Janet Woods Books In Order

Dorset Girl Books In Order

  1. A Dorset Girl (2003)
  2. Beyond the Plough (2004)
  3. A Handful of Ashes (2004)

Tall Poppies Books In Order

  1. Tall Poppies (2011)
  2. Secrets & Lies (2012)
  3. I’ll Get By (2013)


  1. Daughter of Darkness (2001)
  2. Pandora’s Girl (2001)
  3. Angelina (2002)
  4. From This Day Forth (2002)
  5. Against the Tide (2003)
  6. The Grace of Day (2003)
  7. A Fair Pretender (2004)
  8. The Stonecutter’s Daughter (2004)
  9. Amaranth Moon (2005)
  10. More Than a Promise (2005)
  11. Where Seagulls Soar (2006)
  12. Cinnamon Sky (2006)
  13. The Convict’s Woman (2007)
  14. Broken Journey (2007)
  15. The Coal Gatherer (2007)
  16. Edge of Regret (2008)
  17. Without Reproach (2008)
  18. Hearts of Gold (2009)
  19. Salting the Wound (2009)
  20. Straw in the Wind (2010)
  21. Paper Doll (2010)
  22. Benedict’s Bride (2011)
  23. Lady Lightfingers (2011)
  24. In Bed with the Enemy (2013)
  25. Moon Cutters (2013)
  26. Eyes of the Alchemist (2013)
  27. Dark Lightning (2013)
  28. Different Tides (2014)
  29. I’ll Be There (2014)
  30. Foxing the Geese (2016)
  31. Whispers in the Wind (2017)
  32. A Marriage of Convenience (2018)


  1. Romantic Interludes (2011)


  1. Something Spooky (2013)

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Janet Woods Books Overview

A Handful of Ashes

Following his return from his ill fated trip to Australia, Francis and Siana Matheson have settled into a loving marital relationship. Siana’s main concern is that so far she has been unable to bear her husband another child. Francis however is content to be a father to his grown up daughters and Siana’s young sister Daisy. He also delights in his young son, Bryn, born while he was overseas. However, Francis is unaware that the boy is his illegitimate grandson, the result of the vicious and horrifying rape of his eldest daughter. Although it worries Siana, the need to protect all concerned has left her with no choice. She must keep quiet and live with the guilt of her deceit. But Siana cannot keep the truth hidden forever and when her tragic secret is finally revealed, there will be devastating and far reaching consequences.

Daughter of Darkness

Four years after being drugged and tricked into marrying the fourteen year old Willow Givanchy, a suspected witch and unwanted daughter of his deadliest enemy, Gerard Lytton returns home to find his wife and family much changed. Having lost none of her fiery independence, Willow has become a well loved member of Lytton’s family. But although nobly born, she cannot belie her mother’s dark reputation, and her father’s dishonour. Then Willow’s long dead mother turns up unexpectedly, causing a mysterious series of events to unfold. Having transformed herself from child bride to beautiful woman, Willow eventually falls in love with her husband. But is their love deep enough, to overcome the obstacles of her parentage and reputation that threatens to tear them asunder.

The Stonecutter’s Daughter

When a ship is wrecked in a storm off the Portland coast, a taciturn stonecutter by the name of Joseph Rushmore sends his rescue dog to haul in plunder. What it brings instead is a baby in a cradle. The Rushmores never tell their adopted daughter the truth about her origins, but on the death of Joseph and his wife, when the girl, Joanna, is 16, she finds herself at the mercy of her abusive and violent Rushmore cousins. She is rescued by a middle aged sea captain, Tobias Darsham, who is making a pilgrimage to visit his wife’s grave. When Tobias suggests that he and Joanna should get married, the desperate girl feels she has no choice but to agree. However, soon after the wedding, Tobias gets a nasty shock when he discovers Joanna’s childhood cradle because he carved it himself for his daughter. Horrified at the thought that he might have married his own daughter, Tobias fakes his own death and sets sail for Australia, leaving Joanna in the care of his second in command, Alexander Morcant. Finding themselves mutually dependent, Alexander and Joanna’s initial animosity gradually dissolves into a passionate attraction. But will she ever discover the truth about her origins?

