Janet Tashjian Books In Order

Marty Frye, Private Eye Books In Order

  1. Marty Frye, Private Eye (1998)
  2. The Case of the Stolen Poodle (2017)
  3. The Case of the Busted Video Games (2019)
  4. The Case of the Missing Action Figure (2018)

Gospel According to Larry Books In Order

  1. The Gospel According to Larry (2001)
  2. Vote for Larry (2004)
  3. Larry and the Meaning of Life (2008)

My Life Books In Order

  1. My Life as a Book (2010)
  2. My Life as a Stuntboy (2011)
  3. My Life as a Cartoonist (2013)
  4. My Life as a Joke (2014)
  5. My Life As a Gamer (2015)
  6. My Life as a Ninja (2017)
  7. My Life as a Youtuber (2018)
  8. My Life as a Meme (2019)
  9. My Life as a Coder (2020)
  10. My Life as a Billionaire (2021)
  11. My Life as a Tik Tok Star (2022)

Einstein the Class Hamster Books In Order

  1. Einstein the Class Hamster (2013)
  2. The Very Real Game Show (2014)
  3. Saves the Library (2015)

Sticker Girl Books In Order

  1. Sticker Girl (2016)
  2. Rules the School (2017)
  3. Sticker Girl Rules the School (2017)
  4. And the Cupcake Contest (2018)


  1. Tru Confessions (1997)
  2. Multiple Choice (1999)
  3. Felicity (1999)
  4. Fault Line (2003)
  5. For What It’s Worth (2012)

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Janet Tashjian Books Overview

Marty Frye, Private Eye

Marty Frye is not your ordinary private eye. Marty Frye is ‘the poet detective’ he solves petty crimes by turning rhymes. In the course of a busy day, Marty tracks down his friend Emma’s lost diary, finds a box of toys missing from Mr. Lipsky’s store; and locates a bag of disappearing flour for his little sister, Katie. Although he hits some dead ends along the way, Marty Frye combines his three favorite hobbies sleuthing, rhyming, and climbing trees and leaves no case unsolved or unrhymed. Three short stories with clear, simple sentences make this charming easy reader an ideal stepping stone to longer chapter books. Laurie Keller’s quirky illustrations capture the spirit of Janet Tashjian’s tongue in cheek humor. Young readers will be off in search of a rhyme in no time.

The Gospel According to Larry

After creating a controversial and hugely popular website, teenager Josh Swensen becomes trapped inside his brilliant creation and must find a way to remain anonymous.I am lying on my bed doing my homework in Greek and Latin roots for Advanced English. ‘Ped’ for foot, ‘homo’ for man, ‘nym’ for name. I sit with the dictionary in front of me, coming up with as many words as I can to complete the assignment. Pedestrian, homicide, pseudonym…
I have more than thirty of them. By accident that’s always how these life changing things happen I connect two halves that don’t seem like a word until I look it up. ‘Pseudo’, false; and ‘cide,’ to kill = pseudocide. To pretend to kill yourself.I stare at the word for a good long time. Homicide, suicide, genocide: these are words you can find in the newspaper every day. But pseudocide…
now here was something different. My mind wanders from my homework to the blue cotton threads of my bedspread. Pseudocide. A way to start again as someone completely new, a way to burn the old self and try on a new one. Josh Swensen isn’t your average teenager when he observes America, he sees a powerhouse of consumerism and waste. He’s even tried to do something about it, with his start up controversial website. But when Josh rises to messiah status of the internet world, he discovers that greed and superficiality are not easily escaped. Trapped inside his own creation, Josh feels his only way out is to stage his death and be free of his internet alter ego, ‘Larry.’ But this plan comes with danger, and soon Josh finds himself cut off from the world, with no one to turn to for help. In this suspenseful young adult novel, Janet Tashjian has written a probing tour de force.

