Jeanne M. Dams Books In Order

Dorothy Martin Books In Publication Order

  1. The Body in the Transept (1995)
  2. Trouble in the Town Hall (1996)
  3. Holy Terror in the Hebrides (1997)
  4. Malice in Miniature (1998)
  5. The Victim in Victoria Station (1999)
  6. Killing Cassidy (2000)
  7. To Perish in Penzance (2001)
  8. Sins Out of School (2002)
  9. Winter of Discontent (2004)
  10. A Dark and Stormy Night (2011)
  11. The Evil That Men Do (2012)
  12. The Corpse of St James’s (2012)
  13. Murder at the Castle (2013)
  14. Shadows of Death (2013)
  15. Day of Vengeance (2014)
  16. The Gentle Art of Murder (2015)
  17. Blood Will Tell (2016)
  18. Smile and Be a Villain (2016)
  19. The Missing Masterpiece (2017)
  20. Crisis at the Cathedral (2018)
  21. A Dagger Before Me (2019)
  22. Death in the Garden City (2019)
  23. Death Comes to Durham (2020)
  24. The Bath Conspiracy (2021)

Hilda Johansson Books In Publication Order

  1. Death in Lacquer Red (1999)
  2. Red, White, and Blue Murder (2000)
  3. Green Grow The Victims (2001)
  4. Silence Is Golden (2002)
  5. Crimson Snow (2005)
  6. Indigo Christmas (2008)
  7. Murder in Burnt Orange (2011)

Oak Park Village Mysteries Books In Publication Order

  1. Murder in the Park (2022)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. Foolproof (With: Mark Richard Zubro,Barbara D’Amato) (2009)

Anthologies In Publication Order

  1. Manhattan Mysteries (2005)

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Jeanne M. Dams Books Overview

The Body in the Transept

The fourth entry in Jeanne M. Dams’s delightfully charming, award winning mystery series starring Dorothy Martin. This time, Dorothy dons one of her most outlandish hats and sets out for the Doll House Museum at the imposing Brocklesby Hall to help a friend clear her son of theft charges. But two murders put more than a miniature Sevres tea set at stake and Dorothy finds herself maneuvering a complicated plot that is trickier and more dangerous than any of England’s daunting roundabouts.

Trouble in the Town Hall

A lovely old building hides a nasty crime…
A Shereby resident for a year now, American Dorothy Martin is still learning her way around the charming English cathedral town. But she recognizes a dead body when she sees one. As town debate rages over what to do about the decaying town hall, Dorothy is at that very site when the body of an unknown young man is found. Her passion for mysteries is as hot as ever, of course. Despite warnings from her dear friend Chief Constable Alan Nesbitt not to get in the way of the official investigation, Dorothy simply can’t resist taking a look around. What she discovers is that there are plenty of skeletons in local closets, enough to keep an amateur sleuth on her toes unless the hands of a murderer reach her first.

Holy Terror in the Hebrides

Vacation can be murder…
A peaceful vacation on the charming Scottish island of Iona sounds idyllic to sometime sleuth Dorothy Martin. But Dorothy soon finds that while Iona is charming, her vacation won’t be peaceful. Thrown in with a bickering American church tour, she tries to keep her distance. But she can’t stay away from murder. Everybody believes the unpleasant American’s fatal fall from a cliff is accidental. Everybody, that is, except Dorothy. The only witness, she saw a small clue the police dismiss, one that makes her believe the death was not an accident. With the police closing the case, Dorothy feels bound to investigate. But it’s a choice she may regret…

Malice in Miniature

Dorothy Martin’s husband, the illustrious Chief Constable Nesbitt, has long claimed that if the Olympics held an event for conclusion jumping, Dorothy would be a contender for the gold medal. Her bold American ways occasionally offend the Brits’ proper sensibilities, but even her husband can’t deny she has a noseor perhaps the nosiness for first rate investigative work. When a friend enlists Dorothy to clear her son who has a wee problem with the bottle of thievery charges. Dorothy dons one of her most outlandish hats and sets out for the Doll House Museum at the imposing Brocklesby Hall. But two murders put more than a miniature Sevres tea set at stake and Dorothy finds herself maneuvering a complicated plot that is trickier and more dangerous than any of England’s daunting roundabouts.

