Janet Dawson Books In Order

Jeri Howard Mystery Books In Publication Order

  1. Kindred Crimes (1990)
  2. Till the Old Men Die (1993)
  3. Take a Number (1993)
  4. Don’t Turn Your Back On The Ocean (1994)
  5. The Missing Child / Nobody’s Child (1995)
  6. Credible Threat (1996)
  7. Witness to Evil (1997)
  8. Where the Bodies Are Buried (1998)
  9. A Killing at the Track (2000)
  10. Bit Player (2011)
  11. Cold Trail (2015)
  12. Water Signs (2017)
  13. The Devil Close Behind (2019)

Jeri Howard Short Stories/Novellas In Publication Order

  1. Candles on the Corner (2011)
  2. Little Red Corvette (2011)
  3. Slayer Statute (2011)
  4. Blue Eyes (2011)

California Zephyr Mystery Books In Publication Order

  1. Death Rides the Zephyr (2013)
  2. Death Deals a Hand (2016)
  3. The Ghost in Roomette Four (2018)
  4. Death Above the Line (2020)

Standalone Novels In Publication Order

  1. What You Wish for (2012)
  2. The Sacrificial Daughter (2021)

Short Stories/Novellas In Publication Order

  1. Pack Rat (2011)
  2. Voice Mail (2011)
  3. By The Book (2011)
  4. Invisible Time (2011)
  5. Mrs. Lincoln’s Dilemma (2011)
  6. What The Cat Dragged In (2011)
  7. Witchcraft (2011)
  8. But Not Forgotten (2018)

Collections In Publication Order

  1. Scam and Eggs (2002)

Non-Fiction Books In Publication Order

  1. Hit the Books! (2019)

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Janet Dawson Books Overview

Till the Old Men Die

When Dr. Lito Manibusan, a Filipino professor of history at Cal State, is murdered, Jeri Howard’s father, a colleague of the victim, hires her to find the man’s next of kind and learn the truth behind his death. Jeri learns a lot, especially about old friends and political feuds, and finds herself following the twisted trail of clues that led to the man’s murder…

Witness to Evil

Private investigator Jeri Howard can scarcely believe that someone is actually paying her to go to Paris, even if it is only to fetch a wild teenager home. But the wanderer, eighteen year old Darcy, turns out to have a serious reason for her unauthorized jaunt: to visit Holocaust memorials and to meet the French family who sheltered her grandmother, as a girl, from the Na*zis. But back home in California, Darcy stumbles on evidence that Na*zism is alive and well in the terrifying present. And Jeri has the deadly work of trying to extricate Darcy from the frightening consequences of her discovery…

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