Janny Wurts Books In Order

Cycle Of Fire Books In Publication Order

  1. Stormwarden (1984)
  2. Keeper of the Keys (1988)
  3. Shadowfane (1988)

Riftwar: The World On The Other Side Books In Publication Order

  1. Daughter of the Empire (1987)
  2. Servant of the Empire (1990)
  3. Mistress of the Empire (1992)

Wars of Light and Shadow Books In Publication Order

  1. The Curse of the Mistwraith (1993)
  2. The Ships of Merior (1994)
  3. Warhost Of Vastmark (1995)

Wars of Light and Shadow: Alliance of Light Books In Publication Order

  1. Fugitive Prince (1997)
  2. Grand Conspiracy (1999)
  3. Peril’s Gate (2001)
  4. Traitor’s Knot (2005)
  5. Stormed Fortress (2007)

Wars of Light and Shadow: Sword of the Canon Books In Publication Order

  1. Initiate’s Trial (2011)
  2. Destiny’s Conflict (2017)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. Sorcerer’s Legacy (1982)
  2. The Master of Whitestorm (1992)
  3. To Ride Hell’s Chasm (2002)

Blood Of Ten Chiefs Books In Publication Order

  1. The Blood of Ten Chiefs (By:C.J. Cherryh,Nancy Springer,Diana L. Paxson,Lynn Abbey,Robert Lynn Asprin,Diane Carey) (1986)
  2. Wolfsong (By:Lynn Abbey,Robert Lynn Asprin) (1989)
  3. The Winds of Change (With: Mercedes Lackey,Nancy Springer,Diana L. Paxson,,Lynn Abbey) (1989)
  4. Against the Wind (By:Mercedes Lackey,Nancy Springer,Diana L. Paxson,,Lynn Abbey,Len Wein) (1990)
  5. Dark Hours (By:Mercedes Lackey,Esther M. Friesner,Nancy Springer,Diana L. Paxson,Lynn Abbey) (1993)

Anthologies In Publication Order

  1. Under Cover of Darkness (2007)

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Janny Wurts Books Overview


In the land of Vaere, the Stormwarden Anskiere, wizard of wind and water, must draw on the assistance of three young people, all possessing extraordinary talents as well as flaws, in his struggle to defeat the demons that once again threaten total conquest.

Keeper of the Keys

Jaric, a scribe’s apprentice, is ordered to keep the Keys that bind the Mharg demons, but he has to choose whether to risk the dangerous training necessary to fulfill his mystical talent.


Ivainson Jaric, heir to the Firelord’s legacy, is caught in a life and death struggle to win his inherited powers. Taen Dreamweaver battles her evil brother, corrupted by demons to slaughter his own kind. If either one of the falls, the Stormwarden will never win free of his icy imprisonment to help their cause. As Scait, Demonlord of Shadowfane, uses his captured human talent for his conquest, his machinations raise an even greater threat, one that could hurl all the world to its destruction , and end mankind’s chance of reclaiming freedom among the stars…
And so the Cycle of Fire races toward its powerful conclusion!

Daughter of the Empire

Magic and murder engulf the realm of Kelewan. Fierce warlords ignite a bitter blood feud to enslave the empire of Tsuranuanni. While in the opulent Imperial courts, assassins and spy master plot cunning and devious intrigues against the rightful heir. Now Mara, a young, untested Ruling lady, is called upon to lead her people in a heroic struggle for survival. But first she must rally an army of rebel warriors, form a pact with the alien cho ja, and marry the son of a hated enemy. Only then can Mara face her most dangerous foe of all in his own impregnable stronghold. An epic tale of adventure and intrigue. Daughter of the Empire is fantasy of the highest order by two of the most talented writers in the field today.

Servant of the Empire

In this thrilling sequel to Daughter of the Empire, Lady Mara faces a vengeful blood enemy who doesn’t know Mara has a strategic secret weapon a rakish Midkemian slave whose real identity will change the rimworld forever. ‘A tale of love, hate, and sacrifice against the panorama of an alien yet familiar society.’ Publishers Weekly. HC: Doubleday.

Mistress of the Empire

The world on the other side of the rift: Kelewan, a land seething with political intrigue and deadly conspiracies. Following the opulent panoply of Daughter Of The Empire and the dazzling pageantry of Servant Of The Empire comes the resounding conclusion to the Empire trilogy.

Besieged by spies and rival houses, stalked by a secret and merciless brotherhood of assassins, the brilliant Lady Mara of the Acoma faces the most deadly challenge she has ever known. The fearsome Black Robes see Mara as the ultimate threat to their ancient power. In search of allies who will join her against them, Mara must travel beyond civilization’s borders and even into the hives of the alien cho ja. As those near and dear to her fall victim to many enemies, Mara cries out for vengeance. Drawing on all of her courage and guile she prepares to fight her greatest battle of all for her life, her home, and the Empire itself.