The Victim in Victoria Station

Dorothy Martin’s wedded bliss could only be improved if her husband didn’t have to go gallivanting all over the world, advising local police on new procedure. Dorothy’s life could only be improved if she didn’t keep stumbling across the recently and criminally deceased.

Killing Cassidy

Now that Dorothy Martin has proved to the good folk of Shrewsbury, England, that she’s more than adept at sleuthing, what might be more natural than for her to bring her skills back home to the United States? Dorothy returns to Hillsburg, Indiana, to claim a small inheritance and a large problem. Kevin Cassidy has left her some money and a letter suggesting that if he dies, he’s been murdered. On the surface it seems absurd. Cassidy was 96 years old and succumbed to pneumonia. But Dorothy knows about innocent facades, as does her husband, Alan, now retired from Scotland Yard. As Dorothy begins to ask questions, Alan makes a discovery of his own: what Dorothy has been doing is hard work. With no credentials and a local police department that resents his presence, he must now learn how to uncover secrets with no one but his wife to guide him. Fortunately, she’s as good a teacher as she is a detective. With all the charm and grace that makes the traditional, British cozy style mystery a mainstay of fans around the world, Jeanne M. Dams proves once again that Dorothy Martin is a sleuth with staying power.

To Perish in Penzance

She was about twenty, with long blond hair, and her body was found a few days after she fell from the cliffs to her death on the rocks below. The action of the water and sea life made circulating a picture of her impossible, but even with a description, no one identified her; no one reported a girl gone missing from any of the nearby villages. She’d been fashionably dressed, obviously out for a night of partying. All the police knew was her approximate age, that she’d had a child a few months before she died, and that she weighed only about ninety pounds. The cliff from which she fell was miles from anywhere. Her death was a mystery that had haunted Alan Nesbitt, Dorothy Martin’s now retired Chief Constable husband, since 1968. It was a failure that he’d carried for years. It was raining in Sherebury, but the sun was out in Cornwall. A perfect time to take a vacation…
and a perfect chance for Dorothy Martin. It didn’t matter that the incident had happened more than thirty years earlier; Dorothy was going to get to the bottom of the mystery for Alan…
and uncover a new one while she was at it.

Sins Out of School

Just Deserts You can take her out of the country, but you can’t deprive Dorothy Martin of a traditional Thanksgiving dinner with all the trim*mings, even in merry old England. So this expatriate Hoosier is preparing a feast and, naturally, it wouldn’t be a challenge without a crisis or two. A retired teacher, Dorothy gets her first serving of trouble when she fills in for a missing teacher at the local school. When it turns out that the woman is now the prime suspect in the murder of her husband, Dorothy takes in the couple’s young daughter for dinner. The victim was a cruel man who used his warped view of faith to torment anyone in his path. His death was really a blessing for his wife and daughter but did one of them kill him? The answer leads Dorothy to secrets and lies, and into the cold heart of an evil man, and the surprising face of a killer.

The Evil That Men Do

The new Dorothy Martin mystery Dorothy Martin and her husband, retired Chief Constable Alan Nesbitt, are on holiday in the idyllic English village of Broadway when they stumble across the body of a man who appears to have fallen down a disused quarry. When it is revealed that the man, a local farmer, was probably pushed over the edge, and that the police have failed to find any suspects or motives for the murder, Dorothy can t help but get involved…

Death in Lacquer Red

1st in Hilda Johansson Mystery series The year is 1900 and Hilda Johansson is a young Swedish woman working in the South Bend, Indiana, home of the Studebaker family. She faces the typical problems of an immigrant and the demands of a job that is both exhausting and exhilarating. Her struggle to be a good servant is compounded when she discovers, on the Studebaker estate, the body of a woman just returned from missionary work in China. Everyone has a theory. Everyone wants Hilda to stay out of things that don’t concern her. But is it possible that she’s the only one who can see what the others refuse to even acknowledge? The first in a series that is nothing less than UPSTAIRS, DOWNSTAIRS meets MURDER SHE WROTE. ‘Dams brilliantly crafts a mystery that defies the usual category.’ Chicago Sun Times

