Janice Sims Books In Order

Toni Shaw and Friends Books In Order

  1. All the Right Reasons (1997)
  2. A Second Chance at Love (2000)
  3. For Your Love (2002)
  4. To Have and to Hold (2004)

Bryant Winery Books In Order

  1. Waiting for You (2005)
  2. Constant Craving (2006)
  3. One Fine Day (2007)

Temptation Books In Order

  1. Temptation’s Song (2010)
  2. Temptation’s Kiss (2011)
  3. Dance of Temptation (2011)
  4. A Little Holiday Temptation (2012)

Everett Family Books In Order

  1. The Everetts (2018)


  1. Affair of the Heart (1996)
  2. Out of the Blue (1998)
  3. For Keeps (1999)
  4. A Bittersweet Love (2000)
  5. This Time Forever (2001)
  6. Desert Heat (2003)
  7. That Summer at American Beach (2006)
  8. Three Wishes (2008)
  9. Seduced By Moonlight (2008)
  10. Escape with Me (2013)
  11. This Winter Night (2013)
  12. Safe in My Arms (2014)
  13. Thief of My Heart (2015)
  14. His Christmas Gift (2020)
  15. A Family for Keeps (2022)


  1. Love Letters (1997)
  2. A Very Special Love (2000)
  3. Sister, Sister (2001)
  4. Love in Bloom (2001)
  5. Can I Get an Amen (2005)
  6. A Season of Miracles (2005)
  7. Can I Get an Amen Again (2007)
  8. Creepin’ (2007)
  9. Holiday Wishes (2013)
  10. Valentine’s Fantasy (2014)
  11. This Holiday Magic (2014)
  12. Love in San Francisco / Unconditionally (2019)
  13. Love in New York / Cherish My Heart (2019)
  14. His Christmas Gift / Decadent Holiday Pleasures (2019)
  15. Christmas Sparks Collection (2021)
  16. Mistletoe Kisses (2021)


  1. All in the Family (2007)

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Janice Sims Books Overview

All the Right Reasons

Returning home to New Orleans, San Francisco public defender Georgie Shaw finds her life turned upside down by private investigator Clay Knight, who leads Georgie on a dangerous odyssey in search of a shocking, long hidden secret.’

Constant Craving

A of a successful California winemaking family, restaurateur Franklyn Bryant has nearly everything he could ever desire. Except Elise Gilbert, his pastry chef, and the woman he has secretly loved for years. They’ve recently begun dating, but something is stopping Elise from fully committing to their relationship. That something is Elise’s ex husband, Derrick Scott, who wants her back and will do anything to get his way. Elise still carries the scars from her marriage to Derrick, and she isn’t about to let him hurt her again. But this time he could also hurt others, especially the man she loves. With their precious relationship, their skyrocketing careers and even their lives on the line, Elise and Franklyn must fight for their future

One Fine Day

Giving up his high flying career as an attorney to work in his family’s California vineyard was one of the best things Jason Bryant ever did. The other was falling in love with beautiful bookstore owner Sara Minton. Jason knows that Sara loves him, which makes her refusal to marry him even more frustrating. Why does Sara keep saying she’ll be able to marry him ‘one day’? Whatever her secret is, Jason is sure he can cope. But not knowing the truth is tearing him apart. Six years ago Sara was at her lowest ebb, until Aminatu’s Daughters a secret organization that helps women and children in jeopardy gave her life purpose again. Now Sara faces an impossible choice between the man she adores and her dangerous but rewarding work. And as Sara’s very safety comes under threat, she and Jason must risk everything to claim a future together .

Temptation’s Song

Elle Jones is living her dream. She’s come to Italy on vacation, but when she learns legendary composer Dominic Corelli is holding open auditions for his next opera, she jumps at the chance to perform for him. Not only does the driven musician cast her as the lead in his latest opus, he arouses desire like nothing Elle has ever known. Elle knows she’s playing with fire, but how can she resist Dominic’s haunting melody of seduction?Elle doesn’t act like any diva Dominic’s ever known. Music may be his mistress, but he’s sinfully tempted by the voluptuous beauty with the voice of an angel. Will each of them end up singing a solo of unfulfilled yearning? Or, together, can they make the sweet, soul stirring music that comes straight from the heart?

Affair of the Heart

In search of some much needed rest, Cara Lynn Garrett, a successful veterinarian, returns to her Kentucky hometown and finds herself pursued by two very different men Evan Fitzgerald, scion of a wealthy and powerful family, and construction company owner Jordan Davidson.