The Curse of the Mistwraith

The world of Athera lives in eternal fog, its skies obscured by the malevolent Mistwraith. Only the combined powers of two half brothers can challenge the Mistwraith’s stranglehold: Arithon, Master of Shadow, and Lysaer, Lord of Light. Arithon and Lysaer soon find that they are inescapably bound to a series of events dictated by their own deepest convictions. Yet as the sorcerers of the Fellowship of Seven know well, there is more at stake than one battle with the Mistwraith: between them the half brothers hold the balance of the world its harmony and its future in their hands.

The Ships of Merior

The half brothers Arithon, Master of Shadow, and Lysaer, Lord of Light, have defeated the Mistwraith and dispersed the fogs that smothered Athera’s skies. But their victory comes at a high price: the Mistwraith has set them at odds under a powerful curse of vengeance. The two princes are locked in deadly enmity, with the fates of nations and the balance of the world’s mystical powers entangled in their feud. Arithon, forced out of hiding, finds himself hounded by Lysaer and his mighty army. He must take to his natural element the seas in order to evade pursuit and steal the initiative. However, his efforts are impeded by outside magical factions, not to mention a drunken prophet sent to safeguard his life, but who seems determined to wreck his cause by misadventure.

Warhost Of Vastmark

Tricked once more by his wily half brother, Lysaer, Lord of Light, arrives at the tiny harbor town of Merior to find that Arithon’s ship yards have been abandoned and meticulously destroyed, and that the Master of Shadow has disappeared as if into thin air. Meanwhile Arithon and the Mad Prophet Dakar are traveling on foot through the treacherous Kelhorn Mountains towards the Vastmark clans, there to raise further support for his cause. But raising a warhost is a costly business. Is it mere coincidence that Princess Talith Lysaer’s beautiful, headstrong wife is taken captive and held for a vast ransom by a master brigand? The forces of light and shadow circle and feint, drawing ever closer to a huge conflict. And in the background the Fellowship of Seven Sorcerers and the Koriani Enchantresses watch and plan, and wait.

Fugitive Prince

Two half brothers, cursed by a Mistwraith to a lifelong enmity, whose gifts of light and shadow are set into violent conflict: . Lysaer, Prince of the Light. A dedicated, charismatic leader, sworn to uphold justice and set humanity free from the Sorcerer’s rule, he will claim Divine Power to safeguard his people from an enemy he firmly believes will destroy them. Arithon, Master of Shadow. Brought up a trained mage, given a musical talent that has won him the title of Masterbard, he wishes for nothing but to defuse war and strife, and search out the vanished old races, whose grace holds the key to the world’s fragmented peace. With the appalling destruction of the Vastmark warhost, recoil and grief reshapes the balance of power in the Five Kingdoms. Koriani enchantresses join forces with Lysaer in a desperate bid for power, and their intrigues threaten Arithon’s hard won autonomy. The aging Koriani Prime Matriarch wants the Shadow Master taken captive, no matter what the cost or the means. For his life stands as her bargaining chip to break the deadlocked rivalry with the Fellowship Sorcerers.

Grand Conspiracy

On the world of Athera, two half brothers gifted of Light and Shadow defeated the Mistwraith. But its revenge left them cursed to life long enmity, stirring war and deadly intrigue. Arithon s’Ffalenn, Master of Shadow, trained mage and masterbard, is the last Prince of Rathain. His life has become the cipher upon which the world’s fate will turn: he is the target of powerful enemies. His half brother, Lysaer s’Ilessid, is now hailed as an avatar. His fanatical following has formed an Alliance of Light sworn to destroy the Master of Shadow. The Prime Enchantress of the Koriani Order seeks his capture to defeat her arch rivals. And trapped by binding vows, Elaira, who holds Arithon’s heart, is commanded to arrange his betrayal. Amid building entanglements of spellcraft and conspiracy converging to bring Arithon down, contending foes bid for power and their battle will threaten the bindings that imprison the Mistwraith itself…

Peril’s Gate

For the Natural Balance to be maintained, the halfbrothers must never fight. If they do, one is sure to perish and the Mistwraith will regain its evil power over their world. Even now, Lysaer convinced of his own godhead and aided by the treacherous Koriani Sisterhood is tracking Arithon the Masterbard through the snows of the winter locked mountains and the Barrens of Daon Ramon. Arithon is tortured by the knowledge that for the sake of future generations he must not be killed, no matter the cost of others’ lives. Fighting valiantly to prevent unnecessary suffering, he strikes out on his own; but he is injured and failing fast. Meanwhile, the ancient Paravians are stirring, summoned by trespassers on their sacred domain; and the Fellowship of Seven are battling on many other fronts, as the Mistwraith’s wards begin to break, and khadrim and free wraiths roam the land.