Red, White, and Blue Murder

The Studebaker household is in turmoil; the news that President McKinley has been assassinated is more than anyone can stand. South Bend, Indiana, is not a hotbed of anarchist activity, but something is clearly going on. When McKinley’s death is blamed on foreign born anarchists, Hilda Johansson, a recent immigrant, is concerned that fellow immigrants might be swept up in a wave of xenophobia. Despite orders to mind her own business, she sets out to discover exactly what is happening, no matter what it might cost her. This is Dams’ second Hilda Johansson novel, following DEATH IN LACQUER RED. Combining the charm of UPSTAIRS, DOWNSTAIRS with brilliant sleuthing, these novels have everything a traditional mystery fan wants. ‘Author Jeanne Dams has fashioned a refreshing character in an historical mystery that aptly depicts the American melting pot at the turn of the 20th century. ‘ Amazon. com

Green Grow The Victims

Jeanne M. Dams fills out the turn of the century world of full time housekeeper and part time sleuth Hilda Johansson with a wealth of historical detail. In this case, relatives of the man Hilda loves approach her with a plea to find Uncle Dan, the flamboyant Democratic candidate for the city council whom the police suspect of murder. It seems as though Dan’s guilt is obvious and his disappearance the crowning proof. He was the last man seen speaking to the deceased, a political rival, his blood stained shillelagh was found next to the body, and the only eyewitness is a parish priest who swears Dan did the deed. Against all these appearances, Hilda must gather what evidence she can, trusting to her intuition to solve both the disappearance and the murder. ‘This is the kind of book you don’t just read, you step into.’ Booklist

Crimson Snow

Based on a 1904 unsolved murder case, Crimson Snow weaves immigrant life, class and ethnic tensions into a taut drama centered around the Studebaker mansion in South Bend, Indiana. Hilda Johansson, a Studebaker housemaid, doesn t want to look into the murder of her brother’s sixth grade teacher. She leads a demanding life, and her Irish sweetheart is pressing her for marriage. But when an influential attorney urges her to clear his name, she must involve herself in a dangerous web of scandal and intrigue. Mystery and history buffs alike will welcome this new entry from an ever captivating author who effortlessly weaves disparate threads through her plots, from child labor, literacy, prostitution, class, the history of the automobile and the Pinkertons.

Indigo Christmas

Once housemaid to the wealthy Studebaker family in South Bend, Indiana, Hilda Johansson is now married and living a well to do life with her new husband. But her Swedish family doesn’t get along with his Irish relations. She’s having trouble finding friends, since she no longer fits into her old world and isn’t accepted in the new one. Just before Christmas, when the husband of her sole remaining friend is accused of theft, arson, and murder, Hilda has to find new ways of investigating a crime that seems to make no sense. In the hard economic times of 1904 with bank failures weekly, Hilda tries to aid the unemployed youth of South Bend by helping to form a Boys’ Club modeled after Hull House in Chicago. And she also enlists some of them as ‘Baker Street Irregulars’ in her mystery investigation, giving the reader a vivid sense of the city and street life of the times.

Foolproof (With: Mark Richard Zubro,Barbara D’Amato)

The morning of 9/11 Brenda Grant and Daniel Henderson met for coffee before going to their software firm in the World Trade Center. That casual act saved them from the Twin Towers’ collapse, even as their friends and Brenda’s fianc were killed and their company obliterated. Founding their own software security firm, they never forgot that morning of horror. Grant and Henderson then establish a clandestine division inside their company committed to covertly tracking down global terrorists. In a search involving Washington DC, Egypt, Italy and Turkey, they expose a plot to hijack a US presidential election, rig voting machines, and topple democracies worldwide. Foolproof is a global thriller in the tradition of Tess Gerritson, Catherine Coulter, and Linda Howard.

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