Janice Kay Johnson Books In Order

Patton’s Daughters Books In Order

  1. The Woman in Blue (1999)
  2. The Baby and the Badge (1999)
  3. A Message for Abby (1999)
  4. Dead Wrong (2006)

Three Good Cops Books In Order

  1. His Partner’s Wife (2001)
  2. Maternal Instinct (2002)

Under One Roof Books In Order

  1. Taking a Chance (2003)
  2. The Perfect Mom (2003)
  3. The New Man (2003)

Lost… But Not Forgotten Books In Order

  1. Open Secret (2006)
  2. Lost Cause (2006)
  3. Kids by Christmas (2006)

Russell Twins Books In Order

  1. Charlotte’s Homecoming (2010)
  2. Through the Sheriff’s Eyes (2010)

Brother’s Word Books In Order

  1. Between Love and Duty (2012)
  2. From Father to Son (2012)
  3. The Call of Bravery (2012)

Mysteries of Angel Butte Books In Order

  1. Bringing Maddie Home (2013)
  2. Everywhere She Goes (2014)
  3. All a Man Is (2014)
  4. Cop by Her Side (2014)
  5. This Good Man (2014)

Cape Trouble Books In Order

  1. Shroud of Fog (2014)
  2. See How She Runs (2014)
  3. Twisted Threads (2015)
  4. Whisper of Revenge (2016)
  5. Trigger Words (2017)

Two Daughters Books In Order

  1. Yesterday’s Gone (2015)
  2. In Hope’s Shadow (2015)

Brothers, Strangers Books In Order

  1. The Closer He Gets (2016)
  2. The Baby He Wanted (2016)

Desperation Creek Books In Order

  1. Home Deadly Home (2018)
  2. All the Lost Little Horses (2018)

Tompkin’s Mill Books In Order

  1. Turning Home (2020)
  2. Mending Hearts (2021)
  3. Finding Hope (2021)


  1. Summertime Love (1982)
  2. Autumn Beginning (1982)
  3. Winter Interlude (1982)
  4. The Imperiled Heiress (1986)
  5. Night and Day (1987)
  6. A Shiver of Rain (1988)
  7. Family Ties (1990)
  8. Home Field Advantage (1991)
  9. Seize the Day (1991)
  10. Lifesaver (1993)
  11. Home Again (1993)
  12. In the Dark of the Night (1995)
  13. Winter of the Raven (1995)
  14. What She Wants for Christmas (1996)
  15. The Island Snatchers (1997)
  16. Beauty and the Beasts (1997)
  17. The Daughter Merger (2000)
  18. The Word of a Child (2001)
  19. Christmas Presents and Past (2007)
  20. Snowbound (2007)
  21. Someone Like Her (2009)
  22. Making Her Way Home (2012)
  23. No Matter What (2012)
  24. A Hometown Boy (2013)
  25. All Through The House (2013)
  26. Anything for Her (2013)
  27. Where It May Lead (2013)
  28. From This Day On (2013)
  29. Dangerous Waters (2014)
  30. One Frosty Night (2014)
  31. More Than Neighbors (2015)
  32. To Love a Cop (2015)
  33. Because of a Girl (2016)
  34. A Mother’s Claim (2016)
  35. Plain Refuge (2017)
  36. Her Amish Protectors (2017)
  37. The Hero’s Redemption (2017)
  38. Back Against the Wall (2018)
  39. In a Heartbeat (2018)
  40. Hide the Child (2018)
  41. Trusting the Sheriff (2019)
  42. Within Range (2019)
  43. Brace for Impact (2019)
  44. The Hunting Season (2020)
  45. The Last Resort (2020)
  46. Dead in the Water (2021)
  47. Mustang Creek Manhunt (2022)