Where Seagulls Soar

Following a romantic shipboard marriage, Joanna Morcant has everything her heart could desire a dashing new husband and an adorable baby son. But an unforeseen tragedy leaves Joanna destitute and with no choice but to return to her childhood home, the Isle of Portland off the Dorset coast, a place which holds disturbing memories from Joanna’s troubled past. Just as Joanna is starting to make a new life for herself and her young son, Toby, the past rises up to haunt her once again. Toby’s grandfather, the dissolute Lord Durrington, has vowed to take the child and make him his heir whether Joanna agrees or not. And he’s not the only sinister figure to emerge, determined to cause trouble. But in Joanna’s darkest hour, a knight in shining armor will ride to her rescue and that knight is someone she least expects.

The Convict’s Woman

Framed for a crime he didn’t commit and sentenced to seven years’ transportation, former stable lad Seb Cornish returns to his native Dorset with old scores to settle. Above all, he seeks revenge against the young girl who unwittingly betrayed him all those years before. Amanda Lapsly is now a beautiful young woman and Seb can’t help but desire her. To obtain the vengeance he seeks, he must win her trust and her hand in marriage. But Amanda has already been promised to one man while her heart belongs to another. Will Amanda fall for Seb’s trap? Three men desire her but only one can offer her unconditional love. Will she make the right choice?

Broken Journey

The new book from this well loved authorJilly Turners consolation through a difficult wartime childhood is Alec, an evacuee from London. But when Alec is orphaned and sent to Australia, Jilly ends up pregnant at seventeen, with no choice but to give up the baby she loves so much. But does Alec, returned from Australia, hold the key to Jillys future happiness? And will she ever stop grieving for the son she gave away?

Edge of Regret

A compelling tale of romantic intrigue When fiery Kenna Mackenzie refuses to comply with her guardians wish that she marry an impoverished Scottish laird, Kenna is thrown out on to the streets of Victorian Edinburgh to fend for herself. After many struggles, and just as Kennas luck is turning, it seems Robert Gilmore has not yet finished with her, and will do everything in his power to stall her in her quest for love and happiness…

Without Reproach

New romantic suspense from a popular author – The death of Charlie Parker exposes a web of deceit. Wife Lauren finds herself providing for Charlie’s newly discovered teenage daughter, as well as caring for her mother-in-law, Betty. Recently bankrupt, they rent an isolated cottage in Dorset with Kate, who is expecting a child, the result of an assault. Meanwhile DI Theo Ransom is investigating the affairs of Charlie, but can’t fight his feelings for Kate…

Salting the Wound

A captivating romance set in nineteenth-century Dorset – Charlotte Honeyman jilts her long-time swain, and on the spur of the moment marries a stranger. His pride damaged and his matrimonial plans upturned, sea captain Nick Thornton threatens to take revenge. Charlottes younger sister, Marianne, takes pity on Nick and secretly boards his ship, where she meets with an

Straw in the Wind

The stand alone sequel to Salting the Wound 1835, England. A married woman, pregnant with her sea captain lover’s child, dies giving birth. The child, Serafina Finn, is abandoned to an orphanage and grows up longing to feel that she belongs somewhere. Eighteen years later, her father, hearing rumours that his lost daughter survived, dispatches a detective, Adam Chapman, to discover the truth. Adam finds, and falls in love with, Serafina but, even if he can prove her identity, will her real family accept her?

Paper Doll

A moving romance set in the 1920s – Julia Howard is a perfect daughter to her father, a now-bankrupt toy manufacturer who created a Paper Doll in her image. Julia longs for freedom, but marries wealthy businessman Latham Miller to please her father. Latham soon proves possessive and controlling, and when Julia is reacquainted with troubled war hero Martin Lee-Trafford, the attraction between them grows to love. But when Julia gives birth to a child, she faces a heart-wrenching decision – for if she runs away with Martin, she’ll be forced to leave her beloved son with Latham…

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