Out of the Blue

A marine biologist based in Key West, Florida, Gaea Maxwell has no interest in men especially after her ex fiance shattered her faith in the power of commitment. A research trip to frigid Russian waters in pursuit of the blue whale is an opportunity to leave painful opportunities behind, and is the last place Gaea expects to meet a man with enough heated passion to thaw her frozen heart.

Three Wishes

Three lives. Three Wishes. One chance to get it right. Adopted at birth, attorney Sunny Adams is shocked to learn that Hollywood actress Audra Kane is her real mother. Though she longs to visit Audra in L.A., Sunny won’t abandon the murder case she’s working on not even when Audra’s gorgeous stepson Jonas Blake is the one who’s asking. Sunny is the most beautiful, strong willed woman Jonas has ever met, and he’s happy to stay and protect her in the small Georgia town until her dangerous case is over. Getting involved with Sunny gives him hope that he can make her part of his own life. But can love work enough magic to make three people’s wishes come true?

Seduced By Moonlight

A moonlit angel that’s what Harrison Payne sees when he wanders onto the balcony of his luxury Colorado resort. The former pro quarterback knows next to nothing about the sensuous, intriguing stranger basking in the night air, except that he wants to know her much, much better. Discovering that Cherisse Washington is the mother of a promising young skier he’s agreed to sponsor is a stroke of luck and learning that Cherisse’s ex is determined to get back in her life is an unwanted setback. But all’s fair in love and Harry intends to use every seductive means available to win the woman he knows belongs in his life forever .

Love Letters

In ‘Hearts of Gold,’ a jilted lover rekindles lost love; while in ‘Masquerade,’ a shy editor finds the man of her dreams on the Internet; and in ‘To Love Again,’ a revelation helps a widow let go of the past.

Sister, Sister

Donna Hill introduces sisters long divided by their mother’s favoritism now reunited in Washington, D.C., one sister’s sudden illness is the catalyst for a long waited reconciliation. Carmen Green takes two very different sisters to beautiful Martha’s Vineyard, where a week in the warm and healing sun brings mutual understanding. Jamice Sims unites two estranged sisters in new York City where their childhood loyalty is tested, a new life is welcomed and a family restored.

Love in Bloom

Three beloved Arabesque authors bring romance alive in these captivating tales of first love, second chances and promises fulfilled…
Love’s Masquerade When divorced health food store owner Maya Williams takes part in Francine Craft’s Love’s Masquerade, she is unexpectedly reunited with an old high school friend, Christopher St. John. Now, as midnight nears, two people who have known heartbreak may discover that dreams can still come true. Forbidden Fantasy Linda Hudson Smith’s Forbidden Fantasy brings social worker Ashleigh Ayers together with Austin Carrington, the football hero she has adored ever since she was a lonely, unwanted orphan. But a Caribbean cruise offers unexpected surprises…
and the passionate fulfillment of a long ago promise. Teacher’s Pet In Janice Sims’s Teacher’s Pet, literature professor Bethany Porter meets self made millionaire Colin Armstrong, and she’s hooked. But it will take the help of two romance minded friends for this by the book woman to learn that love has its own thrilling lessons to teach.

Can I Get an Amen

‘A Love Supreme’ by Janice Sims Landscaper Alexandra Cartwright has no time for men, until she meets sexy construction company owner Jared Kyles. When he joins her for worship at Red Oaks, Alex knows sh’s falling for him but is it lust or a lasting love?

‘Love and Happiness’ by Kim Louise Renata Connor has dedicated her life to Success Unlimited, helping at risk youth. Devin McKenna is thinking of leaving Red Oaks, until he hears of Renata’s program. But when Devin’s prot g is accused of stealing, can they find a way to clear his name and find love in the process?

‘A Love Like That’ by Natalie Dunbar Wealthy, elegant Dominique Winston has sworn off men since learning of her ex husband’s infidelity. Then at the Red Oaks’ Men’s Day picnic she meets gorgeous Blair Thomas, who is leaving town in a few weeks. Is their relationship a passing fling, or does love have more in store for them?

‘Love Under New Management’ by Nathasha Brooks Harris Gifted singer Valerie Freeman gave up on love and music after a shady producer stole her heart and her songs. But when she hears the gospel choir at Red Oaks, she can’t stop herself from joining. Choir director Norman Grant knows Valerie’s his dream woman but can he approach this fragile songbird without scaring her off?

