Jay Brandon Books In Order

Mark Blackwell Books In Publication Order

  1. Fade the Heat (1990)
  2. Loose Among the Lambs (1993)

Edward Hall Books In Publication Order

  1. Against the Law (2018)
  2. From the Grave (2020)

Chris Sinclair Books In Publication Order

  1. Angel of Death (1998)
  2. Afterimage (2000)
  3. Sliver Moon (2003)
  4. Grudge Match (2004)
  5. Running with the Dead (2005)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. Deadbolt (1985)
  2. Tripwire (1987)
  3. Predator’s Waltz (1989)
  4. Rules Of Evidence (1992)
  5. Local Rules (1995)
  6. Defiance County (1996)
  7. Executive Privilege (2001)
  8. Milagro Lane (2009)
  9. The Jetty (2012)
  10. Shadow Knight’s Mate (2014)
  11. Thanksgiving Eve (2016)

Non-Fiction Books In Publication Order

  1. Law And Liberty (1996)

Anthologies In Publication Order

  1. Mystery Writers of America Presents Death Do Us Part: New Stories About Love, Lust, and Murder (2006)
  2. The Best American Mystery Stories 2010 (2010)

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Jay Brandon Books Overview

Loose Among the Lambs

Hoping the resolution of a child molestation case will further his reelection campaign, District Attorney Mark Blackwell is discouraged when the confessed perpetrator recants and the victims cannot identify him. K.

Angel of Death

To the African American community in San Antonio, Malachi Reese is a saint, a community leader, a man who feeds the hungry and houses the homeless. To San Antonio District Attorney Chris Sinclair, Reese is the Angel of Death: a vicious killer possessed by the need for power and willing to do whatever it takes to gain it. Determined to see justice done, Sinclair overcomes incredible odds to see Reese convicted of murder and sentenced to Death Row. But Malachi Reese has not been defeated. From Death Row, he threatens to destroy Sinclair, to take him to the very top and cast him back down. As a series of seemingly unrelated crimes begins, Sinclair feels the power of Reese descending upon him, and finds that enemies are allies and allies are enemies, and that truth and justice are much more shades of gray than an issue of Black and White.


District Attorney Chris Sinclair has never really forgotten his first real love, Jean, a college girlfriend from the era of free love, a wild young woman who introduced him to a world of sex and drugs and alcohol drastically unlike is own. But she left his life in college and he’s never seen her since, until a young woman is found buried in a shallow grave on the outskirts of San Antonio. Through forensic reconstruction of the decomposed skull, a face takes shape. A detail or two is different, but there’s no doubt the face is Jean’s, like an after image in his mind, he sees her face in the young girl’s and he knows. What he doesn’t know is why Jean wouldn’t have reported her own daughter’s disappearance; the body had been buried for months.

Sliver Moon

When D. A. Chris Sinclair and his beloved Anne Greenwald accept an invitation to visit Anne’s estranged father, they expect a strange weekend. Mr. Greenwald’s past is a wasteland of shadows and conspiracies in Texas government, and Anne has her doubts that the aged man has entirely renounced his former dubious political activities. She and Chris expect some awkwardness over the fact that when Anne needed him, her father wasn’t there for her. What they don’t expect is sudden death, when both Chris and Anne witness the demise of Anne’s ex fianc , Ben, at her father’s home. But all they can agree on is their disagreement. Chris is positive he saw Ben shoot himself; Anne is sure she saw Ben being shot by someone else. The man she saw commit murder is released. Anne knows what she saw, and also knows that if she’s to convince anyone, she first must convince the man she loves. But Chris, the best trial lawyer in San Antonio, knows what he saw, and he can’t compromise his principles and change his story, even if it’s the only way to keep his relationship with Anne from being damaged. When Anne begins receiving threats on her life, she knows that if she can’t find the truth behind the mystery soon, she will be helpless in the hands of the one lurking in the shadows, so she starts to investigate on her own. But Chris can’t stand by and let her venture into the shark infested waters of Texas politics. She turns up some nasty surprises as she gets closer to the truth, while Chris uses his legal pull to try and uncover leads that might have been buried in the media frenzy over this case. Chris will have to shake the pillars of the justice system to bring the truth to light in a case with ramifications that reach to the very highest levels of Texas government. And when the lieutenant governor herself intervenes on behalf of the man Anne has accused of murder, Chris realizes that this case might prove his undoing, despite all his efforts, experience, and courtroom expertise. But even if he can somehow ferret out the truth from the mound of lies, secrets, and dirty politics that shroud this case, it might be harder yet to repair the breach of Anne’s trust.

Grudge Match

n the high stakes courtroom battles of his legal career, San Antonio District Attorney Chris Sinclair has prided himself on getting it right sending society’s dregs away for a long time. But when he discovers that he wrongly sent a police officer to prison, he begins to question his faith in the system. Eight years ago, Chris sent officer Steve Greerdon to jail. Recently, new DNA evidence gave Chris cause to undo the wrongful conviction and help clear Greer don’s name, but when two police officers are murdered and Greerdon is found at the scene of the crime with no alibi, Chris is once again suspicious. Greerdon claims a police conspiracy wants to send him back to jail but is he playing Chris for a fool? Chris’s girlfriend, child psychiatrist Anne Green wald, is drawn into the deepening mystery when one of her patients tells her facts that could give Chris the evidence he needs to break the conspiracy. But she can’t violate doctor patient confidentiality, even if it might prevent a tragedy. Time is running out and murders are piling up. If the killer isn’t stopped, Chris could be next. As Chris and Anne struggle to balance their personal lives with their professional concerns, this intense, powerful novel weaves an ever tightening web of suspense that will keep readers chasing the truth until the final page.

