Jeff Shelby Books In Order

Noah Braddock Books In Order

  1. Killer Swell (2005)
  2. Wicked Break (2006)
  3. Liquid Smoke (2011)
  4. Drift Away (2012)
  5. Locked In (2016)
  6. Impact Zone (2017)
  7. Wipe Out (2017)
  8. Close Out (2018)
  9. Deep Water (2019)
  10. Bail Out (2021)

Joe Tyler Books In Order

  1. Thread of Hope (2013)
  2. Thread of Suspicion (2013)
  3. Thread of Betrayal (2013)
  4. Thread of Innocence (2013)
  5. Thread of Fear (2015)
  6. Thread of Revenge (2015)
  7. Thread of Danger (2016)
  8. Thread of Doubt (2017)
  9. Thread of Truth (2019)

Moose River Mystery Books In Order

  1. The Murder Pit (2014)
  2. Last Resort (2014)
  3. Alibi High (2014)
  4. Foul Play (2015)
  5. You’ve Got Blackmail (2015)
  6. Assisted Murder (2016)
  7. Death At The Diner (2016)
  8. School of Murder (2017)
  9. Dead in the Water (2018)
  10. Dead in the Dorm (2020)
  11. Wreck The Halls (2018)

Rainy Day Mystery Books In Order

  1. Bought The Farm (2016)
  2. When The Rooster Kills (2016)
  3. Crack Of Death (2016)
  4. Planting Evidence (2017)
  5. One Bad Egg (2017)
  6. Bale Out (2017)
  7. Last Straw (2017)
  8. Cut and Died (2017)
  9. Sour Grapes (2018)
  10. Tying the Knot (2018)

Capitol Cases Mystery Books In Order

  1. Dead on Arrival (2017)
  2. National Maul (2018)
  3. Dark Horse (2018)

Sunny Springfield Mystery Books In Order

  1. Dead By Dinner Time (2018)
  2. Beauty and the Thief (2018)
  3. Cutting Ties (2018)

Elizabeth Tyler Mystery Books In Order

  1. What She Lost (2018)
  2. What She Found (2018)
  3. What She Knows (2018)


  1. Dead Week (2001)
  2. Playing The Game (2016)
  3. The Last Time I Saw Them (2021)


  1. Tales from Mistwillow (2007)
  2. Out Of Time (2012)

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Jeff Shelby Books Overview

Killer Swell

Surfing and murder come together in this dazzling debut mystery series featuring San Diego private investigator Noah Braddock.

‘Marilyn Crier peered in the window, and I knew the past was about to kick me in the ass.’

When Marilyn Crier calls surfer private investigator Noah Braddock, she doesn t mention that she hasn t seen him in more than a decade or that she d despised him when he dated her daughter, Kate, in high school. She does, however, mention that Kate is missing and she wants Noah to find her…

And so begins Killer Swell, the first book in a new mystery series featuring private investigator/surfer Noah Braddock. Author Jeff Shelby knows the surfing world and how to create a wonderfully authentic, vividly alive sense of place. Most of all, he knows how to create a memorable new hero: a man who is sometimes brash, often funny, always strong, and honorable.

With Killer Swell, Shelby carves out a place for himself next to the likes of Randy Wayne White, T. Jefferson Parker, and Carl Hiaasen. Crisp writing, rich details, and an amazing main character make Killer Swell a truly thrilling debut.

Wicked Break

Riding a wave of critical acclaim for his debut novel, Killer Swell a Los Angeles Times and Denver Post bestseller, Jeff Shelby continues to dazzle with Wicked Break, his second book featuring P.I. and surfer Noah Braddock.

When Peter Pluto shows up at P.I. Noah Braddock’s apartment asking him to look for his missing younger brother, Linc, Noah is reluctant to take the case. After all, the last time he got involved in a disappearance case, his best friend, Carter, was shot and two other people died. But Peter describes Linc as a serious college student, so Noah reluctantly agrees.

As the investigation unfolds, Noah realizes there’s a lot more to Linc than academia-unless your average undergrad also happens to have skinheads beating down his door and a cache of semiautomatic guns stored in his apartment. Aided by Carter, Noah discovers that Linc stole some money from the white supremacist group National Nation, an offshoot of the Aryan Nation. The skinheads will stop at nothing to find Linc-and when Noah wakes up at the bottom of a canyon, beaten and bruised, with Peter Pluto’s corpse lying next to him, he realizes he’s next on their list.

Tales from Mistwillow

Travel to this legendary Colorado town, nestled in the Rocky Mountain foothills, shrouded by myth and mystery. ‘Tales from Mistwillow‘ is a collection of selected short stories by members of Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers who have woven inspiring, chilling and downright fun stories about this fictional town. Relax, settle back and enjoy the suspense, the murder mystery, the love, the comedy, and yes, more than a few ghosts as you enter this colorful western town of many secrets.

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