Jason Manning Books In Order

High Country Books In Order

  1. High Country (1993)
  2. Green River Rendezvous (1993)
  3. Battle of the Teton Basin (1994)

Flintlock Books In Order

  1. Flintlock (1994)
  2. The Border Captains (1995)
  3. Gone to Texas (1995)

Falconer Books In Order

  1. Falconer’s Law (1996)
  2. Promised Land (1996)
  3. American Blood (1996)

Texas Books In Order

  1. The Black Jacks (1997)
  2. Texas Bound (1997)
  3. The Marauders (1998)

Mountain Man Books In Order

  1. Mountain Passage (1998)
  2. Mountain Massacre (1999)
  3. Mountain Courage (1999)
  4. Mountain Vengeance (2001)
  5. Mountain Honor (2001)
  6. Mountain Renegade (2002)

Westerners Books In Order

  1. Gun Justice (1999)
  2. The Gunmaster (2001)
  3. The Outlaw Trail (2000)

Ethan Payne Books In Order

  1. Frontier Road (2002)
  2. Trail Town (2002)
  3. Last Chance (2003)

Barlow Books In Order

  1. The Long Hunters (2002)
  2. Fire Eaters (2003)
  3. War Lovers (2004)

Apache Books In Order

  1. Apache Storm (2004)
  2. Apache Shadow (2005)
  3. Apache Strike (2006)

Remingtons Books In Order

  1. The Town Killers (2018)


  1. Killer Gray (1981)
  2. Gunsmoke on the Sierra Line (1989)
  3. Revenge in Little Texas (1990)
  4. Texas Gundown (1990)
  5. Texas Helltown (1990)
  6. Texas Blood Kill (1991)
  7. Showdown at Seven Springs (1992)
  8. Christmas in the Lone Star State (2016)
  9. Willow’s Mountain (2017)
  10. Lobo Riler (2019)
  11. Cutter’s Reach (2020)

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Jason Manning Books Overview

Gone to Texas

Called upon by President Andrew Jackson, Flintlock Jones and his grandson Christopher Groves join the fight for Texas’s independence from Mexico and encounter kidnappers, river pirates, cutthroats, and bounty hunters.

Mountain Courage

The triumphant sequel to Mountain Passage and Mountain Massacre! Gordon Hawkes’ hard won peace and prosperity are about to be threatened by the bloody clouds of war…
While Gordon is escorting the Crow tribe’s yearly annuity from the U.S. government, the Sioux ambush the shipment. Captured, Gordon must decide whether to live as a slave, die as a prisoner, or renounce his life and join the Sioux tribe. His only hopeis his son Cameron, who must fight his father’s captors and bring Hawkes back alive Over 1 million copies of Jason Manning’s books in print A respected history scholar from the University of Texas, Manning weaves accurate historical detail into his frontier fiction History and hard action: an exciting combination

Gun Justice

‘Texas’ John Slaughter was a legendary figure of the Old West, indelibly etched into its history as one of the ear’s greatest heros a lawman and cattle rancher with bravery to burn and the smarts to come out on top, even when the odds were stacked against him. As lethal as he was with a gun, Texas John never asked for any trouble but somehow, trouble always had a way of finding him…
Grazing cattle is where the money is, and Slaughter is determined to carve out his own piece of paradise on a San Bernardino ranch. But along the way, Slaughter will have to fight for what’s rightfully his, from his run ins with clans of greedy rustlers to his time as Tombstone’s tin star and his deadly showdown with the notorious Apache Kid. And in the end, when the dust has settled, they will all learn the same deadly lesson: no one walks away from a shootout with Texas John Slaughter.

The Outlaw Trail

THE INFAMOUS SAM BASS. Outlaw Sam Bass was one of the largest legends of the Old West an orphan turned career criminal who managed to elude Pinkerton detectives, federal marshals, and a special task force of manhunters led by Captain June Peak. But with his last breaths Sam told one man the real story of his life: a tale of dreams and dashed hopes, and how a good man ended up on the wrong side of law, and now lay dying with a bullet in the back…
BOUND FOR TEXAS. BOUND FOR BLOOD. Young Sam Bass lit out for Texas with visions of a cowboy’s life dancing in his head. Honest hard work got the Midwestern farm boy on a real life cattle drive to Dodge City. But soon Sam made a fatal choice, and found himself in Deadwood, South Dakota, a place that could turn even the best men bad. Once Sam Bass picked up a gun and robbed a stagecoach, there was no turning back. The law wanted him dead, fate wanted him in Texas, and The Outlaw Trail waited in between.

Fire Eaters

The year is 1862, and Lt. Timothy Barlow has taken a post in President Jackson’s War Department. Raising a civilian army, Barlow manages to quell a rebellion in South Carolina…
but the war has not yet begun.

War Lovers

Retired war hero Colonel Timothy Barlow returns as right hand man to President Jackson for one last hurrah. There’s a little trouble brewing on the border called the Mexican American War…

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