Traitor’s Knot

The gripping penultimate instalment of The Alliance of Light. When half brothers Lysaer and Arithon defeated the Mistwraith its revenge left them cursed to lifelong enmity. Having conquered the maze and acheived self redemption, Arithon, Master of Shadow, is now the guest of the formidable sorcerer, Davien the Betrayor. No one knows how his influence will affect Arithon’s recovered mage power, or his newly awakened rogue talent for prescience. Meanwhile Arithon’s relentless enemies will stop at nothing to acheive his downfall. The Koriani enchantresses are determined to make him their captive and their pawn. And as the Alliance of Light fanatics regroup after their defeat, the core of their priesthood now stands corrupted by a drak cabal who plot to enslave their leader, Lysaer, and use the Mistwraith’s curse as their own private weapon to break the world’s order. The sorcerers of the Fellowship compact are sorely beset and the clans are counting their ruinous losses. Arithon, who holds their last hope of survival, chooses the most dangerous course: heart and mind he dedicates himself to avoiding killing, though allies and enemies muster for war, single mindedly blind to the consequences.

Stormed Fortress

The heartstopping conclusion to the Alliance of Light series brings Lysaer’s army of Light to besiege the great citadel of Alestron. Master of Shadow, Arithon, has discovered that young Jeynsa s’Valerient whom he has sworn to protect, has joined the ranks of his disowned allies within the threatened citadel. Worse, following a failed rescue attempt, his beloved Elaira, his double, Fionn Areth, and the spellbinder Dakar are also trapped within Alestron’s walls. The chancy wiles of Davien the betrayer must spirit Arithon across the enemy lines to attempt a perilous rescue mission. Arithon must seek the heartcore of his talent, even while embroiled in a savage battle against those he has vowed to protect. But treachery strikes from deep within the duke’s ranks. Arithon stands alone at the hour of reckoning as the true purpose of the Koriani enchantresses becomes, at long last fully, unveiled with the covetous Prime Matriarch now poised to snatch a prize, a prize beyond that of merely integrity and life!

Sorcerer’s Legacy

In Janny Wurts’ Sorcerer’s Legacy, we discover a world full of magic and intrigue. It is into this world that Elienne has chosen to come, to save a princes life. Lady Elienne finds herself captive in the dungeons of the one who killed her husband and conquered her lands. While there, a great wizard appears to her offering to take her away. Does she stay and suffer certain cruelties from the one who now wants to make her his new queen…
Or does she go with this wizard who claims that she is the only one who can save his prince’s life. Neither choice has much chance of her surviving, so neither choice looks good. But if she goes at least it will be by her own choice…

To Ride Hell’s Chasm

When Princess Anja fails to appear at her betrothal banquet, the tiny, peaceful kingdom of Sessalie is plunged into intrigue. Two warriors are charged with recovering the distraught king’s beloved daughter: Taskin, Commander of the Royal Guard, whose icy competence and impressive life term as the Crown’s right hand man command the kingdom’s deep seated respect; and Mykkael, the rough hewn newcomer who has won the post of Captain of the Garrison a scarred veteran with a deadly record of field warfare, whose ‘interesting’ background and foreign breeding are held in contempt by court society. As the princess’s trail vanishes outside the citadel’s gates, anxiety and tension escalate. Mykkael’s investigations lead him to a radical explanation for the mystery, but he finds himself under suspicion from the court factions. Will Commander Taskin’s famous fair mindedness be enough to unravel the truth behind the garrison captain’s dramatic theory that the resourceful, high spirited princess was not taken by force, but fled the palace to escape a demonic evil?

Wolfsong (By:Lynn Abbey,Robert Lynn Asprin)

From the authors of Elfquest and the creators of Thieves’ World, this second volume is set in the Elfquest world a time when the Wolves and the Wolf Riders were forming their deep emotional bonds and learning how to live on the World of Two Moons.

Against the Wind (By:Mercedes Lackey,Nancy Springer,Diana L. Paxson,,Lynn Abbey,Len Wein)

Tor’s popular shared world series provides an opportunity for some of the most talented and successful fantasy writers to explore the history and background of Elfquest. Featured authors include Mercedes Lackey, Lynn Abbey, Nancy Springer, and others. TP: Tor.

Dark Hours (By:Mercedes Lackey,Esther M. Friesner,Nancy Springer,Diana L. Paxson,Lynn Abbey)

Set in the Elfquest universe, this volume contains stories about elves and their Wolfkin written by some of today’s finest fantasy writers, including Mercedes Lackey, Esther Friesner, Diana L. Paxson, and many others.

Under Cover of Darkness

From the true role of the Freemasons to Chronographers who steal pieces of time to an assassin hired by a group that reweaves the threads of history, here are fourteen imaginative tales of time and space and realms beyond our own all watched over, preserved, or changed by those who work covertly Under Cover of Darkness.

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