Jason Henderson Books In Order

Macduff Saga Books In Order

  1. The Iron Thane (1993)
  2. The Spawn of Loki (1994)

Alex Van Helsing Books In Order

  1. Vampire Rising (2010)
  2. Voice of the Undead (2011)
  3. The Triumph of Death (2012)

Young Captain Nemo Books In Order

  1. Quest for the Nautilus (2020)
  2. Young Captain Nemo (2019)

Midlife Crisis Thriller Books In Order

  1. 18 Miles from Town (2021)


  1. Abominations (1997)
  2. Sword of Dracula (2005)
  3. Soulcatcher (2005)
  4. The Darkling Band (2006)


  1. Castle of Horror Anthology Volume Two (2019)


  1. Castle of Horror Anthology Volume One (2019)
  2. Castle of Horror Anthology Volume Three: Summer Lovin’ (2020)
  3. Castle of Horror Anthology Volume Four (2020)
  4. Castle of Horror Anthology Volume 5: Thinly Veiled: the ’70s (2021)

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Jason Henderson Books Overview


Dr. Bruce Banner, the incredible Hulk, once again matches wits with an old nemesis, former KGB agent turned Abomination Emil Blonsky, who has allied himself with URSA, a secret and deadly organization dedicated to retoring the old Soviet Union.’

Sword of Dracula

Special appearance by Alex Van Helsing of the brand new HarperTeen novel Alex Van Helsing: Vampire Rising! Dracula the world’s most deadly terrorist controls blood itself and an army of thousands. To stop him, Ronnie Van Helsing must bring every Humvee, chopper, motorcycle and machine gun she can muster. Wall to wall vampire/commando/zombie action. This special ‘writer’s cut’ collection is chock full of extras, too, including a six page ‘Issue 0’ and a 15 page ‘Sword of Dracula scrapbook,’ featuring commentary, artist discussion, concept art, pinups, and a brand new wraparound cover from Eisner award winning artist Tony Harris.


From the creator of Sword of Dracula, Soulcatcher tells the story of a young, smart and sexy widow who comes to New Orleans, the ‘the most haunted city in America,’ in search of the ghost of her dead husband. Instead she discovers she has the power to absorb the abilities of the recently dead and uncovers a mystery the spirit world will kill to protect.

The Darkling Band

Two best friends in 13th Century Germany set out across towns, tundra and mountains to find one of the friend’s two sisters, who have been kidnapped by a raiding party of winged men locked in a war with the exploding human population. A fast, violent, big, romantic project fantasy with sweat and rivets! A race of winged men wreak havoc on Earth and fight for their survival. In the middle of this epic struggle are two friends driven by love and loyalty to opposite sides. An adventure full of surprises, from the creator of SWORD OF DRACULA and SOULCATCHER

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