  1. For My Daughter (1998)
  2. The Family Next Door / The Little Matchmaker (1999)
  3. Born in a Small Town (2000)
  4. Tender Expectations (2002)
  5. The Gift of Christmas (2002)
  6. Wrong Turn (2003)
  7. Epiphany / Stuck with Each Other / Undercover Santa (2004)
  8. Patton’s Daughters (2006)
  9. Mothers and Daughters (2006)
  10. A Mother’s Love (2008)
  11. The Man Behind the Cop / Single Dad’s Virgin Wife (2009)
  12. Sweet Memories / Her Sister’s Baby (2010)
  13. Like Father Like Son / Mother’s Secret (2010)
  14. Ragged Rainbows / The Miracle Baby (2011)
  15. The Christmas Wedding Quilt (2013)
  16. Harlequin Superromance November 2013 – Bundle 1 of 2 (2013)
  17. Harlequin Superromance January 2014 – Bundle 1 of 2 (2014)
  18. The Trouble with Joe / Someone Like Her (2014)
  19. The Baby Gift (2014)
  20. Harlequin Superromance November 2014 – Box Set 1 of 2 (2014)
  21. Harlequin Superromance January 2015 – Box Set (2015)
  22. Harlequin Superromance March 2016 Box Set (2016)
  23. Harlequin Superromance May 2016 Box Set (2016)
  24. Harlequin Superromance July 2016 Box Set (2016)
  25. Harlequin Superromance December 2016 Box Set (2016)
  26. Harlequin Superromance April 2017 Box Set (2017)
  27. Harlequin Superromance June 2017 Box Set (2017)
  28. Harlequin Superromance November 2017 Box Set (2017)
  29. Harlequin Superromance January 2018 Box Set (2018)
  30. Harlequin Superromance April 2018 Box Set (2018)
  31. Hide the Child / Wyoming Cowboy Protection (2018)
  32. Harlequin Intrigue November 2018 Box Set 1 of 2 (2018)
  33. Trusting the Sheriff / Storm Warning (2019)
  34. Harlequin Intrigue March 2019 Box Set 1 of 2 (2019)
  35. Harlequin Intrigue June 2019 Box Set 2 of 2 (2019)
  36. Brace For Impact / Colton Baby Conspiracy (2019)
  37. Harlequin Intrigue January 2020: Box Set 1 of 2 (2020)
  38. The Hunting Season / Colton’s Undercover Reunion (2020)
  39. Harlequin Intrigue May 2020 – Box Set 1 of 2 (2020)
  40. The Last Resort / Colton In The Line Of Fire (2020)
  41. Harlequin Intrigue December 2020 – Box Set 2 of 2 (2020)
  42. Cold Case Flashbacks / Guarding Colton’s Child (2021)
  43. Harlequin Intrigue May 2021 – Box Set 2 of 2 (2021)
  44. Dead In The Water / Colton K-9 Target (2021)
  45. Harlequin Intriuge September 2021 – Box Set 2 of 2 (2021)
  46. Harlequin Intrigue March 2022 – Box Set 2 of 2 (2022)
  47. Mustang Creek Manhunt / Cavanaugh Justice: The Baby Trail (2022)
  48. Perilous Mountain Pursuit (2022)

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Janice Kay Johnson Books Overview

Dead Wrong

A chilling blast from the past…
Six years ago prosecutor Will Patton’s girlfriend stormed out on him. That night she was brutally raped and murdered. The violent act knocked Will’s world out from under him, alienating him from his family, who Will believed were responsible. Wrapped up in his own guilt and anger, Will developed a powerful thirst for justice…
and was determined that no criminal would ever walk free again. Now he’s returned to his hometown, but he is greeted by a gruesome discovery another body and an all too familiar calling card. And once again the victim is romantically linked with Will. In order to track down his serial killer, Will teams up with rookie detective Trina Giallombardo only to realize that if he falls for her, she’ll be next…

Open Secret

Carrie St. John: Wealthy, privileged and…
adopted?The idea would be preposterous, except…
Carrie has never truly felt she belonged. Now she has a sister who wants to meet her and a brother no one can find. Not to mention adoptive parents she doesn’t seem to know anymore. With all the changes going on, it seems the only stable presence in her life is the P.I. who tracked her down. Mark Kinkaid has become a trusted confidant and counselor, a good friend. Could it be love she’s feeling for him or just need? Will she discard him once she’s sorted things out? That’s what he’d like to know.

