissionof Alfred Publishing Co., Inc. Hal Leonard Corporation: Lyrics from Asleep, words and music byJohnny Marr and Steven Morrissey, copyright 1986 by Marr Songs Ltd. and Bona Relations Ltd. All rights for Marr Songs Ltd. in the U.S. andCanada controlled and administered by Universal Polygram In ternationalPublishing, Inc. All rights reserved; Lyrics from Tupelo Tupelo Blues, words and music by John Lee Hooker, copyright 1991 by OrpheumMusic. International copyright secured. All rights reserved; Lyrics from Viva La Vida, words and music by Guy Berryman, Jon Buckland, WillChampion and Chris Martin, copyright 2008 by Universal Music PublishingMGB Ltd. All rights in the United States and Canada administeredby Universal Music MGB Songs. International copyright secured. Allrights reserved. Reprinted by permission of Hal Leonard Corporation. Moebetoblame Music: Lyrics from My Friends, by Flea, Anthony Kiedis,David Michael Navarro, and Chad Gaylord Smith, copyright 1995 byMoebetoblame Music. Reprinted by permission of Moebetoblame Music.


Audio CD, Scholastic Audio

Humble Pie

Only Theo’s grandmother sees the truth about the boy: He’s as spoiled as a rotten old apple!

That is why, on one of Theo’s naughtiest, grabbiest, mouthiest days, Grandmother decides to bake him a pie.

Young Theo has never seen the like. Its crust is as big as a bedsheet; its filling of plums, cherries, peaches, pears, apples, and quince is as tempting as any sweet feast ever set before a boy. But when he greedily reaches out for a taste, little Theo bites off a lot more than he can chew!

Jennifer Donnelly’s wise and funny tale has inspired pictures of modern day wit and medieval charm from a master of artistic antics, Stephen Gammell.

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