Vote for Larry

Those were the magic words and Beth knew it. How many times had I uttered that phrase to Ms. Robinson in guidance, the standard answer for what I wanted to do with my life? CHANGE THE WORLD. Did I still have the strength and determination to get it together and try to make a difference? Was it my destiny, my vocation?Or was I just trying to impress a girl? As I looked at Beth, I wondered if the reason why even mattered. The indefatigable Larry is back, and this time he takes on the American political system After falling off the wagon and becoming what he so clearly and strongly resisted a consumer Josh Swensen aka Larry finds himself in a hyper paranoid state of no return. That is, until he’s kidnapped and coaxed into resurfacing as his old persona. Before long, Larry is back on the scene with much more on his mind than a gospel Web site this time Larry wants to affect change in government. What starts out as a campaign to get the younger population to vote turns into a run for the presidency. Can Larry really take on George Bush?In this very smart, very witty novel, Janet Tashjian brings the political world to the forefront and explores it from many different points of view.

Larry and the Meaning of Life

Josh Swensen otherwise known as Larry can t seem to get off the couch. His usual overactive imagination and save the world mindset have all but vanished, and his best friend Beth is seriously worried. When Beth coaxes Josh into taking a walk at Walden Pond, Josh meets Gus Muldarian, a spiritual guru who convinces him to join his study group as a way to find deeper meaning in life. Josh thinks Gus is a joke. Still, feeling desperate and seeing no way out of his rut, he agrees to try it. What begins as a harmless Thoreau esque search for meaning soon turns into Josh’s most chaotic and profound adventure yet. After the success of The Gospel According to Larry and Vote for Larry, Janet Tashjian returns with yet another tour de force a book that explores important topics and will keep teens hooked right until the unexpected end. www. thegospelaccordingtolarry. com

Tru Confessions

Twelve year old Tru wants two things more than anything else in the world to find a cure for her twin brother, Eddie, who is developmentally delayed, and to create her own television show. So the day Tru learns about a teen video competition on the local cable network, she knows that this is her change to make both of her dreams come true. But the more she gets involved in the making of her video documentary about Eddie, the more Tru begins to understand his special needs and the complexity of her relationship with him. Eddie seems like a burden from time to time, but he just may be the most important person in Tru’s life. Written in the form of a computer diary, this refreshingly humorous novel, narrated by a sassy hero*ine,s sensitively portrays the struggles and triumph of living with a sibling with special needs.

Multiple Choice

For as long as Monica Devon can remember, she has been two things: a whiz at making anagrams, and a perfectionist who spends most of her time obsessing about saying and doing the right thing. Now at fourteen, Monica’s compulsive habits have spiraled out of control. Seeing no other way out, she creates Multiple Choice, a roulette word game that will force spontaneity into her life, and, she hopes, free her from her obsessions. It seems so easy create a list of options, choose a Scrabble tile, and carry out the act. At first the game is exciting and somewhat liberating. But soon it starts to go devastatingly wrong. Fortunately for Monica, help is closer than she thinks. With a distinctive voice full of both humor and realism and a mastery of detail, Janet Tashjian reveals marked insight into the dark corners of a troubled teenager’s mind.


Shes the girl next door, your best friend, your college sweetheart. In its first season, the hit series Felicity made its way into the hearts of millions of TV viewers as they watched Felicity Porter, the bright eyed 17 year old star of the show, adjust to the harsh yet bittersweet realities of college life. Now join Felicity as she chronicles her adventures during her first summer break away from college.

Fault Line

A hard hitting novel that breaks open the gritty world of teen relationship abuse, by the author of The Gospel According to Larry’Unlike Abby, I hadn’t had a boyfriend since Peter last year, and even that was stretching the definition of boyfriend way past anything Webster would recognize. I had better luck holding the attention of a roomful of people in a comedy club than a guy I couldn’t decide if that was good or just plain pathetic.’Seventeen year old Becky Martin smart, funny, ambitious aspires to be a stand up comic. While setting out to make her goal a reality, she meets Kip Costello, a rising star in the San Francisco comedy club scene. And what could be better than an intense boyfriend who cares about every detail of her life? But Becky soon discovers a darker side to Kip, where emotional and physical abuse grow hand in hand. As the relationship goes from loving to controlling, Becky must find the courage to get help before it’s too late. In this powerful novel, Janet Tashjian tackles the difficult and complex subject of teen relationship abuse from the viewpoints of both the victim and the perpetrator, showing that there are no easy answers for either but many brave survivors.

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