Lost Cause

Gary Lindstrom doesn’t remember ever being a child named Lucien. So when his long lost sister calls to remind him of who he was, he tells her he’s not interested. But even he can’t resist the pull of the past, and he goes to meet the only family he has left. Little does he know that he’s also going to meet Rebecca Wilson…
. Rebecca has never met anyone like Gary. He’s attractive and successful, but determined to go through life alone. His first attempt at marriage was a bust and he doesn’t want kids. She knows there’s no future for them. But how can either ignore what’s developing between them?

Kids by Christmas

Adopting one child is challenge enough for a single woman like Suzanne Chauvin. Now that she has the chance to adopt a brother and sister who shouldn’t be separated, she has to keep her life as simple as possible. Which means she doesn’t have time for an added complication in the form of her neighbor Tom Stefanec. Tom knows too much about Suzanne’s past…
and she knows nothing about his.

Charlotte’s Homecoming

Marrying a local guy and settling in her hometown has never appealed to Charlotte Russell. She’s got a good job in the city…
until a crisis forces her return to the family farm. She’s not back long before the well-laid plans for her future fall apart. And she holds Mayor Gray Van Dusen responsible.

In fairness, the gorgeous man hasn’t deliberately messed up her plans. But his very active pursuit of her is sparking all kinds of strange urges. Such as the urge to abandon her urban life. The urge to see where these intense feelings between them could lead. And the strangest urge of all: to have a white picket fence in the last place she’d ever thought to settle.

Through the Sheriff’s Eyes

Faith Russell refuses to be with a man who feels a sense of obligation toward her. Sure, she’s been through some traumatic events that have left her a little shaky. That doesn’t mean she needs Sheriff Ben Wheeler hovering. She’ll be fine…
on her own. Despite her protests, however, Ben won’t budge. He insists they share a romantic connection that deserves to be explored. She’ll admit she finds him attractive, but how can she be close to a man who might view her as a duty? It’s not until she catches a glimpse of herself through his eyes that she discovers what he feels for her is very real.

Home Again

The child of a broken marriage, 17 year old Tamsyn wasn’t looking forward at all to going to Wales to visit the father she hardly knew…
until she arrived there and met Hywel Benedict. Her initial feelings of antagonism toward him soon changed into something so deep and violent that it threatened to overwhelm her completely. It was clear that she affected him in some way too.. but marriage? No, he said. He was too old for her, her father’s comtemporary, not hers. It would not be fair. And besides, there were other complications. Or did it all add up to the fact that he didn’t really want her?

Winter of the Raven

Assisting a museum ethnologist on the 1880s Queen Charlotte Islands, missionary’s daughter and talented photographer Katharine Hewitt hopes to solve her father’s murder but struggles with the western influences on the native culture.

What She Wants for Christmas

Teresa has finally met her perfect man. Joe is gorgeous, strong and passionate but he also has an intensely private quality that’s a challenge to any self respecting woman. And it’s not as though Teresa really needs another challenge in her life. She’s just moved to a small town in Washington, which her young son thinks is cool and her teenage daughter hates! And even worse, although Teresa’s a darn good vet, the local farmers won’t let her treat their livestock. But through it all, Teresa can’t resist loving Joe. Even when she learns he’s keeping a secret that threatens their future happiness.

The Island Snatchers

Widowed shortly after reaching Hawaii, Anne is employed in the royal household of King Kamehameha, where she lives through invasions and plagues and finds herself falling in love.’

