Jay R Bonansinga Books In Order

Ulysses Grove Books In Order

  1. Frozen (2005)
  2. Twisted (2006)
  3. Shattered (2007)
  4. Perfect Victim (2008)

Oswald Means Books In Order

  1. Saint Oswald (2021)

Stan Lee’s The Devil’s Quintet Books In Order

  1. The Armageddon Code (2022)
  2. The Shadow Society (2022)


  1. The Black Mariah (1994)
  2. Sick (1995)
  3. The Killer’s Game (1997)
  4. Head Case (1998)
  5. Bloodhound (1999)
  6. Oblivion (2000)
  7. The Sleep Police (2001)
  8. Lucid (2015)
  9. Self Storage (2016)


  1. Candy in the Dumpster (2006)
  2. Blood Samples (2013)
  3. Gothic Blue Book IV (2014)


  1. The Miniaturist (2011)

Non fiction

  1. The Sinking Of The Eastland (2004)
  2. Pinkerton’s War (2011)
  3. Hit Me! (2013)

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Jay R Bonansinga Books Overview


FBI profiler Ulysses Grove is sure he’s this close to trapping a serial killer…
but the killer is planning a gruesome surprise that will come far too close to home…
The Image Of Murder The Mississippi Ripper likes to work in pairs of victims. For every dead body laid to waste, a second one faces it, a grotesque mirror image of terror and torment. Special Agent Ulysses Grove thinks he knows the method to the killer’s madness. But grasping the twisted logic behind the brutal slayings propels him onto a path of danger to him and to everything he holds dear. Pushed to the limit, Grove’s only hope is to dig deep into his own past. But this is one serial killer with powerful resources and Grove’s worst fears are already one step ahead of him…
‘M. Night Shyamalan, meet Harlan Coben.’ David Ellis

Perfect Victim

‘A nail biting thrill ride.’ James Rollins A slashed female corpse…
a footprint, a tire track…
a trail of blood in a crowded shopping mall. Even the most jaded cops are horrified by the carnage. But to seasoned FBI profiler Ulysses Grove, the evidence spells out a much more personal message a threat that speaks to Grove alone…
Meticulous Killer…
He chooses his victims with care. He plans their murders with painstaking precision; he studies the most notorious slayers. He’s gone to extremes to achieve his goals committed to fulfilling his destiny as history’s greatest serial killer…
With precious lives at stake, and his very soul on the line, Grove throws himself into the chase and into a trap from which there’s no escape…
Praise for Jay Bonansinga and his novels ‘A gripping, compulsively readable thriller.’ Joseph Finder ‘A first rate suspense thriller as compelling as it is frightening.’ Publishers Weekly ‘A relentless chiller that leaves you guessing and gasping again and again.’ David Morrell ‘Perfect Witness is everything a forensic thriller should be: powerful, fast paced and deeply disturbing. And nobody writes a shock ending like Jay Bonansinga. If you haven’t yet caught up with the adventures of FBI profiler Ulysses Grove, now’s the time to jump aboard.’ Jonathan Maberry, Bram Stoker Award winning author of Bad Moon Rising and Patient Zero

Head Case

Rising star Jay Bonansinga returns with a stunning psychological thriller part ‘The Fugitive’, part ‘The Silence of the Lambs’ that takes readers into the darkest corners of the human soul. After a terrifying brush with death, a seriously injured patient with total amnesia is plunged into a hideous waking nightmare in which the truth may be more sinister than he dares to imagine 4 city author tour. .

Candy in the Dumpster

The first Dark Arts Books release is a compilation of 12 ‘new and used’ horror stories by four Chicago authors: Jay Bonansinga, Bill Breedlove, John Everson , and Martin Mundt. This volume, featuring an introduction by another Chicago horror veteran, Mort Castle, was released at the World Horror Convention in San Francisco in May 2006.

The Sinking Of The Eastland

Chicago, Saturday, July 24, 1915: Over two thousand Western Electric employees and their families, dressed in their finest, arrive early at the riverfront to board the Eastland, a bold and breathtaking steamship. The boat is scheduled to ferry its passengers to the annual company picnic in Michigan City. Suddenly, as it sits in port, the Eastland begins to list. While thousands of people watch in horror, the ship rolls to its side and silently capsizes, killing a staggering 844 people…
The Eastland tragedy was witnessed by nearly 10,000 bystanders and claimed more lives than the infamous Chicago Fire. Taking place in broad daylight on the city’s bustling wharfside, it was a heartbreaking maritime disaster that sorrowfully echoed the sinking of the luxury liner Titanic just three years earlier. But the victims of this terrible mishap weren’t among the world’s most rich and famous. They were everyday people who worked hard for the right to enjoy a day’s pleasure. They did not know that for many aboard, this day would be their last. And the only thing more shocking than the event that took their lives is the fact that it has been all but forgotten. Until now…

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