Running with the Dead

Sexual politics, corruption in high school athletics, revenge, and a mysterious stalker combine for an explosive new legal thriller by lawyer/author Jay Brandon. Four years ago, San Antonio District Attorney Chris Sinclair faced his first and biggest case as a defense attorney. His friend, teacher Henry Claremont had been accused of rape. Chris won the case, but had to reveal a love affair Henry had with another teacher. Then Henry’s body was found, beaten to death.

Fast forward to the present, when Chris Sinclair receives word that Henry’s murder has been solved. The man accused, Hike Grimason, is a high ranking school administrator and high school basketball coach who, Chris discovers, took bribes from parents of his basketball players. During this trial, Chris and his daughter Clarissa are threatened by a man identical to the convicted multiple murder Malachi Reese.

As events rush to a furious climax, Chris must succeed in the most high pressure courtroom performance of his career, if he is to save Clarissa and to feel he’s brought justice to his unfairly accused friend Henry, whose death can be avenged only through Grimason s conviction.


An old case comes back to haunt a young lawyer when, on a sabbatical from his law practice to write a book, attorney Grey Stanton is visited by a former client intent on retrieving stolen loot. AB.


Murder witness Elizabeth Truett is in danger as a Baltimore criminal and a city police captain go to war, and a young man claiming to be her son shows up in the middle of all the confusion. AB.

Rules Of Evidence

With his reputation on the line, African American criminal lawyer Ray Boudro accepts as a client Mike Stennett, a white police detective accused of beating a black motorist to death. PW.

Local Rules

Called upon to serve as the defense attorney for a young man who is accused of murdering his best friend, Jordan Marshall quickly discovers that his client has been set up and is forced to confront the entire town for the truth. Read by Jay O. Sanders.

Defiance County

To penetrate the mystery of a double murder and kidnapping in a small Texas town, prosecutor Kelsey Thatch will have to unearth a shocking secret one that could destroy the town forever.

Executive Privilege

For years, Edgar nominee Fade the Heat Jay Brandon has enthralled readers with novels set in the legal world of his hometown of San Antonio, Texas. But with Executive Privilege, Brandon chooses a wider stage and brings the reader an all new thriller set against the backdrop of our nation’s capital, the story of a wife s desperate attempt to save herself and her young son from her husband, a man involved with selling our nation s secrets and willing to do whatever he can to ensure that his family doesn t get away. The wife? Myra McPherson, the First Lady of the United States. When San Antonio attorney David Owens wins an important divorce case, he hopes the victory will bring him some new business. But he never imagined that the First Lady, a Texas native, would walk through his office door. Shy and fearful, the First Lady explains that she needs to divorce the President, to get herself and her young son out of the White House. The President is engaged in dangerous dealings…
and has been unfaithful. But no woman has ever divorced a sitting President, and while every President has secrets, none are like the secrets this President wants to protect: his nefarious dealings with a billionaire businessman willing to use his money and power to manipulate even the leader of our nation. When the news breaks, the publicity is huge, but the threat is even bigger. Orders have been given to kill the First Lady and her son, and all that stands in the way is her divorce lawyer and one Secret Service agent whose oath to protect her charges is more important to her than the power of the President. With all the elements of a great thriller and a great courtroom drama, Jay Brandon delivers a novel sure to keep you up long past your bedtime.

Milagro Lane

A tale of murder wrapped in family secrets, potentially incestuous relationships, and a diabolic plot to avenge lost love, this intriguing mystery is set in San Antonio, Texas a traditional city where races and ethnic groups blend. When Estela Valenzuela appears at the funeral of the patriarch of one of the oldest, richest families in town, she fascinates Jerry Grohman, the son of the deceased. Through Estela, he ventures into parts of the city he never knew, even one part that doesn’t exist Milagro Lane the street of the mind and of inspiration, where one can only go in rare, fulfilling occasions.

Mystery Writers of America Presents Death Do Us Part: New Stories About Love, Lust, and Murder

From the Civil War–era south to 1950s New York to the present day’s gritty cities and seemingly innocuous suburbs, the eighteen stories in this anthology edited by the award winning mystery writer Harlan Coben chart the complications always surprising, sometimes deadly that arise between lovers, dear friends, and even complete strangers coming together for a single, shocking encounter. In Lee Child’s ‘Safe Enough,’ a blue collar city boy takes up with a wealthy suburban wife, with dire consequences. In Harlan Coben’s ‘Entrapped,’ a woman’s husband disappears and is replaced by a handsome impostor. In Laura Lippman’s ‘One True Love,’ a high end prostitute seeks a radical solution to a public relations problem. And in P. J. Parrish’s ‘One Shot,’ a man returns to his childhood home to learn the truth about a long ago tragedy. Other contributors of original stories include Ridley Pearson, R. L. Stine, Jim Fusilli, Jeff Abbott, Charles Todd, and Tom Savage.

The Best American Mystery Stories 2010

Best selling novelist Lee Child edits this latest collection of the genre’s finest from the past year. Featuring gritty tales told with panache, this is a must read for anybody who cares about crime stories Booklist.

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