Janet Tanner Books In Order

Hillsbridge Sagas Books In Order

  1. The Black Mountains (1981)
  2. The Emerald Valley (1985)
  3. The Hills and the Valley (1988)
  4. A Family Affair (1999)

Cornish Sagas Books In Order

  1. Morwennan House (2002)
  2. The Penrose Treasure (2005)
  3. Porthminster Hall (2005)


  1. The Hours of Light (1981)
  2. Oriental Hotel (1984)
  3. Women and War (1987)
  4. Inherit the Skies (1989)
  5. Folly’s Child (1991)
  6. Daughter of Riches (1992)
  7. Deception and Desire (1993)
  8. Eden Inheritance (1994)
  9. The Shores of Midnight (1997)
  10. Hostage to Love (2001)
  11. All That Glisters (2001)
  12. Shadows of the Past (2002)
  13. Tucker’s Inn (2003)
  14. Forgotten Destiny (2004)
  15. No Hiding Place (2004)
  16. Dangerous Deception (2006)
  17. The Dark Side of Yesterday (2006)
  18. The Reunion (2007)
  19. The Truth Game (2008)
  20. Moth to a Flame (2008)
  21. The Years to Come (2009)
  22. Seagull Bay (2009)
  23. A Question of Guilt (2012)

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Janet Tanner Books Overview

Morwennan House

When Charity is offered a post as governess in the Trevelyan household, she sees it as a welcome escape from her dreary life as the adopted daughter of the Reverend Palfrey. But her first sighting of Morwennan House fills her with an inexplicable sense of foreboding, and her fear is compounded by her first encounter with Francis Trevelyan and his strange sister Selena. Yet her charge, little motherless Charlotte, is an enchanting child who responds to Charity’s affectionate nature, and there is Tom Stanton, a business colleague of Francis’, whose good looks and honest charm awaken Charity’s romantic interest. Soon, though, Charity realises that Morwennan is the headquarters of a dangerous smuggling operation, and a series of disturbing incidents add to her growing conviction that there are other, darker secrets lurking beneath the surface.

The Penrose Treasure

The new romantic thriller from a master storyteller Summoned home to attend her beloved mother’s sickbed, Tamsin Hardy’s homecoming is even more eventful than she had feared. Mammy is found bludgeoned almost to death. When Isobel Penrose, mistress of Trevarrah House, offers her a post as companion, Tamsin accepts, but she feels instinctively uneasy about the house and its inhabitants, despite her feelings of attraction towards Isobel’s brother Adam, recently returned from the war in America…

Porthminster Hall

The new romantic thriller from a master storytellerElla grows up in a hovel, unaware she is really one of the Polmars of Porthminster Hall. When she learns the truth, she decides to make the acquaintance of her family and try to learn the fate of her mother why did she leave, never to return? There are dark secrets at Portminster Hall, and soon Ella finds herself in mortal danger. The same danger from which her mother fled more than twenty years before…

Hostage to Love

Rolf Hannay is determined to regain the land stolen from his family by ruthless Andrew Mackenzie. Then he meets Mackenzie’s beautiful daughter…

All That Glisters

Tara Murphy left Ireland with high hopes of a better future in the new country. But the harsh reality of the Australian goldfields destroyed her dreams and scarred her forever.

James Hannay thought that in Tara he had at last found the woman who could help him forget the tragedies of his past. But he had no way of knowing the dark secrets hidden in her heart which would blight the forbidden love springing between them.

All That Glisters is a compelling tale of a tempestuous love and a girl whose indomitable spirit and fierce loyalty puts her very life in danger when she is caught up in the bloody violence of the rising at the Eureka Stockade.

Shadows of the Past

In 1861, the Robertson Selection Act gave the people of New South Wales the right to purchase plots of land for farming and development. Cerys and Will Paige are one of these families of ‘selectors’ and they, like so many others, have come into conflict with the squatters who lived on the land before them notably one Chas Richardson. One day Will is robbed and murdered, ostensibly by a bush ranger. Cerys determines to keep their small farm going for the sake of their children, though she faces many seemingly insurmountable problems in doing so. As she bravely starts to tackle these, it becomes clear that there were many things she did not know about her late husband, and that his death was not all it seemed…

