Janet Spaeth Books In Order


  1. The Candy Cane Calaboose (2001)
  2. Angel’s Roost (2003)
  3. Rose Kelly (2006)
  4. Remembrance (2009)
  5. Kind-hearted Woman (2009)
  6. The Ice Carnival (2010)
  7. The Lilac Year (2013)


  1. Season of Hope / Sleigh Bells / Candy Cane Calaboose / For a Father’s Love (2002)
  2. Bittersweet Christmas (2004)
  3. Scraps of Love (2004)
  4. Attic Treasures (2005)
  5. The Bachelor Club (2005)
  6. Bayou Brides (2006)
  7. The Prairie Romance Collection (2009)
  8. Minnesota Brides (2011)
  9. Stitched with Love (2013)
  10. The Immigrant Brides Collection (2013)
  11. High Plains Hearts (2014)
  12. Westward Christmas Brides Collection (2014)
  13. The Valiant Hearts Romance Collection (2016)
  14. The Stitched with Love Romance Collection (2019)


  1. Mackinac Island (2006)
  2. A Prairie Christmas Collection (2010)
  3. The Reluctant Brides Collection (2014)
  4. The Immigrant Brides Romance Collection (2019)

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Janet Spaeth Books Overview

Angel’s Roost

Tess Mahoney owns Angel’s Roost, a shop which specializes in angelic items. When Jake Cameron, the owner of Panda’s, a popular coffeehouse across town, visits Tess’s shop for the first time, he buys a large angel with a rakish halo. Naming her Faith and promising to pick her up the next day, Jake plans to place the angel in his coffeehouse. The next day, though, is Thanksgiving so Tess ends up inviting Jake to her church to help serve a community dinner. Jake responds by inviting Tess to dinner and tells her he’s considering moving Panda’s downtown. As a member of the mayor’s commission to rejuvenate the city center, Tess is pleased by Jake’s news. More than that, though, she finds she’s falling for him. But Tess wonders what Jake really believes about angels and faith in general. Can they have a future together?

Rose Kelly

Rose believes a woman can do any job just as well as a man. But when she offers to move to the Dakota Territory for six months to write articles on the homesteaders, she suddenly realizes that she may have taken on more then she can handle. Eric Johansen moved to the Dakota Territory to start life over and to try to forget his past. But when persistent reporter Rose Kelly wants to put him in the spotlight for her articles, he begins to see his newfound life crumble around him. Can Rose find a way to be trustworthy and still keep her job? Will Eric ever outrun the past that haunts him? Fall in love with this inspiring love story and our entire collection of Christian romance novels from Heartsong Presents!

Scraps of Love

As long as women have been sewing, there have been boxes of scraps and recycled garments in their homes. The women of the Collins family have such a treasure box, which down through time is opened by Bridgit, who stitches her wedding dress on the Dakota prairie…
Maggie, who finds healing for her broken heart in restoring a quilt…
Leah, who struggles to clothe her son during World War 2…
and Colleen, who reassembles her ability to trust through a scrapbook. Each will find the lessons passed down by her ancestors to be vital in building foundations for faith and love today.

Attic Treasures

Lydia Dunmore is preparing to move from her country house to a retirement home in the city and has invited her four granddaughters to choose something to keep from her attic of long forgotten treasures. Sheila seeks a doll she played with as a child, Kimber is intrigued by an old fishing tackle box, Lauren cherishes an antique christening gown, and Jessica takes an intricately designed wooden box. The journey begun in a dusty attic leads each to new discoveries about her own life, and none of them realize the impact these items will have on their futures.

The Bachelor Club

The game four young men started as children has turned into a competition to see who will wait the longest to get married and collect a hefty chunk of invested money. Will Adam’s penchant for rescuing lost strays put an end to his membership in the club? Can Will give up dating and hide from love on the baseball diamond? When challenged out of his circumstances by a pretty game show hostess, can Isaac free himself to live again? Will Joseph’s lovely music teacher catch him in a web of deceit? Who will pick money over love?

Bayou Brides

Historical Romance: Four generations return to a cabin in Cajun country to discover their family’s secrets of love and redemption. After Capucine Louet is exiled from Nova Scotia and heads for Bayou Teche, she’s given a journal while passing through New York City and reconciles with God as she writes. Josee Broussard continues fifty years later, discovering the journal while struggling with her husband’s love. Nic LeBlanc returns home looking for familiarity, but the journal broadens his horizons. Justin LeBlanc brings an exclamation point to its last pages, scrawling a proposal that sets the stage for future generations.

The Prairie Romance Collection

Relive history on the American Great Plains as penned by twelve different multi published authors. Follow pioneers, immigrants, and orphans through their adventures, heartaches, challenges, victories, and romances. You are sure to find more than one favorite among twelve stories in this unique collection to warm your heart and inspire your faith.

Minnesota Brides

Escape into three delightful historic romances from the land of prairies and 10,000 lakes. Christal’s contentment is shattered when a new doctor arrives in town. What is it about Isaac that s turned her world upside down? Suffering a heart bruised by a fickle fianc , Eliza heads to Remembrance to start over again. Will she be able to outrun scandal and embrace a new love? Lolly and her family are about to lose everything in the Great Depression. Can they take on a helpless yet handsome stranger? How will God ever make things right in the lives of these women?

Mackinac Island

Amid the rich history of Mackinac Island, the power of faith and love is tested. When Neal Wellington is forced to seek help, Ninette Curvier comes to his rescue. Will her faith give him the strength to face his past? When Jane Douglas nurses ‘Mad’ August Durant, her prayers change his life. Will his transformation last? Francine Woods finds love with Thomas Carlton. When mystery enters her life, will her faith and love stand the test? A stranded Alison Kessler is rescued by Jacob Randall. Although Alison resists his attentions, will that keep Jacob from rescuing her again? Can these four generations of women meet life’s challenges on the shores of Mackinac Island?

A Prairie Christmas Collection

Experience Christmas on the historical American Great Plains as retold by nine different multi published authors, including Tracie Peterson and Deborah Raney. Follow pioneers, immigrants, and orphans through their adventures, heartaches, challenges, victories, and romances. You are sure to find more than one favorite among the nine holiday romances in this unique collection to warm your heart and inspire your faith.

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