Jeannie Watt Books In Order

The Brodys of Lightning Creek Books In Publication Order

  1. To Tempt a Cowgirl (2015)
  2. To Kiss a Cowgirl (2015)
  3. To Court a Cowgirl (2016)
  4. Molly’s Mr. Wrong (2017)
  5. Wrangling the Rancher (2017)
  6. Her Mountain Sanctuary (2018)

The Harding Brothers Books In Publication Order

  1. Catch Me, Cowboy (2016)
  2. Rescued by the Cowboy (2017)
  3. The Cowboy’s Christmas (2021)

Holly, Idaho Books In Publication Order

  1. A Home for the Holidays (2020)
  2. Once Upon a Winter Wedding (2020)
  3. V is for Valentine (2021)

Marvells of Montana Books In Publication Order

  1. The Montana Bride (2015)
  2. The Christmas Secret (2015)
  3. The Cowboy Rides Away (2017)

Men Of Marvell Ranch Books In Publication Order

  1. The Cowboy’s Last Rodeo (2018)
  2. A Marvell Country Christmas (2018)
  3. Challenging the Cowboy (2019)
  4. Her Cowboy Boss (2019)

Montana Bull Riders Books In Publication Order

  1. The Bull Rider Meets His Match (2016)
  2. The Bull Rider’s Homecoming (2016)
  3. A Bull Rider to Depend On (2017)
  4. The Bull Rider’s Plan (2017)
  5. Her Montana Cowboy (2018)

The Montana Way Books In Publication Order

  1. Once a Champion (2013)
  2. Cowgirl in High Heels (2014)
  3. All for a Cowboy (2014)

Sweet Home, Montana Books In Publication Order

  1. A Ranch Between Them (2019)
  2. Montana Dad (2020)
  3. Montana Homecoming (2020)

Too Many Cooks? Books In Publication Order

  1. The Baby Truce (2011)
  2. Undercover Cook (2012)
  3. Just Desserts (2012)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. A Difficult Woman (2006)
  2. Winning the Cowboy’s Heart (2009)
  3. The Rancher and the Girl Next Door (2009)
  4. Crossing Nevada (2012)

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Jeannie Watt Books Overview

The Baby Truce

Reggie Tremont has always had clear goals. Open a catering business: check. Enter Reno’s premier catering competition: check. Have a baby with her ex . Okay, maybe Reggie Tremont’s life went slightly off course with that singular unplanned event. But she’s not going to let Tom Gerard renowned rebel of the culinary world and father to be distract her again. Tom may insist that he’s changed and that he’s dependable. That he’s sworn off his prima donna fits. But he needs to back those promises with some action starting with being a humble prep cook for her. It turns out that sharing her kitchen with him is more temptation than Reggie can afford. And suddenly she’s considering another unplanned event with him!

Undercover Cook

Detective Nick Duncan will do anything to crack his latest case. Even if it means engaging in some less than legal undercover work. When his grandfather begins taking cooking clas*ses at a catering company suspected of laundering drug money, it’s almost too easy!Until Nick meets Eden Tremont his new cooking instructor and the suspect’s sister. The bubbly blonde is a whiz in the kitchen and with his old grandfather. And before he even realizes what’s happening, Nick is ambushed by his feelings for the woman. It’s been a long time since he’s cared about anything other than his job. But his reckless deception may cost him more than his case.

Just Desserts

Always proper Layla Taylor never expected to need her childhood nemesis. But when she’s stranded in a blizzard after breaking up with her cheating ex, Justin Tremont is exactly what she’s missing. Well, Justin and his car’s snow tires. Justin’s more than okay being the rebound guy. A little fun, no strings that’s his kind of relationship. But Layla Taylor? She’s by the book, to put it mildly. Justin, on the other hand, hardly ever follows his own recipes for the spectacular cakes he’s become known for. This woman is making him feel protective and possessive, of all things. And she sees right through him. That he can’t have. After all, no chef likes to tell all his secrets .

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