Tucker’s Inn

A gripping novel of romantic suspense, from a bestselling author The shocking murder of Flora’s father, landlord of Tucker’s Grave Inn, leaves her bereft but for her distant cousins, Louis and Gavin Fletcher, but Flora senses that they understand more than she about her father’s death. Soon she is caught up in a web of intrigue which links Flora and her handsome cousins to the terrifying events taking place across the Channel, in Revolutionary France…

Forgotten Destiny

A stirring romance set in the late eighteenth century A coaching accident has left nineteen year old Davina Grimes without a family, and with no memory of her past life. When her grandparents introduce her to wealthy Bristol businessman John Paterson, she is compelled to accept his proposal of marriage, even though she finds him abhorrent. Davina settles reluctantly into her new life. But a chance encounter stirs up recollections of her youth, and rekindles dangerous emotions.

No Hiding Place

A contemporary romantic thriller from a master storytellerDuring the course of a routine legal investigation into a Hong Kong company, high flying lawyer Julia Wilson inadvertently taps into a sinister network of intrigue and corruption that seems to have implications for her husband Paul’s electronics company, Industech. As Julia starts to make inquiries she comes up against a mysterious wall of silence. Then her housekeeper Ruth disappears, and Julia is further unsettled by what appears to be evidence of an intruder in her Wiltshire home. A replacement housekeeper hired by Paul does little to restore Julia’s peace of mind: Helen is a strange person, and has a habit of snooping into private matters. As she probes deeper, it becomes clear that Julia is caught up unwittingly in something not just illegal, but very dangerous…

Dangerous Deception

The new romantic thriller from a master storyteller On a bright summer’s day a young girl, carefree and smiling, receives an ominous warning from an old gypsy woman ? a warning that she will never be able to forget. Some years later, another young woman is caught up, unwittingly, in Alex’s sinister story. Imogen Voisey arrives at Upton Stowey House as governess to little Janine, daughter of the dangerously attractive Bradley Palmer. Janine’s mother Alexandra died in mysterious circumstances ? and now Brad’s second wife, Rosalie, has also disappeared. Rumours abound concerning the role of Brad Palmer in the fate of his two wives. Against her will ? and despite the powerful emotions his presence arouses in her ? Imogen is forced to confront these rumours and establish, for herself and for Janine, the truth?

The Dark Side of Yesterday

How can you ever be sure how well you know someone…
? Or if you know them at all…
? Two years after the death of her husband, Michael, disturbing events begin to rock Jo’s world. First Adam, Michael’s friend and former partner, disappears, and then a web of deadly secrets begins to unfold. It seems that Adam has been involved in a murky world of big time criminals who will stop at nothing to preserve their empire. Was Michael involved? Was his death connected in some way? Is he really dead?

The Reunion

The new book from this popular author At school Hannah and her three best friends, Laura, Jenny and Annabel, were known as The Inseparables. So when Laura calls out of the blue with the idea of holding a reunion, Hannah is excited at the prospect of seeing how the years have treated her contemporaries. But things soon turn sour when one of them is found dead, drowned in her own swimming pool…

The Truth Game

A game played in the past will have startling consequences for the next generation…
– When six-year-old Kate Morton overhears her mother talking about her four children, Kate is mystified: there are only three children in the family…
The mystery is resurrected twenty years later when Kate’s grandfather’s will states that the four children of his daughter should benefit. But who is the missing child?

Moth to a Flame

A tale of love, heartbreak and romance When she sets sail aboard the Maid of Morne, Regan Gardner believes that her wildest dreams are about to come true. Soon she will join her fianc, Robert, in Australia where fortunes are to be won in the gold rush. But arrogant Australian Zach Casey is determined to possess her, and lures her unsuspecting father into the gamblers hall and, at the throw of the dice, wins Regan, body and soul…

The Years to Come

Romantic suspense set in nineteenth century Australia Following her Irish born fathers brutal murder in New South Wales, the beautiful Erin Kelly finds she must fend for herself and her siblings in 19th century Australias dark and dangerous land. To survive she is forced to compromise her virtue, but she vows that her spirit will never belong to Brett Wilde, the passionate and notorious adventurer or any man. But she will make any sacrifices necessary, for the sake of her dearest family.

Seagull Bay

Another winner from this ever popular author When Dawn Stephens parents are killed in an accident, she is transplanted from her home in Canada to the small seaside town of Sturvendor in Somerset, to live with her uncle and aunt. She makes friends with her cousin Serena, and soon settles in well at the local school, but Dawn still feels very alone in this strange new world.

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