A Season of Miracles

Shepherd Moon by Rochelle Alers

Tragedy forced Rhianna Campbell to leave the small town of Shepherd, New York, for Los Angeles. Years later she returns to find an angry Emery Sutherland, her former fiance’s brother, who resents her for having left after his twin brother and parents were killed in an auto accident on Christmas Eve. Can Emery find a way to forgive Rhianna? And will these two ever find love in this holiest of seasons?

Wishing on a Starr by Adrianne Byrd

For Gia Hunter, Christmas usually brings unhappy memories. Seventeen years ago her husband was killed in combat. As a teenage mother and widow, she was forced to give up their infant daughter, Starr. In a twist of fate, Starr’s adoptive father, Daniel Davis, and Gia have a chance encounter while Christmas shopping, and are smitten with each other. But complications arise when Starr, who has been searching for her biological mother, tries to set Gia up with her widowed adoptive father.

Blind Faith by Kayla Perrin

Trapped for days in her car when it careens off an isolated stretch of road outside of Buffalo, New York, Andrea Dawson has already said her prayers and fallen asleep. Suddenly, she is awakened by a blinding light–not from the great beyond, but rather a flashlight held by her sexy savior, Mark Potter. With both of them looking for something to believe in, has fate brought them together for a reason?

A Christmas Serenade by Janice Sims

Callie Hart can’t think of many reasons to feel grateful this Thanksgiving. She’s just lost her job as an editor at an Atlanta magazine, and now, traveling home to her family in Charleston, South Carolina, she’s got a flat tire. Out of nowhere, a tall, handsome stranger appears to help her. After thanking him, Callie doesn’t expect to see him again. But Callie’s mother has a plan to bring her closer to home–one that may give a surprising boost to Callie’s romantic luck.

Can I Get an Amen Again

In JANICE SIMS’s ‘Brown Eyed Handsome Man,’ recently widowed Gena Boudreau has just about given up on motherhood, until a precocious teenager tries to set Gena up with her single father, Nathan Lincoln. The star of a reality dating show cooked up by creative director Justine Graves turns out to be a hit. The only thing that can stop the show is the reluctant bachelor Markos Raineau and the growing attraction Justine feels for him. ‘The Real Thing’ by KIM LOUISE reveals what can happen when fate and faith run their course. Will money come between Charlimae Watson and her estranged husband, Sam, in NATALIE DUNBAR’s ‘My Promise To You’? Sometimes divine intervention is the only thing that can save a marriage, and Red Oaks’ Mother Maybelle just may have the answer to Sam and Charlimae’s prayers. When Dr. Gabrielle Talbot arrives in Red Oaks, Georgia, the last thing she has on her mind is romance that is until she meets Marcus Danforth. But will he break her heart like her ex fianc , or will he find a way to win her trust in ‘A Change Is Gonna Come’ by NATHASHA BROOKS HARRIS?


Welcome to a world of werewolves, vampires, demons and mere mortals, where, in the name of revenge, five women are about to live out their wildest fantasies even if it means crossing over to that other side Five of today’s most provocative authors invite you into a realm beyond the limits of your sensual imagination, where anything can happen and does. In these stories of bloodlust and payback, of scorching desire and otherworldly fantasies come true, you’ll encounter five women who thought they had it all, until a betrayal takes them on a feverish journey to the dark edge of vengeance. Fueled by lust and deception, these women are going to let their voracious appetites guide them as they take justice into their own hands.

All in the Family

The Johnson sisters haven’t been home to tiny Mason Corners, South Carolina for a long time. Their mother, Sara, feeling neglected, gives them an ultimatum: Come to the family reunion…
OR ELSE!!! In Best Selling Author, Janice Sims’s MOMMA’S BABY, DADDY’S MAYBE, perfect wife and mother, Candace, 41, of Charleston, has to come to terms with the nasty paternity rumors that have been making the rounds in the family since she was a child. Angela, 25, a super model wannabe in Miami wants to come home, but what will the man she left behind do when she tells him what she had to do to survive while they were apart? In WHERE MY HEART IS Melanie Schuster gives us a glimpse into the life of Sharon, an A personality, 32 year old successful New York City television producer who has excelled at everything she’s ever tried. What drives her to always be on top? In striving for perfection, has she missed the signals her handsome co worker has been sending for two years now? She finds out when she asks him to pose as her man at the family reunion. And in Maxine Thompson’s SUMMER OF SALVATION Debra, 35, a casting director in Hollywood brings her Mexican American husband home for the first time. They eloped. Will Debra and her mother have a showdown during the festivities? Whatever happens at the Johnson Family Reunion, you know that it will be kept…
All in the Family.’

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