Christmas Presents and Past

Every Christmas gift Will and Dinah exchange is a symbol of their love. The tradition begins on their very first date in 1968, when Will arrives with an exquisitely wrapped present that shows he, unlike everyone else in her life, believes in her dream of becoming a chef. It continues through every holiday season after that whether they’re together or apart. But the tradition ends when tragedy strikes. After that, only an unexpected gift can make things right.


Living through the winter months often means being at the mercy of the elements. In these three cozy novels, three reluctant hero*ines find themselves in a blizzard, stranded together with three irresistible heroes. But our hero*ines soon discover that the coldest weather can sometimes spark the warmest heat of passion. Republished titles.

Someone Like Her

Finding his mother is the only reason Adrian Rutledge would set foot in this backward place. In fact, he can’t get out of town fast enough. At least, that’s his attitude before Lucy Peterson works her magic on him. The caf? owner is nothing like what he thought he needed, yet she’s all he wants. Then the job pulls him back to the city and Adrian slips into the life he once worked hard to achieve. And while it may not fit the way it did, he can’t simply abandon it. Or can he? Because suddenly he’s tempted by everything Lucy’s offering.

Born in a Small Town

In this three in one story collection, fans of Macomber’s ‘Midnight Sons’ series meet a whole new generation of family members and get updates on original characters in ‘Midnight Sons and Daughters’. In addition, Bowen welcomes readers back to Glory, Alberta, in ‘The Glory Girl’ and Johnson continues her ‘Patton’s Daughter’s’ tale with ‘Promise Me Picket Fences’.

Wrong Turn

Every decision counts…
even the wrong ones A missed bus A chance meeting A Wrong Turn
Stella Cameron A New York Times bestselling author, Stella Cameron has written over fifty novels and received many awards, including a career achievement award for Romantic Suspense. The Message For Page Linstrom, work is life. She’s determined to succeed on her own, which means she doesn’t have time for anything else, especially not men. But it’s work that has her meeting Ian Faber a man who won’t take no for an answer at two in the morning. And it’s work that ends up endangering her life…
Janice Kay Johnson Four time RITA Award finalist Janice Kay Johnson brings you a compelling brand new novel. Missing Molly Twelve years ago, one bad decision ruined Nora’s life. She lost everything her best friend, her boyfriend, her future. Now, for the first time since that awful night, she’s coming home. She doesn’t expect understanding or even forgiveness from anyone east of all Rob Sumner, the man she once thought she’d love forever. Nora’s hoping to find peace. What she gets is a second chance.

Patton’s Daughters

The father they feared and hated is dead. Yet Elk Springs, Oregon, remains a town with secrets…
Patton’s Daughters: Renee Renee Patton is a cop determined to see justice done. But the discovery of a human skull has stirred up her own ghosts as well as feelings for the rancher who found it. For Daniel Barnard she believes she can give up the past and have a future. If only his mother wasn’t hiding something. Patton’s Daughters: Meg For single mom and sheriff’s deputy Meg Patton it’s time to reconcile with her sisters and get on with life. She actually starts to think she could do that with Scott McNeil, a man she meets when he agrees to care for an abandoned baby. But then he becomes the prime suspect in the murder of the infant’s mother. Meg has to prove he’s innocent for her sake, as well as his.

A Mother’s Love

Insta MomWhen a car accident robs businesswoman Kyra Tierney of her best friend, she finds herself the proud or rather, bewildered mom of a newborn. She can hardly accept help from builder Dylan Jones, even though both she and the baby find him irresistible! ber Dedicated MomChrista Sullivan has been devoting herself to nursing her recently injured teenage daughter back to health and life. But when her daughter responds well to former rodeo cowboy Jace McCandless, how can she push him away even if he has lost his way?And a mom who’s getting hitched?For Leila Foster, most guys aren’t good enough including too hot detective Mark Duncan. And when her mother announces that she’s getting remarried, Leila is utterly horrified. Now Leila’s mom has a new lesson to teach her daughter about taking a risk on love and it could be the hardest yet!

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